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  1. I suspect the living with the aunt and uncle and the bus riding are cultural things more than poor financial circumstances. In many cultures, family will continue to live together. I also think that the bus is a result of her frugality and not the inability to buy a car. Although, according to a cost of living calculator I looked at, Detroit public transportation is more expensive than the national average.
  2. I did not like this twist at all. I felt like it was cruel for the Pork Chop folks to think they were going home after not getting to do anything. I also noticed one of the Pork Chop queens in the ads for the season so I knew they weren't all leaving. Don't like Tina Burner or Kandy Muse. I thought Denali on ice skates was dumb and all I could think about was how it was either damaging the floors or her skates. (Obviously they weren't sharpened but still...) I liked Utica, I think Tamisha (who was cast for season 12 and had cancer instead?), and Olivia.
  3. So we know Nicole went home (and I apparently misidentified her as an Amber last week, I have no idea who most of these folks are). Did the British girl also go? When she came back she said there MIGHT be a fracture and they were going to do something in the morning and then it was never mentioned again. I guess we assume there wasn't a fracture and she didn't go home on an injury? This. When they introduced the skulls last year it bothered me that these idiots weren't trying to go into the elimination games. This year there are even fewer skulls (I think) so they should be trying hard to get in there so they can "run my final." I really hope that once the 10 skulls are given out the episodes end and it's time to "run my final" and so many of these idiots don't get to go to the final. I hope (unlike last year) that this year it really does penalize the heck out of them. I also hope that if they go up against someone with a skull already, and the person with the skull loses, that skull is now 'dead' and now there's only 9 skulls to go instead of 10. (If that makes sense, basically that a person losing who already had a skull doesn't put that skull back into contention and there really is a limit of only 10.) It's like last season where Rogan, who is easily twice Jay's size, took out Jay in the elimination round. Jay might have been able to out think Rogan, but that first hit frazzled his brain and he was done for. Not really that super fun to watch.
  4. Am I remembering wrong, or didn't Georgie at some time do the math on his own birthday vs his parents' anniversary? I can see where that's what influenced him about his own 'stepping up' fantasy.
  5. I can see him thinking a person who drinks a beer every day is an alcoholic and take it to the extreme. While watching last night's episode I kept trying to remember if Georgie was a teen dad.
  6. I don't know but I really want to name my next dog Mustard. As they explore the divorce reasons I am interested in that. I like that Sarah Rue's character asked Gina for the tea about how Drew was bothering her. I wonder if we'll actually meet his family or if they'll be mysterious.
  7. So they're all still playing the scared game even though there are only 10 skulls to run TJ's final, which I presume will be 5 guys and 5 girls. There are currently 15 of each, so 10 got to go. I was amused by (I think) Devin's inability to understand Amber's super thick accent. I think the double agent thing could work if a few of the contestants were plants paid by the show to stir stuff up, be incompetent, whatever. They were "double agents" because secretly they were getting paid by production and their whole goal was to avoid being caught and going up for elimination while at the same time making things more chaotic than normal.
  8. I wonder too if meeting Mandalorians who don't subscribe to the helmet belief system helped open up his mind to other possibilities of "the way." Like growing up in any super religious sect he had no idea you could still be a Mandalorian but have relaxed rules about things like the face (kind of how a person can be a Mormon without having to be the prairie dress, polygamist, living on a crazy compound version). It seems like a way to introduce him to the possibility that "the way" isn't the ONLY way and we could end up seeing his face more.
  9. Same. It jumped around a lot. I was totally expecting that either Meryl or Candice was going to die at the end, it was that predictable. I wanted to like it because I like all 3 actresses but I just didn't. I think I was expecting it to be more fun that it was.
  10. When I've made them in other shapes, I've shaped them with cookie cutters. When Bakerella invented them, it wasn't about using up the old cake. She baked a brand new cake for them because the intent was to use them as a dessert at a party. I do like them but they feel like a lot of work for such a reward. A couple Christmases ago, I was watching Bake Off and decided to try my hand at a roll cake. It did not work out as planned, so ended up cake pops.
  11. Lashonda is my favorite. I'm hoping for her to go far. I loved that she seemed to be the only one who split her cheesecake into thirds along parallel lines instead of pie shaped wedges. I think when it came to cutting and presentation that looked nicer. I also like Lorenzo and he was smart to choose chocolate, and, unlike other shows, he had the skills to do great presentations of 3 different chocolate cheesecakes. I kind of want to try making my own cookie dough cheesecake. I never would have thought of that.
  12. I like Abishola. Maybe because I see some of her in me. I don't consider myself joyless, but I'm not exuberant either. And I'm definitely glad they are living in a non-covid bubble. Enough shows are trying to tackle it. I can use a few that aren't. So before the sister went to inpatient therapy she was chasing after Kofu. He was nice to her and she baked him a cake that "looked" like him. He was in the awkward position of trying to fend off someone way higher than he on the food chain. Apparently she got under his skin as there was a bit of dialogue about him showing up there and he was trying to get her out of his system by doing the ritual with the soap. Then he had a dream about her and thought he needed to repeat the ritual again.
  13. I think it is helpful for the white adults who "worked hard for everything they have" to hear those conversations too and by having the conversation with Grover it frames it in a way adults can understand too. At work recently, we had to attend diversity training and many of our folks just don't believe white privilege is a thing.
  14. I like Elizabeth. I've always liked her no-nonsense attitude. I find it interesting that they are actually winning the money for themselves. Usually when the celebs do these shows they're winning for charities. I know the restaurant world is in a crisis right now and celeb restaurants are being hit, but knowing there's probably more than one mom and pop restaurant about to lose their livelihood in each of their cities gives me pause that they win the 20k for themselves. Based on last night's episode cooking outside, he seems to live there now. He just mentioned that he and his wife decided to leave NY. They spent a year living in their motorhome and now they've settled in a house.
  15. Same. I like the dialysis group and the former sit com stars on the bus. I like the leading girl. I'm on the fence about Drew. I am excited about next week, though, when the ex-wife finds out. I don't think they've established how long they've been divorced. It seems, based on his possible bitterness, it hasn't been that long.
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