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  1. We took our young kids to NYC in January 2020 and stayed in Times Square. Watch out for the characters. One of them started talking to my 6 year old and they all swarmed around us and demanded money. That was the most annoying part of our trip. The LEGO store in Rockefeller Center was pretty cool too!
  2. What I found odd about this episode is that they're "introducing" Eboni to the cast at Sonja's brunch. Towards the end, when they're sitting inside, they played flashbacks to events the prior week, when everyone was present and fighting. So why are they acting like this is the first time the women have all met Eboni?
  3. She's so lazy she can't even have a new nickname for her other child. God forbid she uses their given names.
  4. Is she talking about her brother Bubby? I thought he was an adult.
  5. I hate to break it to her, but a side of fruit is not low carb. She can't even do that right.
  6. I know this thread is OLD, but I'm watching the seasons in order. I went rappelling a few years ago in Utah and fell backwards, pinning my leg under my rappel rope, and me hanging upside down with a 50 foot drop below me. I was stuck for a bit until the instructor could secure the rope before he and my husband were able to lift me back up. It was not my finest moment and I TOTALLY got Kristen's fear.
  7. I signed up for Peacock so I could watch this from the beginning. I only knew of Bethany prior to watching and didn't like her. I liked her after watching the first few seasons. I get why people liked her. After reading this thread, I guess that's going to change. I CANNOT STAND Ramona. Something is wrong with that woman and how she managed to stay on this series baffles me (other than she probably brings the drama/entertainment). Sounds like seasons 6-8 are a real treat too, so looking forward to seeing the discussions in the episode threads!
  8. Is that henna or real? Because if that's real...
  9. LOL - Leah attempts virtual learning with all three girls. I wonder if she'll pick up on any of the grammar lessons along the way.
  10. I starting following Dr. Cat on Instagram. I am interested in a tummy tuck (after two 9+ lb babies). She is NOT kidding in her attention to detail and it shows. Dr. Q's scar on that woman was AWFUL!! Holy cow. I've been looking around at surgeons in my area and am not impressed by the after results. Dr. Cat really does know what the hell she is doing.
  11. I wasn't going to watch this until I saw this topic linked from the Botched page. I'm actually liking it a lot more without Terry Dubrow trying to be funny. The surgeries are interesting and it's nice to see just normal people (and not the freakshows).
  12. I wonder if she had to gnaw off the fake nails to get into the program.
  13. Anyone have the TL:DR version? I can't comprehend anything Chris says and I don't want to waste time trying 🙂
  14. I am super jealous of his garden. I plant bell peppers every year and they're always eaten by bugs by the time they turn red.
  15. I wonder what Ryan's "Bentley" tattoo looks like on his torso now. Or...maybe I don't.
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