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  1. Especially when she got so mad and banged on the outside of it in frustration because she had already lost a clump of hair and she was not going to be bald for her wedding. I laughed so hard at that. They did. A lot of the opticians in the big chains are completely independent. I'm not sure who works the actual optical counter in them. The one at my local Target wear the red shirts of a Target employee. Totally agree. It would be more realistic, to me, if he were working for Cloud 9's janitorial company (if they have a separate one) or something along those lines.
  2. It kind of indicated he was going to go back to Florida and curse the other guy by signing him up for mailing lists and whatnot. Basically justifying Cam's belief in having a nemesis. Hated the Manny plot, although I loved that Gloria realized her son has been too coddled and that's led him to be kind of pathetic.
  3. It could be because this means sex is happening under the roof she shares with her son and she doesn't approve of that? I liked this one a lot too. I liked how Dele seemed (to me at least) to incorporate some of the music of his culture in one of the videos. It makes me wonder if she ever really allows herself some time off or vacation time.
  4. It's kind of a hybrid of the 2. Priscilla has the trek across country with a kid, but To Wong Foo has the trek across the country to a big drag pageant at the end.
  5. For some reason I just assumed it was because she had a little bit of a crush on him. The way she addressed the envelope I think. Or did she get Jonah and Glenn confused.
  6. Apparently the Goldbergs is like a candy bar for me. I watch. It's pleasant, but dang if I can remember it for more than a few hours. I think he was just back for the episode but I've already forgotten and I didn't doze through half the show. 🙂
  7. Luckily my DVR was already set to record the Jeopardy Greatest of All Time show because there was a new episode last night even though my cable guide said Jeopardy. Murray discovered he's a year younger than he thought and Bev throws him a second 50th birthday party. Apparently this really did happen which makes me a little sad for Murray.
  8. I think I'm out on this one. One of the fun things on the OG version was that it wasn't just cake. They had all sorts of challenges that were often amazing. When they did have cake, there were requirements about how much had to be real cake as opposed to rice cereal treats. It seems like they don't have that rule anymore. It's just a retread of so many of their other cake shows.
  9. Sorry, tornado warnings and severe thunderstorms make the demon Jet Jet an unhappy dog.
  10. I was going to vote for HM because I was following the crowd. But now, because of the pistachio thing, I think Drogo might be a villain, quick to jump on everyone else to throw the scent off. 1 to DL Drogo (joanne3482) 4 for pistachio pipes. 3 to DL JOANNE3482 (Lady Calypso, Lisin, Deaja) 2 to not fall for this again 1 to DL BIZBUZZ (Drogo) 4 to not vote for HM, because joanne was going to
  11. But isn't it: "But the worst thing is, if you so much as put a foot in the Bog of Stench, you'll smell bad for the rest of your life. It'll never wash off." You're implying the answer is "one toe." You could possibly make the argument for Drogo. The story mentions pistachio pipe. Pistachios are grown in Turkey and Italy, both countries on the Mediterranean which is where Drogo would like to go someday.
  12. I noticed pistachio and dragonfly wings as well, but couldn't find anything in the profiles to really say anything.
  13. I have. Something about this is just not clicking in my head. I'm sure there will be a moment where it will all come together and I go OH THAT'S what's going on. I definitely agree with the explanation that says the best way to understand the Mafia game is to play the Mafia game.
  14. Since I've resigned myself to complete and utter incomprehension of this I'll join the bandwagon. 4 to DL @Hanged Man (Lisin, Drogo, Deaja, joanne3482) 1 to something something
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