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  1. Mrs peel

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    So I’m watching on tape. Did Bethenny just complain that Ramona didn’t give her condolences about Dennis WHILE they were both at a PARTY? Yeah, B was deep in her mourning, at a party? Dorinda certainly proved she was in the wrong about the charity night, when she interrupted Luann after Luann was asked a question. And B was egging her on, like the banshee she is. they are all (except Luann and Ramona) jealous of Tinsley. The idea that she moved out of the hotel in NY to live in Palm Beach for the winter? They all wish they could afford that. I don’t know what her finances are, but then we don’t really know what any of their finances are. B is a total bitch, the way she was leering about The loss of Tinsley’s dog.
  2. How about say no to showing too much of your sagging implants?
  3. Mrs peel

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    Just last week I asked Tiger Lily (my older cat) if she still missed Mrs Peel (my and her companion cat, who died 6 years ago). We remember our pets for a long time.
  4. Mrs peel

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    More and more Fire Depts are getting pet-sized oxygen masks. Because why should the pets suffer in a fire, if they can be helped? I find Tinsley calling 911 over her dog over the top, but more useful than Bethenny ugly-crying for however long about her dog having seizures, while NOT stopping her daughter from watching or taking the dog to the vet. OK, the vet was 45 minutes way, but that travel time didn't get shorter in the however many minutes she was videotaping herself debating about how far the vet was from her home.
  5. Mrs peel

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    I was watching the Yankees win a doubleheader, so only caught the last few minutes. Yep, B can make anything about herself. Luann leaving rehab early is a problem because it was “disrespectful” to Bethenny! In a group of narcissists, she manages to stand out. But the Yankees are up 8 games in the AL East, so it’s all good. I’m sure I have B to thank for this. 😇😈🥵
  6. Ok, I had no idea that was Dorit, and now I’m going to hang my head in shame for this - but my first thought on seeing this photo was “this is the difference between having access to a good stylist and not having access.” Because Ramona looks like the poor relative in her too shiny, not well fit and what the heck is going on with the hem of the pants?” but both of them need more regular appointments to have their hair color touched up.
  7. I would agree with that argument if there hadn’t already been a decision made to baptize the child. But Brynn IS Catholic, by decision of both her parents. CCD classes aren’t unusual. But, if the joint custody agmt required Jason to get Bethenny’s agreement before enrolling her in religious classes, that’s a big problem for him for this case. Because it’s evidence he won’t abide by the joint custody agmt.
  8. "“‘Is everything okay? You seem very upset. And oh yeah, happy holidays,'” Frankel’s attorney Allan Mayefsky said, reading the text from Hoppy." "In another text, he said, “apparently you’re now Jewish,” with a laughing emoji." Yeah, the first one doesn't seem that bad, at least for people who hate each other. I suppose the second one is worse, although since B has claimed not to be religious, I could see where he might assume she was now just claiming to be religious in order to seem better for the court, or to begin a debate about whether their daughter should be raised Catholic or Jewish. And since she agreed their daughter would be baptized Catholic, that debate should be over. I don't get the idea she was baptized, but then they would wait til she was 12 to introduce her to religion? Worst for him is if he really did start her on CCD classes without talking to B, if the joint custody agmt required him to discuss this with her first. Since the child was baptized, I'm not sure it applies though, as CCD classes are typical for Catholic children who do not attend Catholic school.
  9. Mrs peel

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    Most states have this statute, I believe. It's not so much that the spouse is "required" to take the money, but the spouse can successfully contest a will that excludes them, and get 1/3 of the estate. Now, if the spouse signed a pre-nup giving up that right, it might stick (I don't handle estate work). My take on the Dennis dating while married is that, I get it that some people never divorce, but agree to live separately. Dennis and his wife appeared to be in that category. So I'm not necessarily saying it was wrong to date, but you cannot be engaged! Can't be planning a wedding with a guy who is still married. Never mind that B has been all over the place about whether they were really "engaged."
  10. Mrs peel

    S11.E18: Reunion Part 1

    It sounded to me like Luann was in the middle of a drug and/or alcohol fueled mental breakdown, and she called multiple people asking for money for a house she certainly, in a sane moment, would have realized she could never afford. In another sane moment, she would never have thought any of the people she called would give her money. the part of the conversation about how Dennis connected her with a “brilliant” lawyer who told her “things my own lawyer never knew” sounded like bullshit. Or Luann needed to fire her lawyer. Her case wasn’t that complicated - she was a rich(ish) drunk woman in a posh town used to rich(ish) drunks. Complication of hitting a cop, but likely not that unusual. She checks into rehab, repents, gets supervision. We all knew that would happen for crying out loud! B really does need to sit down and make a list (oh ok, dictate a list to one of her minions/friends) of the various stories she has told about Dennis, along with dates. Because I heard a ton of contradictory information about their “love match”. Not the least of which was - how long were they together and how long had they known each other? B must be paying these new guys, or they desperately want to be on TV or in Page Six, I can’t see any other reason someone would be with her. kudos to the person who found the Sonja dress on another website, why that company doesn’t sue her is a mystery to me. And that dress looked terrible on her. Wasn’t a fan of most of the clothes, and the usually ok Luann wore a dress with a slit way, way too high.
  11. Mrs peel

    S09.E19: Thirst Impressions

    They really needed to let it go, and Kyle should focused on Rinna’s behavior and what she said to Kim. Neither Kim or Rinna acted like adults over that entire stupid rabbit episode, and for the love of God it was a couple years ago! Let it go! Kyle and Teddi should have said, “well, I would have been annoyed, but if you’re not, ok then.” because lets face it, Erica wasn’t annoyed because she was flattered that someone was impersonating HER. by the end of that lunch Erica has a glass of wine in her hand, so I call bs on the migraine. I’d feel sorry for the vintner with all the screeching, but he was obviously doing this for the publicity to get a distributor, so..... Erica can also get over herself with the “I have a chapel” garbage. You have a small room into which you put some sort of religious pieces you picked up lord knows where. It’s not consecrated, so it’s not a chapel. Doesn’t it have items from multiple religions? lord, I had stopped watching BH, and only caught a couple of episodes in a marathon yesterday. What the heck are Kyle and Erica wearing in their talking heads? If Erica wants people to see her as a real person, she needs to stop wearing costumes,
  12. Exactly what is “skinny” about moisturizer? She is slapping her logo on everything.
  13. Well, it’s Sonja who gets the check. So she has an incentive for the kid to not graduate and work until she’s 25. I find it more inter3sting that Sonja is on the hook for all school fees. Of course, she’s getting $150k (before the inflation factor) so she can afford it - since ALL this money is supposed to be child support. and what happened to the $16MM she had at the tome of the divorce? The movie judgment was like $7MM to so. Also, note her ex was going to make good on the value of the French property, in the event she was found not to own it. That’s probably a couple of million more. She blew through a lot of money.