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  1. And then she snuck up behind him and gave him the same look. I wish one of the "real" bakers would do that sometime!
  2. Me too, but unfortunately we live in a world where common sense has gone out the window and critical thinking is on the wane. In a world where a vast amount of people rely on headlines in social media scrolls to get "news" and consider themselves well-informed, and who believe reality shows are, well, real, its not a surprise that we have people who believe this fiction show is a true and accurate retelling of the facts, even down to the conversations. I'm not saying its right, far from it. I'm saying its not surprising.
  3. I'm not throwing out an opinion one way or the other re: the addition of a disclaimer, but it does seem to be common industry practice for shows and movies to add something either to the intro or outro along the lines of, "while this movie/program features real-life characters/is based on historical events, persons and events have been fictionalized and some characters/events blended for dramatic purposes." Something I just watched (I want to say Queen's Gambit?) had something similar -- indicating it was based on a novel but fictionalized? I can't remember -- like most of us, binge watching is the hobby of the year. My point is that adding a disclaimer is not an uncommon thing to do.
  4. Why would he care? Oh wait, I know. Its because he doesn't want her to be so stressed out and tired afterward, just like most concerned husbands who watch their wives do all the work to prepare the party, spend days preparing, decorating, and cooking, then miss the party because she is in the kitchen getting everything out for the guests while also trying to make sure the kids are behaving, and then has to clean everything up and was exhausted for days after. You just don't KNOW how long it took her to spray all that snow! Yep, that's our Kimmycakes. . . 🙄
  5. Or as Shannon's mother whose incredible cooking, and especially her homemade apple pie, is what drove Shannon to want to be a chef. . . .
  6. Even 2 minutes of Charrisse is too much Charrisse. . . .
  7. yes, but dead is dead. He may not have been the alcoholic cheating bum that Sheldon described but its going to be difficult to ret-con a dead father -- Its not like it was mentioned once in passing. Sheldon's father being dead was a running part of his and Mary's character. It was also one of the big elements contributing to why Georgie didn't want to attend Sheldon's wedding.
  8. They're called "shaggin' wagons" for a reason . . .
  9. The Great British Bake Off episode featuring the cast of Derry Girls FINALLY dropped on Netflix in the states today. Its titled "Great Festive Bake Off" and is absolutely a riot. Dylan is just the cutest thing, and Siobhan is a freakin' riot. The bakes were definitely entertaining and you can tell they all truly enjoy being around each other. Good way to spend an hour!
  10. Not sure whether to post this here or in the Derry Girls forum -- probably both -- just watched the episode -- laughed out loud many times, just as with the show. Dylan is just the cutest thing, and Siobhan is a freakin' riot. The bakes were definitely entertaining and you can tell they all truly enjoy being around each other. Good way to spend an hour!
  11. When I went to London, I did the Tower of London and the Crown jewels. You can't take any pictures, unfortunately. Even seeing it in person it is hard to imagine and take in -- it just doesn't seem possible that its REAL! That was pre-Crown so what really got me then was the coronation regalia -- I want to go see it again with the wider understanding of what's what, who wears it, etc. Its one door in, one door out, and a slow-moving sidewalk that rotates you around. And if you try to stop for even a second the guards are on it. I wanted to loop it 3 or 4 times but unfortunately I was on a bit of a schedule and I don't even know if they let you go around more than once.
  12. You are correct, and I'm SO EXCITED!! I just discovered Derry Girls a few weeks ago and was on a desperate hunt for their GBBO episode!! https://www.nerdsandbeyond.com/2020/11/16/episode-of-derry-girls-on-the-great-british-baking-show-coming-to-netflix/
  13. This is the best version of Morgan ever -- even original recipe Morgan.
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