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  1. I'm just here because I just discovered that Sutton has three teenagers. Obviously, they've been forbidden from filming for whatever reason ... but I did not peg Sutton as a mom.
  2. Brandon & Teresa should've closed the door to that adoption years ago.
  3. Re: Bonus Mom I've watched that segment 384729 times and I honest to God think that Amber thinks that Christina was calling Amber a "bonus mom". Amber (to Gary): "the conversation that you had with Leah was super nice but I think Christina could've said a bit more than 'I'm a bonus mom'" and "I think that sometimes I get pushed to the side obviously she just said it." And then she said that Christina is horrible at sticking up for Amber. Amber should be kissing Christina's ass for doing the hard, 24/7 job of parenting her daughter. Another week another opportunity
  4. Oh wow. I feel like an asshole now.
  5. Another week, another episode of Amber being the most self involved piece of shit in Indiana. And I live in Indiana and know a fair amount of people who are pieces of shit. Everything is about Amber and how Amber feels and how Amber is slighted and how Amber wants to be treated. Leah is the luckiest girl to have Christina as her bonus mom.
  6. I'm not entirely sure that she had two weeks. Here's an attorney who's posted the actual order and his reasoning ...
  7. Checking out the twittersphere tonight I realize I might've been wrong and Jen Shah had 7 days to post bond ... which was today. And as of a couple hours ago it doesn't look like it was posted or an extension was filed. Honestly, she should be arrested immediately just based on her horrible insta stories.
  8. I disagree. This is the therapist that Bentley has been seeing and seems to be comfortable with. Speaking from personal experience, it can be VERY hard to find a therapist that the child is comfortable with. Once again, Ryan is prioritizing his feelings over his sons. Ryan can suck a bag of dicks.
  9. Ryder is simply one of the most beautiful kids that has ever graced my tv. And at the other end of the spectrum is the ugliness of Amber - both inside and out.
  10. I would totally watch a show with Meri, Christine & Janelle moving into a big house together (suck it Kody) and re-joining single life. Possible show titles: Sister Wives: Starting Over Sister Wives: Moving On Sister Wives: Love should be subtracted Sister Wives: Kody and Robyn are dead to us
  11. Meri was trying to flirt with Kody on their picnic at the rest stop ... she turned the camera light on and said "can I light you up?" .... or something pretty similar.
  12. Kody is a piece of shit. He doesn't want to be married to Christine. He doesn't want to be married to Meri. He wants to be friends with Janelle. He just wants to be married to Robyn. He also doesn't like his boy children. And the boys despise him. Also, how in all these years is there not a set schedule of what days Kody is where? Christine said she never knows until the last minute when he's going to come over. That's a bunch of bullshit right there. The only good thing to come out of covid is that without the camera crew in their faces, these nitwits have complete
  13. Her bond is one million - she has two weeks to post it. ($250K secured by cash or property - which she says she has neither.) BUT ... here's an article that has a bit of interesting info: https://www.deseret.com/utah/2021/4/2/22364032/judge-imposes-million-dollar-bail-jen-shah-real-housewives-salt-lake-city-fraud-case $5 million is a lot of extended car warranties. As an aside, Shah won't stop posting Instagram stories on how fabulous she is. Her fall from her delusional celebrity status is going to be epic. ETA: I just looked up that Mastery Pro Group. It looks
  14. Gary and Kristina have done an amazing job with Leah. Amber is an egomaniacal asshole.
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