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  1. Be glad you did. . . it was definitely a WTF . . . I thought it was a spoof or a joke, but it was a legit, and desperate, ad.
  2. That's pretty standard bio format. How many male executive bios start off with mentioning spouse/children first? Many bios don't reference family at all, and really, nor should they. I like Bethenny, always have. Even if I didn't, though, it's unfair and rather sexist to criticize her for a bio adhering to standard business format. Being a mother is not the be all/end-all for most women, and it should not be the first/most significant identifier of a woman's achievements. Its diminishing.
  3. so much harder to jump out of a swimming pool with no water to buoy you up!
  4. Kelly, Donna, Brenda, and ONDREA are here . . . still waiting on Brandon, Dylan, Steve Sanders, and David Silver . . .
  5. Thank god -- no more Emo Morgan -- time for some old school Morgan axe-kicking! WTF -- a submarine? Time for TWD: 90210 . ..
  6. so Marine dude was holding his side . . . did he get bit?
  7. Well, I for one sure believe they're not trying to take over Clearwater, how about you? This is all coincidence! Clearwater will never have a viable downtown area until the Cult is gone. Its such a shame because the downtown area is really cute and there's lots of potential to make it into something. There's also a lot of empty land/vacant overgrown lots that no one is doing anything with. Why? Because they're owned by the Church. Its really sad to see as you're driving through. https://www.tampabay.com/news/clearwater/2020/10/07/downtown-advisory-board-election-brings-more-scientologist-candidates/
  8. I did not realize who Alfie Boe is -- I mean, I know who he is from the 25th Anniversary of Les Mis, but I guess I just never knew his name/knew HIM. And I am utterly in love. And I never expect Matt to have such an amazing voice and its always such a wonderful surprise.
  9. The show did nothing to bring on the "negative juju" of tax problems. He did that all on his own. The rest, fair point, but saying him being on the show somehow caused the tax problems diminishes the crime of tax fraud he committed long before this show was on. That would be like saying, oh, I don't know, another (former) reality tv show individual claiming a loss of ~$100M on a property he bought in NY for about $2 million just a few years before to cheat on his taxes and saying his current job is the reason why that overinflation happened.
  10. Add me to your table, ladies. I am 52 years old, single, and financially secure. I am not going to date someone who is not in my socioeconomic status and who doesn't at least hold themself to some sort of standard regardless of their income. I've worked my butt off my whole life, since my early 20s having me and me alone to rely on -- everything I did I did by myself for myself, because I had no other option. I want someone who is going to take care of me a little bit -- not someone I have to support or mother, or someone who is going to try to put something over on me because he thinks he can because he has money and/or charm. Sorry son, that does not make you special. I did briefly date someone who "USED" to have money but went through an extended divorce and basically has nothing. He has a job but not one that was comparable to mine financially. He had also just moved to the area and the place he was renting was run-down ratchet. He could have found something nicer for what he was paying but it became clear very early on that he didn't care very much about his surroundings. His car(s) are older, which is fine, but they were messy and dirty -- which is not fine -- there is nothing wrong with an older car, but take care of your shit! And all he would talk about was what he used to have. How about leave that in the past where it belongs and do what you need to do now to get it back in some way? He would talk about how much he didn't like the job and only took it to be able to move to the area but was he sending out resumes or looking for another job? No. Just going on about how much he used to make and how much better of a job he used to have. More and more he would ask, "does it bother you that . . . " (this house is the way it is, that my car is old, etc.) and didn't like my honest answer. I didn't like staying at his house or taking his car anywhere, and when he asked, I answered him honestly -- why yes your house does bother me and I would prefer you come to my much nicer house that is well taken care of and that I own all by my lil' ol' self. Or that I would prefer to drive wherever we were going. And you can dress casual and still look very well put together. He dressed casual and looked sloppy. Apparently all of this makes me a snob. If having standards and expectations makes me a snob, then you know what? Raise a glass ladies, because I am a snob, and damn proud of it.
  11. That's what Robyn said -- she's annoying all the time but it doesn't justify attacking her. I never thought I'd be 100% on Candiace's side about anything but this is all on Monique. And I really liked Monique before all of this.
  12. I'm good with Leah, not a huge fan but certainly not on the hate train. Regarding her getting her nose done, why all the judgments? People have things they are super insecure about it, and if its possible to fix it, why not do so? Feeling good about yourself is key to healthy self-esteem! As soon as we can travel outside the States again, I'm on a plane to have some plastic surgery (much cheaper outside the states) to fix something that has definitely impacted my self-esteem for years -- to the degree that it limits what I wear because I hate having it exposed, and because if it is exposed all I can focus on is how it looks and what people are thinking. If Leah's nose makes her feel better about herself and being on camera, then good on her.
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