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  1. LOTS of southern pride in <checks notes> Washington state
  2. To be clear, I am NOT calling Sutton a racist. But many of us white people, and i am a 51 yo white women, have blind spots when it comes to race. I really am of a generation that said, “I dont see color” and thought we were enlightened. The thing is, this negates the experience of people of color. It denies the reality of their world. Not seeing race is a privilege they dont have. How did i learn? I shut my mouth and opened my ears when my friends who were Black or Asian talked to me about race. I didnt immediately assume they were calling me a racist. I BELIEVED them. Sutton, i am n
  3. FUCK Sutton and her “ i dont see race” . POC dont have the privilege to not see race. They have to. Their lives and bodily autonomy depend on it
  4. Those were atomic bombs. Hydrogen bombs, which have been around since the 50s are 1000 times stronger than the atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  5. Anyone who thinks a special like that was not highly produced and directed has no clue about how productions get made.
  6. Has it been 3-5 years of Gilead. I was wondering how long June was gone. I thought someone mentioned 7 years in this episode.
  7. Hours of sunshine per year, toronto 2066, Vancouver 1938 Miami is 3154 hours of sun per year Atlanta 2738, Sacramento 3608, Las vegas, 3825, san Diego 3055. Even Denver has 3071 hours of sun per year. Boston has 2634 hours of sun per year. You guys just have more hours that are overcast. The highest hours of sunlight that i found in major cities in Canada is Calgary with 2396 I grew up in boston. We have more hours of sun down here in fl. Its one of the reasons so many people come down here from New England. to live for the winter . The hours of sunlight help their SAD To b
  8. I haven't seen such a good conversation about rape since the funeral sex scene between Cersei and Jaime on GoT.
  9. While i would agree that cities like Toronto and Boston probably have a similar amount of sunny days and cloud cover, plenty of places in the USA get more sun than canada, like Orlando where I live, or Arizona, NM, Nv ,CA and much of the south. Orlando has a Humid subtropical climate compared to canada’s humid continental climate. We, and much of the south do get more sun than most of Canada. You will get plenty more gray days there than here.
  10. I loved Courtney Cox’s show Cougartown. It was actually really good and not what it sounds like.
  11. Hey all. im here. I am an hour late and playing catchup. My 89 YO mother broke here hip a few weeks ago and ive been really busy. I hope everyone is well and starting to get somewhat normal life back.
  12. I have tickets to fly to “London airport” in September. I think it might actually happen this time.
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