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  1. I feel like Sergio's dress, reflects something interesting in contemporary culture because I think you're absolutely right about how that conversation would go if someone wore it. To me, it's almost...the fashion equivalent of a retweet. Minimal effort, and the real goal is showing someone that you care about something, not actually engaging with that topic. Like, you buy the dress so someone can ask you about the writing on it and you can take 20 seconds to show that you care about something important by telling them the one or two names you remember and a quick "so sad" version of what happened to them. I kind of feel bad for him though, because I didn't think his tears on the runway were fake. I don't know if he's capable of what he wants to do, with the political commentary aspect of his work. I think he's too self-focused- the whole thing with Christian not being Latino and therefore not being able to understand until the design was closer to completion was insane to me. If you're trying to communicate a message about your community, why not get feedback from someone outside of it to see if your message is being received? I can agree that Victoria is riding along because of her character and sewing skills as much as her designs, and I'm also strangely OK with it. It's early enough that I don't feel like anyone else is being cheated, and, if I'm honest, I'm kind of mesmerized by the amazing hair, accent, and the way she seems to me like she's from another time. I'm also mesmerized by Nancy. I find her inspiring, and it's not just her age. She's one of the first reality TV contestants in a while that I just flat-out like.
  2. I really wish at least one contestant had a more pleasant, less somber personal connection to Cyndi Lauper. I appreciate Geoffrey's story, I identify with it, and I also wish an episode about 80's fashion had a little more fun and joyfulness in it, as though there's a freedom in the kind of self-expression they said her style represented. Sergio is a pretty decent villain, I fully expect him to last until Top 3 or 4. I'm fascinated that he stood up on stage and declared that his fashion aesthetic is whatever people pay for. He has the kind of arrogance that makes me wonder if he's bankrolled by someone, and an insincerity that makes me conclude he's a conman. Delvin reminds me of the season 2 winner of RuPaul's Drag Race: extremely capable, not super engaging. Because he reminds me of a reality show winner, I'm assuming he'll win this one, too.
  3. I fully enjoyed the season. I didn't see it as two disconnected stories, but maybe I'm not being critical enough because I liked the pacing, the writing, and I think the acting was brilliant throughout (especially the girl who played young Annie a couple episodes back). It entertained me so much, I'm probably not going to see flaws. Have they announced another season? It's not a show I'd want to see drag on forever, but I'm curious where they go next.
  4. Tim Robbins has been my least favorite part of the show only because of his fame level and how that's pulled me out of the story at times, but he really is a great actor. That last scene between Pop and the doctor...brutal. All the other tension and violence, and that's the scene that I remember most. I'm not sure how I want this to end, assuming next week is the finale. They've managed to get me to care about these characters, so I want happy endings. I also know that happy endings wouldn't fit. I want answers too, about the "angel" and why some didn't hear the sound. But, I also want more story around these things without knowing exactly what's going on. I very much appreciated and enjoyed the scene with Annie and the guy tied to the bed. Great reference to how I know the character from before, but without feeling cheesy or overemphasizing the reference.
  5. I'll give it to them--I keep thinking about the finale. How did Brooke know that Jingles went to Alaska and had a kid? As far as Ramirez and the hotel, wasn't there something in the first season about ghosts getting to go anywhere on Halloween, and he was in hotel for that Halloween party with the other killers? So...maybe there's one night he gets away? If this was rewritten halfway through airing, to the extent of swapping out actors, I'm really curious what the original plan was. Hopefully that gets out some day, in a way I notice.
  6. Didn't they also give Emma Roberts more exaggerated lines around her mouth? They stood out to me, for some reason. The whole explicit final girl conversation that kept happening- was that term an 80s thing? I thought it was from the 90s, coming from studies of the horror movies from the late 70s/80s, popularized because we don't just enjoy stuff anymore we dissect it.
  7. I think that if they were going to end with Son of Jingles hearing ghost stories, they should have started with that so it wasn't as much...I found it irritating, frankly, to drop this guy in and tell the end of the story in flashbacks, cutting the tension they were building and obliterating a lot of the payoffs by sucking up screentime for this new character's journey. I kept waiting for him to be something, and it didn't happen. It couldn't have, in such a limited time. But, I probably wouldn't have been as into the season had they built it around him, because I was all-in on a fun love letter to 1980s slasher movies. For me, that was more than enough to provide entertainment even if characters didn't have a lot of depth. Heck, their lack of depth was itself part of the homage. So, the finale didn't really do it for me. They abandoned the 80s premise without giving me something else to get excited about, since pretty much every villain/conflict was dealt with in a matter of seconds. I did love the rest of the season, though. I'm curious how it would have played out if they didn't cut down the number of episodes. On a positive note, it is kind of interesting that this random collection of ghosts can thwart Satan's efforts, just using the power of community.
