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  1. I doubt Tim even needs a CNA to do be hired there. Most of those places hire untrained care givers who are given some videos and some shadowing training and then they're tending people.
  2. Let's reverse that. Felicity couldn't get a leg in some of the items on the top rack. The amount of clothing looks about right compared to my granddaughter and the girls' ages.
  3. Perhaps he is potentially suicidal or another patient recently committed suicide. It happens. Keep redirecting him if it happens again. Just don't entertain the topic unless YOU need the discussion. Keep returning to your discussion points.
  4. Derick may have the same issue many other civil rights wannabe lawyers encounter - he has to find a job in the field. It probably isn't as easy as he thinks it is. Many, many of my daughter's law school classmates planned human rights careers. They are now doing insurance, civil litigation, family law, etc.
  5. I think performative is the definition of Mariah's life since she was in her late teens. I hope eventually she finds and fills what is missing in her life.
  6. Be sure and get his harness if he uses one and his leash. A few dog treats won't hurt.
  7. Why doesn't Meema have a walker? That was the step for my mother when she became unsteady. They have enough family to help that Meema may not need assisted living and now is not really the time to place someone. Tours should not be happening and frequently new residents have to quarantine. I agree Kelly seemed very nonchalant about the poor man's passing. He was important to her mother if not to Kelly and her family.
  8. They're looking at the deed I think it is not the property sales papers. Maybe it's the deed transfer document. I know the paperwork where my parents bought the last two houses in AR had that wording as did one of the documents when I sold the house. The sales contract (whatever AR calls that) had all the financial information. The county recorder had copies of all the related paperwork including my POA.
  9. I expect it has a lot to do with repeating what they've seen. Growing up we only used paper plates away from home or having a party in the backyard so I've never put a paper plate on a dining table in my own house. My daughters are the same way. My one daughter's MIL though uses "fancy" paper plates for all holidays. They are always very heavy duty and decorated or color themed for the holiday. She has large holiday gatherings and would have to run the dishwasher about four times to get through all the dishes. Plus she doesn't want four dozen place settings in her house and prefers to be able to theme the place settings to the holidays. All her SILs do the same. So if Kelly used a lot of paper plates, Alyssa probably wouldn't think twice. Kelly's mom may have done the same.
  10. You always have to remember that in Arkansas that's how property sales read. It's one dollar and other valuable consideration. It's impossible to tell by that document how much money, if any, changed hands. That's the same language that was on the property sale for my parents' house. I did not sell it for one dollar. Now within the family, I might question whether even the one dollar changed hands.
  11. I don't think Timothy even finished two full years of college. He seemed to only do the fall semester of the missionary pilot training in Washington and then he was home before spring break and before the second school went remote. I think both schools were far too much for him with the lack of education he's been dealt by his parents.
  12. Why not just buy and use an instant read food thermometer? I tend to check most meat that I cook to be sure. For $15 Amy could teach people a little food safety and be sure herself.
  13. My mom is 90 and should have been done today.
  14. LIving in SoCal with kids in LA who won't even go in a grocery store unless it's at opening, I'm guessing it's COVID. They have not been careful and MacArthur has gone out of his way to infect as many of the congregation as he could. It was going through the affiliated college so I'm sure it's hit the church and seminary.
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