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  1. Gwen does seem to get an odd edit. She goes from incredibly nice and helpful one episode to incredibly gauche the next. Possible, but I suspect editing chicanery. Jovi said that he got the only diaper size that the store had. As this was filmed around the time of the great toilet paper panic of 2020, he may have been telling the truth.
  2. I wonder if Grangela's storyline wasn't faked or manipulated. I'm not sure if we actually saw her eat any of the solid food in the soup. She did smoke, though, so it could well be that the smoking and eating was filmed long before the surgery. Of course, she could actually be stupid enough to eat solid food before surgery. Smoking is a risk factor for any surgery, but for the habit itself, not so much for the day of surgery as far as I know.
  3. I’m looking forward to seeing Kolani, Julia, and Tiff on 90 Day Divorcee.
  4. When it says Libby on the label, I don’t want it on my cable.
  5. I got a call about extending my college loan warranty. I think the scammer was confused.
  6. So long, snarkers. I have to finish a large pizza, a cake, and a pack of Marlboros before my surgery tomorrow.
  7. Why does someone have to call the psychic to tell her how the operation went? Wouldn't she know?
  8. She wasn't denied, she just has to wait for the decision.
  9. Has anyone, ever, failed the green card interview?
  10. "Why are you looking for a house? Aren't you getting a divorce?" Bitch, thine name is Kalini .
  11. What wine goes best with pancakes? Asking for a friend.
  12. Could the doctor remove her vocal cords? I think it helps with weight loss.
  13. Looks like Tiff inherited her cold shoulders from her mom.
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