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  1. For me it is if I see Zeljko Ivanek, he's going to be a creepy murder guy. He was on an episode I watched last night
  2. I thought that was a fascinating quickfire. I hope they use it again in the future. Recognizing that adults are not the same as children, in my youth I worked at sleep away camps. The kids were almost always 100% more homesick right after a letter or something from home than otherwise. It's like they were having fun all along and then were reminded about their family and it would cause them to spiral into "I wanna go home!!!" So I kind of felt like the letters and packages from home caused this more than helped, especially since we've seen them talking to their families on the phone.
  3. I was team Anybody but Kaitlyn (which I have no leigit reason not to like her honestly.) After Clarice was knocked out I was hoping for Katrina. I'm meh on Jackie's win because I feel like she was in the bottom more than Katrina (which I know isn't supposed to count because it is based on the bake of the day but it still bugs). A tsunami cake just seemed weird to me. I had to Google since I'd never heard of one. I feel like the name is a little troubling given that real people die in tsunamis.
  4. I've been rewatching in order and I'm in the middle of season 2. I loved a pre-Veronica Mars, Jason Dohring in The Plan. That was a good one. I also really liked the Bronsky episode, which I know will be resolved later, with the guy who hunted women at night. I swear, even though I've seen them all (I think), I cry over half of them. It's especially sad when it is a loved one who does the killing in a "crime of passion." Like the factory episode where he killed his wife because she was changing and he hadn't and he was just angry.
  5. When I was in college a young woman was murderd in a bathroom. They just solved it thanks to one of those DNA sites. His aunt was in the system. Cold Case is now in HBO Max. I've been sucked in all day. So many guest stars I recognize from other things!
  6. I was bummed Aaron went home. He was from Tucson and so that made me happy. I do not like Kaitlyn and I was sad her entreme with the wings made it on through. I do like the regional dish thing. I think that's interesting and I LOVE that there's no random twist in the middle like "you've been working hard on making a citrus dessert now add this completely arbitrary licorice flavoring somewhere in there even though all your cakes are in the oven already and it will not compliment your citrus in the least."
  7. I also really liked this episode! I thought it was fun. I loved the pros trying to recreate the dishes based on the recipes they were provided. I thought it was great. I was a little worried Shota was going home since he had the whole family discussion at the beginning of the episode. I really like him.
  8. I'm rooting for Yes. I like how matter of fact and efficient he basically is. It was good game play to get the partner he wanted. I liked that. I definitely liked all the different challenges they had to do (except, as the rest of you the reaper I hate that!). The bicycle was smart as was the star puzzle with the math.
  9. Well I can only speak for Fort Worth, but Texans, and at the risk of painting the Midwest with a brush, I'd suspect many folks in the Midwest. My governor just forbade my employer (a municipality) from requiring masks to come onto any municipality, school district, etc property so (which may or may not include our convention centers, I'm not sure)... The family was thinking that Dan and Louise were going to elope while on their trip. That's why they were decorating the trailer. They didn't know Dan and Louise were breaking in the new (to them) trailer.
  10. Did they ever address, was Abishola's first marriage arranged by the families and not a love match?
  11. I wonder if she'll be like so many other talked about but never seen characters on TV. I think I'd be okay with that. I love that they got the baby Cal saved and that she was Wolf's second favorite background character, but that the Irish woman was his first. I knew exactly who he meant!
  12. I wonder why they didn't just refinance the car(s)? When I bought my car with in-house financing, like 3 days later my credit union was calling offering me a better financing package. I would think one of the military credit unions would be available for Riley and would offer better financing than he was getting. I don't know about for Al, but even a regular credit union could have offered him a better deal.
  13. Scooby Doo was a cartoon in the 80s that was basically a child's introduction to horror or scary things. The teens were always investigating creepy cabins or abandoned houses or really anything kind of spooky. There was always a monster or werewolf or vampire but ultimately was a person in disguise. So he was warning her about how monsters may be at abandoned buildings/cabins/etc.
  14. I didn't think so. It seemed to me they criticized Caitlyn much harsher on her Shoo-Fly Pie than Felicia. There were several things wrong with Caitlyn's and Felicia's only critique was that the crust needed more salt. Right now I'm rooting for Aaron and Clarice although there's no real rationale for that except that Aaron is from Tucson and I'm from that area.
  15. So now we've learned Malcolm and Marty are 32 and 26/7 respectively? The funny thing is they're probably closer to Gemma and Dave's age than Calvin and Tina. I too am sad for Marty that his perfect nerd girl got rejected due to his fear of catfishing. I hope somehow that pans out anyway.
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