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  1. Brad looks like John Glover. Not loving the give and take of supplies- they'll figure out how to make fire sooner or later. I don't mind not getting rice, etc, at this early stage, but I don't want them skin and bones at day 18. But if two people go every week, there are only two more episodes then merge anyway. So that'll be, what, day 10? I don't see how they can "punish" the losers with everyone at the same beach. I like Shan, Voce, and (surprisingly) Danny. I can see them going far. I liked Sara. If they have another second chance season, I wouldn't mind seeing her again
  2. I think it's also worth noting that Eric is not trying to win the final- he has stated several times that his goal is to finish.- so he's not pushing himself too hard. That must be incredibly frustrating when he has a partner who is looking to score points to help them win. One thing I liked bout Darrel carrying Ruthie is how she went along with it so good-humoredly. I think some of the women would have been mortified. It's also interesting to me that Alton's "it's all good" style was irritating to Aneesa, but motivating to Kellyanne. I don't think that the Jisela/Derrick fai
  3. I recently started re-watching the first Battle of the Sexes season (still my favorite. Still hate Puck) which has a lot of these people on it. Yes didn't get a ton of airtime, but he everything he says was always very well thought out, even 20-ish years ago. He's a quiet leader.
  4. And just like "that" two of my favorites are gone. If Katie and Yes (who is playing a great strong but UTR game, I think) go soon, I'm going to run out of people to root for. Do we know how many people in are in the final? Was Derek always this intense? I remember him being competitive but nice. Perhaps he's trying to get "good television" BTW-Jisela, running zig-zag from an alligator is foolish. They are faster than we are.
  5. All the women out except one. Only one man eliminated by a challenge. Last season, 3 of the final 4 were men. Same this season. If Sarah doesn't win this, the producers' really need to look at some of the tasks and rethink what "tough' means
  6. I'm not spolied, so I could be way off, but for the most part- I like these 4 matchups for the final. FESSY AND KAYCEE- Seem the the strongest, and if the final was 100% physical I think they'd take the whole thing. However, there's always much more to it than that. They have so much confidence in their strength that I can imagine them falling apart if they make a bad decision somewhere along the line. CORY AND KAM- These two are really well matched. Cory may be the only guy in the final who has the ability to put his ego aside and let Kam do her thing. They don't seem to have any
  7. EXACTLY. Every time there were 2 people from the other alliance who had skulls, BB should have sent them in against each other. I'm glad they didn't though, because most of my favorites were in the other alliance. Of course, the risk is that if they sent in CT and Kyle, it might be a women's day and then they risk Kam.
  8. They REALLY needed some double eliminations, sending in both team members to compete individually with their same gender counterparts. Winners get each other as partners. Not only would it shorten the season, it would change the strategy, as it was too easy to figure out if it was a male or female elimination. I don't care if he wins, but I want Cory to get to the final. He really didn't have much opportunity to control his own game, and he's still standing (admittedly, he got to sit out a lot of the challenges on "guy" day, but it also kept him from going in to get his skull).
  9. I am 100% with you on this. His only possible redeeming feature is that he's friends with Katie- and I adore her- so there must be SOMETHING to him, but I don't see it. This seemed like a good first challenge. It combined the physical qualities of the "new" Challenge and the simplicity of the OG. I wonder if some of those people would have been better if the water weren't freezing. I think Aneesa and Darrell have an advantage being both OG and continuing competitors. They're used to the harder challenges. I don't know that I would have called this "All Stars." Seems like
  10. I didn't love this as much as I hoped. Probably because they spent a lot of time on the individuals and not as much on the challenges. Perhaps as we move forward, and get to know them better, we'll see more of the competition.
  11. I like Kyle but it's exhausting to hear him SCREAM. EVERY. WORD in his talking heads
  12. I agree there would be a satisfaction to that, but it doesn't leave much room for strategy. Once those 10 skulls are out there, the real fight for the skulls begins. If you're Fessy and Aneesa and you win, do you throw in 2 strong players (say CT and Darrell) hoping to get one out of the mix and knowing that whoever wins that battle STILL doesn't have a skull and is coming for you? Or 2 medium players like Kyle and Cory who might come after you but probably can't beat you? Do you hold on to the weaker players like Mechie so if you do get thrown in you have someone to go against?
  13. Actually, I don't think Theresa's plan was a bad one, she just executed it poorly. If all 5 of the women were in the same alliance (I can't keep track) and 4 fell quickly, they would be assured a win because the other women had already gone. If Amber wanted to win so badly, Theresa should have let her, with the understanding that either Jay wouldn't be the house vote, or if he was, he could pick his own opponent from the other alliance. I really hope that once all 10 skulls are won, the game continues. People who have been hanging back would have to go after the people who already ha
  14. For those of us whose math is from the pre-computer era: could someone explain how the binary code clue worked? I wonder what they would have done if Devin didn't get it. Would he and Tory still have won for getting the farthest along the route?
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