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  1. morriss


    This show is getting lamer each week. Lizzie is downright rude to everyone, especially Dylan. I am going to cross it off my tv schedule.
  2. morriss

    S07.E06: Command: Delete

    Person of Interest reboot.
  3. morriss

    Your own personal favorite athlete(s)?

    Wendal Clark Wade Belak Don Mattingly Mookie Wilson Ichiro Jeff Garcia Sidney Crosby
  4. morriss

    Jeopardy! Season 35 (2018-2019)

    Who does she look like?.....She looks like Dr Shawn Murphy...lol
  5. morriss

    S02.E23: The Unbefriended

    Thought it was kind of funny when Smook conked out and nearly killed Arnie Becker..
  6. morriss

    S01.E20 Preventable

    Poor Iggy. If all shrinks were like him, society would be a better place.
  7. morriss

    S01.E19 Happy Place

    Wouldn't Commissioner Frank Reagan make sure the cops went back to work?....lol
  8. morriss

    S06.E17: The Third Estate

    Poor Richard Thomas- he will forever be known as John-Boy.......lol
  9. morriss

    The NBA

    Magic is gone. Part 1 of master plan for Lebron to take over the Lakers is complete...lol
  10. morriss

    MLB Thread

    It is a shame that the Giants don't give Bumgarner any run support. With a good offensive team he would probably win 15-20 games. I think it is going on 3 years now that he has gotten no run support in his starts.
  11. morriss

    MLB Thread

    Ichiro is my favourite player of all time. He always gave 100% effort and never showboated. A class act, on and off the field.
  12. morriss

    S16. E16. Bears and Cubs

    Which rule ## is "Don't lie to Gibbs" ???
  13. morriss

    NFL Thread

    Robert Kraft- You know that rich people are above the law....lol
  14. morriss

    All Episodes Talk: NCIS: New Orleans

    I liked Lasalle's comment "I still got it" after his fancy driving. (A reference to himself in Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift.)
  15. morriss

    S02.E11: Operator Error

    Is there any chance that Julian is still alive??? I hope so, because her and Devon were a good match.