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  1. This was the first episode I've watched where I thought, when is this show ending? It was not good. I can believe that the main house is close to paid off. If Erika is over 21 and they've lived in their house the kids' whole lives, I can buy that the current house either paid off or very close to it and probably with a low mortgage. But why not take the money and just upgrade their existing house? It was so weird. Yes, Glascott is renting the house next door.
  2. Delmer speaks Yu'pik. I was tickled to hear him use two Yu'pik words (anuq -shit and waqaa - hello) . I'm going to interpret that to mean Delbert is a Yu'pik Native Alaskan which means the use of uncle is honorific. One of my college friends is Yu'pik and she calls all her elders in the village auntie and uncle.
  3. MeeMaw was suspicious because she ran into Brenda at the store and was all innocently talking about how Brenda was there and their big event (being the heart attack not that they were there together). Brenda got all squirrely about it saying they weren't even together there. But she was clearly lying. Missy started questioning God because they were at the Moses part of the Bible where God kills the baby boys and she was troubled about that. Especially because Sheldon was explaining HOW God had the baby boys killed (drowning in the river). I did like that the pastor was encouraging her to
  4. I like that they are also addressing the soldier side of the pull out from Afghanistan. I've read some articles about how much the soldiers who were there are struggling with this. There are jobs Riley could do as an adrenaline junkie that are a different kind of dangerous than Repo man. (Also I know nothing about repossessing cars in reality, but in the other shows I've seen this done, they load them onto a trailer not drive them themselves, are they hotwiring them? Or did they get a key from the company? If they have a key why do they need the slim jim?) As a former soldier he'd have a
  5. Bob has never stated he'll kick her out once she can walk (aka recovered). I think the show runners are trying to set up the big miscommunication storyline where Dottie THINKS that's what will happen and that's why she told the other son to not tell anyone she can walk. I'm not looking forward to the story where Dottie can walk and then Abishola or Bob catches her and there's a whole meltdown about this. (See also: Parks & Rec Andy's legs, and basically any other time in a sit-com when the injured person is healed but lies about it to make the rest of the characters do their bidding)
  6. I don't like that they are going down the storyline of Dottie can "stand" now but she's going to hide it to be manipulative. She can barely stand. She's not fully recovered. They wouldn't kick her out just because she can stand up with a significant struggle. She clearly would still need some assistance like the chair most of the time but a walker sometimes to make her strong. If they're going by "If she can walk she's out", she's nowhere near that. I suspect they would be thrilled she's made that much progress.
  7. I'm so bummed, due to a storm, my DVR cut the entire piece from when Priscilla went down to the arena to Ashley getting to choose her new team. I'm going to have to find it online so I can catch that part. I like that they're in teams now. I LOVE the new changes. It could get very interesting. (Or very boring sometimes it is hard to say). I've always hated it when the members would throw a mission because they want something else. I can't remember if it was TJ as the host or one of the others but I remember incidents in the past where that would happen and the host would get really anno
  8. The only thing that could have made this better was if they could have found a sponsor to make the episode commercial free. It was a little jarring to go from Al's sister pleading to a cologuard commercial.
  9. I wonder if Abishola never has had the chance to do her own thing design wise. She went from her parents to Tayo. Tayo doesn't necessarily strike me as someone who would let her have her own design. Upon further thought, I think Bob is possibly the first person in her life who has ever put her happiness first, even before his own happiness. Perhaps because I like Abishola, I don't think she is intentionally being a taker. I don't think she's overly selfish or anything like that. I think it is just so novel to her to have someone who treats her like this that she's maybe going a bit overboar
  10. So I think I missed it, but did Garcia and Kevin break up because she said she doesn't want to get married?
  11. I figured that too. My sister was 10 years older than me and I'm only 12 years older than my nephew and have been called aunt since he could talk so about 14. This surprised me! I had no idea we were close(ish) in age! I thought he was in his 30s.
  12. The interesting thing about the Berna/Amber dispute is that Pizzagate was caused by Berna and Esther. They ate Amber's pizza knowing it was hers. So the mean girl description is apt and why I don't really like her. Y'alls view on Priscilla is mine on Bettina. As she was talking in the episode I was confused about who she was. I knew she wasn't Berna but couldn't figure out who she is.
  13. I am too! I never really minded it when it was a bit of decoration like add a gift tag or a bow. But when the baker has gone down the rabbit hole of making a coffee and hazelnut entreme and now being told to add mango, of course it's not going to taste good or it there will be so little of it as to have no taste. Those were the ones that always frustrated me. Especially when more than once the baker got sent home for having such disparate flavors and not incorporating it well. (I recall a coffee/green apple pairing that sent someone home in one of the other iterations)
  14. Per google, Dave was an Army Reservist who went to Iraq. I've seen every episode and didn't remember that.
  15. Well, we know Crackhead-Victor was at least cleaning himself somewhat regularly with Calvin's loofah and Dave's water. I assume Crackhead-Victor was more accepted because he was from the neighborhood, and seemingly a good person before Afghanistan. Were he a random crackhead I don't think he would have been treated so warmly. I can see Gemma being the kind of person who wants to help and wants to be supportive, but also not wanting to have a crackhead sleeping in her guest room and around her son so this is a reasonable compromise.
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