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  1. With Aneesa out, I'm really out people to root for. I begrudgingly like Bananas and Kyle, and Fessy and Kaycee seem like decent enough people, but I don't care who wins or moves forward at this point.
  2. So, even on season of returning winners, a woman of color is the first person voted out. Never change, Survivor.
  3. Am I mistaken, or did Zach actually apologize to a woman? Miracles can happen.
  4. You could check out the Facebook group-- REALITY TELEVISION FANATICZ or UNSCRIPTED TV FANATICZ. They often are able to point you in the right direction.
  5. I;m not sure they had access to all the coins. There were several sets of buoys, and I think each team had to search between two. So. it was THEIR two coins (#5 and #6 out of 6 in their section) that they couldn't find. But, yeah, they basically told Colin and Christie to jump to the other task. I assumed Christie had a stringy weave. But then she got it wet, and now I think she just has bad hair.
  6. I found the contrast between last week in Uganda, and this week in Switzerland quite powerful. It went from a genuine risk of being arrested (or worse) to someone casually asking "so, are you guys together."
  7. Bret is a police sergeant, not a firefighter, Bret LaBelle Age: 44 Instagram and Twitter: @bretlabelle Hometown: Dedham, Massachusetts Current occupation: Police Sergeant Describe what you do: I supervise police officers.
  8. I feel like Colin is as intense as ever, but instead of being intensely competitive, he's become instensely mellow. I was happy to see Brett and Chris. I remember on Survivor they seemed liked two pretty genuine guys. I watched Janelle's first season of BB. . On left profile, she looks vaguely like Janelle , but straight on- I wouldn't have recognized her in a million years.
  9. Please, please, please let this be the last season with chicken drama. Neither side will ever accept the other, and the chickens truly do deserve better. Can't the producers come up with something new?
  10. It must be hard being a vegetarian out there. With so little food to start with, not being able to eat the little extra they catch could make a big difference. Do you ask for extra rice because you're not eating the fish? I vaguely remember Mike White being vegan, so he wouldn't be able to eat the eggs either. I've thought about this and wondered what I would do. I think I would compromise my principles to eat food that we caught ourselves (finding a crab, for example), but nothing sourced outside (so no burger on a reward), but I don't know. How much can one contribute to camp life and challenges when living on rice and coconuts?
  11. This actually does make sense if you think about the nullifier. The way it stands only one person went to exile. That person HAD to be male (because there are separate baskets of new buffs for men and women), so only a male could get the nullifier. If Bi hadn't left then two people, one male and one female, would have gone to exile and had access to clue. It would have been a lot more fair.
  12. Five years seems like an awfully long time to be a street hooker in the 70's. Those girls didn't look any worse than they did at the end of season 1. They should all be looking a bit harder.
  13. I am shocked to find how invested I am in Phil and Martina doing well. I know they probably can't win, but I'm always so happy for them when they do well, and I hope they at least get to the final. I didn't think they would be my favorite team, but here they are. Although, if I ever go on The Race I think I would want Taylor as my partner. He seems darn near perfect. I am also gobsmacked that not one team had a single person who could speak simple Spanish.
  14. Didn't Lee Anne used to work for Top Chef? It seems a bit unfair if she gets to compete again.
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