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  1. langford peel

    S04.E12: Don't Cry for Me, Sirocco

    Hmmmmmm. That implies that he volunteers to leave. Maybe hanging around 24/7 with those shiftless degenerates is just to much to take for a normal person.
  2. langford peel

    S14.E02: (Not So Happy) Housewarming

    His mother knew. That’s why she named him Shane. ”Come back Shane!”
  3. Emily has a sexy curvy body but she ruins it with what she has done to her face.
  4. langford peel

    S04.E11: Monte Car-loco

    If Ben comes aboard he will spend his time trying to get June pregnant and serving pretentious slop. . Get a new chef.
  5. langford peel

    S14.E02: (Not So Happy) Housewarming

    I think they are already on the fast track to divorce just like Gina last year. Emily is as trying to force him on camera and he wasn’t having it. Maybe he has a modicum of self awareness and figured out how bad he came off and wanted to avoid the cameras. I don’t think he knew he was on camera in the phone call. I think his appearances will be sparse this year. That ought to make a lot of people happy and let’s Emily play the martyr which is the preferred role of all Housewives.
  6. This seems quite unlikely. I bet on fake news.
  7. langford peel

    S14.E02: (Not So Happy) Housewarming

    I think it is ridiculous that the only time Kelly seems like a decent human being is when she films with her daughter. That is why there are so many scenes of them together. It is just weird and off putting and way to much to dump normalizing a sociopath on a kid.
  8. langford peel

    S04.E11: Monte Car-loco

    I think that Travis, Jackoff and Aesha are lazy drunken degenerates and at least the two deckhands should be fired. Aesha might be salvageable if she learns how to keep it in her pants.
  9. langford peel

    S04.E11: Monte Car-loco

    If the charter cost was $100,000 as has been speculated than $17,000 is a generous tip. I read somewhere that the charter guests get a very discounted rate and I bet celebrities get an even bigger discount.
  10. I totally think that is the case. Especially Dorito and PK but Kyle as well. Celebs are notorious for demanding to be paid to show up and want everything for free. I ran a couple of businesses in NYC and celebrities wanted everything on the arm. LVP brought a lot to the table. Kyle not so much. Unless you want your toenails clipped and need to be called an alcoholic.
  11. These woman wanted to be “friends” with Lisa for all the free stuff they would get. Free meals and free drinks are what they live for as celebrities never want to put their hand in their pocket. If they are friendly with Lisa they get to go to all the parties and events she has in her many restaurants. None of the others have anything comparable except for Erika’s shows which are now over since Daddy Warbucks can’t finance it. If they had to pay they would never go.
  12. langford peel

    S04.E11: Monte Car-loco

    I still think Colin wants to quit because of a confrontation with Travis who has been mocking him all season. Colin has been a loyal sidekick and friend to Joao and was not afraid to call him out when he thought he was wrong last season. That’s what a real friend does and it seems like Joao appreciates it. Unfortunately he relies on Colin too much instead of insisting that the others do their jobs because he doesn’t to come off as a humorless dick. Travis and Jack try to undermine that friendship and the nonsense they bring adds to stress of overwork to the point that Colin must have had enough. When he goes to Captain Clueless she has to understand what is happening when her hardest working most loyal deckhand wants to quit. She has to kick ass and take names. What do you think will happen?
  13. langford peel

    S14.E02: (Not So Happy) Housewarming

    You know the more I think about it having your 12 year old daughter on TV talking abut how rumors of her mother’s cocaine use causes her to be taunted in school seems abusive. It just goes to show you how when husbands refuse permission to let their kids be on the show they are 100% right.
  14. langford peel

    RHoBH in the Media

    That’s nice. More dick talk. You can never have enough of that.
  15. langford peel

    S04.E11: Monte Car-loco

    Actually Colin is everyone else’s friend. He starts off being nice to everybody and only turned away from some of the other crew members when they proved to be drunken degenerates. He is one of the few people in all of the Bravo shows that nobody has a bad word to say. That’s unique.