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  1. So now she looks even more like Madame from Wayland and Madame
  2. IM JUST popping in with some info on Ryan and their situation. I am also medically retired from the Marines. This means that my spouse and kids were all eligible for tricare when they were young, which is great insurance. Brianna and the kids probably have great healthcare. I also get a disability pension from the VA. Ryan probably does too. I dont know if his illness/injury rates him 100% disabled, but if he is rated 100% he probably gets near $4000 for a wife and 4 kids. Now, my illness is service connected but not combat related so I only get whichever one is higher, retirement pay or
  3. Wait, you can do that? Ive been taking mine with me
  4. He makes Napoleon Dynamite look like a social genius
  5. Shit, thats what NOLA might look like tomorrow
  6. Thanks, Olympics for 3 weeks and then i just couldnt bring myself to care about the reunion shows. I watched them little bits at a time while doing other things
  7. I am blind. Its 23 HOURS until the Darcey and Stacey show
  8. I thought it said the Darcy and Stacey show was coming on. Like they tacked it on to this 2 hour show
  9. I thought she sounded like my friend from Manchester UK
  10. Re new shows to watch, check out the White Lotus on HBO
  11. Ive been watching Russian ones on Amazon Prime. The Red Queen was awesome
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