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  1. Queena

    Bohemian Rhapsody (2018)

    Back in 2011 during a very sad and lonely time of my life I ran across Queen on YouTube. Somebody to Love touched me, I swear that almost every time I would play it my now husband would call or visit. I've always thought that BR was a masterpiece (oddly enough I don't remember it from my childhood, and I grew up listening to soft rock and pop) but as a whole Queen was the best. Freddie had such a versatile voice. I'm pissed that he wasn't able to live long, but I've read that he had HIV/AIDS since the mid to late 70's. I thought that Rami did a excellent job. I thought that the movie was fantastic.
  2. Queena

    Gone With the Wind (1939)

    Tallulah may have been up there in age, but I think that she would have made a ok Scarlett. I LOVE Tallulah Bankhead. Her episode of I Love Lucy (or maybe it was another Lucy show) is the best episode.
  3. Queena

    Gone With the Wind (1939)

    I wonder if this movie were never made would the south and slavery be so revered today? I would if we would have loser participation trophies, or white people sitting on the porches of plantations wishing that they could have a darky like Prissy there to fan them (true story, I overhead this in Nashville at a plantation). I wonder if the history books wouldn't today try to paint slavery as voluntary, or even worse the Civil War was about state rights. I just wonder how much GWTW has played into the romancing of the south. Great movie once I can get pass the racism. I do love Clark Gable because of this movie.
  4. Queena

    Surviving R. Kelly

    So much misinformation. I know a few people, in particular the earlier victims that weren't mentioned. I'm sure that mandated reporting wasn't a thing in 90-92 when he was trolling Kenwood. Did she and the other staff know? Of course, the music room would fill up when he came to the school. Sparkle's niece is very close to Kelly's family and even him. She still comes around him. There's no way that I would take my child to a R. Kelly concert or sign a guardianship letter so that someone in his camp can watch her. Especially in exchange for money. Both the Clarys and Savages did. When the daughters were trying to set up a meeting Avenatti told them not to because it puts public opinion on their side and makes Kelly look bad. Is he sick yes. Is he guilty hell yeah, I know that 100% certainty. However, at least one of the girls was an adult. An adult who Kelly flew out to see their daughter often. She cut off contact after they grilled her on video about her and his sex life. Sadly, I think that Avenatti has tainted this case. Hopefully it can be savaged, because while I don't think that he's held anyone hostage (there are videos with some of those ladies and parents talking about how they were lying but Lifetime couldn't cut it out because of cost) he deserves jail for Aaliyah and someone I knew.
  5. Queena

    Unsolved Mysteries

    Just don't ever say on the internet that Jule Caylor murdered his wife Dottie Caylor. He hates that. Jule Caylor murdered his wife Dottie Caylor. I know that he constantly Googles Jule Caylor murdered his wife Dottie Caylor. I'm helping him out a little.
  6. Queena

    Autopsy: The Last Hours Of...

    Thank you. I don't know how I missed this. I wish. I don't have cable anymore and Amazon has old episodes. I miss this show.
  7. Queena

    Unsolved Mysteries

    He's still alive. Still creepy. He lives in Utah and ran for some type of political office and lost. Unsolved Mysteries is also on Tubi TV. I appreciate them offering it for free on many platforms. I've probably rewatchd the earlier episodes 3 or 4 times since they hit Amazon. They're great for falling asleep.
  8. They're doing the entire Heaven series, with Heaven coming on sometime in the summer. https://www.google.com/amp/s/deadline.com/2019/02/lifetime-sets-full-cast-begins-production-on-four-new-movies-based-on-v-c-andrews-casteel-family-jason-priestley-to-star-direct-1202551299/amp/
  9. I said the same thing! So much murder and drama could be avoided if they would commucate more, but then we wouldn't have a show.
  10. Queena

    S02.E13: Finale

    IKR. It's a damn shame. Big Brother is the most racist reality show on TV. 19 years! Survivor has had multiple Black winners, oh well, back to Survivor. I'm sure the regular season of Survivor will be more of the same trashy ass racist hipsters. I think that Tamar told Ricky that BB had NEVER in 19 freaking years had a Black winner (has one ever made it to the final 2?)and that was the reason why he gave it to her.
  11. Queena

    Season 2 Finale Live Posting Thread

    Oh well, this will never happen during a real season. Back to racism and me not giving a damn. Until the next CBB.
  12. Queena

    Season 2 Finale Live Posting Thread

    I can't believe that in all of these years, finally a Black winner on Big Brother. It's Tamar, but still... Finally! In Black History month too! I started this post when he picked Tamar.
  13. Queena

    S05.E11: Be the Martyr

    I thought that the FBI said that the blood test results on the gun didn't match Nate Jr (and Nate Sr.)blood on the gun, so they were doctored. That's leading me to believe that Miller wasn't so innocent. Along with him investigating Annalise, I think that he was trying to pull Bonnie away from AK. That all leads me to believe that he's not so innocent.
  14. Kandi? She's more likely to leave and say how much she didn't care about the experience she had with Tamar. She already has money. She's probably the one is most there for the experience. I don't think that she's the type for this game.
  15. Aunt Nel would be so proud. I love that show. Didn't he have a dirty drop or get caught with drugs or something?