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  1. I feel the Siriano save coming on for Marquis . . . well, crap.
  2. Agreed, but the relationship is that of a father-daughter and its only because of the relationship with the Roses, and Johnny and Moira as parental figures most specifically, that Stevie has reached the point where she's built up the courage to begin to step out of the rather drab life she always thought she was destined to live. Hopefully the relationship will continue, just in a different way, as is what happens with all parent/child relationships as the child gains confidence and ultimately leaves the nest. You know we're going to get a "I'm proud of you Stevie" moment from Johnny, and hopefully Moira, in her uniquely Moira way -- probably likening it to The Crowening in some way, telling one of her crows to fly! ๐Ÿ˜„
  3. Sorry it took you this long to get there but glad you are there -- she is UN. FUCKING. BELIEVABLY. AMAZING. I've met a lot of politicians and celebrities and have never really gotten flustered. If I ever have the chance to meet her, I would be speechless in awe. She is, and always has been, one of the biggest bad-asses on the planet. It would be one of the honors of my life to meet this woman. I was at the Women's March in DC and was close to the main stage -- I got to see Gloria Steinem from about 100 yards away and I was speechless just from being even that close to her. That's Gloria in the red scarf in the picture -- sorry its not super clear -- you could barely move so I was holding the camera over my head but you can tell its her. I talked about her for the rest of the day! These women are activist ICONS and have paved the way for GENERATIONS to come.
  4. Seriously. I feel like that weeping was an act because he knew he hadn't gotten the names done right or well and he's trying to get the sympathy save. I feel like this might be a setup for Christian to give him the hail mary save . . . better not be! I've got nothing on this one because I thought the one with the white hat and the one with the patchwork were going to be top two and they were just safe. I have no words about Victoria. She should have been in the bottom.
  5. its not like they're reading it . . . and they won't be kids forever . . . ๐Ÿ˜„ Like I said, no dog in the fight, it was just a random thought. . . I really don't give them a whole lot of thought . . ๐Ÿ˜„
  6. I think the name of this thread should be changed to Kardashian Kids: They're Cute . . . For Now because we're already starting to see what holy terrors the older ones are becoming, so we know the cuteness isn't going to last long for any of them. . . I really don't care if it gets changed or not, I've just always thought that and for whatever reason decided to throw it out there today . . .
  7. I think its erroneous and an overstatement to say this is David and Wallis all over again. They are not giving a middle finger to the royal family and demanding money as D & W did -- in fact, its the opposite -- they're saying they don't want to be financially dependent on the crown -- D & W felt it was their right and entitlement to have their lives funded by the crown. Here's just a small and very mild sampling of what H & M are "complaining about": https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/ellievhall/meghan-markle-kate-middleton-double-standards-royal?utm_source=dynamic&utm_campaign=bffbbuzzfeed&ref=bffbbuzzfeed&fbclid=IwAR1PTuBS5khi0uP0UwZ9d5Q5T5KphFZfEkuuc_SQi8Oor0Pb7AChpbeHWOQ I absolutely believe they had to release their announcement ahead of the original plan (and the Queen's request) because the leaked story was going to be published and get out from under them -- FFS, we are talking about media outlets that published pictures of Diana IN THE CAR WRECKAGE. Rather than try to help get her out, they freakin' took her damn picture . . . and PUBLISHED THEM!!! When you are completely at the mercy of others to try to freakin' SAVE YOUR LIFE and they opt to exploit you rather than try to help you? And Harry, at age 12, saw all of that. AT AGE 12. If the press is willing to sink that low, publishing a salacious story about H & M wanting to step down as senior members is nothing. How can anyone question Harry trying to get his wife and child away from that???? I am very much a "I can handle anything; I can take care of everything for myself by myself" person and I've been in two situations (one a very bad car accident and another a medical emergency) in which I was completely dependent on assistance from others. It is probably the worst feeling ever, to know you are completely helpless. And then to have people NOT help you and instead take picture?? No matter your stance on whether she manipulated the media, that is inhuman and beyond cruel. Run far, run fast, H & M. And for those who are commenting about Meghan's signing an agreement with Disney to narrate a documentary, ummmm . . .. how many documentaries has Charles narrated about the environment, architecture, and other causes he cares about and no one has batted an eye? Agreements had to be signed for him to do those. If Meghan shouldn't do it, certainly the future KING should be above such banal activities!! FFS -- Edward wrote, produced, and narrated a documentary on Uncle Nazi and Wallis! Is it because its Disney, a company associated with cartoons (but that in actuality does a LOT of nature and environment documentaries) that she's doing it for? Or is it because its Meghan doing it, despite other members of the family having done the same and it being just fine??? Oh, and ANDREW IS A FREAKIN' PEDOPHILE!! But yeah, Meghan's not being treated any differently and SHE's the problem. Okay. (this last is a general statement, not directed at you personally, Razzberry ๐Ÿ˜Ž).
