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  1. Can you point to where they apologized? Not being snarky, but I never saw an apology and would like to judge for myself whether or not I find it genuine.
  2. Kyle was the lead pearl clutcher and really tried to make it a thing. It was Adrian who was cool about it. She even explained to Kyle that since Kyle had only raised daughters, she didn't understand how different it was to raised boys.
  3. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let this be the case! How awesome would it be if all of the other women were counting on Brandi to come in and not only be the bad guy, but make them look like their attacks on Denise were warranted, only to have that removed or edited down to toothlessness? I would actually watch the season for that.
  4. I'm wondering if they are re-thinking the Brandi storyline. If they are firing cast members for past racist statements and behaviors right now, Brandi's past statements may come back to bite her here. She becomes a HUGE liability considering the things she said during Joyce's season. Please let that be the case.
  5. Better yet, someone should offer her some bread and see if she has a flashback to Kim telling her to eat some bread in Amsterdam.
  6. EXACTLY! That would have been the perfect opportunity to play the "Someone is jelly" card that she and Taylor played with LVP in the first season.
  7. No she didn't. She apologized because she didn't want Eileen to change her mind about letting her film a scene on the soap. It was obvious too because she followed the apology up by asking her if she was still going to be able to do the soap with her. There isn't an authentic or sincere bone in that robot's body. Everything is Transactional with her. Also, has anyone noticed that Rinna always stirs the shit anytime there is food around? It's like she is trying to avoid eating and making sure the other people at the table don't notice that she hasn't even touched her food.
  8. YEP! I wanted someone to say "I thought we were at Erika Jayne's house" in the exact same tone that she said "I thought we were at Wild Thing's house" just to show how much of a hypocrite she actually is.
  9. Exactly about the IG photos. That was my point. As for Erika, she is a hypocrite. I thought she was a tough "pat the puss" type. Yet, she was ready to rip Eileen's face off for indirectly and hypothetically mentioning her adult son who wasn't even present in Hong Kong. That plastic bitch can take several seats. I mean it is one thing for her to expect Denise to be ok with saucy talk, but when it was obvious that she didn't want it around her kid and kids friends, that should have been the end of it.
  10. Kyle has always had a fondness for the F-word. Her most famous line from season 1 is "you're such a fuckin liar Camille!" I keep thinking and stewing about Erika's "I thought we were at Wild Thing's house" comment and it keeps pissing me off. Erika seems to think that it is ok that the women ignored Denise's request that they cool it on the threesome talk around her kids and her kids's friends. She also seemed to think Denise was a hypocrite because of the women she invited to the party. This is the same woman who was ready to "stab a bitch" when Eileen (her supposed friend" said, "it's not like she is threatening your son" or something similar in Hong Kong. Keep in mind that not only was Erika's son not present, he was a fully grown adult. I suppose Erika only thinks it's important to think of the kids when they are adults who aren't present for the conversation.
  11. And yet, ALL of the women post IG photos for their followers especially when they aren't doing anything interesting. Erika, Rinna, and Kyle are ALWAYS posting photos of themselves doing nothing but being their fake selves. There is something about their need for attention that makes them think the world cares about what is going on in their homes. The only problem, is that there ARE a lot of people who care about what is going on in their lives, so they keep posting. It is a vicious cycle that they all fall into. And, while I am no Dorit fan, I would much rather she be called out for her lawsuits and bullshit than have her being called out for the exact same thing that every single one of these women do. I mean for heaven's sake take a look at Rinna's thirsty IG videos. Morticia Addams is WAY too fabulous to ever be compared to the likes of Kyle Richards. Come on now.
  12. Why does either of these have to be an offense? Teddi and everyone else knew Dorit was going to be late and Teddi was fine with it. As much as I dislike Dorit, she is not required to explain to the women why she is going to be late. She only has to let them know. If production were asking why she would be late to filming, that would be one thing, but obviously they were just as ok with it as Teddi was. Edited: In the end, the only thing Dorit really did wrong was not be "accountable" to Kyle Richards.
  13. You ask the women to move their conversation to another area of the party. Imagine the freak out Kyle would have if this conversation were happening around her children, and most of her children are adults.
  14. But, none of that matters. It doesn't matter what you think or what I think or what the women on the show think. What matters is that she asked them to stop talking about it in her home. Her home, her rules. We and the women can call her a hypocrite as much as we want. But, it doesn't change the fact that it is her home and her rules and anyone there enjoying her largesse is required to abide by those rules. She shouldn't have to round up the kids and get them out of there because we are talking about adult women who can easily either shut up or leave. The children shouldn't be the ones who have to be removed from this situation. The adults should either follow the rules or remove themselves. That is just the way that life works, and anything else is scripted for reality TV.
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