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  1. Kendall's birthday party was definitely a very expensive train wreck. I find that his character often gives me a terrible case of 2nd hand embarrassment - to the point where I have to press the pause button on a regular basis so I can take the time to fully cringe. Kendall has the respect of none of the people whose respect he craves, and he's nasty to anyone he thinks is beneath him. So kudos to Jeremy Strong's acting to make me actually feel sorry for Kendall at times. At this point I really don't care what happens to the company per se. I'm watching to see how the family dynamics play
  2. My fantasy is that the Mossbachers won't press charges against Kai - not out of kindness, of course, but because they got all their jewelry back and a long-distance court case would too much of a bother. Also, the resort has no motivation to pursue the case because it would generate bad publicity for them. So Kai might just wind up only losing his job but not his freedom. I actually felt for Quinn. I didn't see him as a spoiled brat but as a kid who's a lost soul - who had all his senses awakened only to realize what an empty screen addicted life he's been living. As for Tanya - ri
  3. I thought for sure they would paint that hideous pink exterior. It would have been so easy considering it was a ranch. Did they say why they left it that color? I tend to fast forward through the scenes where they're talking so maybe I missed something. And that fireplace was such a travesty that I found myself fantasizing about taking a sledge hammer to it. As for the turquoise sink - it gave off cheap motel vibes.....This was such a weird episode. To quote Nina Garcia from the old Project Runway - "I question their taste level."
  4. I had to laugh that the bedroom, which was supposed to be for a teen-ager, "the really fun room", was decorated with 45s. I know LPs are coming back into vogue - but 45s? Have the twins recently been binge watching Gidget movies? Who associates 45s with today's teenagers? And as a buyer, I wouldn't appreciate the paint haphazardly splashed on the wall. Even the kid didn't seem to appreciate it, though to his credit he was diplomatic: "I'll probably paint on it some more." Lol I don't know. These two seem to be so on point with all the decorating trends that I can see the homes on this sho
  5. I felt the same way. And after reading this article all I can do is shake my head: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/local/article242690561.html and... Clearly math is not her strong suit. I'm guessing in her mind it was worthwhile to take the lump sum because now she can post on social media about all the fun times she has with her close friends in her cool house. Apparently the trust idea went out the window. But she's sure to get lots of new "friends"! As for Elevation Church, it's a Baptist church with over 20 locations, is reportedly anti-gay (the church's foun
  6. Yes! That was Andy Samberg. I never was into his comedy but that episode was one of my all time favorites. He seemed like a really nice guy whose main interest was to find out the background of his mother, who had been adopted. Plus his mother appreciated learning that she was the romantic result of an affair between two highly educated star crossed lovers. I think I definitely have a preference for the episodes that find recent surprises. And by recent I mean within four generations. By then you're up to 16 great-great grandparents so it can get a bit unwieldly. Speaking of surprises, on
  7. PBS used to have a genealogy show for non-celebrities. It ran for 3 seasons starting in 2013 and was called Genealogy Roadshow. I really enjoyed it and was disappointed that it wasn't renewed. I found myself recently wondering - after seeing yet another guest weeping over the sufferings of their ancestors - how would they feel if it were revealed to them that they had a distant relative in dire straights that was still alive? What if - rather than having a great-great uncle who was a prisoner of war during the Civil War - it was their meth addicted 5th cousin, Louie, currently living und
  8. https://thechateau.tv/histoire According to "L’Histoire - By Dick Strawbridge": However, Dick's history doesn't answer why the chateau fell into disrepair. I'm guessing the widow and children of Count de Baglion de la Dufferie had other homes to live in and/or lacked the needed energy and funds to maintain it. The descendants sound like nice people. But at least the chateau was left standing. I recently read a fascinating book, "Fortune's Children: The Fall of the House of Vanderbilt". The size, number and opulence of the mansions the Vanderbilt family built, in New York City
  9. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/ron-watkins-qanon-founder-q-b1828899.html?traffic_source=Connatix I just stumbled across this article. Apparently Ron Watkins was a pretty forgettable kid growing up in Mukilteo, Washington. The article also briefly mentions his mother: "After serving in the US army as a helicopter repairman and recruiter, Jim moved to the Philippines in 2004, where a cached issue of the Manila Times shows Mr Watkins eventually sought Philippines citizenship with his wife, a woman named as Liziel Watkins, in 2019, even though a newly unco
  10. I'm pretty sure she said she had regrets right away, but the fortune teller high-tailed it to the bank before she did - as in right away. Lol I found the banality of the con to be fascinating. It's almost as if these women were in a hypnotic state and felt they had no control over their actions. And it wasn't like the con artists seemed especially bright or charming. But I have to give the victims props for taking their cases to court, not to mention telling their tales in front of a national audience. The embarrassment of the victims is generally what allows these creeps to remain in ope
  11. There is something about Mia Farrow that just seems so emotionally stunted. She's 76 years old yet consistently speaks like a little girl who is lost in the woods. I cringed when she described her excitement about being asked out by Woody Allen. She acted as if she had never been asked to go out on a date before. Oh goody! Now she had someone who could take her to do fun things. I know she cited a serious bout with polio and the death of her father as being two life defining events in her life. But I've known plenty of people, who experienced multiple traumas early in their lives, who are stil
  12. I just started watching this show. I'm enjoying it even if this couple does make me feel like a lazy bum. Their energy level is unreal. One thing that puzzled/bugged me - why is there a bathtub at the foot of a bed? Could someone here enlighten me?
