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  1. Depending on AR law she might only be able to get half of that in a divorce. However, if she stays married she can spend it all more than likely.
  2. How much could she realistically make on a book? Would it be enough to support her and the kids until M8 is 18? I rather doubt it. That's the kind of money she'd need to be assured of getting to make such a drastic departure from her culture and upbringing worthwhile.
  3. She isn't likely to get child support from Josh for the next 5 to 10 years. Even if Josh gets out and can find a job, it won't likely pay enough for her to get enough support to live on. Jim Bob isn't obligated to give her a dime. I can't see Jim Bob doing anything for Anna if she were to dare file for divorce. If she plays the game with Jim Bob, he will probably support her and the kids as long as he's alive and may make arrangements for her and the kids in his will. Financially she's in a big bind.
  4. I find myself standing in the middle of a room looking around for a clue as to why I'm in that room. That happens usually at least once a day now.
  5. Some of us who read in a couple other places have been following nutcase Steve for several years now. His NIFB movement has run into quite a few difficulties lately. Steve's control freak tendencies keep making him toss pastors out plus the pastors own tendencies to engage in very poor choices doesn't make this look like it will turn into a lasting thing.
  6. With some work, it could be a cute starter house. It even has an indoor laundry and a good sized yard.
  7. Being fundy is being an extremist. So one can be a fundy Baptist, fundy Calvinist, fundy Catholic, fundy Muslim, etc. We tend to discuss mainly fundy protestants here. Many of them like the Duggars are fundy Baptists.
  8. You can't always cap a tooth that has died or been damaged. When that happened to our daughter, the dentist said the best thing to do was leave the discolored tooth in place as long as possible. It may not be esthetically pleasing to all people, but sometimes dentally it's the right thing to do.
  9. Gil's sister seems to have it so it's likely his side of the family through him that the daughters have it.
  10. I think embarrassment finally set in for Steve that he was about to have three daughters permanently stuck in spinsterhood.
  11. I've only known one person IRL where the pediatrician suggested what some people might call a diet for an infant. He said the baby was gaining too fast. The suggestions were to slow the weight gain until height caught up. Occasionally some people do overfeed infants
  12. I hope she doesn't continue looking like Tony. While I was surprised to hear the pediatrician put Avalon on a diet, seeing photos of her I can see where they'd say don't feed her every time she whimpers. Try distraction, taking her for a walk, consider other options than hunger.
  13. It was on the short end for triathlons. It's still a great accomplishment for her to train and compete. If she listed the distances correctly she did a sprint triathlon.
  14. They do and it tends to look better. Claire's before photo obviously wasn't styled.
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