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  1. Anyone catch the hand-off to LOD? He noted that Maria Isabel Bueso, who was so cruelly threatened with deportation, while being treated with desperately needed medical help, just got notice she will be able to stay for the next 2 years. LOD said this NEVER would have happened if Rachel didn’t shine her spotlight on Maria. Is that beautiful or what? Sniff, who says Rach accomplishes nothing with her show?
  2. No poof for Kamala? Um, maybe skipping it this time might be for the best, Rach. Altho I am OK with a poof for Bullock. Actually, the only poof I'm really looking forward to is for Tulsi. That poof can't come fast enough for me. So is "MacGyvering " an actual verb now -- or is this just Rachel-speak?
  3. Man, I am really skeptical about all this engagement jazz. I strongly suspect Andy Cohen is too. Uh, could this be for cam time & a storyline? Ya think? Look, I know little to nothing about Scott. He’s no looker, but that’s no crime. He seems nice enough & seems to treat Tinz nicely, which given her history of relationships with a-holes & shitheads, may be a first for her. So I get the appeal of Scott for her. But after living her whole life in the insulated teeny tiny hoity-toidy fancy-shmancy bubble-worlds of the Upper East Side & Palm Beach, is she really gonna be able to suddenly pick up & change her life so drastically to move to Chicago? Me doubts it. Sure, she could still live a luxe life in Chicago, but this change seems too sudden & drastic. I don’t believe any of it. If she does actually go thru with the marriage for whatever reasons (er, loneliness, desperation or a storyline), it’d probably last as long as Lu’s marriage did — or maybe shorter. And if she really does move to Chicago, then that’s it for her on this show. And that’s the main reason I don’t believe any of this stuff. Tinz leaving this show is like Kyle leaving BH. Will. Never. Happen. Like Kyle, Tinz has been itching for an attention-getting op like this show for decades. She ain’t gonna give it up for Scott or anyone or anything. No way. Please keep in mind, that Tinz does a lot of play-acting for this show. She def does not show her true personality. She’s not all that different now than she was when was the It Girl 15 years ago, screaming in people’s face, & pretty much run outta NYC. OK, she’s toned down somewhat since then, but I know people who have dealt with her that say she still has a snooty attitude.
  4. Thanks, Rach, for leading off the show with Spencer's resignation letter. This story has been so damn confusing. Both WaPo & NYT musta changed their reporting at least 3 or 4 times over the weekend. I'm still not sure what went on, but I was waiting for Rach to talk about it so I could at least get some clarity. Sheesh! Doesn't help that it seems like there's a lasagna of lies going on here -- layers & layers of lies, with no ricotta cheese in between . . .
  5. Don't feel bad about mistaking her name. Maria Teresa Kumar called her Fiona Apple on another MSNBC show (forget which). Hopefully, she's well-known enough now, nobody will forget her name. Glad Rach zeroed in on the best of her testimony, but there was a lot of good stuff to choose from.
  6. Er, is it my imagination or did they leave it so they could do another season? Well, given this season had nothing to do with the books, it certainly gives ‘em the freedom to do another, right? The books skip way far ahead & Ross & Demelza are hardly the focus. Was it 20 years the show went thru? And Ross still has jet black hair & Demelza has that gorgeous skin? Um, OK. Now we have Botox & hair color. What was their secret? Coal mines, ocean water & lots of wind? Gosh, Jack Farthing is a wonderful actor. Just sayin’.
  7. Overall, a pretty good finale. Look, it certainly was unexpected that ole George would EVER save Ross's life, but he did -- and I liked it. Ah, poor Georgie. Who would think we could be sympathizing with him? But it was hard not to. It really did look like he was going to become a ghost-o-sexual, as I had earlier predicted. But why was there no clear image of Heida? Did her contract run out? A few things bothered me a bit -- like what was with Tess falling for Ross? That seemed to come out of nowhere. And why in the world would Demelza feel sorry for her? Seriously, what the what? And what the heck was with Caroline being jealous of Kitty? I didn't get that at all. Oh, and why was Rosina just standing around doing nothing when Morwenna was about to give birth? That was dumb. It was kinda nice that Demelza's bros had a happy ending, but I never changed my mind about those 2. They were both dopes & the actors playing 'em really stunk. And it was nice seeing the meanie bros get their just due & had me thinkin' about too many figures in politics now who should only meet such an end. Ah, but it did finish off in a way that highlighted what made this show so great to watch -- the scenery, the scenery, the scenery. Man, I almost felt that wind blowing my hair around too . . . er, even if my hair isn't long enough to blow around (well, much anyway). Sniff, I'll miss this show.
  8. I was having probs understanding some of what Cecily & Caroline were saying. I don’t think it was about accents. Both actresses had a tendency to mumble their lines. The director shoulda noticed this. Jeez, why is it only Demelza’s brothers say “thee” so much? Sounds stilted to me. And because neither of ‘em are particularly good actors, it sounds even more annoying. That awful Tess better get some kinda comeuppance next ep. If that dopey Sam marries that witch, I’m gonna throw a shoe at my TV! So no more women for Georgie? Um, OK. He’s only into ghosts now? Is there a name for that? Nutso? Guess he & cranky uncle don’t have to worry about Caroline going public . . .
