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  1. Neeners

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    I root for the underdog, too, unless he's a known biter. Then he's on his own.
  2. Neeners

    S07.E15: Trouble in Lala-land

    She probably ordered some 🍝
  3. Neeners

    S07.E14: Tom vs. Tom

    I'm sitting at my table-for-one on this one: I think James and Katie are equally icky. All of the little snippets editing showed for both of those losers showed it. I don't feel sorry for either of them.
  4. NY will will always be #1. It felt like coming home.
  5. Neeners

    S07.E13: Reptilian Brain

    Two things that made me giggle this episode: Jax playing the 'drums'. He looked at the camera at the end like, "did you get that?" and grinned. He looked like an idiot. Schwartz stress-puffing on the inhaler after Jax brought up the children thing again to Ariana.
  6. I'm really glad I'm not watching this season, but I just can't quit these comments! Thanks, everyone!
  7. Neeners

    S09.E02: Eat Your Heart Out

    If I had to film with 85% of those bitches wine would be an easy choice.
  8. Neeners

    S07.E11: Return of Crazy Kristen

    I have a hard time believing James does that signature masturbating cocktail move sober. At least I hope not. He's gotta be on *something*. Doesn't he? Who would do that sober? Seriously.
  9. WTF. I really thought it was her birthday. Why is she jinxing herself?
  10. I get knocked down... but I get up again!
  11. Had fun, guys! Let's meet for the Oscars!
  12. Way to go, Donald! Haha Alicia "the wrap music is getting quicker and quicker"
  13. These ladies are killing it.
  14. This is a very fast in memoriam. But I appreciate the speed.
  15. Did this guy lose a lot of weight and didn't want to buy a new suit? The only thing I can think of is he was Demi Lovato's bf for a while. But that's a stretch.