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  1. Please let that be the end of the Stephanie/Erica saga.
  2. Hey, I missed the hallterview with the Akita owner. Did she acknowledge JJ's lecture about risky dogs or not? She seemed...unrepentant, shall we say. 😞
  3. "Do you love my sister because she is American or for who she is?" Betsy, I don't think he would answer you honestly if it was the former, do you?
  4. Tania and Tiana? I guess mom and dad werent super original when it came to naming their daughters?
  5. Gotta hand it to TLC, good job keeping this under wraps!
  6. Max is nowhere close to accepting he is a drug addict, and Chloe is enabling his denial. I'm Team Caelan mainly because I am Team Shelley and I feel pretty sure she is keeping him on the right path and is telling more truth about the situation than anyone else. He's not a saint but he is working a full time job, and if has had friends over to blow off some steam since McKayla took their son and left, I cant blame him for that. She would make me damn near psychotic. Tyra is dumb as a post, but bless her for trying to breastfeed/pump with that room full of nattering ninnies. It's a shame a nurse didn't blow a whistle to clear them out and then get that girl a lactation consult. Her baby daddy was sweet, though, and I was sad for him that neither parent came through as he hoped. I just can't get interested in Rilah and Anthony.
  7. "Karine and I got in a huge fight." How many times has Pole said those exact words?
  8. I believe that unfortunate child's name is actually spelled Drascilla.
  9. Well, you can't say Jihoon is not self aware!
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