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  1. Jeez, Rach, why all the drama over the Andrew Weissman interview? He works for MSNBC & he’s only rehashing stuff we’ve heard before. More dramatic audio-book? Thankfully, that wasn’t too long. The short Mary Trump interview was good. And Rach did seem to enjoy detailing the Trump tax stuff & that was OK to watch — even if those details are soooo nauseating.
  2. Well then, you know what? Maybe she needs to counter her now nightly scare-fest & nightmare scenarios by stating outright — that it is possible to stop this, but ONLY by voting this administration out. Rachel should consider she may be making viewers of her show so terrified, depressed & hopeless, they may feel voting is pointless — and then she’d be inciting the exact opposite of her intentions. Idk, her show last nite was so damn depressing & scary & hopeless, it’s motivating me to watch her less. Look, Rach, I certainly don’t want happy-talk bullshit & would never expect it from you, but this scary shit is overload.
  3. So is Rachel trying to scare the absolute fuck outta her audience so they will get off their asses & vote? Looks like it to me. And I'm all for it. But she still skeered the absolute fuck outta me tonite . . .
  4. Idk, I’m not sure I’m caring for Rachel’s general attitude. Oh she’s right about everything being crazy now & nothing making sense. But I think she’s living in her own little bubble & seems to have no comprehension of the vast number of people out there who still strongly support Trump, no matter how corrupt his administration is or whatever senseless shit he does. I just wish Rachel would absolutely keep in mind Trump has a good chance of being re-elected. Learn from 2016 & don’t be shocked if it happens, cuz it very well could. This general attitude coming from all hosts on MSNBC (including Rachel) that anyone who supports Trump is “stupidly” not voting in their own self-interests? It’s maddening to me cuz it’s so condescending. This needs to stop cuz it will backfire & turn voters off. Look, being informative is great — especially now. Just keep that up, Rach — without scaring the piss outta us every nite, please! Also, LOD had a fascinating interview with Woodward. Why she chose sleazebag Michael Cohen over him is beyond me . . .
  5. I'm getting to a point that when I see Jacob Soboroff & his cute puppy-dog concerned looks pop up, I tune out. Yes, Rach you scared the fuck outta us tonite. You know, I'm really worried that between Rachel's scary shtick (which is all horrifyingly true) & the onslaught of anti-Trump books, this may have an unintended effect of exhausting voters from turning out, rather than motivating them to vote. Hope I'm wrong, but I'm getting a bad feeling the polls (like in 2016) don't mean jack shit -- and they're not a reliable indicator of who'll win. Please tone down the scare stuff, Rach. It's a big turnoff. Yes, it's real, but it's overload . . .
  6. It is hard to take this stuff, but it’s vital Rach stays on top of all of it — from the dreadful way he’s ignoring Covid & climate change, to showing the effects of his non-action on these. Jeez, there’s so much that he’s handling in such a fatally ineffective way, it is overwhelming. What can we do, other than hope a majority of voters ultimately realize what a terrible President he is? At least Rachel is making the case in a reasonable & logical way. Of course that’s no guarantee she’ll have an effect, but I’m glad she’s persistently trying.
  7. OK, Rach, if ya wanted to convince us what a nutcase Caputo is, you certainly did a great job -- and it wouldn't have even taken as much as you described. That he has so much responsibility over info getting out on Covid? Scary as hell. Shit, I'm not gonna be sleeping well knowing this . . .
  8. Hey, I get why Rachel is so thrilled with this onslaught of books. They’re all confirmation of what she’s been suspicious of for the last 3 and a half years — whether it’s the Inaugural funds or shady shit of Trump cronies & connections with Russia. But I’m finding this onslaught of books depressing, rather than reassuring, cuz it’s just so unknown if this will have ANY impact on voters.
  9. Ya promise, Rach? No more audio books? Really? Sheesh, I'm exhausted by all these books! Thanks for the recap of all the authors you had on that you read their books to, Rach. Eh, I'm not especially thrilled with Strzok. I certainly wasn't feeling the same as Rach, who was kinda going nuts over him. He has some interesting things to say & his POV is definitely worth listening to, but the prob is his credibility has been effectively shattered -- and sorry, Rach, but that's his own fault. Yes, he was targeted, but as an agent, he should have known better than to leave himself so vulnerable. So will ANY of this stuff from ANY of these books make a difference? Certainly doesn't seem like it, but who knows. I'm just glad Rach said she's giving the books a rest -- er, until she can book Woodward?
  10. Er, Michael who? Sorry Rach, that your big get of last nite is yesterday’s news & pretty much forgotten. Actually, I love that the sleazy fuck’s book isn’t being talked about anymore. There’s so much juicy, great stuff in Woodward’s book, I’m even OK if she does a whole hour audio-booking Rage . . .
  11. I’m not ambivalent about him — he’s a slimeball. While he does seem credible in what he’s saying, as a person — he is such an awful character, his credibility could easily be questioned. I don’t think in the end anything from him makes much difference. As far as Rachel’s “rapport” with him goes? I’m sure she’s still as disgusted by him now as she was when she was quoting his vile, curse-loaded, bullying threats against reporters. Rach was just being a good journalist, hiding her own feelings & trying to get a story. Bottom line is he’s so thoroughly despicable, I suspect most will tune him out. Mary Trump will ultimately have way more impact on perspective of Trump.
  12. You know, as Cohen was describing his sleazy shit, that he was carrying out with Pecker at The National Enquirer, to smear Cruz or Rubio or whoever — and he’s smirking . . . I couldn’t stop thinking how this disgusting character makes me wanna puke my guts out. Blech! His claims about the Fallwells didn’t make much sense — so Rach didn’t get anything much outta him on that. So did she break any scoops? Nothing that I haven’t heard already & I can’t stand this fucking creep. I need to take a shower after looking at & listening to him. Ick.
  13. I coulda sworn I saw tears or maybe watery eye ducts — but you wouldn’t wanna spoil a moment of happiness for those of us who can’t stand her & her endless barrage of lies — even if it’s an ever so brief moment?🙂 Well, at least Rachel thankfully NEVER shows her!
  14. Yeah, the media really is all over this story & now even Fox is confirming it, so just cuz the media is still on it — will it have any discernible effect among voters? Look, Rach spent most of her show last nite on it & her Twitter is on fire over it, so if she’s there tonite, expect her to still be on it. I trust her instincts so if she is on it, I’m in! And btw, Kayleigh abruptly ran out of a press conference in tears when questioned on this story, so maybe Rach is right to be all over this.
  15. Wow, MSNBC & CNN are furiously repeating that Atlantic story, as Rach did. OK, so maybe it is worth the effort to repeat & push, cuz it is just so vile & awful — & yet so consistent with his past behavior & comments, particularly on McCain.
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