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  1. I didn't realize it was baby. All these years I thought it was bibby (which I know makes no sense). I also didn't realize what it really was. And the song has been running through my head all weekend long. "When you rolling out the dough, just make sure you roll it slow, if you make the dough to quick, bibby (baby) babka make you sick, when you pour the filling in, just make sure you wear a grin, if you make the dough just right, bibby (baby?) babka turn out swell." Lottie has definitely grown on me but Hermine is my favorite. I'm not sure she'll win, but she is my favorite. I'm also liking Mark a lot more. His accent is really interesting.
  2. I was even excited for it, but having watched 2 episodes now I'm in agreement. It is kind of meh. (I still like looking at their kitchens though)
  3. So I googled because I was curious. The answer is maybe. Allstate says your Coverage A "Dwelling" coverage may cover it. BUT that's under the 'burglary' kind of situation, which I guess this would be. Otherwise if a contractor damages your home it may but if it was just shoddy workmanship it wouldn't. And since he just hired a random dude off the street, they still might not since he wasn't a licensed, bonded contractor.
  4. I know they won't come back, but I always liked the little bit of history they would provide during the opening and midway through.
  5. I agree about being kind of bored at the beginning. I like that it is a diverse friend group. But the doctor hit me hard and I'm not 100% certain I can watch this show right now.
  6. I have a fairly low bar for TV entertainment; I thought it was kind of fun. I liked seeing their houses. I liked they had a limit on how many ingredients they could take from their own kitchen, but it was kind of neat to see what kind of things they had. Yes, none of them would have said their food was disgusting and a couple did sound a little weird, but it had nice camaraderie for me. I liked the little twist for the winner to gamble it. I have no real opinion on Hunter. It worked for mindless Wednesday night TV.
  7. I saw an ad for the upcoming one with the judges. It looks kind of fun. They showed excessively tattooed Voltaggio, Antonia, Maneet and I feel like maybe Greenspan, but I'm not positive about him. They each got a big box of ingredients and we got to see them in their home kitchens.
  8. Tamara didn't have a great attitude her own season; I remember she wouldn't suffer the host's inanity, which made me like her. She side eyed him plenty. I'm not sure what the difference here is this round. Maybe her attitude is worse, but I also feel like there's not a lot of levity among the bakers like there usually is. Not a lot of camaraderie and joking so the whole vibe is kind of down which makes Tamara's attitude seem even worse. There's nothing countering her.
  9. Maybe they'll do other things too and not just cake? Who am I kidding, this is about to become the Halloween ugly cake show.
  10. More than 1/2 of Zac's costumes have been ridiculous to me in previous years. I sometimes feel bad for him about them. I have no idea who the third judge was. I must have stepped away when they introduced her. I like Carla, I really do. I loved her on Top Chef. I want a separate host for this one. I agree that I'm bummed John Henson wasn't able to come back. I definitely agree with this! It was too much although at least with the working door it made sense with their bake and it didn't seem to have to be too difficult. I liked the one who did it with the isomalt, that door turned out pretty. Now don't they usually do 2 challenges an episode? A small challenge and a big one? I wonder if this one challenge only is the new format due to COVID or just because this was the premier.
  11. I automatically thought he was cheating and going to confess to that, so I guess a clean break up was betterish. I agree, I noticed that anytime Kameron said something about Andre coming out to visit again in the future, Andrew was very non-committal. I felt a little sad for Kameron when he was talking about how he can sometimes be too much. As I told a friend of mine, who is now happily married, you shouldn't find a person who tolerates your quirks, or loves you in spite of them. You should find someone who embraces and celebrates them. I never saw Derrick on his first season. I did see him on AllStars but he was out so quickly I felt kind of bad for him. This show makes me take that whole view back. He's so manipulative. He knows exactly what he's doing and then playing the victim. So annoying. I couldn't help but wonder if when Asia was talking about getting sent away at 11, if she was sent to one of those 'conversion' camps. I can't imagine being a kid and being 'sent away' when you thought everything was just dandy.
  12. With Monk & The Red Headed Stranger, we do get that really nice scene at the very end with Monk and Willie playing "Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain" at Trudy's grave. I really, really liked that part.
  13. It was since I haven't seen Season 1, I wondered if they had previously introduced her and I just missed it, but I guess she's supposed to be the kin of retired Detective Byrnes.
  14. I was wondering the same thing. He doesn't seem the type to feel guilty if he were responsible for the death of HER baby. I suppose childhood/teenage relationship that just continued on. It seems unlikely we'll get the backstory for them given that next week is the end, but it did seem odd that this very tough man, who likely could have had any woman he wanted in the underworld chose to continue with her. I also kind of wondered if she wasn't trying to poison him with the poisoned breast milk but it doesn't seem so.
  15. I keep wanting to love AC/DC because I love the song Thunderstruck. But I'm now convinced I only love Thunderstruck because of hockey and because it was the song my college hockey team took to the ice to. So my love for that song is nostalgic and specific. Otherwise one AC/DC song sounds the same as all the others to me.
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