  8. So I told myself after last week, "Moderate your expectations, because they can't do another episode as great but it can still be good." But damn. This show is perfect for me. I love that the characters aren't stupid for the sake of making the story last longer. I love that the last sequence was extremely tense to watch because there were so many possible terrible outcomes. I think I love that I have to wait a week in between shows, so I can savor an episode while anticipating the next. I enjoy that it's driven by realistic drama with a hint of supernatural. And the acting...beyond. I'm probably a little over-the-top in my fandom at this point. I just feel like it's been years since I've watched such a tight, well-crafted story that isn't...there's no sense that I'm supposed to like this show because it's Good Television, it's just good television. It's nice.
  9. I wish more people watched this show, because this episode may be my favorite tv episode of all time. Well-paced, cohesive story, serious without being full of itself, beautifully-acted-- it was pretty close to perfect entertainment for me.
  10. They borrowed the end of a classic slasher film. I appreciated that. That's about all I feel like they gave me to think about. I'm eager for the finale now, not because I'm disappointed with the season, but because after this episode I'm left wanting more. Binge watching stuff may have ruined me, though. I'm no longer used to having to wait.
  11. I wasn't really referring to the personalities of the female chefs who won, more to the fact that there are so few of them who did, to a point where it starts to feel to me like it's not a possible outcome. It could happen, it's a nice twist on the formula when it does. But, usually somehow a guy is going to pull out the win. That's my perception of things, anyway. So, what I was (inarticulately) getting at was that I prefer competition shows now where I feel like anyone talented enough can win.
  12. If that's the mentality, why not finish the story of TV Rick on TV without the cliffhanger, and then have a movie Rick? Or, y'know, maybe something wholly independent where the premise (zombie apocalypse) is the lure? I'm probably not being fair, because I loathe when media companies try to force me into things instead of encouraging me through good story (or acting, or effects-- something), and that's what I feel is happening here. It's...cheating. I also have little faith in this team. They already promised a spin off to explore origins that pretty much ignored origins. Hard to believe they have a coherent "vast mythology" they're committed to exploring. I don't think they know what this maybe-trilogy will be, and that's a problem. I'll still totally read a summary of it.
  13. I spent the episode assuming Dylan McDermott was playing Son of Bloody Face, so I'm not exactly the most alert viewer, but I enjoyed this. I liked the twist, though I should have expected there'd be a mother somewhere in this particular slasher flick. I loved Lily Rabe (why isn't she more prominent in these?). For me, this may be one of their more cohesive and consistently enjoyable seasons. I think Emma Roberts is a solid character actress who can deliver snarky dialogue really well. Outside of that I don't particularly believe her, but it's not so bad to me it's distracting. At the end, was Mom genuinely trying to help her son? Or, did she just finally figure out how to kill him?
  14. Re-watching this show is a really interesting experience, because I find that I can't get through a lot of the seasons for one reason or another. I couldn't make it through the first episode of season 2, because of what went on towards the end. I turned off Texas after what was essentially the casting special. I don't exactly remember Antonia's elimination, but I can't even start All-Stars because of it. I've skipped a bunch of finales. And, I'm dropping out of New Orleans after watching Nicholas choose to keep immunity, sending someone home undeservedly. I don't know if it makes this a really great show or a really terrible one, that I have such strong negative feelings about things years after the fact. I'm kind of surprised I watched for as many seasons as I did. I wonder...giving the victory to someone slightly-to-moderately unpleasant probably made me feel like it was an authentic, talent-based competition at the time, which made me think it was a quality show (in contrast to, say, America's Next Top Model). But now...I might just want a classic story where the person I think is the "good guy" wins (and where the "good guy" could actually be, y'know, female). For those looking to see a show full of villains, there kind of is one-"Hell's Kitchen." Nary a James Beard award in sight, but still a pretty entertaining battle of mostly unpleasant people.
  15. I have to give them some credit for using an infamous episode of Saved by the Bell as inspiration for a story for Carol. It's an unexpected source of inspiration, yet somehow it fits.
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