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  1. I may be an episode behind. The drama with Asia has shifted my opinion of the most if them. How hard is it to grasp that different people communicate differently? Asia should talk to them, eventually, but why on their schedule, the way they demand? The only on stage impact Derrick could come up with was that Asia wasn't watching her and smiling, which...seems like not a real thing. Whatever. If this is all semi scripted or amped up for TV, they cast the wrong people to pull it off. It's not even a good commercial for the Vegas show. I feel like there are so many easy ways to crank out content for this show, and while I'm hopeful that when they get to quarantine it'll be more interesting, so far I'm wishing I skipped this.
  2. I think this was a good first season with a very solid cast. It was also, for me, marred by bad judging, and a winner I don't think deserved to have been in top three, or to have won once she was there. Aside from her fabric choice, I thought Priyanka's performances were the least memorable of the three. I also have a problem with the winner not being out to their family. It's absolutely her personal choice and I respect it in the real world. It makes me uncomfortable, for lack of a better word, in this context. Besides that, I didn't find her to be that genuine. She yelled a lot when delivering interviews, she was production's helper, especially the last episode, in getting certain things on camera. That's all I got from her, really. I'd see her in a club and probably love the performance, I'm just not into her as the winner of a season with Rita, Jimbo, and Lemon, who I think all showed more creativity, range, and star power. Though I don't think she should have been top 3 either, I thought Scarlet took the finale. Did she ever give Jimbo credit for helping with the cape? That said, I think I get Canada's version of the show now and will be better prepared for next season. I think it's more weight on the runway, but not with the insane creativity and skill of Thailand or the expensive polish and padding of the US. And, the judges are the villains, so I shouldn't get too into any of the contestants, or take what I think are bad eliminations out on those who remain.
  3. I'm ready for the inevitable Shea vs. Sasha battle to just happen already. I don't think Shea is particularly overconfident, but I also feel like this is her season to lose so if she's assuming it is, I'd agree. I found her snatch game to be uncomfortable, because I tend to feel like Flava Flav is a character based on a bundle of old stereotypes that need to be retired. A good impression, of something I don't enjoy, I think Shea could have brought something better. And, I thought Juju edged her out. As to the drama, I believed India, and it doesn't make me think less of Alexis. It's a game, the producers made it Survivor, plotting is how it works. India held back the reveal until she needed it, also a fine play, I think, in this game.
  4. I appreciate the storytelling on this episode. Juxstaposing the reveal of Teresa's role in the ponytail incident with a showcase of the aftermath of Joe's crimes neatly suggests that maybe she had more to do there as well. She's the one in the background, encouraging people to follow their worst instincts. Doesn't excuse either Joe or Danielle, but she's no innocent victim. That's what I think they were communicating with the story, anyway, but I like pretending Housewives is Shakespeare. Makes me feel better about my entertainment choices.
  5. I like Victoria. I didn't enjoy her when she had her tantrum, I fully recognize that she makes the same thing repeatedly, but overall I feel she's harmless, I'm usually entertained, and I think there's a client for her one look. The one I need gone is Sergio. I react badly to people with his combination of arrogance, actual ignorance, and feigned ignorance (like when he said he didn't know he made the Celine Dion tuxedo). Idiots who preach the way he does...not fun for me. The dresses this episode were fine, but then I started thinking...weren't they given a lot of money at Mood, like $400? None of them really looked expensive to me, except for Nancy's. Someone should have gone home. I love that the "real women" challenges no longer come with any whining from designers. They might mention that certain things about the body are challenging, but it's not a huge part of the show like it was in the past.
  6. I agreed with almost nothing that happened. Britney and Delvin in the back-- thought they were spot on. Nancy's dress was cool. Other than that? This felt like a Lifetime version of the show. Disappointing.
  7. I think it was as a friend that Luann had a naked man in her bed on vacation, and she gave us the "don't be all, like uncool" line. I'll be (pleasantly) surprised if Tamra doesn't return at some point. They want to boost ratings on what's not just an aging franchise but a tired genre. I don't know if you can even find fresh-seeming reality show people anymore. As viewers we all know the schtick, the participants do, too. Point is, it'll take a lot to boost ratings with someone new, so I expect someone old to come back in a future attempt to keep this thing going. It's too bad they haven't followed what MTV did as Road Rules and Real World died, and consolidated their better characters into one show. Tamra vs. Nene or Kenya, with Ramona, Teresa, and some random one from Dallas or Potomac or Miami? I'd watch that. Or, I would have a couple years back, before these shows got weirdly dark.
