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  1. Because she didn’t see anything is my guess. but the simple fact is his theft started way earlier than the TBI car accident or anything else. The attempt to blame it all on dementia is a lie.
  2. Right. The clue that neither was “to the manor born” was their reaction to the presidential suite. Over the top, acting like they had never seen anything so nice. of course, Kyle seems to really live in a house with pink lights in the foyer, so…..
  3. I think plaintiffs law firms do both kinds of not unusual for firms to use lines of credit to tide over the ebb and flow of receivables (for PI firms even more important). I am guessing Girardi turned eventually to litigation funding, but don’t know. i am thinking of the vaginal mesh cases, where PI lawyers encouraged their clients to have revision surgery, paid through litigation funding. Those surgeries were also often horrible, and of course if the client didn’t win the case, was on the hook for the surgery costs too. Blood suckers. I agree there is a difference between the
  4. I call bulls@@t on this. B always needs to insert herself and be the know-it-all. let’s start with the elephant in the room — the very idea that “it was known - among the “best of the best””. Honey, Personal injury plaintiff lawyers, no matter how much money they make (and some make mega-bucks) are NOT considered the “best of the best” in the legal community. Folks at white shoe corporate firms likely never heard of Girardi. Nor are the folks who are involved in “litigation funding” (loaning money to lawyers and plaintiffs on the bet that the PI case will result in a big payoff) part
  5. She speaks 4 languages, but stupid in all of them. the gowns were pretty standard, except for the fixation on thigh-high slits. I give her a bit of credit for the fact that the real designer’s name is part of the company name (though second). I imagine their conversations as Dorit saying “I envision something sexy in white” “wouldn’t pearls be lovely” “what would an actress wear?” And the real designer looks for something she’s already designed, makes a few changes and — there it is! oh lord, went to the website. For the “actress” dress they say it’s “classy.” Nothing say
  6. It’s unlikely that he lives in Malibu. I assumed the not living in LA was because he couldn’t afford it (and we haven’t heard anything about Tom buying him a house), so he’s probably more inland. Plus, she admits she didn’t get the message about the supposed break-in for 3 hours. If this story isn’t complete bulls@@t, I assume Tom would already have been at the hospital. No need to have her son go rushing anywhere. And as others have said, Tom has children and a brother, so there are others closer she could have called. when would this alleged break-in have happened? Because whi
  7. I’m watching on tape. Quick thoughts: Dorit thinks it’s a brilliant and unusual decision to host a wedding themed party for a wedding dress collection? She doesn’t get out much. does Kyle not have real pots and pans? Why does she always use disposable cheap aluminum trays? I don’t think Erika will think Kyle, Mauricio, Dorit and PK }had her back” at that dinner, but it was hysterical? Pretty bad wedding dress design if Dorit has to constantly hold onto the dress so she doesn’t step on it.
  8. Yes, but only after a court decision that she owes the money. Which will take years.
  9. Gerardi didn’t steal millions from his clients - widows, orphans, people who suffered horrible tragedies - because he can’t say no and wanted to spoil people. Nope, this is an attorney who appears to have been stealing from his clients for years, which is unethical. He’s a disgusting human being. for those talking about the CA bar, I’m not sure the CA AG can sue for anything. Sadly, lawyer disciplinary boards (sometimes it’s the state bar, sometimes it’s a separate group) have been very lax with lawyers over the years. This is particularly true if the lawyer repays the money to the cli
  10. I call bullshit on her not having a maid. Of all the things she’s spending money on, a maid, even if only once a month, isn’t that much. Get rid of one of the paid friends, that would open up lots of cash.
  11. Well, in the sense that both are garbage, she wasn’t wrong. Damn, that dress didn’t even fit well. erika needs to stick to a story. First no girlfriend for Tom, then she only recently learned, then she “assumed” he was with another woman when he was supposedly unconscious after the (I don’t believe it happened) car accident, NOW she learned 6 years ago? And what, she claims to have the password to his phone and that’s how she learned? I thought he was totally in charge and she knew nothing. Never mind, if he had law firm communications on that phone, he wouldn’t have given her the pa
  12. The picture in the attic is probably being auctioned off. Which reminds me, other lies by Erika. First it was she dropped Tom off at work (note that was to further encourage the “he’s out of it” narrative, hmm. But that negates the he’s a controlling heartless sob narrative) and just left the house with nothing. Then it was well, she took a sofa or two. She rented a large truck to move (oops have the paid friends move) all the clothes and the very large but ugly photos.paintings of herself. can’t keep the lies straight.
  13. On a different topic, what craptastic holiday decorations they have. Absolutely nothing that seemed to have any personal connection with their families. I wonder if it was all rented? Dorit had a Menorah on her Christmas tree, ok then. Kyle is Jewish but has 3 Christmas trees? I didn’t see a Menorah anywhere. put me on the side of those who don’t think Kyle made the dinner (though she may know how to cook.)
  14. Yep, she can’t even manage that. Such garbage. She doesn’t know what happened to the money? Well, $20mm went to you and your paid friends. And never was so much money wasted. Then the 2, count them, 2 planes, the multiple closets of expensive but tacky clothes, etc. of course, the other women should have realized she would never admit to knowing anything, or about having lied in the past about her amazing marriage (assuming her current story of Tom being dismissive and cold is true). But her entire story of how he changed 3 years ago, implying that was the source of the theft, is al
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