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  1. These women need to stop with the fucking hair extensions. So sad she thinks this is a good look.
  2. Thorkim


    This is a real human being? I have no other words.
  3. I don't take anyone seriously that can't spell out the fucking words "you" or "you're". Oh, and something new, a word "urself". I just can't with people these days.
  4. My husband and I are having health issues and I did watch this shitfest last night, but didn't have the energy to post at that time due to said health issues. Things are calmer now, and I need to go back and catch up on posts. I was in a bad mood watching this crap BECAUSE of the health issues. I was bitching to the TV set with my two German shepherds enduring my blabbing, but I am sick of the like word every few seconds, the damned "journey" word everywhere, the screeching from the limo pulling up to meet the bachelor. Also, the damned gimmicks. Suitcase girl, animal girl, airplane girl,
  5. Thorkim


    She looks worse every time I see a current photo of her. WTF with these bigass lips all they women want? They look like aliens.
  6. Probably ran like hell outta there knowing what family it was born into.
  7. I've noticed for a long time that there is no modesty left with these damned commercials. I have the remote in my hand constantly because I don't need my blood pressure going up any further than it is. Bring back the shampoo, Dove, Tide, soft drink commercials and stop being so damned graphic. Also, the pharmaceutical ads that are never ending with graphic descriptions of bodily functions CONSTANTLY! Usually when I'm eating, it pisses me off.
  8. Thorkim


    She used to be so cute. This is horrifying.
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