  13. A Psychologist Answers All Your Questions About Hugh Grant and Nicole Kidman's Characters in The Undoing: https://time.com/5914507/the-undoing-hugh-grant/
  14. This show has devolved into a peculiar combination of disturbing and boring. It's so disjointed - much like this group of women. They're all trying way too hard to convince themselves that they're younger, funnier, sexier, richer, cleverer, and more tragic, than they actually are. The end result is that, much like their clothing choices this season, their behavior has become both odd and ugly.
  15. Oddly enough, Ramona's use of the word 'entree" was grammatically correct. There are actually two definitions for this word. The lesser used meaning is "the right to enter or join a particular sphere or group". So she was saying that she had "entree" into whatever rarefied social world she imagines herself to be part of. Now that's where her use of the word becomes questionable. After all, she is hobnobbing with a group that consistently exhibit all the social graces one would expect from an assemblage of crackheads hanging out on the corner. But in Ramona's mind money equals class.
  16. I feel that way about unexpected video calls. I was in the process of getting a dental bridge made before the social distancing rules came into effect. So in the meanwhile, I have a detachable fake front tooth, AKA a flipper. Nothing like receiving a video call as I sit on the couch with my flipper in the bathroom. Adding to that visual disaster - hair that needs cutting. Plus, what if I'm in the middle of cleaning the kitty litter? There's a lot to be said for an old fashioned hearing-only phone call. I would much rather have the other party imagine me looking my best. 😉
  17. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/news/christian-siriano-brandon-maxwell-prada-create-protective-masks-curb-coronavirus-shortage-1286056 Kudos to them. And to all the other people who are sewing masks in their homes to help out.
  18. https://deadline.com/2019/10/search-party-move-from-tbs-to-hbo-max-season-3-gets-season-4-renewal-1202754499/ Well, I for one was happy to read this.....
  19. Re: S33:E21, "The Case Against Sandra Garner" - that case made me question whether I could be objective as a juror because I would have found her guilty based on her screechy, whiny voice alone. Plus, there was the whole business with the hidden murder weapon. And her lack of concern about immediately going back to the house where her husband had been killed even though the murderer, who was kind enough to leave her as a witness, was still at large. Then she later agrees with her lawyers' determination that the previously unidentifiable (though unusually chatty) killer was probably her son.
  20. That last episode of Evil Lives Here (S6: Ep2) re: Theresa Knorr, was so horrific I had to fast forward through much of it and I still feel traumatized by what I just saw. I was actually shaking. Then after reading the Wiki page - my God! - those poor children were failed not just by their paranoid, sociopath of a mother but seemingly every "normal" adult who came into contact with them - teachers, therapists, neighbors, Child Protective Service workers. Just disgusting. So I have now finally taken Evil Lives Here off my record list. I was thinking about doing this for a while - because w
  21. https://people.com/tv/luann-de-lesseps-says-bravo-paid-rehab/ So now Luann is saying that Bravo paid for her rehab. And the reason she didn't challenge Bethenny's story about her drunken run in the field wearing a negligee, was because Bethenny was clearly having a breakdown. I look forward to seeing how they each spin such wildly contradictory stories during the reunion. Although at this point I am willing to accept the possibility that they are both insane.
  22. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/07/06/nyregion/jeffrey-epstein-arrested-sex-trafficking.html?action=click&module=Top Stories&pgtype=Homepage Finally!!!
  23. I must take umbrage with Dorinda and Sonya's Cool Sculpting segment later followed by an actual commercial for Cool Sculpting. That was so tacky. (Although it was a tad more subtle than their movie commercial earlier in the season.) At any rate, the combo of bad acting with the shilling of random products just needs to stop.
  24. This will be my final post on this thread. I would just like to point out that I wasn't presenting the article as "ground breaking news". However, I do think that there's a bit of cognitive dissonance occurring when people say they know the shows are fake but will then comment upon the shows as if they're real. I also am perplexed as to why my posting (or even re-posting) a related article seemed to be a trigger to some. Perhaps such parties should immediately inform "Slate" and "House Beautiful" that articles on this topic already been written about and therefore should no longer be publ
  25. True, but I think on some level people have a hard time accepting the extent of the fakery. If people truly accepted that the shows' background stories are generally made up - then no one on this board would bother to question the motives, relationships, and financial backgrounds of any of the shows' participants. The only people left to snark would be the producers, who unfortunately don't show us their faces... Anyway, I've read a few articles over the years about how fake these shows are, but each "expose" adds a little bit more insight into how the illusion is created. I liked how this one
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