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  1. I think this is a very astute comment and right on the money.
  2. I heard on a recent podcast that Kelli’s favorite band is The Clash. Her favorite tune is “Train in Vain.”
  3. I think they should have refused to pay Jack based on the fact that he did no work. There must be something in the contract that says toe sucking and drinking beer are not enough to justify your pay check.
  4. June must have been paid based on her TV contract. The only thing she lost out on was the tips. Which is nothing to sneeze at. I can understand her appearance on WWHL because some people want to hold on to whatever shred of celebrity they have.
  5. It is obvious that Colin doesn’t leave as he continued on “Watch What Happens Live” like nothing was wrong. If he had left early I think we would get an answer inkling about it. I think he should leave these drunken degenerates. I know I would.
  6. It’s Ben better with new chefs. Now we will have the same old bullshit. Boring.
  7. I think this is a good move for her. Her meltdown on camera can’t be good for her custody case. She has more than enough money. Why not take some time to enjoy it?
  8. After Beth got a severe beating and her face was all lumpy and bruised and scarred....she looked exactly like Vicki Gunvaldson.
  9. Look Vicki so stupid that she got it totally wrong. Again. Kelly told her she had a “Three’s Company” not a three way! Kelly is obsessed with “Three’s Company.” That’s why she called Shannon Mrs. Roper. She wants to get an Apartment with Browyn and Shane who can pretend to be gay. I bet Shane would be really good at that.
  10. I believe that Aesha’s double major in college was in farting and burping. Jack engineered doing as little work as possible. How competent can he be as a engineer when he doesn’t know how to operate a comb?
  11. June is a published author. She has written a very interesting book. Aesha, Jack and Travis haven’t read a book. She is not cut out for yachting. It seems that you need to be a drunken degenerate to fit in properly. That’s why people like Aesha, Jack, Travis, Ben, Kate, Kat and Nico do great and nice normal people like Amy, June and Colin struggle. Colin would do well to leave and go back home and leave these losers to stew in their own vomit. He already has his celebrity from the show. Why not leave when you can retain both your sanity and your integrity.
  12. I vote that we send them to Venezuela. Dorito and Erika can pick up some tips on their finances.
  13. Gone but not forgotten. LVP is long gone from this clusterfuck but I sure she will continue to be a major topic because these women have nothing to talk about. Well nothing that they can talk about.
  14. I think based on past performance everyone is going to hate Ben.
  15. The formal announcement has been made yet as far as I know. This is all speculation and gossip. i think Teddi leaked it to Radar OnLine.
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