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  1. Even though it happened quite a while ago, I don't know how Kim can even get out of bed in the morning. Losing a child is bad enough, but to know that you were the one who killed him. I just cannot even imagine it.
  2. The "Pure Michigan" ads were genius. I loved every single one of them, but the one called "Summer Breeze" just transports me somewhere else....... "It starts with a subtle wave, then builds into soft fingers, lifting sails and spirits. Nothing makes us feel move alive than a Summer breeze, drifting with us on the water, chasing us through the trees, and playing along the whole day......" Perfection. Sorry for the thread hijack. I can't believe Brit called Yazan selfish. Really? Are you fucking kidding me? He has lost everything because of her, his family, his job, and
  3. Probably because Daddy's first name is Deon. Just like Jim Bob Duggar had all the J kids. It's an ego thing. So, it seems like they decided they didn't want to waste a perfectly good "D" name on a dead kid? Horrid.
  4. Why in hell was Karen rubbing her belly with that stupid grin on her face at the end of the episode? I guess she was implying that she is, or would be, pregnant again soon. Deon whispered "I'm on strike" That woman is a complete nutter, I really think she just likes the tiny babies, like people who collect puppies, then have no use for them once they're grown. Or, here's a thought, maybe she does it for the hospital bed rest, so she can get the hell away from those kids for 2 months! Why didn't they get a sitter, or use the nanny to watch the new babies, so Karen could go and
  5. I had a normal pregnancy, first baby, epidural, my labor lasted about 15 hours (water broke at 7pm, she was born the next morning at 1020am), and I pushed for 3 hours. It was horrible, awful, and I remember yelling "Just cut me open, and take her out!". It was so bad that I wanted nothing to do with her when she finally came out (7 lbs 8 ozs). I didn't want to hold her, I just wanted sleep. I NEVER had another one, that was it...never again.
  6. I don't think it was jealousy, I think she wanted the interpretor to know that she was in charge, she hired her, NOT Michael, even though he's the man.
  7. Perhaps he really is as cheap as Larissa says, and he won't buy a cell phone or live in a nicer place. It could be why he has a lot of money saved. If he loans her that money though, he deserves to lose every cent. How does he expect her to pay him back? I have a friend who is so cheap it's maddening. He was staying with us once, I was cleaning up the kitchen and was about to throw away a bread package that had 1 heel of bread left and nothing else. He completely freaked out on me. This guy has tens of thousands of dollars in the bank. He also complained when I returned 2 of his e
  8. Thankfully, she doesn't look like Abbie. ::Shudder::
  9. Sorry, but that baby freaked me right out. With it's huge eyes wide open, only seconds after birth. I kept thinking.......alien.
  10. I had to look up what Federal Way was, and it says it's the least safe out of 72 Washington cities. Yikes! Glad you made it out okay.
  11. Editing sucks. On boob, off boob, on boob, off boob.
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