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  1. One element I thought was very well-done last night was how they showed that, even though she was the cause of the drama, Linda was still essentially on the outside and dimissed as soon as she was no longer useful. Her desperate quest to be seen as SOMEONE triggered all of this. Yet, as soon as they had Monica in the room, it was, okay, thanks, there's the door. You are no longer a factor here. Buh-Bye. Same with the Jones lawyers who came to her house late that evening -- she was all about, "oh look at all these things that show you how important I am" and they were just all about -- w
  2. True, but at least she knew someone on her side was coming -- that had to be some mental relief for her. I'm sure Monica wanted her there as soon as possible, but rich white ladies gonna rich white lady, even when it involves the Feds.
  3. Pretty much all I can say is wow. Even just a tv re-telling of what happened that day was surreal. The way those scumbag agents backtracked -- no, she wasn't detained; no we never told her she couldn't call her lawyer, etc. . . disgusting doesn't even begin to describe it. I have to say . . . I kind of love that her mother made them all wait because she had to take the train rather than fly. They deserved every second of that wait. For someone so "young and naive," she managed to hold her own that day. I'm sure she didn't see it that way, and it wasn't intentional, but she really did. Fro
  4. I realized that its the height and body style that aren't working for me, because I do think Beanie is really nailing Monica's giggly upbeat personality and flirty tone. Monica is at least 2-3 inches taller than Beanie, and Beanie has a short torso with her breasts seemingly taking up her entire torso. Monica has a torso, Beanie doesn't. The high-waisted skirts, while true to the time and Monica's style, only cut off Beanie's torso even more. And that has nothing to do with size -- you can be a size 2 and have no torso!
  5. Fact-checks for this week's episode: https://www.vulture.com/article/impeachment-fact-check-what-episode-five-gets-right.html
  6. Linda's encouragement of Monica to wear a peach colored outfit over a navy dress should have been the tip-off -- most women who struggle with their weight know that dark colors are more slimming than light colors -- especially peach! 🤣 I think this conversation on the show (about Monica not wearing the dress to an interview) was creative license, because the tape excerpts played during Monica's HBO documentary had Linda saying that Monica should keep the stained dress because (I'm paraphrasing) "you don't know what's going to happen and you might need it in the future" and that the dress
  7. Still on season 1 -- I love that it became a running joke through each episode -- "claw your fingers so you don't cut yourself" and her still not learning how or applying the advice. (of course this is funny only because she doesn't actually injure herself). I am pleasantly surprised about how much I am enjoying this show. And Ludo was absolutely the best chef to start the series -- he is just so damn French!! I loved how subsequent chefs gave him a hard time and commiserated about him with Selena -- in a way that clearly indicates they all love him. Antonia's story of him yelling
  8. With each episode, I gain even more respect for Monica Lewinsky. I've always been in her corner, but this episode highlights how much she's been able to get some perspective on the entire situation, including her manic and extreme emotional behavior. It had to be tough for her to agree to the scenes where "Monica's mentally unstable" comes across. As well, it takes someone who has done a lot of work on herself to be okay with accepting the portrayal of the person who betrayed her as having a bit of humanity. Apparently Linda did struggle a bit with what she was doing to Monica, which I nev
  9. Vulture's fact-check for episode 2. https://www.vulture.com/article/impeachment-fact-check-what-episode-two-gets-right.html
  10. Fact-checking the premiere episode. Apparently the meeting where Tripp pitched herself and Kathleen Willey as a team did happen. https://www.vulture.com/article/impeachment-episode-1-exiles-fact-check.html MOD -- should we start/do we need an "in the media" thread?
  11. You hit the nail on the head! Okay, so he had an affair in the White House. Not the first, not going to be the last. Its not like she was a spy manipulating him, or trying to get a cushy job in the White House, or anything like that. She was just having fun. The HORROR. If he wasn't going to fling with her, there would have been (and were) several someone else's. The lying about it under oath? Yeah, not so good. But men lie about affairs. They just do. Its not like he was lying about back-door channels to Russia or trying to get foreign countries to interfere in elections, or other actual
  12. But comparatively, Monica was innocent. She was 22 and she naively believed that what she and Clinton had was real, regardless of his office. She has been honest about it. And she made the cardinal sin of being a woman who enjoyed sex and didn't apologize for it. She legitimately thought they were in love. And I do believe from her perspective and lack of life experience at that time, that she really believed he was in love with her. Based on what she's said, I believe he had feelings for her but there was no way he was ever going to give everything up for her. So in that respect, yes she
  13. She really was just a horrible, hateful, jealous person. I remember when all this was happening and she was just repulsive from day one. It was so obvious she was manipulating herself into everything to get her 15 minutes of fame. I have to agree Beanie is taking me out of a bit because she is so much shorter and is carrying a bit more weight than the "portly pepperpot," as Monica was called at one point during all of this, but she is capturing her giggly, girlish,naivete quite well. I can suspend the physical differences and think Beanie is going to do a good job. Did I mention how abs
  14. Basically, she got paid to promote a crypto that hasn't been around long enough to have any stability (for as much stability as any crypto has) and all she had to say was that it was an ad. Its the same as them promoting those stupid weight loss shakes that they don't use. Its irresponsible -- she isn't qualified to give financial advice or recommend investments but that's basically what she did for an especially risky and speculative product. Just because she has money doesn't mean she knows anything about growing it or managing it, but this tweet implies she does. Bitcoin and Ether
  15. I don't have issue with them eating the horse, just like I didn't have an issue with them eating the dogs. But with the dogs, it wasn't so graphic -- we saw Sasha take the shots and then heard the whimper. There was no need to show the gory details of slicing the horse's neck (and yes, wimp that I am, I covered my eyes and ears but peeked out too soon and saw the blood gushing into the pan, so that's how I know).
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