  9. So why was Caroline giving Kitty a big ole stinkeye every time Kitty & Dwight were talking? Was she supposed to be jealous? That was really silly. Seriously, is there anyone more self-righteous than Dwight? Caroline’s whining about Dwight only thinking of her as a simple-minded heiress kinda came out of nowhere, didn’t it? She’s never said this before. Uh, was that French guy distractingly beautiful or what? His storyline is dopey as hell & has one more ep to get wrapped up, but thanks for the nice eye candy, producers! Jeez, I can’t drink & watch this show cuz those brothers (or half-brothers or whatever) make me think I’m seeing double — 2 middle-aged hefty white guys with badly dyed hair is 2 too many. Can someone get Ross a comb? Why is his hair (or full wig) always such a mess? And why couldn’t someone wipe the blood off GC? He looked like he just came off a slasher movie. It was a bit too over-dramatic for me. Someone needs to tell the actor playing GC that bugging out your eyes is not acting.
  10. That dunce Sam better not go & marry that awful Tess. Sheesh, does she ever not scowl? Ever? And poor Rosina. That girl can't get a break & she's so cute. Sam, you really are a dumb-dumb to fall for Tess's obvious act.
  11. Well, don't look to me to defend Treem's choices cuz I'm one of her biggest critics, but this one I think she got right. I don't think it's about explaining away anyone's behavior or making excuses for it. But maybe it's interesting to be aware of where the behavior derives from. Does it mean anything in the end or will it motivate anyone to change? Probably not. As Helen said casually that Margaret was a monster, it made me realize (and wonder why I hadn't before) that Whitney is just as big of a monster, and yet Helen certainly isn't. Is Whitney the way she is cuz of genetics (maybe the Butler monstrousness skips a generation?) -- or is it due to circumstances? Interesting question, but probably pointless. So is Whitney an asshole, or is Martin gloomy & glum, & Trevor, a pensive big nothing & Stacey, a sweet upbeat girl cuz Noah left Helen for Alison when they were little? Maybe or maybe not. They might have had these personalities if Noah stuck around. So what's my point? That Treem turned Noah into a babbling old man who seems to think he's wise. He's not. He's just a babbling old man.
  12. OK, that’s interesting. Well, at least Treem was very consistent with this. I think she’s wrong about it cuz some may get away with crimes, but many others get caught. It’s a cynical POV that I don’t agree with. And Treem was also consistent about this life-goes-full-circle stuff. But that’s her POV. I’m proof that life doesn’t have to be that way at all. I left my hometown over 30 years ago & have had zero contact with friends or family from there & been doing just fine & have no interest in ever going back. Idk, this stuff with Noah returning to where his life changed so drastically & then him being this wise old man? Left me cold. Treem (in an interview) made the point that some actions have consequences that last generations. An interesting point — and one she was trying to make with the affair of Noah & Alison. I like Helen & Noah getting back together. But I wasn’t really buying Noah’s redemption & his new routine as a saint. And the kids hanging outside the motel room (while they knew their parents were having sex) was odd. Who the fuck would EVER do that? You lost me with that weird bit, Treem.
  13. Man, I just hate what Treem did to the character of Alison. She killed her off in such a sudden & awful & brutal way — and then never even brought her killer to justice. That sucks! Why’d Treem do this? Revenge on Ruth for bailing on the show? Sure, Alison was a maddening mess, but I found the character interesting to watch. Eh, I hated the stuff with old Noah. This ending reminded me slightly of the end of Six Feet Under, where the main characters’ deaths (& old age) were shown in the last few minutes — which was eerie & creepy, but it worked for that show. Here it was meh.
  14. Helen’s speech about feeling like life just happened to her, instead of her being in control of her destiny, felt so off the mark to me. Sure, many women feel this way. It’s certainly much more common for women to feel this way than men. So if Treem is trying to make some feminist statement, well, OK, that’s fine. But it’s not pertinent to Helen’s character. Does anyone really believe Helen was floating around like a catatonic zombie, letting other people make decisions for her? Nah, that’s crap. Did she accept her parents’ money & all the benefits (& bullshit) that went along with it? Sure, but that’s cuz it made her life easier & mostly better. Other than that, I think Helen very much made her own choices & didn’t let life just happen to her. Now, it’s true she was a victim of Noah leaving her for Alison, but as she said clearly to Noah (last ep), she was proud that she did what she had to do so she could move on. Doesn’t sound to me like someone who just lets life happen to her. Again, with the inconsistent writing . . .
  15. OK, so Whitney will ALWAYS be a useless asshole, Trevor is kind of a nothing (cuz of lack of much development of him), Martin is still glum, glum, glum & mostly just charmless, but then there's the sweet & shockingly (for a Solloway, that is) upbeat Stacey. Alrighty, Helen & Noah, 1 out of 4 ain't so great, but at least you did good with one of the brood . . . Everyone here already guessed long ago that EJ is Sierra's son, so that was no big reveal. But why the heck was Joanie so pissed off at EJ for not telling her about his truly vague connection to her? That made absolutely no sense. Guess they were looking for an excuse for her to leave EJ & go back to hubby that she cheated on endlessly & she was clearly miserable with? More crap writing . . .
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