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  1. TLC almost never says they've fired anyone. They use euphemisms such as is no longer filming or being filmed.
  2. Take a run to see dinosaur footprints and you're on the way. I may tell my daughter the kids could enjoy a cinnamon bun while seeing the dinosaur tracks and petroglyphs.
  3. The big question is why go to Arkansas to plant an IFB church? They already have them all over the state. They don't really need one more, but if they did the already existing churches could easily split one off.
  4. Still with the lingerie type shots? Good grief what an attention whore with near to zero common sense.
  5. It would be perfectly reasonable to stop at two given their circumstances. Regarding having a second child a good friend once told me once you pave the road you might as well drive down it. The second pass at labor and delivery was at least for me more than twice as fast with less than half the discomfort.
  6. Not to mention my daughter and her family drive through that area every late December and they stop in St George at a place with an indoor pool that gives their kids something to do. I think the only time they stopped in Parawan was a bathroom break.
  7. That doesn't work where I live. I have a three digit house number, but our street turns off from two streets with four digit numbers. Plus the numbers begin with 101 and we are not near any central point. They seem rather random here.
  8. The world according to granddaughter is that leggings are more comfortable than tights. Very light weight shorts for under dresses and similar weight leggings are sold here and that's what we get for granddaughter. Her private school requires shorts or leggings under all dresses even ankle length ones and no it isn't fundie. The dress code doesn't even mention tights. I think the tights are tougher for the girls to manage for toileting.
  9. I'm about 3/4 through the Halloween special. I found it on the DVR over the holidays during the not much new on TV spell. So far this is one of the deadliest shows they've put together. It's a complete descent in absolute Hallmark blandness and lack of inspiration. I hope they find something new for the next season.
  10. It's quite a bit likely that anyone divorcing to get Medicaid yet still living in the same home is committing fraud especially if they don't fill out the forms correctly listing the income of all the household members, the in-kind income received, etc. That helps confirm it's unicorn like nature.
  11. NAU in Flagstaff. He may be living at home.
  12. Gabriel is already in college having compressed his junior and senior years into one including summer school while the two daughters are seniors right now. Ysabel is 16 while Breanna and Savannah are 15 giving them about three years until they only have three children left at home. By that point Truely and Solomon will already be tweens. If they start building tomorrow, it should be with the idea of Robyn having two kids and Christine having one.
  13. The boys are getting time with non-Duggars which should be a positive. Jill is possibly now seeing what other people have for dinner and can hopefully get inspired. How do they decide who gets a placemat though?
  14. The site I saw said there is an infant vaccination, but that it isn't given routinely but only to high risk infants. Anyway it's very sad for the family and I hope a wake up call to Amy and Jill to take their kids' health seriously.
  15. I'm one of the barely a second thought people. When I went to an hour of counseling with the first one I was told that the healthiest mentally after a miscarriage tried to forget the due date, did not memorialize either the conception or due date, did not plant trees or any other thing, and absolutely did not have annual celebrations or commemorations. It worked fine for that one and the following ones for us. I try very much not to comment on how other people handle it, but I admit I have trouble wrapping my mind around the Laurens of the world. There is such a high early miscarriage rate that it seems misplaced to me to put that much emotional weight into such a high risk situation. Did Lauren not realize how high the early miscarriage rate is? I do hope Lauren learns to temper it all before her daughter gets a year old.
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