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  1. I said nothing about the ingredients that go into baking a cake, cookies, biscuits, etc. I said the judges ask for X number of bakes and if they don't serve X number of bakes, however they prepared them, they don't meet the challenge and its a disqualifying factor. The quantity the judges are asking for is not subjective. Twelve biscuits are twelve biscuits, be they are sweet or savory, etc. Same for the added elements such as chocolate or sugar work. If they miss that element, they didn't meet the challenge. How they create the sugar or chocolate work is subjective. What i
  2. THIS. To take it across the pond, consider the Great British Bake Off. These are home bakers, not professional chefs who do this for a living and run restaurants where food consistency is critical. GBBO does a series of three challenges, many of which require making X amount of a certain bake, or adding chocolate work as decoration, or adding some additional element to the core dish to show their skills. The technical challenges are recipes of the two main judges who ARE professional chefs. These challenges are judged blind, so there can be no claim of favoritism, skin color, ethnic
  3. Because judges aren't all tasting the same thing so the judging can't be consistent. The missing element(s) could change how the flavor profiles interact, so one judge is tasting a different dish than another. Its not fair to any of the chefs. If a chef can't even make one dish consistent across 3, 4, 8, or 10 plates, there's no way the judges can accurately discuss it, because they didn't taste the same flavor profiles.
  4. I don't care what a chef's skin color is . . . if that chef consistently misses plating some elements of a dish, he or she should not be moving forward. Once, okay, shit happens, but this is what, the fourth time this has happened?? I think that's what Dale was expressing -- I don't think he was getting angry, I think he was more annoyed that this was happening yet again with Dawn, this far into the competition. Someone should have been annoyed about that -- my immediate thought was, "seriously? AGAIN?" The food flavors may be outstanding but if not everyone experiences the same dish as th
  5. If Dawn is one of the top two, she's going to have a hard time winning if she does her final meal the way she did Restaurant Wars and is as disorganized as she's been in some challenges. She pull together her dishes in time for the others to taste and work with, and she couldn't even convey to them what she was making because she was essentially just going with where the food was taking her. And there's been at least two, and maybe three, challenges where she was too disorganized to fully plate everything, or something got left off one judge's plate that was on another. How is she go
  6. I think having a baby if you don't want to/aren't ready is a textbook definition of difficult choice and personal sacrifice. . .
  7. well, regardless, we'll know in 6-8 months either way! :-D
  8. I don't post often but have followed the VK saga all along. Is it just me or is everyone skirting around saying what is a likely possibility -- that she got pregnant and decided she wanted to have an abortion but was guilted into keeping/having it by others forcing their opinions and values on her, those same people who programmed DCC as the be-all end-all her entire life? She's never had a chance to figure out her life on her own, why would a pregnancy be any different? Despite women still having choices about their own bodies in this world, guilt from external forces plays much too larg
  9. that was a bit . . . convoluted of a second challenge?? Poor Byron. For those who don't/can't watch it, this was another two-challenge LCK. Challenge 1: Byron went up against Sarah doing bento boxes and he won. Sarah is out. Challenge 2: The five chefs who are still in the main competition came into the LCK. They each got a box to fill with 10 ingredients that Byron would be making meals of. Of the five boxes, he picked 3 and cooked against those chefs (for example, Jamie created box 2 - he picked box 2, so he and Jamie cooked against each other). Byron had to go up against
  10. Or maybe, shows are simply making an effort to more accurately reflect what the world looks like. One could just as easily say the whole "cop arc" would have been exactly the same if the police chief had been white, but just gotta get that diversity in by having a black man in a position of authority. The fact that some see it as an attempt to pander toward "diversity" is the very reason why shows need to better reflect what the world really looks like. Because some see it as "diversity" when in fact its just "normality." And on a completely unrelated note . . . Happy Pride Month!!
  11. Its only because it wasn't a controlled testing environment. . . According to TMZ (aka Kris' mouthpiece): Kim's mentor in taking the exam, attorney Jessica Jackson, said, "That is extremely close on a test that most people are not taking in the middle of a pandemic." A source tells us Kim had to take the test at home, while balancing her kids and other factors ... making it more difficult than taking the test in a controlled environment. If anyone has the ability to put herself in a controlled environment, even during a pandemic, its Kimmycakes. How many houses does she own? How many nan
  12. Here are my two takes on Erin's murder. They each involve both Ross boys: (1) Billy is the father of Erin's baby and John knows this. Billy and Erin were meeting up that night to hang out, drink, have sex. Erin somehow tries to get money out of Billy ("I'll tell" threats, she charges for it now, etc.) for DJ's ear surgery. They are drunk and argue and the argument escalates to physical -- maybe she runs away and he tries to shoot at her but is too drunk and that's why her finger is shot off and the bullet in the tree. She falls and hurts herself badly. He grabs her and is holding her try
  13. I got the impression from the article that he is a contributing writer, and thus was able to work a lot of his real life into the character of Pray. I can't imagine this episode had that many coincidental similarities. The other writers may not have known it was his real life story he was contributing but he did and it was cathartic for him.
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