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  1. My new favorite words are "sex pest" and it makes it even better that they are referencing Josh.
  2. While I like Kendra, I am tired of the holding the belly thing they do all the fucking time. The baby will NOT fall out, so stop it.
  3. Looks like a bigass condor crapped on his head.
  4. My daughter was born in October of 1980. I was able to carry her out in my arms to get in the car to go home back then.
  5. Stop with the fucking belly cradling.
  6. Loved the last few seconds last night when they showed Garrett with the bologna on his eyes. Laughed my ass off.
  7. LMAO, I could watch this shit all day. Better than America's Home Videos for sure. I just wish he had fallen off, then all bets are off for wetting my pants laughing.
  8. No shit, Boob & Michelle, of course your 19 kids' kids will outnumber them, you does the math.
  9. I hope this poor child grows hair down the road after the constant hair attire. I guess if not, they can put the fake pigtails on her head.
  10. Jeezus. That's all I've got. The eyebrows! Good God.
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