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  1. Otherkate

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    I'm sure that's true. We hung out all the time together too. We're still friends, though we hang out less now that he's remarried and moved farther out. I'm just saying that people often insinuate that this woman is sitting around the wronged damsel while that bitch mistress Bethenny steals him away from her and his family when the fact is they had both moved on from their marriage, regardless of what a piece of paper said. Lots of people do this and get divorced years later. His wife has been in a relationship and she seems happy in it. It's nice that they were all able to move on while maintaining their own close relationship. It's the ideal situation. Sad the way it all ended. I tend to agree with this.
  2. Otherkate

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Oh god, I so agree. I am 100% supportive of Dorinda not having John live with her, seeing him only a couple of times per week etc. As a divorced woman, I don't think I will EVER get married again. Frankly, I'd prefer not to live with a man again. The idea of having a solid partner who I see a few times a week seems GREAT. Ideal! But....I hope I don't treat him like crap.
  3. Otherkate

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    I wear braids fairly often too. I like when Tinsley wears braids. The trouble for me is that there is no balance with her. She goes little girl on everything all at once - the clothes, the makeup, the personality. She's giving braids a bad name!
  4. Otherkate

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Agreed. Personally, I found that very painful to listen to. Sounded like the other women were familiar with the state of things too. I have no idea why anyone think Dennis would secretly ditch her to spend Mother's day with the wife he was separated from. The woman was probably busy spending it with her kids and her boyfriend. The woman has a live-in boyfriend, no? I was separated from my ex for over three years before we divorced and I would have been extremely weirded out if he had decided to spend Mother's Day with me during that time and we have a perfectly pleasant relationship. Unlike me and my ex who were just kind of lazy, I suspect that Dennis and his wife didn't go through with a divorce yet for financial reasons. Likely of the very shady variety. Anyway, given the state of things, I wouldn't find it surprising at all that he was in bed all day instead of being where he said he would be. It's sad. I'm really not sure why Dorinda expects her friends to treat John especially well. They take their cue from her and treats him like gum stuck to the bottom of her shoe. Look in the mirror, Dorinda. I laughed my ASS off when Andy played Lu's song and they all sat there in the most awkward silence ever. Hilarious! I love Bethenny, but totally agree that she needed to STFU last night.
  5. I'm a vegetarian and order Miso all the time. That said, I always make sure it's a vegetarian version, though that's more habit - I do it with most food. With miso-based soups, it's pretty much always notated as (V) or not. She's probably had vegetarian miso in NYC hundreds of times and maybe not realized? I remember her saying on Twitter that she was getting an epipen after the plane situation. Maybe it wasn't on hand? Which is stupid. But definitely happens. I miss the rapid melt Benadryl which I kept with me for these exact type of situations. Not sure what happened to it, but it was great.
  6. Haha, Beth's party planner is a friend of mine! Dorinda is a mean mess. Personally, I know I'd have a hard time being good friends with Tinsley. She's super immature and doesn't seem to have any real - in my opinion - grown up goals for herself. I'd have a really tough time respecting her. That said, even if Dorinda is annoyed by Tinsley's whatever tf it is with Scott, why on earth be PERSONALLY offended? It's not your business and it's certainly not your fucking problem. New low for Dorinda, in my mind. She must be a terribly unhappy person for someone else's life to bother her this much. John scored more likability points with me with his reaction to Ramona asking him about the cake than he has in years of appearing on this show with Dorinda. Maybe THEY should date. I'm just saying. There's chemistry there. Speaking of Ramona, I got a real kick out of Lu's reaction to Ramona freaking out about the "sacrilegious" candles. "Then don't buy one." Haha, that's the Lu I like. I'm sure I'll be in a corner alone on this, but I got what Beth was saying about Dennis pulling her. I felt similarly after losing an ex of mine years ago when I got into a minor car accident. IMO, it's not at all about the ex wanting you so badly or anything, it's about your own grief and depression and there's a little bit of maybe it would just be better if I died too. It's your own brain working shit out in the worst way possible. I get it. I'm beyond pissed that this season was so short while that mess Beverly Hills has been going on for what seems like an entire year. Wtf?
  7. Ugh, I finally broke down and watched that video. Outside of all the other obvious embarrassments, Lu can't even catch her breath when she's "singing" I thought it was ridiculous when Dorinda told Lu that she was going to sue her for talking about her in her act, but this made me understand her POV. Frankly, I almost want to sue Lu for inflicting that video upon me. The presence of that loathsome dehydrated walking celery stick Lisa Rinna made it even worse.
  8. Otherkate

