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  1. Laurie and The Wallet yes. Gretchen and Slimy Slade no. IMO.
  2. Well I for one have been waiting years for the return of Fancy Pants and will be watching for sure. Since I said that out loud, I'll probably be disappointed. Hoping Shannon doesn't whine/screech too much but I still like her. Even though I couldn't stand Kelly's vulgarity, she could be very funny. But getting rid of her or really anyone for Heather is fine. Unpopular opinion but I'd rather have Vicki back than Tamra...if we're voting lol. Don't care about the rest of the regulars except I do have a soft spot for Gina. Oh almost forgot - so glad Braunwyn is out.
  3. Although I get that sensitive discussions can be meaningful and enlightening, and a lot of us are already having those discussions in our real world, I watch the "Real" Housewives to enjoy a silly and fun escape for 45 minutes. Yes I know that I can decide not to watch. I was so looking forward to NY and then to be so disappointed and stressed out during a stupid TV show, I'm not sure it's even healthy to watch anymore. Does anyone know the ratings?
  4. Matt has proven himself to be a manipulative gaslighting cheater. He obviously did a number on Amy, along with Caryn, so no wonder she's always wary when in his/their presence. I hope very much that Chris is sincere and doesn't break Amy's heart. She tries to show a tough exterior at times, but to me she seems fragile and holding back emotion. Isn't it interesting how we all see and interpret things from our own perspectives?
  5. I don't think Jennifer is a bully at all but defends herself with a sharp and witty tongue. She seems to be naturally funny and does show her real life which I appreciate. Margaret, who I liked at first, might be another sniper from the side, desperate to stay on the show, and is living in a never-finished house of cards. She's excellent at deflection haha. Teresa is Teresa. Jackie is boring but Evan can be funny. I'm not sure how much Melissa enjoys all the attention/screen time Joe Go and the rest of the men are getting...sort of like how she felt about Teresa in the be
  6. Jennifer's smirk > Jackie's smirk.
  7. Jackie lost me with her "I win!" and go-to smirk. She probably practiced in front of a mirror, knowing exactly how Teresa would react. And anyway a war of words with Teresa is never a fair fight lol.
  8. All I know is I can't continue to watch a show that fills me with more stress and angst than real life. And, BRAVO, please do everything you can to bring back Fancypants! I want diversion not anxiety!
  9. Regarding covid, it's so difficult to know what's real any more, at least for me. In LA county, there's no outdoor dining but shop til you drop in an indoor mall is allowed? I don't get the logic. Shannon could have been taking different covid tests where the timing of the results vary. And she may have remained in her car to get the tests - it depends on where she went. And she has mentioned many times that she has weak lungs, which you'd think she'd have breathing techniques to help her remain calm so she doesn't start hyperventilating and make things worse. Bottom line - her gi
  10. I vote with all the principals.
  11. Just want to say thank you to all speculators! I'm finding this thread as compelling as (and maybe even more than) the actual show, which I hope won't disappoint tonight.
  12. The coach's (Sharrieff Shah) compensation history (2017-20) with the Utes is public and available on the Transparent Utah government website, which says he cracked the half-million mark this year.
  13. Surprisingly my daughter and I now watch for the two things that make us laugh hysterically... 1. Seeing which hats Gina will be wearing each week. Will she be Skater Boy? Carmen Sandiego? Tom Sawyer? Or who? 2. Any time Rick Leventhal is on screen. We rewound three times to watch him on the ferris wheel sitting between Kelly and Jolie. He looked so awkward. So funny to us anyway. Gina is my daughter's favorite and I have to admit there is something endearing about her. Gina seemed so naive and true blue, then her whole world came crashing down. I'm rooting for her too.
  14. Well "Be one with the car, My Love" is my new line for anyone leaving the house. Thank you James!
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