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  1. I think the affair with Jonathan both made Sylvia feel very guilty in her friendship with Grace AND made her very aware of Jonathan’s duplicitous nature. I think she knows he’s more than just a cheater, that she saw enough to make her wary of Jonathan and protective of Grace. I think Jonathan will wield that little nugget of information at just the right time against both Grace and Sylvia. Dude is a flat out sociopath, imo.
  2. The show keeps telling us this and how he’s a dick but not a murderous one and the more they show how he charms and manipulates and that talk show dramatic emotional pause that Jonathan really tried to sell, the more I think this is all going to be a bunch of red herrings that will end in, “Yep, Jonathan was the murderer after all! Isn’t he just such a scoundrel?” Because the story is Grace’s, her “undoing”, learning the truth from her father, her best friend(oh yeah, she totally slept with Jonathan), her husband, and, ultimately, herself, the wise therapist who helped others but never le
  3. This was the most genuine reaction I’ve seen from Mark during this series and I didn’t mind Catherine’s presence only because she brought out the reaction. They’re all working as a team to bring NXIVM down, but Catherine is an outsider, traumatized indirectly, and able to say she was never seduced by these teachings or these people. And she showed that off in her talk with Bonnie, joking about her “dog bed”. And it was obviously not intended to be cruel, but Catherine didn’t recognize that this was painful and this wasn’t just a silly memory. Mark and Sarah have both told these stories o
  4. It’s obvious from contextual clues in the dialogue that she was aware it was a sex anniversary, but disagree away lol.
  5. My father gets his Valium just fine with an electronic script.
  6. That still means she knew it was the first time he and Carol had sex, which is still very weird. ROSS: Oh my God, oh- is today the twentieth, October twentieth? MONICA: Oh, I was hoping you wouldn't remember. ROSS: Ohhh. JOEY: What's wrong with the twentieth? CHANDLER: Eleven days before Hallowe'en.. all the good costumes are gone? ROSS: Today's the day Carol and I first.. consummated our physical relationship. (JOEY IS PUZZLED) Sex I mean, raise your hand if you know the exact date of when your sibling first had sex with their significant other?
  7. It was worth it just for the “dilated-a-mundo”. Watching TOW George Stephanopoulos and I’m still confused by Monica's awareness of it being the anniversary of Ross and Carol’s first time having sex, to the point that she knew the exact date. Was this an anniversary the two celebrated with others? Were there parties and Hallmark cards? Did college Ross call up his little sister to inform her he’d just lost his virginity and so she marked it down in her diary so she could...celebrate it with him? It makes perfect sense for Ross to remember this, for him and Carol to have made this a s
  8. You know this is a forum in which to share these reactions, right?
  9. I agree wholeheartedly about the orchestration and I’m curious how detailed it all was and how many were in the know. I definitely think the triumvirate of Sandy, Bugsy, and Malia was set and was part of selling them on this season, with the added incentive of them all teaming up against Hannah. Maybe not in getting her fired, but definitely in at least demoting her. Just any way to gang up and humiliate her. I do wonder if Hannah was in on it at all. Obviously not the reveal of the meds, I think that was just a lucky find on Malia’s part and maybe she’ll get a bonus for lining up the kil
  10. Watching the rerun of TOW the Tiny T-shirt, and it’s the first episode with Joey’s play and meeting Kate. What’s confusing to me is all that talk sand all the rehearsals that imply this dramatic play, especially with how Kate waxes poetic about the playwright. But then we see that bizarre part of the play with the spaceship ending and I’m not sure why. I mean, yes, they made it into a joke, but it wasn’t a funny joke and...Meh.
  11. What I still don’t understand, what I don’t think the series has portrayed, is why Dan went about everything as visciously and cruelly as possible. Look, unhappy in a marriage, get a divorce, whatever. Cheating is a sign of pure disrespect for what the marriage and the person, imo. But Dan seemed to take pure pleasure in absolutely destroying her, happy to lead her on just to make sure the fall would hurt the most. I see how awful it became, very well illustrated in this episode, but other than being very driven and wanting to go bigger and better once Dan became more successful, I do
  12. Chandler’s right, a wedding IS just a party.
  13. TOW Mrs. Bing has one of the most (unintentionally, likely) creepy storylines. No, not Ross making out with Chandler’s mom, but Monica and Phoebe fawning over a stranger in a coma, even going as far as changing his pajamas.
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