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  1. Since there's a men's elimination next week, if they hadn't throw in in Jay multiple times there would have been enough to have every guy go into Purgatory once to try to get their skull. To me, it would have been better that instead of having 7 male and 7 female eliminations to have 5 of each, thus ensuring that there will not be enough eliminations and some would have no opportunity to run the final. But ultimately it is inevitable that we're going to have a Josh/Kyle Purgatory even though it would be so much smarter to have 2 with their skulls already go against each other. At the very least put Rogan (IMHO the strongest remaining player) up against either Josh or Kyle, thus ensuring they both go home (or by some freak chance Rogan goes home which gives the others better odds).
  2. I'm a little disappointed in that this seems to be exactly what is going to happen. I really wanted to see those that wouldn't go in get punished for waiting and get burned. Otherwise what's the point. 'You need a skull to run my final,' is fine as a concept, but if they have enough challenges where basically as long as 2 people without skulls go in every time everyone gets to run the final, it kind of defeats the purpose. I like the idea of there NOT being enough challenges and so those that didn't go in early are burned.
  3. I think it was the second, maybe, episode where he threw Bear into elimination because of Bear's antics with the fire extinguisher. I thought that was a classy call. And then he devolved into an idiot. Weirdly, I can do those kind of slide puzzles, but the slide puzzles where you take a mixed up picture and make it a correct picture I can never do. I thought it was interesting that they showed her with the shot and making a toast with the shot but specifically did not show her actually drinking the shot. Obviously she did, but they cut away at the last second. I cannot remember a time when the men on the show were not complete and total misogynists. Some of them may have appeared to mellow with age (CT for example), but ultimately almost all of them are 100% 'men are the best at everything, you women go get in the kitchen.'
  4. If they were smart, which they are not, they would put Rogan or someone super strong against Josh to eliminate him (or conversely get out a strong competitor and leave in a relatively weak one) and leave Kyle without a red skull altogether meaning 2 men out basically at the same time. Which, if the men were smart, they should have been doing all along. Make it so there's only 2 or 3 left to "run TJ's Final."
  5. Did anyone else catch at the very end the voiceover guy said "new episodes on PopTV"? I wonder (hope) those are the Netflix episodes maybe. I loved this episode. As someone who struggles with this issue so much with my parents, I could really relate (even though my family is not Hispanic). Visiting them is incredibly difficult for the reasons Penelope indicated, you can't mention anything without it somehow becoming political.
  6. I'm relatively new to Drag Race and am watching all the previous seasons. I just watched Coco Montrese point at her mouth while doing all the words in that quick portion of Straight Up by Paula Abdul. It was definitely impressive. This season is also where I learned the trick of doing spins if you don't know your words. So I agree. The production is good but it is lip syncing so that should be great. I've not watched a previous season of All Stars. The twist seems overly complicated to me.
  7. I only started watching the show with last season because Nikki Minaj was a judge so now I'm going back and re-watching. I don't know what it is about Season 4, but I was so bored and I don't think I liked any of the queens. I gave up on episode 3 or 4 and jumped to season 5. I'm not sure why Alyssa is familiar to me, but she is.
  8. Oh. I didn't watch until the end because I read here that Wes lost and for some reason I thought JOSH beat Wes. Now that I know it's Johnny I may go and finish watching the episode. I do love the trivia challenge. TJ's glee over it is wonderful. It doesn't seem to go on long enough for me though. I think there was one year they were laying on a thing and when they got 2 wrong it opened up on them. That was better.
  9. That was a good episode! I loved the lady leg pressing Michael Chicklis. That was crazy! All in all a fun episode and I was glad it was back. (Although honestly final hour? that was so bad.)
  10. So thanks to HBOMax I found this show and watched the Ireland one first and have now moved on to the Australian one. Unfortunately they have a very limited number of the episodes from Season 1 only. I LOVE it. I got so involved in the stories and felt so badly when one person was into the other but the other wasn't.
  11. Especially since, they need to win an elimination to get a red skull and "run my final" as TJ would say. I appreciated that Aneesa and Kaycee both said, we got to get this done. TJ keeps saying they have no idea at what point will the final come up, I hope so much that when it does there are at least 3 - 4 who don't have skulls. That would be awesome. I think I'm okay with that because it would get boring after awhile to watch these power alliances vote everybody else out while the non-power alliance would run around like chickens with their heads cut off because they were never smart enough to come together and vote. They were always trying to curry favor with one of the alliance members. Which was so frustrating to watch. By the time they figured out to vote together there would be like 3 of them left and 7 of the alliance. That used to frustrate the heck about me and could be why I have a bit of a soft spot for Wes since he was regularly going after the alliance (until he became the alliance). I've missed probably the last 6 seasons so I don't have the Wes hatred that some of you have so I'm in team Wes right now. Josh is just a fool.
  12. I guess I'm going to have to choose to believe that Poppy and Douglas find their way back to each other. I really liked this show. So definitely disappointing. Ack! Going to that link I just discovered 3 other shows I watch are canned!
  13. I don't think Bananas cheated. He found something nobody else did. That's on production for not noticing that it worked that way. I was a little confused by the challenge, though. Did the lights only start to flash the sequence when the folks were standing there? Otherwise how would they know the beginning of the sequence? YES! Mattie is the other one I can never remember exists. She and Kaycee are always a surprise to me. Melissa's accent fascinates me. To my American ears it doesn't sound traditionally British, but maybe one of the the other countries under the UK umbrella, but I looked her up and she is from England. It is a beautiful accent.
  14. The difference for me is that I don't get the impression Crystal is trying to be strange or quirky. I think she just really is that way. To me, Ivie Oddly always struck me as someone who was trying very hard to be quirky. I also view their quirky as different. Crystal is a little more Fraggle Rock while Ivie is a little more The Dark Crystal.
  15. I had heard that before, what I hadn't thought about/realized, but obviously should have, was that it was the religion forced upon them that caused it to be no longer accepted. I was looking for more information about this show and found they didn't get to finish filming due to COVID. I'm sad about that now.
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