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  1. Pacoima is very middle class or some areas lower than that and is heavily latino/a. The demographic of the church is quite distant from the surrounding neighborhoods.
  2. While in LA last week daughter and I drove by MacArthur's church. She said that's where Jinger and Jeremy go isn't it? I said yes. She went how long do they hope to maintain a church for mainly older, white people out here on the edge of Pacoima?
  3. I wonder how much, if any, of that is left.
  4. Yes, thank you!! I'm so happy someone else gets what a difference there is between the two denominations and the two situations.
  5. Yes, some particles can get through cloth masks or usually around the masks. That's why the doctors emphasize tight fit so much. On average a fairly well fitted surgical mask is around 75% effective. A lot of the issue is the gaps with surgical masks. Also colds can be spread by fomites. That's the touching surfaces way of transmission. So if you have cold virus on your mask, remove it by touching the front, forget to hand sanitize and idly touch your face near nose, mouth, or eyes, you can transfer the virus. Or if you shop for groceries say and forget to hand sanitize when you leave t
  6. A lot of us are hoping for that. Hospitalizations are way up in SA though so all cases aren't so mild. We'll have to wait a couple more weeks to get better stats. Most viruses get milder since if they kill their victims too much they run out of hosts and burn out. H1N1 has been with us for over 100 years now and still usually kills a few people a year, but it's low enough we accept the risk.
  7. I think one of the biggest changes Jill has made is rarely acknowledged or maybe it isn't fully understood. She left the IFB and Gothard systems and is now in a mainline although still conservative denomination. The difference between those two is a definite division in theology. Basically it's from a cult or near cult to mainline religion. Although people may disagree with conservative beliefs overall, she made a leap.
  8. Last night daughter and SIL were planning their Utah ski trip for just after Jan 1. SIL wanted to stay in St George and daughter said that's too far let's stay in Cedar City. I went oh you can stay in Meri Brown's BNB in Parowan. SIL misses the sarcasm and says oh Parowan is much closer does your mother really know the owner of the BNB? Where daughter and I burst out laughing and I tell him to google the Parowan Prophet and start pulling up photos of the BNB. Needless to say Parowan dropped out of the running. I told my daughter I'd like to the see the rambunctious kids and the dog with
  9. The post you quoted is taken out of context of the discussion where it was made. We were discussing Christine's retirement and qualification for SSA benefits not her current state. Of course she would not currently qualify for SSI. Also her resources exceed the limit and the show income would also. However, SSI is not just for disability, but also for people over 65 with very low income and resources.
  10. I've begun to wonder if she knows what mastitis really is.
  11. The kids literally can't lick. The pediatrician explained that if the kid's tongue tie wasn't cut, he'd never be able to lick an ice cream cone. There is extra skin attached to the tongue holding it down. Infants can't latch properly so they can't nurse properly. They don't get enough milk and fuss. It's also very hard on the mother's breasts because they can't get their mouths far enough back on the breast so they're basically chewing on the nipples. That's the non-scientific, non-medical explanation. Audrey's right on one thing it's extremely painful to the mother, but it'
  12. She should have had the tongue tie fixed the first week. I couldn't figure out why she didn't.
  13. That's probably another sign this is simply episode fodder for TLC and that nothing will ever come out of it. We're a year later and they still haven't done anything with the property except have Janelle live there for a few months in the RV, right?
  14. I very much doubt that Jacob will ever be grateful for Matt and Amy bringing TLC into his life.
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