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  1. Fresh produce. Jill has learned a few things.
  2. I quit doing Halloween at my house the night busloads showed up. People drove up in buses, parked at the end of our street, and let loose the hordes. One woman almost broke the steps in front of my house hauling a very overweight kid up them in a stroller. I ran out to give the kid candy before she could keep dragging the stroller over the steps. The kid tried to grab the whole bowl. That's when I went in the house and turned off the lights. The rest of the horde on that particular bus beat on the door yelling at me until I yelled back that I called the police. I quit Halloween that night unless I visit the grandchildren and go out with them. I guess I'm definitely Bah Humbug. Although I did make exception for the small neighborhood kids whose parents let me know they were on their way and they always showed up early.
  3. Cankles at Ivy's age don't mean she'll still have them at age five or six. A lot of kids outgrow them.
  4. Done as an episode so not arranged by Matt. He may have given a list of suggestions to production, but they would have coordinated it all because they have to arrange for filming agreements, contracts, and permits.
  5. Also at least where I live the county animal control office gives rabies vaccinations pretty much at cost. It was $10 and done while I was filling out and paying for his three year registration. I can afford to have the vet do it, but why drive to the vet and wait and pay $30 to take the certificate the other direction and wait? I am fortunate that the area animal control office is as close to my house as the vet is just in opposite directions. Plus the dog really enjoyed his visit. They have a pet friendly grass and interest area and you can walk the dog outside the large animal pens if doggie is well behaved. He loved the field trip.
  6. This is Jill who used to eat in the bathroom to hang onto her food. Obviously once again growing up Duggar causes one to do things a little bit differently.
  7. Less material and an additional 18 pounds was an unfortunate combination.
  8. There is evolving evidence that mask wearing also offers some protection to the wearer. https://www.medpagetoday.com/infectiousdisease/covid19/86750
  9. I'm back up to my whopping mile and a half a day! Next week perhaps 2 miles a couple of days.
  10. My side has pretty much decided we're skipping the big multi-family Thanksgiving this year. The hostess has a bad habit of inviting whoever and their girlfriends and boyfriends. She hasn't been keeping to stay at home and has people over that she "trusts." We're lucky to live in Southern California and can hopefully get a good day on or around Christmas to have it outside with the grandchildren. We've been doing their birthdays that way and they don't seem to mind. They've always had either fully or partly outside birthdays anyway so it's just a smaller group of people.
  11. I hope Zach doesn't model his dealing with health issues on his father where the kids will be competing with Zach's medical experiences like Zach had to listen to Matt's whines about all his surgeries. Zach and the repeated almost died of RSV was not helpful in the least.
  12. The recipe for the S'more's French Toast gave me sugar overload nausea just reading it.
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