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  1. There is no law nationally that requires any reality production to set aside funds for childhood participation. The Coogan Act is regarding acting guilds (unions) such as SAG/AFTRA. Reality participants are not generally considered actors and cannot join the guild. A few states have enacted laws pertaining to income of minors on reality shows. There are only a very few. California ruled that minors on reality shows are indeed entertainers in a case against Octomom so accounts must be set up for minors on reality shows in California even though they are still not guild members.
  2. If I read this right, youtubetv is now measured: https://www.nielsen.com/us/en/press-releases/2020/nielsen-to-measure-connected-tv-campaigns-on-youtube-and-youtube-tv-for-the-first-time/
  3. There's a term, something like exponential decay, that means we reach a point in vaccinations and natural immunity where new cases begin to drop precipitately. I think our county has reached that point. It's been fun the last couple of weeks to see the drop almost day by day. There's a tipping point somewhere around 55% of people with at least one dose where this seems to start. I'm guessing the actual point also depends on natural immunity in the community. In our county at around 50% with one dose, the new cases per day stabilized and began dropping but not as dramatically.
  4. Hair salons have been open again since at least February. I can't remember when the winter lockdown ended, but I see on the calendar I got my hair done Feb 12. Everyone in the family has been in to get a cut or trim so appointments are easy to get. If Jinger wanted a haircut, color, etc., she could easily have gotten it if Jeremy was capable of tending the two daughters for a bit.
  5. Fire stick. I have one TV with a Fire Stick and one with a Roku. There are some other products out there, too. If you get stuck, drop me a PM and I can help you.
  6. Yes, the bar is in July. There is some great irony there in that Josh long ago claimed he wanted to be a lawyer and here amidst his legal troubles, Derick is graduating from law school. He may have already done the bar review course. My daughter did it spring of her last year. Then she had about six weeks of intensive studying on her own.
  7. There was a spot when I signed up for cable to mark whether or not they could track and report my viewing. I don't think many people notice. I've since left cable and really have no idea what tracking and reporting youtubetv does, but at my age I no longer care. Want to know I watched Clarice? Have at it.
  8. Thanks for the Windows info. I'm not sure I need it, but info is always helpful. I live in California and was afraid we were going too fast reopening, but for most of the state it's holding. Our county had a little reopening bump (1 to 1.5 people per 100K per day so not much) and now once the one dose vaccinated rate is getting to 60% cases are dropping impressively. Just a reminder pertaining to a post above, no vaccine is 100% effective even against serious disease and death. I know some reports said that, but there have been breakthrough infections of COVID among the fully va
  9. I saw somewhere that if he doesn't follow the release order rules that he gets 10 years added to his sentence. Is that true?
  10. State court and federal court don't work the same way is the simple answer. Federal court usually would involve bond not bail if a financial backing for court attendance is required.
  11. They haven't had church in the house for years. They attend an actual church. There isn't bail for this. He has to post bond tomorrow. It's a slightly different thing.
  12. Any idea how much bond JB is going to have to put up?
  13. That makes a lot more sense especially on a Tuesday night.
  14. They were at The Grove in Los Angeles. People have been going into stores there all along. At Christmas even with the pandemic at its height, the place was full according to my daughter who had to run into a store there for a return. Right now LA is moving into the most lenient state tier and people are most definitely shopping in stores and malls.
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