  8. I have to give her credit for sticking around so long without ever being the primary villain. I'm mildly curious what it'll be like without her, because she was pretty decent about making story happen. Like when she pretended to be friends with Gretchen for part of a season to prevent their feud from getting too stale, or when she helped create the Shannon-is-crazy story Shannon's first year. Anyone else think she and Vicki will shop a spinoff of sorts? For some reason I imagine them doing a "Simple Life" kind of thing. Or at least trying to sell that.
  9. The guest judge was like an SNL character from the late 90's, and also really authentic. I'm conflicted. I'm in no way qualified to judge Sergio for possible cognitive or social issues. I don't know him as a person. I can only say that as a villain on a reality show he's pretty perfect, because he delivers arrogance really well. Last week he wouldn't even talk to Christian about his design because Christian wasn't Latino and therefore wouldn't understand it until it was more complete. This week he's representing the journey of a transgender person, which as far as I know he is not. That's amazing to me, that he can do that without flinching (until he wasn't praised). I really like Delvin, he's coming off as really...layered, and I'm into it. I clearly know nothing of fashion because I thought his look was just fine. Dayoung. Her mother asked about her health which makes me wonder if there's something up, sometimes it seems like she may not just be eating properly. I have no idea what's happening, but I love the way the others are reacting to it. I don't know if I'd be that patient and helpful in this setting. I still enjoy Victoria. We'll see how much longer that lasts.
  10. I feel like Sergio's dress reflects something interesting in contemporary culture because I think you're absolutely right about how that conversation would go if someone wore it. To me, it's almost...the fashion equivalent of a retweet. Minimal effort, and the real goal is showing someone that you care about something, not actually engaging with that topic. Like, you buy the dress so someone can ask you about the writing on it and you can take 20 seconds to show that you care about something important by telling them the one or two names you remember and a quick "so sad" version of what happened to them. I kind of feel bad for him though, because I didn't think his tears on the runway were fake. I don't know if he's capable of what he wants to do, with the political commentary aspect of his work. I think he's too self-focused- the whole thing with Christian not being Latino and therefore not being able to understand until the design was closer to completion was insane to me. If you're trying to communicate a message about your community, why not get feedback from someone outside of it to see if your message is being received? I can agree that Victoria is riding along because of her character and sewing skills as much as her designs, and I'm also strangely OK with it. It's early enough that I don't feel like anyone else is being cheated, and, if I'm honest, I'm kind of mesmerized by the amazing hair, accent, and the way she seems to me like she's from another time. I'm also mesmerized by Nancy. I find her inspiring, and it's not just her age. She's one of the first reality TV contestants in a while that I just flat-out like.
  11. I really wish at least one contestant had a more pleasant, less somber personal connection to Cyndi Lauper. I appreciate Geoffrey's story, I identify with it, and I also wish an episode about 80's fashion had a little more fun and joyfulness in it, as though there's a freedom in the kind of self-expression they said her style represented. Sergio is a pretty decent villain, I fully expect him to last until Top 3 or 4. I'm fascinated that he stood up on stage and declared that his fashion aesthetic is whatever people pay for. He has the kind of arrogance that makes me wonder if he's bankrolled by someone, and an insincerity that makes me conclude he's a conman. Delvin reminds me of the season 2 winner of RuPaul's Drag Race: extremely capable, not super engaging. Because he reminds me of a reality show winner, I'm assuming he'll win this one, too.
  12. I fully enjoyed the season. I didn't see it as two disconnected stories, but maybe I'm not being critical enough because I liked the pacing, the writing, and I think the acting was brilliant throughout (especially the girl who played young Annie a couple episodes back). It entertained me so much, I'm probably not going to see flaws. Have they announced another season? It's not a show I'd want to see drag on forever, but I'm curious where they go next.
  13. Tim Robbins has been my least favorite part of the show only because of his fame level and how that's pulled me out of the story at times, but he really is a great actor. That last scene between Pop and the doctor...brutal. All the other tension and violence, and that's the scene that I remember most. I'm not sure how I want this to end, assuming next week is the finale. They've managed to get me to care about these characters, so I want happy endings. I also know that happy endings wouldn't fit. I want answers too, about the "angel" and why some didn't hear the sound. But, I also want more story around these things without knowing exactly what's going on. I very much appreciated and enjoyed the scene with Annie and the guy tied to the bed. Great reference to how I know the character from before, but without feeling cheesy or overemphasizing the reference.
  14. I'll give it to them--I keep thinking about the finale. How did Brooke know that Jingles went to Alaska and had a kid? As far as Ramirez and the hotel, wasn't there something in the first season about ghosts getting to go anywhere on Halloween, and he was in hotel for that Halloween party with the other killers? So...maybe there's one night he gets away? If this was rewritten halfway through airing, to the extent of swapping out actors, I'm really curious what the original plan was. Hopefully that gets out some day, in a way I notice.
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