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  1. Fair point, but that would be a hell of a lecture to sit in on -- where do i sign up??
  2. Thank you for sharing this! ❀️
  3. Nope. Its just all part of the upside down that is 2020.
  4. Come on -- is NO ONE going to go for the ridiculously low-hanging fruit that is Reign wearing the family brand on his shirt????? I'm not proud. . . THE KID IS WEARING THE FAMILY BRAND ON HIS SHIRT!!! πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„ πŸ˜„
  5. I didn't detect an accent overall but I will listen more closely next time. Even so . . . LI-BARY?????? Just . . . NO!!! πŸ˜„
  6. The new HoWife has already lost me -- she has a PhD, is a professor at John Freakin' Hopkins, and contributes political commentary on CNN, but she cannot properly pronounce the word "library." When talking to Candy-ass, she was talking about the ability to read people, and she said, "libary." TWICE. Seriously? All that brain power and you can't pronounce "library"? There's an "r" in there Dr. Professor!
  7. Since this has aired on Bravo already, are we allowed to discuss now? Or wait 'til Sunday?
  8. Ramona! What are you doing in the DMV?? πŸ˜„
  9. But yet she got kicked out of a gay bar near Wharton -- when they weren't filming. . . .
  10. Gotta give them credit -- they know how to hire a good crisis PR manager -- no way in hell did kimmykakes or anyone in the family write this. Its way too erudite, there are no "like"s or "bible"s, and she comes across as well educated on mental health crises. Unless she got her degree in psychiatry while studying for the baby bar at the same time. . . . and speaking of the baby bar, "focusing on her family" will be her excuse for not taking it, or if she did, not doing well. Always. An. Angle.
  11. I saw the article and the first thing I thought of was that the show was a factor. Way to go Leah and Mike!!
  12. I would imagine its because he has a company with employees who would also be impacted by a relocation while she does not -- his relocating would mean relocating the company he runs day-in-day-out and making employees choose between relocation or unemployment. No decent company owner would do something like that to his or her people. He could visit her occasionally but if he's running his business and isn't just a figurehead, he has to be in Chicago most of the time. Scott also owns his residence while she stays in a hotel and already splits her time between NY and Palm Beach. She can still live her life exactly the same as she is now (other than being on the show, which by the way she's been treated, she's right to want off) and she gets the bonus of being married to him, which is what she wants. I don't see her moving there as any sort of "giving up everything because he gave her an ultimatum" (insert dramatic music here). Any long-distance couple who wants to be together has to make a similar choice at some point. Determining whose life would be less impacted by the move (whether its who has the better/more lucrative job, who owns versus rents, etc.), is usually the deciding factor of who packs their boxes. I also think its perfectly normal for the person who IS the one that has to relocate to dither about whether to make that final step.
  13. I ordered them too but haven't tried them yet! πŸ˜„ Mine didn't come with glue -- I got the "Graduate" set. Which ones are you getting?
  14. I picked a hell of a time to start watching this show . . . viruses, police shootings, riots . . . not sure if I'm watching FTWD or CNN.
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