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  1. Editing sucks. On boob, off boob, on boob, off boob.
  2. How does a supposedly intelligent person think that if they don't eat for 3 days they will literally starve to death? I am the opposite of an emotional eater, if I am sad or upset I have no appetite at all. I guess the difference is that as children food was used as a comfort for these people.
  3. What's wrong with the song? I think it's sweet. On a side note, her last name is Kunce. I would marry him just to be rid of that last name.
  4. Wait! I thought he was real. He hated what she did for a living, and hated that she was Christian. She needed an invitation letter from him in order to get her visa, and he never sent it. That's how I remember it, so what did I miss?
  5. Yes. When people who are addicted to prescription opiates can't get them anymore they start using dope (heroin). It's much easier to get. I would bet that's what he's using now, and what showed up in the test Dr. Now did. Heroin would show up as an opiate, unless they did a mass spec test, which they wouldn't, it's too expensive.
  6. Why didn't that dog move at all? Justin takes the table for his videochat, then moves the table back over the dog, and the dog doesn't even move his head at all. I think Justin really did sit on him, and they had him stuffed.
  7. Didn't Steven video himself eating shit and post it online? Yes, real shit.
  8. Not really a fall. More like he blobbed onto the ground....in an unsuccessful attempt to get more painkillers.
  9. Princess was his home health care worker. The one that loaned him the TV that he didn't want to give back when he fired her, so he called the cops.
  10. Since when do cab drivers wear gloves?
  11. That milk will only dilute it. Put that back in the fridge.
  12. I should have known better then to try to eat during this show. Hell, I'll just go to BK afterwards.
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