  8. As soon as I saw Geoffrey's outfit, I knew their team was the winning team -- whomever said Team Stripe looked like Beetlejuice was spot on -- that's what I was thinking with Sergio's pants. His look was just . . . not good. Whatever he had on top looked like a sheer bathroom robe from the 60s/70s -- the one that had the matching fluffy kitten heels and was worn over the shorty-short nightgowns. . . . it was not a look. I was cracking up when he was getting smacked down. Even though he knew he was in the bottom he was still acting like he knew better than everybody, telling the blonde girl hers was the best and most represented the merging of the 80s into a more modern look. Yay for Geoffrey -- there was no beating that top especially. . . . well over Victoria sending the same thing down the runway week after week. I watched the after show with Melanie -- she was super down to earth and was able to be objective about why she got eliminated. There's no persona there -- she just is who she is. Think Sergio will be humbled at all after his smackdown??? yeah, me neither. Arrogant asshole can go any damn time.
  9. So . . . because he had demons people were right to abandon him? Wow.
  10. Yep -- right after he said he didn't need any advice/input/feedback from Christian. . . ๐Ÿ™„
  11. This reads as if the author is just a Kanye fan and likes what he wears. Its an opinion piece, nothing more, and the author is certainly not a fashion industry expert (for whatever that is worth), nor does he work in the field, and from what I can tell, he never has. It doesn't go into any reasons why the fashion is so beyond anything else. No comparisons, no insights as to why, although the sweatshirt might seem simplistic or basic, its fashion forward because ________. No comparisons to other designer's work or explanations of how Kanye's stuff varies from actual designers, etc. Really, all it says about Kanye's fashion is essentially, "when he wore X, I knew I had to have it." That doesn't mean Kanye is stylish, it just means the author has really bad taste in clothes.
  12. The FX show Pose is all about ballroom culture in the late 80s. And technically, this post ties in to PR in that Pose stars Billy Porter, who wore the KinkyBoots curtain outfit designed by the one who thinks he's already on the same level as Brandon and Christian. ๐Ÿ˜„ (It's a really good show -- you should watch it.)
  13. Her curls have nothing to do with it -- it looks unkempt and sloppy, like she tossed and turned all night and rolled out of bed and left the house. To quote the post directly above this one in regard to Marnie -- "She always looks like she just crawled out of bed and padded down to the 7-Eleven to get a cup of coffee. Brush your hair!" Same goes with crazy hair woman. Messy hair is messy hair, whether its straight, curly, long, short, pink, purple, whatever. Don't automatically assume I am making a negative judgment based on a feature she has no control over, such as her skin color, her type of hair, her gender, or anything else -- that is not at all what I said. If her clothes were dirty or look like she rolled out of bed in them, I would have referenced her by that. "dirty shirt girl; wrinkly dress girl." The type of clothing would not have been the issue. Sloppy is sloppy and her hair looks sloppy. Please don't try to make something out of nothing in regard to me. Thank you.
  14. Ugh, not this Marnie woman again . . . please don't subject us to multiple episodes with her again. I love that we got most of the designers pitching in to help De Young finish her piece. This is when the show is at its best -- when the cameraderie among competitors emerges and no one is playing a game with anyone -- except for premature ejaculation guy who keeps finishing early, at least in his mind. That peacock print was beautiful but he didn't do anything special with it, and the purse didn't work. Billy Porter curtain guy's dress looked like an a cross between an Amish conservative top merged with a flamenco dancer bottom. No. Just No. How the fuck was he safe with that atrocity? Not sure who I think should be the top, but I guess I'll find out in a few minutes what the judges think!! EDIT: Guess I was wrong about peacock dress dude -- he's in the top. And I don't think that crazy hair girl should be in the top either. I really hope last season was not an aberration and that they are not slipping into the Lifetime issues that tanked it over there. . .
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