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  1. Ratings: 2.503 M viewers and a .55 rating. Sixth cable show of the day.
  2. Mama June returned with the surprising to me 759K viewers and a .22 rating. 47th cable show of the day.
  3. TLC and the Browns and Duggars need to get over calling prodromal labor active labor and counting from the first instant that they think they can. It used to be called false labor for a reason. That's how she was able to sleep through part of it. It starts and stops because it isn't actually full on labor yet.
  4. Jill, my dear, you are what is commonly known as a jerk. You are offensive, arrogant, and ignorant.
  5. 50 miles is too far to drive regularly to take care of two adults who can take care of themselves. Plan perhaps monthly visits and only visit not shop or tend to things once this virus has stopped. Until then leave them on their own.
  6. Plus hoarding eggs has to be harder than hoarding toilet tissue. They're perishable.
  7. and me, Amy, and me. The improper use of I has gotten even more out of hand and is grating on my nerves terribly. This family is getting as boring and repetitive as the Duggars I fear.
  8. The TP crisis is still a bit mystifying. The manufacturer of Charmin' says they are running at 120% of normal capacity so they're chugging it out. Our stores almost all have purchase limitations so why is it still not available? Where is 120% of normal vanishing? Are price gougers still trying to buy up the supply by having a dozen family members go in and buy as soon as they find some?
  9. I would expect that you could buy anything available for sale in the store.
  10. Faked reality through and through. Ratings continue in the same range: 279 K viewers and a .07 rating. 124th cable show of the day.
  11. I think she meant she saw him and he was attending that class not that she was also in that class. It's still very weird to have an acknowledge a crush on such an older guy. I wonder how much was a revision of actual history.
  12. It could have been a more Ebola or Lassa fever type thing that got loose in the whole world. Or a closer to MERS type virus would have also been more disastrous. I'm trying to stay in, but have to keep taking sick pet to the vet which is not making the family happy. Just really bad timing and expensive.
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