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  1. So glad that Rach has picked up on regularly mentioning the awfulness we’re still enduring with DeJoy & how he’s destroying the USPS. She started off Friday’s show saying she had news about him & later got sidetracked with the Texas anti-abortion story. Did she ever get back to DeJoy? Keep your spotlight on that roach, Rach! It’s the only way to pressure this administration not to forget about him & to finally get rid of that creep!!! Btw, I was always wondering about the moles on Rachel’s neck. She had several & they’re all gone now . . .
  2. So last nite, Rachel did effectively explain the Times story of the Barr appointed US Attny in CT who filed that idiotic indictment. But wow, that was complicated. Good thing Rach explained it at least twice (or was it more?) cuz I was totally lost. Guess Rachel’s point on this bit of nonsense, that probably only she’s paying attention to, & the awesome Barb McQuade alluded to directly, is — Garland, WTF are you doing & why the heck haven’t you gotten rid of this Barr stooge & Trump suck-up/crony?
  3. Yeah, Rach was off Friday for Labor Day weekend. Idk, she was looking so disturbed at what’s going on with Covid & with this horrible Supreme Court we’re now gonna be stuck with for decades — particularly in her interviews with the FEMA official & with Dahlia Lithwick. Is she really gonna be OK getting rid of this show next year & only being on intermittently? Really? Her influence won’t be the same & I bet she’ll be chomping at the bit to chime in when something awful happens. Guess we’ll see . . .
  4. Poor Rach. ALL cable news is now stuck in an unwatchable cycle of the same endless coverage. Yup, it’s ONLY: Hurricane, Covid & Afghanistan — rinse, lather & repeat. Ugh, it’s so depressing & awful & non-stop, I can’t stand watching it! Will Rachel be forced to only cover these like the others? Welp, knowing Rach, she’ll hopefully keep up the coverage of voting rights mostly everyone else in media has forgotten about . . .
  5. Latest news is Rachel’s daily show is likely to end sometime in 2022 — so enjoy it while you can. Her new contract is for about 30 “specials”, which may or may not be weekly. Well, this is clearly what Rach wants. Her show was so good last nite, getting used to not having her commentary every nite during the week is gonna be damn hard!! 😢
  6. Yeah, but once again, Rachel (and to some degree, LOD too) is on a vastly different track than the rest of MSNBC, & pretty much all the rest of media, which is endlessly blasting the negativity of Afghanistan (with unduly biased blame only on Biden, and with no acknowledgement of Trump’s involvement). All the rest of media is covering Afghanistan & Covid — and that’s it! Makes me wonder if people are exhausted by coverage of both stories & are shutting off their interest in either. At least Rachel is covering other topics, such as what’s going on in TX with voting rights.
  7. Guess Rach was right — it’s August 13 & no, Trump has not been re-installed as Prez. So the pillow guy was wrong? Should we look for Rach to take a Friday nite swig of a very smart cocktail to celebrate? 😀😀😀
  8. You never know with Rachel. She may work something out to take a break for a year & then come back. Look, there was absolutely a sense of urgency for her to be around before Biden, covering & highlighting the constant & endless barrage of scandals, lies, leaks, court proceedings, indictments, investigations & admin turnovers like nobody else in media. That sense of urgency doesn’t exist right now. So it’s actually a fairly good time for her to take a break. She’ll certainly be missed exactly because nobody in media now covers American politics like she does. A fine ex
  9. Yes, her coverage of this story is absolutely essential. Will she have much (or any) influence over Garland? Who knows? But it’s worth the effort for her to try! What I have no doubt of is this White House is listening to her, given that Ron Klain has been a frequent guest in the past. I was just disappointed last nite that she didn’t get to more coverage of those awful govs in FL & TX, but I’m sure she’ll get to it . . .
  10. I trust Rachel’s instincts on what stories she follows. While the rest piled on Cuomo, I admired that she focused on more important national & international stories, and Covid & climate change. And now that Cuomo will soon be gone, that’s mostly the end of his story. And so it was mostly a waste of time to pile on him & Rach (as usual) was right to just avoid it & focus elsewhere.
  11. Yup, Rach was back, & to me, she spent way, way, way too much time on the Trump/Justice-Dept./Pushing-the-big-lie crapola that we all know, despite everyone on CNN & MSNBC & NY Times & WaPo screaming about it, is gonna go absolutely nowhere. I’m hoping she’s gonna spotlight the lunacy of what’s going on with the despicable govs of TX & FL & their states’ skyrocketing Covid #’s. And speaking of govs, I’m really curious what she thinks of Cuomo. While everyone else in media has been screeching their guts out over it, she’s mostly avoided the subject of Cuomo al
  12. I like that Indivisible guy — and clearly so does Rach cuz she has him on fairly often. As usual, Rachel is a stand-alone amongst ALL the chucklehead hosts on MSNBC & CNN (except maybe Joy Reid or LOD) who are so damned hopeless & pessimistic about voting rights. At least Rachel is trying to be positive & show there might be some possibilities.
  13. Rachel totally lost me last nite with her opening! Yeah, she was making some point about stupid conspiracy theories. But man, it took her 20 minutes to get to that point. And she was going on & on about some woman I never heard of & couldn’t care less about. I couldn’t figure out where Rach was going with this & was so annoyed & uninterested, I switched over to AC, who must have covered at least 3 or 4 topics of current concern, in the time Rachel was babbling on endlessly. Was this a producer choice or hers? Sheesh, what a fail!
  14. So, er, is Rach being too tough on Merrick Garland? Hell, no! I hope she keeps it up every damn nite!
  15. Glad to see Rachel is covering the Postal Service mess again. Sorry, but she has a very real tendency to cover a story exhaustively & then just completely forget about it. Well, she’s back on that stinkin’ creep DeJoy full on — YAY!!
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