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  1. Yes, Beth Ann said he’d recently been executed when she passed off her keys to Simone. and in an earlier episode we saw Mary spit on his grave so we knew he was going down.
  2. I'm not watching. First time I've missed a Below Deck show but I just can't stand the idea of Sandy and Malia.
  3. JL is pissing me off with his "IF" it's my child.... Really dude? If it's not yours she either got pregnant before charter started, during charter, or immediately after the charter ended. You think she left you and immediately had sex with someone else and decided to try and pin it on you? WHY would she try to pin it on JL if it's someone else's baby? What makes him an attractive target? Is he rich? It doesn't appear he's contributing to the pregnancy or child so what is the point? I don't buy that she was pregnant when she arrived on the boat and tried to find a baby daddy. For one, she nev
  4. Not that the distinction matters but I think Glen intended to recommend Daisy for a chief stew job on another boat, not to remain on Parsifal for the crossing.
  5. I loved this season and was laughing through most episodes. The post charter confessionals were hilarious! Watching Allie's descent into understanding and exasperation with Gary killed me! Each day her annoyance level increases and she reminds me of a new mother, exhausted and defeated. I'm pretty sure when Paget and Ciara worked with Captain Glen on his previous crossing, Ciara worked the interior. It wasn't until the filmed charter season started that she moved to exterior. Allie WANTED to be with Gary and found a way that despite his continuing bad behavior and words, she could st
  6. It seems this crew, and maybe all sailing crews, have an inferiority complex when it come to MV crews. Before the first BDSY season, Kate was hosted for a day on Parsifal and she said she was impressed at the high level of service, recognizing they have more stressors than a MV.
  7. I don't plan to watch. After Captains Lee and Glenn, the idea of watching Sandy and her overly concerned voice (when she likes you, she reminds me of a big phony that I know) and her poor management style (hovering over the guests at meal service, her obsession with tablescapes, the way she gave Malia and Tom their own bunks over the objections of the chief stew and 2nd stew, the favoritism she shows any crew member that fawns over her and kisses her ass, etc., etc., etc.) make this show a painful watch. Malia is a snake and not nearly as cute as she thinks she is. Fuck her and fuck her for
  8. I think these guys had to quarantine together for two weeks before the charter and they started the cruise Sick.Of.Each.Other. right out of the gate. There were three primaries and I think they were Erica, her mother, and the brunette that’s not Bianca. Everyone else is a (full paying) guest of those three, including “I’m so pretty” “I don’t eat bread” “I don’t eat breakfast” Bianca. Bianca acted like she was a primary and not-Bianca brunette finally had it and began to insist on her special privileges, like sitting in the middle. Erica and her mom always sat in the middle. Coli
  9. I don't mean to be bragging by quoting you but I come back and see this compliment and it makes me feel good about myself so it's only right that I thank you for it. Thank you!! I raised two daughters and drilled this into them from an early age. I had a lot of other warnings and "rules" for their sexuality such as: It's okay to have sex, but you have to make that decision when you are fully sober and have at least one foot on the ground. Before having sex, you have to discuss birth control with your partner. I know it's embarrassing but if you're not mature enough to discuss birth co
  10. That's better than I was thinking! I got "Buns" or "Backdoor" and then I thought I'd better quit.
  11. Even if she was on the pill, IUD, or diaphragm, you always, always, ALWAYS need barrier method birth control. No exceptions until you are in a monogamous committed relationship with recent negative STD test results in hand. As gross as chlamydia is, it's a fairly benign STD. Not so with herpes, genital warts, or HIV/AIDS. Plus she might have unwittingly given it to him, it's often asymptomatic in women. She could have had it for some time without knowing ... Those guests were so awful! Even nice mama was a lonely bore. Poor Allie having to act like she cares about these boring, very ba
  12. Murder Mysteries are a ton of fun with the right people, your former high school theater kids. The wrong people and the game will fall flat. I'm responding to this show completely differently than most people here. I'm loving it more each week. I am yelling at the screen and laughing out loud. Gary and Colin have risen in my opinion so very, very much from my first impression. I think Gary and Daisy (my favorite week after week) are solid leaders to this franchise and I think it has staying power if they return. Natasha was a crashing bore on deck explaining why she respects her bo
  13. That reminds of an old joke about a vibrator store. A new salesperson left alone able is able to sell larger and larger dildos. Finally he sells a HUGE, plaid dildo. Customer is happy, the store is happy when the owner comes back he is impressed with the sales made in his absence. The new sales associate bragged, “And I sold the thermos!”
  14. I really enjoyed several parts of this episode. As I mentioned above, JL’s seeing himself a man and Gary’s a ... short ... Frodo(still cracks me up). I was impressed to see Allie being an adult and speaking to Sidney while sober. Sidney wimped out and backpedaled earning zero points in my book. Coward. I didn’t “enjoy” seeing Colin lose his dog nor Dani’s little breakdown but they highlight the sacrifices this lifestyle requires. When I first started watching BD I was struck by the glamorous aspects. The gorgeous locales, the fast money, etc. The “Work hard, play harder” ethic would have
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