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  1. I also think if they keep fussing with things they can end up making things worse or adding to something that isn't necessary and throws off the image. I rewatched last season's finale before this episode and I was really worried that Sebastian, who was almost done and had a complete and well finished collection, was going to fuss himself right out of the contest. (I honestly had forgotten who won) He had a garment. It was complete and he was happy with it. Isn't that the best way to be?
  2. I think that is correct. I did consider that too, but if she was injured enough to be sent home, I would think she probably was in the hospital awhile before she got home which would mean she would have missed the funeral because she was in the hospital and recovering. But then I don't know how long it takes for the military to recover a body and send it home (if they even were able to recover the body in this case). So maybe? I'm thinking way too much about this. Another aspect is that we're seeing the past through Dex mostly and she's an unreliable narrator which I guess can also explain some of the inconsistencies.
  3. The way the ex played it he had an affair with Dex, but Dex said that she turned him down. The wife said she threw him out. Then Dex said she joined the army and he followed her and he died. Now the whole timeline is kind of confusing to me because I'm not 100% sure I know how old Dex is supposed to be. It was 12 years ago he died. She was in her dress uniform which indicates to me she was still in the military because I don't think you can just wear it otherwise. And I'm not sure how she was even able to be stateside for the funeral since it wasn't like he was her husband. AND I'm not even sure how they ended up in the same unit. I don't think the army works that way easily.
  4. I really liked this episode. It was sweet the way Will's daughter looks to Angie as a role model because she can't be perfect all the time. Now if only Angie has the conversation with Will about how he's putting too much pressure on the kid. She's in some elementary level grade. She shouldn't be this freaked out already.
  5. Plus cities are one of the few employers who still offer pensions with lifetime income in retirement. I work for a city and where I live city employment is still viewed as the cream of the crop option by the working class around me.
  6. It would also be interesting to see how Catherine responded to basically what she read once she was no longer under threat of Alice. How would she, and her company, clean up the mess that was made. And the weight of Kate's guilt. How her biological sister killed her actual sister. So much bitterness abound. Slightly off topic, I'm not a watcher of any of the other DC shows on CW. Do y'all think I'm going to need to watch the crossover episodes to keep up with what happens in Batwoman or will the crossover event be a stand alone?
  7. I've never either. I don't really understand it. It just sounds weird to me. Totally agree with both your points. Jennifer used it as inspiration. Everybody else did not.
  8. Right. It really was a problem for Jennifer (I think that was her name) who had already filled her cupcakes. Had she known that she could have done it differently. And they dinged her for the two fillings being too similar, well duh. She had a plan and had executed her plan it's not her fault TPTB had her do a second filling and since the cupcakes were almost done it wasn't like she could redo them. I'm not a fan of the cupcake cake as Cake Wrecks calls them. I was also surprised they liked Janet's pannetone bread bowl thing. I thought she'd get dinged too for just using it as a bread bowl.
  9. My nephew, who used to be big into the extended Star Wars universe with the books and all that, said that it was addressed with Boba Fett in one of the books that he did use a straw. He also told me that they were once a race but are now more like a cult (cult being my term). Which, could baby Yoda become a Mandalorian or do they only "recruit" humanoid children for Mandalorian status. If Disney's Rebels cartoon is supposed to be part of the official universe, why is Sabine able to still be a Mandalorian and be helmetless? I think the armorer could make him a handy little carrying thing for baby Yoda out of some of that Beskar steel. That was great as was him leaving baby Yoda with the food lady and saying to "watch him" and the next thing you know he's standing outside drinking his bone broth while Mando and Cara fight.
  10. I wondered about that. I didn't know Illinois had a 4AM liquor license but my first thought was isn't there state required closing times. I could see it make more sense if they kept it open with food and non-alcoholic drinks because I could see Lanford as being a place that doesn't necessarily have a 24 hour diner. But I've never lived in a state that had some sort of extended closing time. Maybe they already had a 4AM liquor license but never used it? The mold is Bev's issue. She is the owner of the building. Had she rented it out and the franchise found the mold she would have had to fix it or else I presume the franchise could have gotten out of their lease. I would think a building being unusable would be a lease-breaker. I agree.
  11. Yes and they don't look a thing like these two people would grow up to look like. They've cast Anna Deavere Smith and Beau Bridges.
  12. Except he didn't accept the super, fancy job. He accepted his dad's job, which is even worse. I get that he's a millenial (or is he a gen Z?) and that's a market they need to crack, but there's so much more to marketing than just hey I have this idea and it will work because I'm also 20 years old. At his level he'd be doing market analytics and things like that. Not just coming up with the "big idea."
  13. I like those two actresses together. They were great in Playing House. I also liked to see a weakness in Rio, besides the obvious farming thing. I grew up around rodeo people. They're generally a whole other breed. I was a bit surprised Stacy wanted what Kay had.
  14. That's kind of what I was wondering. She puts herself into dangerous situations (as she should as the police chief), but maybe he thought when she became chief she would be more safe because she now has employees to do the dangerous stuff? Just based off what we've seen, I definitely feel like it is her job that really got between them. We know he's a trust fund kid so maybe he didn't want her to do this dangerous job anymore when they had enough money to live. The new big bad lady was angry that Wilkis stole technology from them. I wonder if they've stolen alien technology. I'm not sure what I would think about that if that's the case. But it would explain how Piper is such advanced tech.
  15. That's a good question and I wondered that myself. Bob is the oldest. If he wasn't the son of the sock guy, you'd think the sock guy wouldn't have left him the company, or if he did because the other two are useless, at least the other two might be kind of bitter.
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