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  1. I am blind. Its 23 HOURS until the Darcey and Stacey show
  2. I thought it said the Darcy and Stacey show was coming on. Like they tacked it on to this 2 hour show
  3. I thought she sounded like my friend from Manchester UK
  4. Re new shows to watch, check out the White Lotus on HBO
  5. Ive been watching Russian ones on Amazon Prime. The Red Queen was awesome
  6. The Americans is fantastic if you havent seen it
  7. That and her getting hit in the face with a footballs are classics.
  8. i miss all of it,so i am now reading the books
  9. He has an inappropriate relationship with a relative so he would fit in with many of the people on this show.
  10. Ahhh, a palate cleanser for some of the photos posted here
  11. Well, Have you seen Nickolaj Coster Waldau?
  12. You really dont get the address until you book though
  13. You really have to do read AirBNB listing carefully. I booked what i thought was an awesome one in Florence that turned out to be on the 5th floor with no elevator. Not good for my husband with walking issues. Then I booked one in Paris and made sure it had an elevator. It had one, but on the second floor, which is the 3rd floor in the USA. So we had to go up 3 flights of stairs and then take the elevator to the 6th floor
  14. I’m here! I’m here! I have missed you all. I took a big step this week. In preparation from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that i will be shopping this week, i went through my closets and got rid of every last one of my cold shoulder tops. I feel free!
  15. Yeah, she made it through the recovery from the hip and had 10 days at home. I am so glad she made it home. My husband had A type A Aortic Dissection in 2007 at the age of 40. It was horrific and he spend 3 months in the hospital. We are lucky he is alive but he will never be the same. I am so sorry about your mom. Aortic dissections are the worst.
  16. Popping in to say hi. I really meant to join tonight but it got late before i knew it. My mother broke her hip two months ago and i have been busy with her. She came home 10 days ago and was doing well. She has a pulmonary embolism this morning and died. I miss hanging out with you all and promise to come back soon
  17. LOTS of southern pride in <checks notes> Washington state
  18. To be clear, I am NOT calling Sutton a racist. But many of us white people, and i am a 51 yo white women, have blind spots when it comes to race. I really am of a generation that said, “I dont see color” and thought we were enlightened. The thing is, this negates the experience of people of color. It denies the reality of their world. Not seeing race is a privilege they dont have. How did i learn? I shut my mouth and opened my ears when my friends who were Black or Asian talked to me about race. I didnt immediately assume they were calling me a racist. I BELIEVED them. Sutton, i am n
  19. FUCK Sutton and her “ i dont see race” . POC dont have the privilege to not see race. They have to. Their lives and bodily autonomy depend on it
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