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  1. I'm not sure he did try to follow Gothard. He and Jill went to his same SBC church from the wedding on. He may have given some lip service to JB initially and they did conceive Israel very quickly, but I don't think he ever really bought into ATI and such.
  2. Derick was never in Gothardism. He's been SBC all through it all.
  3. They just randomly decided to gallop down the street carrying a flag? ::smh::
  4. She could have been there mid-week to go to the bookstore, meet Jeremy, drop off something, or any other trivial reason. The coffee shop is open seven days a week. At least it was pre-pandemic.
  5. He's the founder of the family HVAC business - in Florida. There's plenty of money to be made there.
  6. New season, two sisters are pregnant and Jessa isn't, we get the adopt cry for attention. It's as regular as sunrise.
  7. If that was bitchy, then sign me up that I was bitchy every day that I taught school. Jana stayed calm and she tried redirecting Josie to a more correct use of the paint. Josie is quite well old enough to grasp different kinds of paint and to do an actual painting unless her development is much more seriously delayed than Michelle is willing to admit which I think is likely. Jana realized she'd over estimated Josie's ability to deal with the material and was willing to make a plan for future sessions. That's all as it should be. When Josie was making a mess and getting paint all over, Jana ended her session, again appropriate. With the edited footage, this had gone on awhile and I'm sure with more commentary trying to get Josie to do something besides get as much blue paint as she could on the piece of paper which is about a two or three year old level.
  8. Cooped up inside with an almost two year old 24/7 can do that to you. My daughter takes her kids to the botanical garden just to escape the house and constant pressure of dealing with her kids. If they close that, she's going back to I'm losing my mind mode. For weeks they couldn't even take Felicity to a park or playground.
  9. A lot of us in SoCal are looking a bit ratty. Even though hair salons are allowed to be open, many didn't open immediately and the one where I go each stylist is only working 3 days a week. They aren't offering all services and appointments are limited. I'd had this one booked for five months and it was on one of the three days my stylist works so I was lucky. Also since we can't go very many places, daily upkeep like make-up and dressing up are slipping. Putting on something beside yoga pants starts looking upscale. I can see them following the I've been stuck at home forever pattern and they haven't had time to have truly long standing hair salon standing.
  10. Just how much sour cream went in there? Salt, fat, and garlic are all generally bad for dogs. If the dog eats enough of it they can get garlic toxicity.
  11. Isn't that the early TLC website release that they usually do before the first episode shows up on TV? It wasn't on their TV schedule for last night. One of my online friends said yesterday that TLC had put it up early on their website as they usually do.
  12. I don't think so. She's worn that skirt/leggings combo several times before. Every time she makes at least a few people think it's pants.
  13. Jana has on a skirt over leggings. Look about a quarter of the way down the front tire and you can see the skirt sticking out a bit from her leg.
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