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  1. What exactly do you mean? Once the kids turn 18 in the US they are adults. A parent has no control over that unless there are issues requiring guardianship or a conservator ship. Or do you mean parents can freely decide to keep funding their adult children to some degree as many of us do?
  2. She has him so dazzled and confused, he'll never see straight again unless she dumps him.
  3. About the same as the rest of the season.
  4. Ratings for the week: 1.856 M viewers and a .40 rating. Seventh cable show of the day.
  5. They would only get child support for the under 18 kids.
  6. Look at how scrunched down they have Tori positioned so it isn't the least bit obvious that she's average height.
  7. As my daughter pointed out, due to Cathy's cancer issues, they probably did vaccinate the kids since they would be around her so much. Derick would probably listen to that kind of reasoning if Cathy brought it up.
  8. They SAY they believe the KJV literally, but then they cherry pick their actions.
  9. School district not school. There are multiple schools within that district. I'm so thrilled that Israel will get to be with his peers and not just his cousins, that he can get a full education and not just what Jill covers with workbooks, and he can play and be independent of his parent for several hours a week.
  10. MacArthur's Calvinism and the Southern Baptist Convention are commonly known as conservative evangelical problematic as any categorizing can be. Fundies are even "fundier" going with things like King James only, absolutely literal interpretation of the Bible, and some other weird to many of us things. What makes them fundie isn't their political or sociological views although those are frequently reprehensible.
  11. They can't do a c-section against the conscious patient's will unless they can establish mental incompetence and their next of kin or medical power of attorney agrees. Knowing Jill she probably did.
  12. They may have been using People as a reference and we know their reliability.
  13. She also went to get a pedicure while she was allegedly in labor. I never trust any TLC calculation of labor nor do I trust any Duggar calculation of labor. They've been known to count from water breaking or the entire prodromal phase. I honestly do not remember seeing or thinking that Jill was in the hospital that long. I'm sure I'd have noticed if that was in the actual episode.
  14. According to the episode that aired, Jill went to the hospital only sometime the night that Izzie was delivered. It was only a relatively short time. She may have been admitted late one day and delivered just into the next day. Granted she might have always needed c-sections, but if Izzie was transverse all along, if she'd had competent care then she could have saved herself needless laboring and taking castor oil and so on. (Sunday 10 pm to Monday 12:45 AM for instance.) Trying VBAC at home with Sam was flat stupid. If she wanted to VBAC, which is a fine idea, she should have followed recommendations and done it in a hospital with competent actual medical supervision.
  15. Yeah, we had all that discussion at the time. Oddly enough the kids went to visit their dad who Robyn had talked about horribly just a week or two after the "adoption."
  16. Which ironically by summer only one of the adopted kids will still be a minor.
  17. I don't think so. The rationale they gave was if Robyn died, if the kids were adopted they could stay with Kody and their new family. Robyn had the kids and there was nothing from her ex trying to revisit the custody arrangement. In fact the whole adoption we saw on TV looked fake and staged.
  18. Birth preview or whatever it was called got 640 K viewers and a .1 rating. It was the 65th cable show on a Saturday.
  19. Ratings are finally in: 1.846 M viewers and a .38 rating. Eighth cable show of the day. They may be boring, but they're drawing enough to stay on.
  20. Season intro show last Thursday had 148 K viewers and a .04 rating. 147th cable show of the day.
  21. I would shame Jill for laboring for 40 hours (if she did they are dreadful at actual labor calculations) before going to the hospital while trying to VBAC at home. That was a stupid move.
  22. I post the ratings in each episode thread. This week's ratings weren't out an hour ago.
  23. This is a photo of how the house was divided. It's roughly thirds. Janelle had one end of the house while Meri and Christine's portions while only one floor were longer. Janelle perhaps got to pick which unit was going to be hers or maybe she had the most children at that point.
  24. For all Robyn's whining about having younger kids, Sol is only about 1.5 years younger than Truely. The kid is 8 and will be 9 this fall. If she can't travel with a 4 year old and an 8 year old, my daughter must be out of her mind. She's been doing normal life with her kids since birth. Now if Robyn means she can't up sticks in 30 minutes like Meri can, well that's what happens when you're nine years younger than two of the wives already there and you think you need two anchor babies.
  25. They should. TLC likes to ignore state laws though.
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