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  1. I'm going to pass on Kate + Fellate.
  2. Jihoon is proposing to Deviant at Coltee's restaurant!
  3. Got a Black Magic gringo.
  4. Which is more than she ever did.
  5. Jiggy jiggy AND cockroaches? It just doesn't get any better.
  6. I'm going to need brain bleach after the jiggy jiggy scene. Dr. Pimple Popper looks more appealing.
  7. I hope we get a Deviled Egg/Jihoon crossover with Coltee/Larissa in Las Vegas.
  8. Will Aladin have time to read the manual before the jiggy jiggy?
  9. Don't be a chickenshit, Corey.
  10. Gobi

    Darcey & Jesse: Cougar Town

    You need to work on the thread name, babe. And I say that out of love, respect, and dignity.
  11. Whilst I believe that Annddreyyy 's father is a genuinely nice and good person, I suspect that some of the differences in their personalities could stem from the father being raised in the Soviet Union (as part of a minority) and the son afterwards. I imagine that the father learned to keep a low profile, not make waves, and avoid confrontation. Just a guess. "Screenee is dead!"
  12. Pao wants to be sure that Axel can understand everything "Uncle" Juan says about Russ.
  13. After the chugging scene, I truly wonder whether Coltee is a functioning alcoholic. That would explain his affect, especially in the TH segments. To me, at least, he comes across as someone who knows he is tipsy and is being very careful to maintain an even tone of voice and level expression. She is real! She's a model, but she lives in Canada and that's why she couldn't be on the show!
  14. We weren't told. In the preview for the Tell Nothing, the host asks Asshat why, his answer has to wait until next week.