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  1. If James Earl and Denise had taken the train with the Chaacs, the Chaacs would have stayed with them, avoided the whole tram#9 disaster, and been in a sprint to the mat. I'd have put better odds on the Dr.'s in that situation. And while it looked like James Earl dithered about until the choice was made for them, I thought it was the correct strategic choice - if they thought they'd lose in a foot race with the Chaacs. It is similar to the strategy in choosing a detour when you know you are last: even if it sounds harder, if everyone else has taken one detour, you usually want to take the ot
  2. Via Facebook, (irony perhaps,) I stumbled upon the "Meet the Racers," pictures for Season 28. Is today April 1st, and everyone changed the calendars? This is an eff-in' joke, right? If these famewhores^2 are truly the upcoming cast, then I find myself already dreading this season more than I did the "Blind Date," season.
  3. That was a very fun piece of writing. I was going to tease you for making Dax sound like the Uber-Parvati, (and to campaign for Sisko - he's more ruthless than Kirk,) but ... you're right, Dax would clean up in a Survivor game.
  4. Way Wes Jr

    Fix The Show

    Not so much a suggestion for the on-island show, but for the produced on-air version. In reading various threads, a common refrain has to do with either "the invisible edits," or conversely, "the time hogs." I think the feeling is more acute this season (S31:Second Chances,) because not only is it an All-Star season, but because many viewers feel a sense of proprietorship since we voted on who got to play. So, when someone we voted on to the show gets the Purple edit, we feel especially let down. I wouldn't suggest it for every season, or ever All-Star season, but I believe that the
  5. I think that it is a variant of the cat. Though, now that I'm thinking about it, I'm wondering if there are two types of cat, and we need to differentiate. There's the immunity run cat, (Mike, Kelly Wiggles,) and there's the social cat (Spencer, both seasons so far.)
  6. "Million Dollar Quote," from Keith tonight. Though it was more specific to making Final Tribal than winning the show. Add the inclusion of the "Final Five," talk and both of Keith and Joe's talking heads from tonight... Stephen is right about the pro-Spenser edit through the start of the season. I didn't see the appearance of a replacement Narrator for this episode. But then again, this did seem more like a self-contained episode, rather than a season-arc one. (Ala Drew Christie's exit.)
  7. I think Kelly was trying to give Rob M. style "non-answers," and since, you know, vagina, Probst got pissy about it.
  8. They have, in previous seasons, had two bowls for tribes to choose from. The more ... conspiracy theory minded ... among us have cited that as an example of the producers trying to put an "easy" tribe together for their favored player. The generally accepted answer - Occam's Razor - is that Jeff has a male bowl and a female bowl, in order to keep things from being too lopsided. This is what I'd expect from S31:E3, Jeff holding two bowls, each with nine eggs, presenting one to the male players and the other to the female.
  9. I have inferred that as part of the dynamic shift on Ta Keo, that Abi was allowed to choose between Spencer and Shirin to be eliminated. BUT, everyone would have known that she'd choose Shirin. I have to think that Jeff would have preferred to get rid of Spencer. In post-show interviews, Shirin is claiming that she tried to get (Peih-Gee, Kelley, Kelly/and or Terry,) to see how shifty Jeff was and move the vote to him; he got wind of this and transferred the target to her. Wouldn't have production, subtly or not, tried to convince Ta Keo to boot Shirin? Not because they "owed him one,"
  10. Because it can't be too early, right? I believe we can glean from the previews for S31:E3 that season 32 will start off with a three tribe format. Remember that S32 is sitting in the proverbial can, waiting for next Spring to air - it was filmed before Second Chances. So, they have the three campsites all ready to go, and are using them in the current season.
  11. I have to disagree. I watch The Voice during the blind auditions and "battle rounds." Once "America" starts voting, I bail. I don't watch DWtS, or Idol, or any of that ilk because the results are so clearly, horribly, wrong that the fans have to be voting. Individual persons are great, people suck.
  12. But they know who wins before the show airs. They can edit each episode to fit its self-contained storyline, and leave 'gaps' to be filled in with the winner / loser / "my god this dude is sexist" stories. (And as far as my John C. sea throne interview theory; I'd say they had everybody interview there once - just to have the footage loaded.)
  13. I most definitely don't only count the first episode, nor does it have to reference a million dollars specifically. In episode one of S31: Cambodia/Second Chances, Tasha's quote was specific, but Kass' was more of a, "I'm going to win." (All of the other contestants fell short of declaring a win in the opening, most went with a variant of "changing my story," which implies winning, but... And the survivor in question doesn't have to say it - in my opinion, the Philippines had a (couple of) MDQ when, at the fourth of Matsing's tribal councils both Malcom and Russell said, "If she (Denise)
  14. I had to Google, (Africa was so long ago, and the curse of Kelly.) I wish I hadn't - I now feel old, and like I've wasted a good portion of my adult life. Dr. Goldsmith is a professor of Marketing at the Kellogg School of Management (at Northwestern.) Though, it seems like she's done quite well without Survivor.
  15. First episode of Know-it-all's is up. I don't know if Josh Wigler fits the "know it all," definition as it applies to the conceit of the podcast, but I enjoy him more as a co-host with Rob than Stephen. They have some really good things to say, bolstered by the fact that Wigler got to see the whole (unedited) tribal council while he was doing press in Cambodia. I'll probably talk bout it more in the episode thread, but I especially liked the commentary regarding the edit of Vytas being the "dodo," but the actual voting decision being more of a "we have an opportunity to get rid of a thr
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