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  1. Kids are spoiled now. Geez...somehow we survived very little parental interference. In fact often there was a family only party for me. I never felt neglected or unloved.
  2. That goes against nursing practice. I would never leave un-administered medications with my patient. I couldn't possibly document that I had administered the drug if I hadn't. I need to know when and if all medications are administered to care for the patient properly and so does the physician.
  3. Nobody leaves narcotics, or any medications, by the bedside. The Nurse watches you take it. Also, the tampon wouldn't work for 9 days. That's stupid.
  4. What if Rick commented that Kelly as a giant clitoris? I think it wouldn't go over well with most people. I feel the same about Kelly's comments about Rick's penis. It's UNDIGNIFIED and SLUTTY! Shame on her.
  5. Plus some people experience health risk and pain without shoes. Diabetics should always wear shoes.
  6. What does "asking for it" have to do with anything related to judging undignified behavior?
  7. I don't think 11 year old boys care about streamers.
  8. I am an RN. A little research will tell you yourself that extreme exercise is cardiotoxic.
  9. If he needs to work out for cardiac health, CrossFit is the wrong choice. It is not healthy or safe.
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