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  1. This was a good episode. I'm sad we didn't get this with Teresa back in the day. For now, I'm choosing to think Meredith tipped off the Feds, because that's the most interesting story to me. I have mixed up feelings about our justice system right now, so I found myself with those who thought the sheer amount of law enforcement going for Jen Shah was overboard. What she probably did was awful, I intellectually understand the logic behind a show of force, but...people who did stuff I think is way worse were brought to court with less fanfare. I can't get past that to think this was warrant
  2. Lisa is every soap villain I've loved in the past, so I enjoy her. I think she underestimated Heather and Whitney, which I think is fun, and I wonder how she's planning to get them to fight. For me, Jenn also being awful doesn't mean Lisa is less so. But, the wolf head was insanely unneeded. I know nothing about Mary outside of the stuff on the show, so right now I feel like she's no more harmful than others who peddle solutions. We'll see what Lisa gets on air to change my mind. I enjoy this franchise quite a bit, maybe because they don't really try to hide the basic soapy d
  3. I think Lisa doesn't like Whitney because of religion, by which I mean Whitney and Heather have a blood connection to a community Lisa had to work to enter. If they wanted to come back, they probably could. If she steps out of line, though, she's probably just out. I think she resents them, and/or is trying to maintain her place by keeping them on the outs. There's no other reason I can think of for her to have gone to the level of telling someone not to recognize Whitney as a cousin (she didn't deny doing that). Also, her interview about polygamy/inbreeding was...a lot. She was sloppy a
  4. This. Hire a different person Or, supervise. How busy could you possibly be during covid times that you need your social media managed? I don't really believe her anyway. Someone that into themselves gets notified of mentions and whatnot, and there can't be they many. She knows what she's putting out there. I don't get what the scene at Meredith's house was supposed to be. Did a bunch of guys and Mary come over to watch Meredith try things on? Were the guys potential customers? They didn't seem all that interested, but we didn't see much of them. Jennie's daughter is the prec
  5. I think Jen is wrong to like comments about Brooks, but we're messed up for making them in the first place. I love shade as much as any Bravo viewer, but commenting on a 20 year old because of his orientation isn't shade, it's just...lazy. There's so much to mock here. With Jen, I feel like they're leaving out the big stuff. Her family had an intervention because of her behavior? That deserves more than a passing comment. With Whitney, I feel like they're including too much. It can't be good for a marriage to suggest on your TV show that your husband isn't having enough sex with yo
  6. Aww, see...I'm into them, so I feel like Courtney does have feelings for Z she's just not acknowledging them yet. I think they're adorable together, though, so, totally biased. With respect to Katie, I agree she's a crap manager, but did she really refuse to punish Lexie? From what I remember, she tried to bring it up and Sandy shut her down hard, then they had some conversation about second chances and whatnot. I feel like Sandy's at fault for all of the drama- including whatever Delaney did wrong on deck. Who puts someone in that position as, like, a make-a-wish kind of moment? I
  7. A season with so many explicit "this is my platform" moments definitely factored in what type of person the winner would represent, but I think it could have just as easily gone to a Big Queen so they could check that box. The next regular season will probably do that, but hopefully they'll edit it so it feels earned. I still think Kylie deserved the win based on her talent. I'm just cynical about the show.
  8. I thought the right person won. I also think they were smart to eliminate Trinity before this challenge. Here's hoping next season incorporates actual criticism. Watching Holland made me realize that's what I resent about the US version lately. They either demolish people or pretend they're perfect. It's annoying. Did anyone else totally forget Shea had won the last season? Also, why couldn't their verses have just been fun? It shouldn't always have to be about a platform.
  9. As a trainer, I love this kind of episode, because I can use it in class. It illustrates so many bad management moments without being a cheesy training video. Working around the problem of Lexi instead of dealing with it, having conversations with subordinate employees you probably shouldn't, being in a management position without the will to make decisions, the impact of a leader who checks out but won't let go (that's how I see Captain Sandy- she half-knows a lot and tries to manage from that perspective)- such a wealth of "what not to do." I also sort-of enjoyed the clunky way they in
  10. They did one of my favorite Rusicals ever, and I again appreciated legit criticism on the runway, even when the topic was so personal to the contestants. I felt respected as a viewer, like they trusted me to get that you can compliment and criticize.
  11. Agreed. I feel like they can simplify this whole thing, and make it fun again, by featuring a couple queens each episode (a little info on what they've been doing, tell us whatever sad stuff some viewers apparently need to know to relate to these characters), and ending each episode with a lip sync battle or runway walk off. Get to a final four that way, have a fun finale where they do whatever it is they do best to show off that all of these queens are super talented, call it a day. Who's the target audience for this show now, anyway?
  12. How would that time off work with guest stars? Were they just spliced back in like they were there for lip syncs after they'd appeared? They'd totally do that.
  13. On the bright side if this is received well maybe we'll get away from skits or madlibs to promote weird cartoons, and we'll get more showcases. All stars arguably should just be them let loose with a budget- like they all do for a living. That could be awesome. Plus, this has to be cheaper for them, aside from licensing songs.
  14. Didn't the last comeback special end with a non elimination? Would they really repeat that? If Twitter is to be believed this was the best episode ever. I'm so out of sync, but man am I glad this forum exists. Thanks for a place to dislike something without being dismissed as a hater.
  15. I credit the small cast size for preventing the teams thing that sometimes happens. They can spin the originals off onto a show that's more...overtly a Golden Girls reference.
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