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  1. joanne3482

    ABC Movie and Show game

    Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt (RIP)
  2. joanne3482

    Masterchef (US)

    I'm sad Keturah left. I liked her. Since I'm sick of hearing about Wuta being a vegetarian I wish he would have gone. I am not a fan of purees. They're like baby food. I don't get it. That's volunteering yourself up for the guillotine. Gordon et al have gone on time and time again about how medium rare is the correct temp. Don't go rogue and go with a well done.
  3. joanne3482

    Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    Naomi Scott was in Aladdin with Will Smith Will Smith was in Six Degrees of Separation with Ian McKellen Ian McKellen was in Beauty and the Beast (live action) with Stanley Tucci Stanley Tucci was in the Pelican Brief with Julia Roberts who was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon Next up: Sam Elliott
  4. joanne3482

    ABC Movie and Show game

    Ned & Stacey (I can't believe I remember that show!)
  5. joanne3482

    S01.E03: Lighten Up

    For some reason I was under the impression they each had their own torch and Deborah's broke.
  6. Since I loved the movie so much, I've just started reading Crazy Rich Asians, the book. I like that the book jumps from perspective to perspective so you're not just getting Rachel's perspective. It's interesting because you get a very different vibe about Colin and Araminta's relationship. I'm not sure how I feel about how Peik Lin was portrayed in the book vs the movie. Since we're getting the Lin perspective in the book it's very different than the way they were in the movie. I'm almost (but not quite) getting a gold-digger like vibe from them in the book even though they're rich, they're not at the Young level and, at least so far, they want to break in to that upper echelon. I LOVE that the movie changed the bachelor party because the book bachelor party was horrifying, which is the point, but I don't think even the hint of the dog fighting would have played well for American viewers. Haven't gotten to the wedding yet or the big reveal about Rachel's family.
  7. joanne3482

    Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    Nicholas Cage was in Gone in 60 Seconds with Vinnie Jones Vinnie Jones was in X:Men The Last Stand with Hugh Jackman Hugh Jackman was briefly in X:Men First Class with Kevin Bacon Next Up: Miles Teller
  8. joanne3482

    Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    Issa Rae was in The Hate You Give with Amandla Stenberg Amandla Stenberg was in The Hunger Games with Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence was in X-Men: First Class with Kevin Bacon Next Up: Lupita Nyong'o
  9. joanne3482

    Emoji Charades

    Doctor Who 😱📽️: 🎃
  10. joanne3482

    ABC Movie and Show game

    Breaking Bad
  11. joanne3482

    Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

    Henry Golding was in Crazy Rich Asians with Awkwafina Awkwafina was in Ocean's 8 with Sandra Bullock Sandra Bullock was in The Thing Called Love with River Phoenix River Phoenix was in Stand By Me with Kiefer Sutherland Kiefer Sutherland was in Flatliners with Kevin Bacon. Next Up: Matthew Broderick
  12. joanne3482

    Masterchef (US)

    That's the way it works on MC. If you ARE of an ethnicity you must only cook that cuisine. If you are not of a particular ethnicity you can only cook the food of that ethnicity if it's part of the challenge and at no other times. When I was a kid I first learned how to separate an egg by hand and I liked to do it that way because, well I was a kid and that's the fun way. Now I do the shell method.
  13. Poshmark is for selling your old, name-brand stuff, right? So then how did these women earn "thousands" selling their stuff on Poshmark, one so much so that she pays for the family vacations on what she earns from Poshmark? Wouldn't you have saved so much by not buying the crap to begin with? I don't understand the Buick commercials where the 2 people talking mistake one Buick for another. Are they saying all Buicks look the same? Because that's the message I'm receiving.
  14. joanne3482

    Making It

    When Making It was renewed for a second season I thought that meant a real season this summer like last. I'm disappointed it is some holiday event in December. I'm going to hope that's because Nick and Amy are so busy with their other projects that's the only time they could commit and not because the network is dumb. I know Nick is doing a tour right now.
  15. Movie ending made me so happy. I LOATHED book ending with the donor sister dying. It was as though she, as a person, didn't matter at all and reinforced the whole concept that she was only there to provide for her sister. That's one adaptation that made me very happy. I went to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians as a movie before I read the book. My friend had read the book first so she was very angry at the movie adaptation. For me, it piqued my interest in the books so I read them all and now I get why she's mad at the adaptation, but I don't hate it. Funnily enough, I did dislike the 2nd movie because it was such a bad adaptation. I watched the first two Bourne movies and was so excited about the third one I decided to read the book, Bourne Ultimatum, to get some hints. They could not have been more different if they tried. For me, since I saw the movies first, I really liked the movies more.