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  1. I never trust them either. I mean what’s not to like about animals?
  2. I think it’s the other way around. A daughter is Your’s for life. A son becomes his wife’s.
  3. I would if I could. I love my blankets.
  4. Clodhoppers... lol! That’s what my 87 year old dad calls all comfortable women’s shoes v She is a beautiful baby.
  5. Wouldn’t 4 separate houses be worse environmentally?
  6. Exactly. Kids today rarely see a real clock. I couldn’t recreate the cube as well as Rebecca did.
  7. I thought he said hippy dude like Manson.
  8. As a curvy women with a small waist, when I was younger, I always wore fitted clothing. It looks better to define the breasts and waist if you are curvy in the bottom and legs. That’s my preference.
  9. Why and how has it changed so quickly? That’s strange.
  10. He could be on call with the ED. There are emergencies requiring plastic surgeons.
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