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  1. Michelle and Jim Bob have met JillyR and already know that they want her at quite a distance.
  2. 5.5 years of following Jill and Dreck. Maybe I need to find a new hobby. I admit I didn't think the Duggars would be still be on TV by now.
  3. Occasionally but not consistently. They've hit 150K and possibly below.
  4. This was the first episode of the "B" part of the season so we'll have to watch from here on. I think it's in their usual range IIRC.
  5. Do you mean a forum like this: https://forums.primetimer.com/forum/1364-bringing-up-bates/
  6. They were very close to home. Depending on which side of the towns the houses are on it was around 9 miles away.
  7. I hate them so much that I taught my newborn granddaughter how to remove them. We stopped that trend right in its tracks and other relatives stopped buying them. Smart kid started screaming when anyone tried to put one on her head. Another COL who finds the headgear a waste of money and energy. Let the kid be, Maddie. People will know she's a girl and it's no catastrophe if they don't.
  8. I'm really surprised at a heart shaped diamond for a 50 something year old woman. I had to take a triple look. If it's what she wants, that's fine, but it seems a very unusual decision.
  9. I have to say that looks more revolting than usual. Woman can not plate food worth a flying fig.
  10. Ratings this week: 169 K viewers and a .05 rating.
  11. Moah shugah!!! Sugar, fat, and gluten. Perfect start to the day. 😉
  12. Elavil had me dropping at least two pounds a week. I wonder if she could have had the same effect. I was dropping a pound a week in the winter and found my sinus medication was also an appetite suppressant.
  13. If someone does tell the story, could it please go under a spoiler for the sensitive among us? Thanks very much.
  14. They look like regular shorts to me. They aren't bermudas, but they aren't short where there is danger of butt cheeks hanging out like Daisy Dukes or booty shorts. They're kind of mid-thigh and only an inch or two shorter than some I wear.
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