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  1. I like that Indivisible guy — and clearly so does Rach cuz she has him on fairly often. As usual, Rachel is a stand-alone amongst ALL the chucklehead hosts on MSNBC & CNN (except maybe Joy Reid or LOD) who are so damned hopeless & pessimistic about voting rights. At least Rachel is trying to be positive & show there might be some possibilities.
  2. Rachel totally lost me last nite with her opening! Yeah, she was making some point about stupid conspiracy theories. But man, it took her 20 minutes to get to that point. And she was going on & on about some woman I never heard of & couldn’t care less about. I couldn’t figure out where Rach was going with this & was so annoyed & uninterested, I switched over to AC, who must have covered at least 3 or 4 topics of current concern, in the time Rachel was babbling on endlessly. Was this a producer choice or hers? Sheesh, what a fail!
  3. So, er, is Rach being too tough on Merrick Garland? Hell, no! I hope she keeps it up every damn nite!
  4. Glad to see Rachel is covering the Postal Service mess again. Sorry, but she has a very real tendency to cover a story exhaustively & then just completely forget about it. Well, she’s back on that stinkin’ creep DeJoy full on — YAY!!
  5. Great commentary from Rach tonite — so why’d she have to muck it up by showing a looooong Fox clip of the Turtle? OK, so this is the latest shtick of pretty much every fool on CNN & MSNBC to kill time — showing these insanely long Fox clips. Why? Cuz they have no Trump clips anymore? If I wanted to watch Fox (I DO NOT!!!) then I would (BUT I WON’T). Why show Fox clips to an audience clearly NOT interested in seeing them? Rach resisted (er, mostly anyway) showing Trump clips, so why ruin your show, Rach, with long & awful clips from Fox? Please resist pressure (if there is
  6. I didn’t see the exchange with Hayes, which sounds a bit nasty & totally out of character for Rach, who has only ever shown great respect & an honest liking for LOD in her sign-off exchanges with him. Keep in mind, Rach has had Ron Klain on her show many times & she must know him well too. At this point, it seems downright odd that she hasn’t had the chance to interview Biden. Still trying to figure out what gives with this . . .
  7. When I heard LOD was getting this interview, I was really puzzled. But in tonite's signoff, it was explained this will be a townhall with a COVID-related theme. Ron Klain was on with LOD recently, so I wouldn't be surprised if LOD's producers pitched this to him. The bigger question is -- why isn't Biden doing an interview with Rach, particularly since her ratings are now among the highest in cable? I suspect Biden's people (such as Klain) have zero interest in establishing Rachel in the same way Trump did with Hannity. Rachel's producers should take this as a hint that if they want
  8. Was anyone else expecting Rach to say -- OK, it's Friday nite, have yourself a smart cocktail (if you're of age, of course), close your eyes & wait for the Chinese rocket to hit earth! 😀
  9. Man, I may be alone here, but I was completely lost watching Rachel last nite. She was covering so much, so fast! In the beginning of the show, she flashed a headline from a month ago & was going on & on & on about something & I suppose she heading somewhere to make a point. But I got so bored cuz she taking so freakin‘ long to make whatever point she was trying to make, that I momentarily switched to Cuomo (forgive me please). Oh Rach, how about making a point first — instead of taking 20 minutes or a half hour to get to it? Well, I’m just glad she’s not spending half
  10. Yes! He just did such an idiotic interview on CNN, I had to turn it off, he said such stupid shit. She’d really be doing much more good if she’d ramp up the pressure on Manchin, rather going on endlessly about Gaetz!
  11. Ah, so the Gaetz floodgates are starting to burst open. OK, Rach, you already devoted too much of the show to it — BUT you def provided great background. Please, I beg you, Rach, control yourself & don’t spend the whole show (or even a half hour) discussing this nauseating character, please???
  12. So wait, did Rach mention Gaetz even once tonite? And no flashing of his skeevy, creepy, smirky mug? YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just think she shoulda led with the Trump "donor duping" story. How awful & horrible & yet soooo unsurprising is that story? And yet the stuff the started with -- that she was "geeking out" over & going so nuts about? I'm very, very skeptical any of that is gonna go anywhere.
  13. Schadenfreude? I really didn't think that was Rachel's style at all, to overly report on a story just to dig the knife in to Repubs. If that is what's going on, I'm deeply disappointed. Sure, the Gaetz story is an important one cuz he is a current member of Congress, serving on several important Congressional committees. I'm not saying Rach shouldn't discuss it -- she absolutely should, but a half-hour every nite? That's going overboard, particularly when there's yet another Trump scandal breaking . . .
  14. Ali really is a pro. The guy subbing for Hayes is pretty awful -- he speaks too loudly & constantly talks over his guests. I thought that kinda crap was over when Matthews was given the boot. That guy is just plain unwatchable. I'm at a point that when the Gaetz stuff comes on, I tune out cuz now it's mostly repetitive. Wake me up when something interesting happens, like he resigns or they kick him out of Congress or something really juicy breaks. Oh look, I get it, Rach & her producers wanna dig the knife in & gloat over the downfall of yet another Trumper. I'm all
  15. Am I wrong to expect more of Rachel than all the rest on MSNBC & CNN? After all, remember that she was the one & ONLY holdout NOT to endlessly play those awful Trump clips. Ya know, all the rest of ‘em (including Melber, Hayes, Williams, LOD & Joy Reid) still play those damn horrible Trump clips — and for absolutely no reason! It’s so freakin’ bizarre! But Rachel isn’t doing it. Look, the Gaetz crap is not gonna stop. It’s only gonna get sleazier & uglier. Rachel & her producers need to make a purposeful choice immediately, to take a step back & not spend a h
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