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  1. I've given up after this episode and turned back to RHoBH. It's not perfect, but at least Leah isn't there. When she said she was going straight to her family when she left, I was overwhelmed with pity for her parents. She's ruined this show, I can only imagine what she's done to her family. Will check back in when/if she goes. Will miss Luann and the noodle, but that's what repeats are for.
  2. There was no reason to give the coat to her at that time at all, especially after all the insanity that had transpired earlier thanks to Sutton and directed at Crystal. They were all staying in the house, it's not like Crystal left her coat in the lobby at a hotel. Sutton did it to be weirdly aggressive all under the guise of "niceness" which is her entire MO. "That's what girlfriends do." What an absolute creep. I wouldn't want her as more than a casual acquaintance.
  3. I'm so uncomfortable with the turn this has taken. I think Crystal made a real effort with Sutton after the initial argument by asking her questions about her parents (though that effort was not returned by Sutton) and then by trying to bring her into the prank (that she was also not a part of). Instead, Sutton decided to insinuate that Crystal kicked her viciously or something and acted like a total lunatic. Ugh, honestly, I would have ZERO patience for someone like Sutton. To me, she is clearly someone who uses her supposed fragility to manipulate people and situations. If that doesn't
  4. I hate myself for feeling this way, but I also had two completely different reactions to Jackie and Margaret's sexual harassment stories. For some reason, Jackie's seemed totally honest to me, but I've never had an easy time believing Margaret's. And I'm definitely a believe all women type of woman. So, I'll believe her but...something isn't sitting right with me there. I still find Jackie to be whiny, boring, and see no evidence of her supposed lawyering skills. She falls apart or starts screaming bloody murder at the smallest provocation. I certainly wouldn't hire her. Any way we could
  5. I absolutely detested Jill by the end, but I've been rewatching seasons 1 and 2 over the last month and would give anything to have that cast again. Magic.
  6. It wasn't the most exciting finale, but it will do. This is my favorite franchise now that Leah has infested NYC. Bill as Prince at the party dispensing advice to Joe Gorga was absolutely killing me. I love you, Bill. Never change. Margaret's house is so ugly, but it also clearly is her taste. Good for her. I love Dolores on this show and think she's probably the most interesting of the women. Her life is completely bizarre, I'm down with watching this. Louis is clearly a player and I hope she realizes it before her kids go through more shit. Also, I'm pretty sure Tre can ac
  7. I am not here for RHONY: Starring Leah whateverhername is Like, at all. Thank god for RHONJ that still feels like a show with people who may actually move in the same circles. Forcing Ramona and Lu to hang out with Leah seems really cruel and making me watch it is even worse. Check, please.
  8. My guess is that she's doing it for her parents' attention which seems to be the reason she does pretty much anything. She annoys them by doing something stupid or dangerous and then gets to complain about how they judge her afterwards. Rinse and repeat. Those poor people.
  9. I made the mistake of rewatching seasons 1 and 2 this weekend and it's made it very difficult to enjoy this new season. Man, the cast was so great in those seasons and the drama was so organic and quiet yet still dramatic. What a downgrade. Leah may very well chase me away from this franchise, just as Brandi did on BH. I feel sorry for her parents.
  10. Jen and Bill are definitely my favs this season. Dolores and Frank Sr. are a close 2nd. I get a total kick out of Frank who could not be more into the housewife gossip if he tried. He LOVES it. I can't get enough of how Dolores bosses him around like they're still married. Frank: Should I start the grill? Dolores: Yeah, start the grill. Like, hello? This is a classic husband/wife conversation. These two are so confusing and yet I love it. Everyone has lived in David's house but Dolores who still throws parties there. What is even happening with these people? I'm not sure, but pl
  11. Teresa is a nightmare person....she's also right about Jackie. Also, Jackie, spend less time worrying about how much better you are than people who have gone to *gasp* jail and spend that time brushing your hair instead. And sell that vibrator on ebay and buy yourself a personality.
  12. She's a snoooooooooooze. She should send Teresa a gift basket for giving her a storyline.
  13. Ah, I think I wasn't super clear. In the past I've hated members of the cast, but still enjoyed watching (either to see them get their just desserts, ie Paul, or just because I'm a masochist). The problem this year is not about hating anyone (I don't feel anything that strong). It's that I'm bored as hell.
  14. I've watched this show since 2000 and this is the first time I've ever skipped episodes. I mean, I didn't even skip an episode the night of my rehearsal dinner (it was Dr. Will/Season 2 so...can't blame me). I watched the eviction ep this week, but that was it. There have been plenty of years where I've HATED the cast, but this is a whole other ballgame. This show really failed us when we needed it most. 😕
  15. Dani this season is a walking ad campaign for bobs. I'm a long hair enthusiast, but she's made want to chop mine off as soon as I can.
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