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  1. Queena

    The Music of Empire

    I've recently rewatched Empire, and it's not a bad show. I miss it already. However, these 2 songs are so good. It would be nice if we could get a Empire movie to tie up all of the loose ends.
  2. I wish that they would run streaming deals for entire seasons. I would buy quite a few shows. I haven't seen my DVD player since I bought a Chromecast 7 years ago. I'm going to check out the local pawnshop for seasons of my favorite TV shows.
  3. Thank you, I don't really have cable. I have 10 channels that I picked from Spectrum and none of them are showing KoQ. I'll subscribe to Peacock for a few months and binge watch it on the weekends.
  4. I really want to re-watch but Peacock annoys me. They need continuous play. I have too many episodes to list. This is one show that I think would do well if it ever came back.
  5. Queena

    What's That Book?

    This sounds interesting, but it's not it. 😔
  6. Queena

    What's That Book?

    I've been searching for this book for years. It's about a group of girls who live in a small California town. On the night of their graduation, one of them is raped by a fellow student. One of them or maybe all of them, kill the rapist. They all go on to lead different lives. One becomes a model, one a TV news anchor, sort of like Barbara Walter's, one stays in the hometown and gets married. The book details their different lives and how they lose touch. They're all brought back together when the one who stayed in the hometown kills someone who is asking about the classmate that was killed be
  7. I'm sorry about your friend. He sounds like a good guy and even if he has no one pushing the police to solve his murder they should still solve it. There's also a documentary that came on HLN about the book. If you have HBO Max then you can find it on there. It's the same name as the book.
  8. Mad About You, all seasons and the new season are now on Amazon Prime. For some reason they look more clearer (old seasons) than they looked on Starz (or maybe it was Showtime) and so much better than they looked on Spectrum on demand.
  9. She doesn't or didn't sing my type of music. Her voice wasn't bad, but to my ears it was nails on a chalkboard.
  10. I'm reading Hell in the Heartland and it's so heartbreaking. The PI gave the detectives the insurance card of one of the gf of one of the kidnappers. If they had acted, they could've saved those girls. They were kept alive for up to 2 weeks.
  11. I really hope that they do another season. This show just feels good.
  12. Queena

    The Chi

    He started selling weed I thought. I remember a couple of episodes back them going to a weedstore.
  13. Tiffany Cross is wonderful, and nope, she will not be invited back anytime soon. This is the first time I have seen her on this show since she put Johnathon Lemeire in his place. I didn't catch any snide remarks from JoeMika, and I'm glad. Mika kind of gets on my nerves.
  14. This was a good episode. I cracked up when Tina used her MJB voice. She kinda sounded like her when she talked, MJB isn't the best live performer, so Tinicia has her on that part.
  15. I missed this show. I got CBS All Access free for a month, so I'm catching up.
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