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  1. It isn’t that true of totalitarian, “dear leader” type governments? Run afoul of the “dear leader” and face death. There is no logic to the actions. I think the show meant to show that the new leader would change things. Even Smith mentioned that Americans are rebels, not easily led from without. The most interesting thing would be how/whether the 50 state US could be brought back together - the neutral zone and former JPS have every expression to not want “in” with former Nazis.
  2. Except prior to going to Berlin (?) he gave that other officer instructions on what to do with Helen and the girls, in the event he didn't come back. That was likely to get them to the neutral zone or maybe South America (as he had planned with Thomas). I think he planned to bring Thomas back to Nazi world, in his conversation with Helen on the train she pretty strongly said Thomas should stay with his "good mother" in alt-world. For someone else who thought the Nazi officer throwing down his medal wasn't enough - I also wish there had been another episode (though if we had one we'd want more), but they did reference Nazi soldiers deserting when the BCR was planning their defense of SF at the end.
  3. My most recent thought on the portal. Maybe that the Nazis were using it so much the portal was "damaged" and didn't close? Julianna mentioned having flashes of the portal at various times. And thinking about Smith's obsession with his son, I wonder how many Nazi soldiers died in the portal before they found one who wasn't alive in the alt-world.
  4. He had muscular dystrophy. Smith’s brother had it too. And thinking about it, I’m shocked the Nazis didn’t know, because they were so into eugenics. Nor do I understand why Smith, who is portrayed as a planner who sees multiple steps ahead, didn’t anticipate the revelation that one of his children would have the disease. He acted when he had to, but there wasn’t a plan in place in advance. Out of character. i finished season 4 a couple of nights ago but needed (still need) time to process it. Like others, the opening of the portal confuses me. I thought I saw Juliana’s step-father pass by her at the end, but I didn’t go back to double check. A few other thoughts. 1. I don’t see Smith as a tragic character. He made his choice, but it seems to me he could have taken a way that didn’t move him up so far in the hierarchy. He wanted that power, even if he didn’t believe in the Nazi program. Oddly, I find that worse than a true believer. The backstory was interesting and it feels like they could have done a season of back stories to see how the invasion and take-over happened. And why, for example, the neutral zone lasted. 2. I wonder if the Smiths didn’t have the girls in the alt-universe to show that Smith was all about himself. Because, knowing his alt-wife would be left all alone in her world, he still wanted to kidnap his son and bring him into Axis world. A world Thomas would rightfully despise. Good for Helen for her response to that. Smith’s end seemed right for the character. 3. I liked the resistance in San Francisco, though it seemed to come out of nowhere (v. An established resistance in the east). But they had to realize the reich would invade once the Japanese left, and nothing could prepare them for that firepower. I didn’t like the alt-universe where Smith and Thomas see a lunch counter civil rights demonstration, it felt like they were hitting us over the head with the history and how Smith wouldn’t step in on the correct side of history. Also seemed like a sledgehammer comparison to the SF resistance. 4. Was the plot where Juliana was the trade minister’s daughter-in-law a second alt-universe? Or a dream? Because if the theme held that you couldn’t be alive in both worlds, that family didn’t exist in the world where Smith was a salesman. 5. Robert finally found someone he cared about. I liked that story. I kept wondering if they could have gone to Australia or somewhere other than the Japanese mainland, which would be difficult for them to be together. I wanted to know whether the Japanese were evacuating other places like Australia. 6. Loved seeing Smith’s second in command immediately rip off the nazi emblems. I would be interested in seeing how that worked out, there would still be a strong commitment to re-unifying the US in the east. Though not in the west.
  5. I'm generally liking the show, but call garbage on the entire interaction with the high tech company. It just so happens Jo has the time to travel to wherever this company is headquartered? And get there exactly as Quinn's character arrives? Sure. Others have said how stupid meeting the woman in public was. But they meet at the super-secret company facility, which is so super-secret but doesn't have any security that notices a random car sitting outside for an hour? Sure. And why would the woman think 5 minutes was enough for 2 randos to get into a building, run around and find one specific door? I might be willing to believe she could only hide shutting off the security for a maximum 5 minutes, but why would she think they could find the item in that time? I appreciate receiving some answers quickly on who/what Piper is. But, as others have mentioned, saying she's a robot doesn't explain much of what has happened. It is odd the doctor hasn't noticed anything, and her being a robot doesn't automatically mean she can sniff out cancer. Why has JO not contacted any actual government agency? I get the fake agency was probably from this tech company. But real NTSB would have been notified of the crash.
  6. Hmmm, it was just her on the photo I saw. Maybe she's changing them???
  7. Wow, you would think a post of an engagement would include a photo of the COUPLE.
  8. I think, for the time, Midge would have wanted 2 children for the “perfect” family.
  9. Re-watched this last week when the first couple of episodes were on. Was reminded that the pilot intrigued me, though I was surprised (again? Can't recall what I thought at the beginning) the secretary/assistant felt bold enough to hide the suicide note. Delilah's hair is stupid and awful. And Delilah and Eddie are stupid and awful. Eight is better than all of them combined.
  10. I don't get it either. They settled the property and custody issues (at the time, they are already on the change of custody petition), so why the judgment hasn't been entered is a mystery. I immediately thought they both need to file married but separately, which at least in the past resulted in people paying higher federal taxes.
  11. She's either lying (exaggerating) about what he said, or she was/is a mass of insecurities. Note one of her reasons for the marriage was "upward mobility." That's our girl, materialistic as they come. Also interesting she was attracted to his family, bet by the end of the marriage she found them cloying and, perhaps, yokels? She definitely has a pattern.
  12. Wasnt' he going to arrange a private plane to bring her back from South America? Maybe that's where people got the idea he had one (and maybe she implied it).
  13. That's just odd. Now someone can tell me if I'm wrong, because I don't follow Instragam, but presumably B was wearing this cuff, bought/ordered from a store, and the bracelet had actual diamonds? That's just a FU to her child's father. I seriously doubt her daughter went up to B one day and said, "let's spend lots of money ordering a diamond bracelet for Mommy to wear that says I love your current boyfriend." Nope, her daughter might say, "mommy, I want to make bracelets that say I love Mommy and Daddy" for the them to each wear, but B wouldn't like that. Never mind, once she breaks up with Paul, which is guaranteed to happen, what does she do with the cuff? Recycle, hope the next guy is named Paul? I agree with others who say a child can love more than one person, but we have zero idea what this child really thinks (as it should be, she's a child for crying out loud!).
  14. Maybe I'm getting this backward, but I thought Kelsey has never had a pre-nup. And keeping up with the other women isn't that hard.
  15. I was surprised by that too. But I was more interested in her statement about talking with husbands about “major” purchases. Kyle said she likes to talk with hubby about purchases, Dorit said she runs major things (over $10k) with hubby, and Erika said she would get hubbys “permission” for a purchase (after a claim about how he buys her jewelry). And sure glad dorit didn’t need to run the Claire’s buyout of hair clips by PK. I doubt there is anything else those 2 grifters buy.
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