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  1. Thank goodness it hasn't caught on here to the degree it has with the Duggars. Granddaughter has gotten a few hand-me-downs of it and we put them in the play clothes drawer immediately. Usually she won't even wear them to play in mud. She either wants tutus or sleek, classic lines.
  2. I thought Lauren's mother was there with her during labor. Michelle was grabbing the camera time for sure though. I'd have kicked anyone holding a towel around my throat like Michelle was. It looked like Michelle was trying to choke her.
  3. I guess we can pray that it's an infertile time period for Alyssa while they're on the cruise.
  4. We made the Duggar rolls a few years ago. We automatically used butter instead of Crisco. They aren't bad, but there are better recipes.
  5. When I sold my mother's house in Arkansas, the inspection was the buyer's responsibility as part of getting a mortgage.
  6. Slight uptick in the ratings: 995 K viewers and a .22 rating. Two more hours and this season is done? I kind of think the funeral will go up a bit.
  7. That's another discussion entirely and should go elsewhere. Trademark vs it's a common noun like lawyer.
  8. They do and they're allowed hospital privileges. They were holding on in the 1.2 M to 1.3 M range last season. Duggars dropped below a million viewers again this season.
  9. Meri's floor plan wasn't redesigned. The wives had to pick from already approved versions of the houses. Meri didn't get her paperwork in as soon as the other wives. Her loan wasn't approved yet so they couldn't close on the house. It was her own actions or inactions that caused the delay which is in its own way a bit sweeter.
  10. Of course she had all kinds of drama. We expected nothing less.
  11. You could have nailed it. They seem to have very little insight into the behavior and thinking of toddlers.
  12. It was on radaronline, I think that was it, after the birth verified by Caryn.
  13. I admit I don't know the price of lemons so maybe I should excuse that one. I live in southern California so lemons are not usually store bought. The neighbors and I share a tree and have so many we're feeding the birds and squirrels with the excess.
  14. Possibly the first Christmas Cantata Jill had ever attended?
  15. That's a really gappy diapering job. It wouldn't even take a blowout to leak.
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