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  1. Horrible memories. I started pushing at 6:30 am, she was born at 9:20 am, with NO DRUGS. I had a blood pressure cuff on the whole time, squeezing down on my arm every 5 minutes! I was so fucking exhausted I didn't even really want to hold her. This is the exact reason she is an only child. There is NO WAY I was ever doing that again.
  2. It isn't. We use it when we have pool parties, to change the water color to a beautiful blue. It's interesting that it would work in a pond too. I hope it's the same stuff, I would hate to think that he might be harming any wildlife in the pond.
  3. I cannot even begin to imagine the excruciating pain that Kim must have felt. To lose your little boy is bad enough, but knowing that you killed him? That is truly life-ending pain. I couldn't have gone on, I don't know how she did. Ethan has the mentality of a 13 year-old boy, and the sex appeal of a turnip. There is no gym that would allow him to play on the equipment like that. He was disrespectful, and I'm surprised he wasn't hurt. Also, please don't ever make me listen to Moriah sing again. Ethan and Olivia were flat out wrong to go over to the house with the parents gone. The right way to earn trust is to ask permission, not sneak over the minute they leave. It's a stupid rule, but it's their house. Olivia was right when she said that their theological differences are never going to change, so it's going to be very difficult to resolve their problems. All Kim and Barry can do is raise the kids with respect and integrity, and teach them their beliefs. Then have trust in the kids to make responsible decisions as they get older. It's impossible to keep them sheltered forever, all they can do is give them a solid foundation, then let them go. As adults some may continue to live like the parents do, and some may not. That's how it goes. Forcing it like Kim and Barry only causes resentment and rebellion. It's not Olivia that's changing the older kids, they're just growing up. I just wanted to add that I hate it when they say "The Gays".
  4. Well of course! Matt has a lot of short-comings to make up for in the ring. Amy may end up with the smaller ring, but she got the bigger man...in more ways than one. Also, Amy doesn't strike me as someone who would give one whit how big the ring is. I had a feeling that Chris would propose. He knew that Amy really wanted to feel settled in a marriage, and I don't think that Chris is the type who would have strung her along, if he knew that marriage was never in the cards for them. Back when they first started dating he modified his motorcycle in order for her to ride more comfortably. You don't do that for someone, unless you think it may be a long-term thing. The Hoebag did Amy a favor in getting Matt away from her (No matter how unhappy she was she never would have left Matt). It allowed her to meet a man, and truly fall in love for the first time in her life. I believe that Matt was simply a marriage of convenience, and not a love match. Now Amy can spend the 2nd half of her life having adventures with a kind, able-bodied man, and as a bonus she won't have to play nursemaid in a few years, like the Hoe will. I love karma. Congrats to them.
  5. I'm willing to bet that Hoeley isn't even pregnant. She's faking it, and in a week or so will have a "miscarriage".
  6. When H2 said that she didn't believe in abortion, after going on and on about NOT wanting to be pregnant, she wanted to go to college, her parents are pissed...yada, yada, yada, Ananda should have immediately asked "Do you also not believe in birth control?" I don't understand why she wouldn't ask her that. She was better than the host of the 90 Day Fiancee Tell-Alls, but the bar is set very low. I thought Alex's Mom had something wrong with her eye. During the season, she always had her hair pulled over her right eye, but during the Tell-All it looked perfectly fine. What gives?
  7. This isn't true, but it sounds good! 🙂 This explains the father's obligation in more detail. https://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/publications/docs/gis/08ma031.pdf
  8. Well good. A tender, young thing like him? He'll get all the sex he wants in jail. It just won't be with a woman, and he definitely will be disrespected.
  9. Obviously people who have anxiety are not trying to be bratty. I think Parker is doing it to get attention from Daddy. My opinion. Also, how did Parker all of a sudden get behind in school? It was Riley and Parker who were moved ahead of the other 3.
  10. She didn't have sex with Matthew because she wanted sex, she had sex with Matthew because she wanted Matthew.
  11. This doesn't fly anymore, at least it doesn't in NY, hopefully every state is the same. Even without a job there is still a minimum amount of child support you must pay. If you don't pay it, your license will be suspended and/or a warrant issued for your arrest. Also, the county pays the support to you, and the Daddy/Mommy pays the county.
  12. Leave her crying ass home with the nanny. Maybe then she'll change her attitude. She ruins the fun for the rest of them.
  13. Actually, the OT said the exact opposite. She said to give a little push to try new things.
  14. Thank you. I choose to hear clear though, and I am sticking with it. Lol
  15. I so much laughed when Darcey said her favorite color is "white or clear" Yup, she said clear folks. Up until now when someone asked my favorite color, I said Plaid. Not anymore, I am stealing Darcey's favorite color of Clear. It completely makes sense though, if she could wear clear colored clothing, she would.
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