    Jon Snow: He Knows Nothing

    Make room at your table for me.
  9. Did they say that the sign Bethenny bought used to hang in the old Crowbar in the East Village? I thought that's what I heard and I'm jealous. As someone who misses "my" NYC and loves to wax nostalgic about the wonderful old haunts that have since been lost to Whole Foods, Duane Reades and more banks than anyone needs, I would pay good money for some old pieces from some of those places. Especially if I had her money. I also have no problem with artists being paid for their work. His work really isn't my style at all, but that's fine. I have such a tough time with Tinsley due to my old opinions of her which were forged during her heyday. Being in my 20s and working my ass off to get somewhere in NYC professionally, Tinsley and her crowd were such a joke to me. She seems genuinely kind, but I wish she'd get some real goals for herself. She's too old to care this much about being in NY society. Why on earth would that be a goal for a 40 something year old woman? I could see MAYBE falling for it in your 20s. Maybe. But she's simply lived too long to have such low expectations for herself. I find it difficult to get around. She acted like a total middle schooler when she was introduced to that guy. She needs to grow up. I know many believe that she wants to be a mother, but I really don't. I think she wants the perfect package and that's part of it. If she really wants to be a mother, she shouldn't wait on a man for it. But, I'm not sure Tinsley has ever figured out what she wants for HERSELF ever. She wants what people tell her she should want. It's beyond time to grow up.
  10. Otherkate

    S09.E17: A Double Shot Of Brandi

    I stopped watching this show mid-season, but saw the title of this episode on Reddit and felt I needed to comment. Just want to say that, no matter what else is going on, a double shot of Brandi sounds serious and like something that would require a trip to your primary care doctor for some very strong antibiotics.
  11. Otherkate

    S11.E12: Luann Land

    I must hang with some very low-brow barbarians here because none of the stuff said on this show, Bev Hills or WWHL has made me cringe or anything like that. Mostly it makes me laugh. My friends and coworkers speak in a pretty similar fashion when appropriate and after we've known each other for a bit. The only time I can remember being like Oh okay, see now this is a bridge too far was the fictional character Ari Gold on on Entourage and even then I sort of admired both his panache and his imagination. I can't remember many hang outs with my girl friends that didn't devolve into (I guess vulgar) sex talk that had us rolling on the floor after a few drinks. But even professionally, the convos can be extremely straightforward and no-holds barred with a lot of references to sex even if the conversation isn't about sex at all. I don't even notice it on these shows. Re: Vogue, I can remember one Creative Director I worked with at Conde Nast when I was in my 20s being upset about her assistant bringing the wrong proofs to a creative meeting with the EIC and at the end of her very tense and expletive-filled dressing down of said assistant (who was also younger, in her 20s) in the hall after the meeting, finished it by yelling at her "Next time why don't you just ram the proofs straight up your little ass and see if they come up the other side CORRECTLY this time! TRY ANYTHING ELSE BESIDES BEING YOURSELF BECAUSE RIGHT NOW YOU ARE FUCKING FAILURE AND NOW SO AM I." Man, we lived on that story for years and there are lots more. I hated it there, btw. Anyway, it wasn't Vogue which was, from what I knew of it, less full of straight up yelling but much more insidious in nature and terrifying in a more silent but deadly sort of way. Corporate HR approached me about a Vogue job and I didn't even take the interview. Mostly because I wanted out of Conde but secondly because I definitely preferred just being yelled to what I heard went on there.
  12. I finally watched it and felt weird about myself for not being outraged so was grateful to see this. She was a kid wearing her baggy pjs and too big boots and pretending to be a pop star. I see it every night. Would I put it on Instagram? No, but that's more because I don't want my kids to feel embarrassed later on. I've mentioned before that I know 2 people who have worked with Bethenny. One worked on a bunch of Housewives events and had nothing but good things to say about her (not so much Ramona) and the other worked on B's talk show. The talk show producer loved her unequivocally and said she worked her ass off to help get new gigs for him and all the other staffers who lost their jobs when her show got cancelled. He's a big fan. As an aside, this particular guy also worked for years with Andy at Bravo very closely in Andy's early years and has nothing but very BAD things to say. One thing I will say is that I'm personally bothered by introducing her daughter to guys so quickly. My ex and I worked hard to come up with an acceptable timeline for these things because it can cause so much instability for a kid who is already dealing with some. It's not my business what anyone else does, but if they had an agreement and she's broken it, that is bad news.
  13. Both of my kids have dyed their hair different colors in the last year or so - blue, purple, pink. One of then just turned nine. Kids are doing it and I really don't see the issue. It washes out, it grows back, it's just hair. Can't comment on the video, haven't seen it.
  14. Otherkate

    S11.E12: Luann Land

    Oh God, same here. I'd be two martinis in and loving every minute of that performance. Honestly, I love where Lu's house is and the view is amazing. I don't like the inside very much, but she could work on it.
  15. Otherkate

    S11.E12: Luann Land

    I just thought it was an exaggerated dumb dude voice which I do for most of the men in my life when I'm telling a funny story, with only a few of them actually having a thick accent at all. I have a male friend I've had since college and whenever I start imitating him while telling a humorous story in which he may or may not appear as the dumbfounded dude character he always says "Oh great, here comes caveman Andy!" but you're right, it's much more Brooklyn than caveman!