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  1. bref

    S07:E34: Taylor & Christian

    I wasnt following as closely as I could have been, but why was that first phone number even brought into it? Taylor basically gave them the information they needed to unmask her, i.e. she GAVE them her friend's phone number under the pretense that it was the first number she talked to Christian on. She gave them a second phone number as well that led nowhere, so i'm very unclear on why she would make such an obvious mistake.
  2. Is it worth watching?
  3. bref

    For The People

    I feel proud of writers and producers who are willing to take a stand, myself. Everyone else has echoed my thoughts. A solid episode, we did get some closure, Sandra is the worst character ever written and putting that praise of her in Jill's mouth sickened me. See you folks for the next legal drama, I guess. Peace out.
  4. bref

    For The People

    Relatively recent viewer of this show, and while I see it is now a moot point, I also could not stand the character of Sandra. Total Mary Sue. I wanted Jill to give her the smackdown.
  5. bref

    S07.E21: Rules of Engagement

    I thought Lisa's dress was cream, not white. And as far as I'm concerned, the queen can wear any damn thing she likes. :) Brit looked very pretty at the party but her wedding-obsessed behavior is annoying. Jax is extremely lucky to have such a loyal sister. Stassi and Beau. Sigh. They really are just the sweetest. She is glowing.
  6. bref

    S02.E12: Tell All

    To whoever was inquiring about Sharis Alldredge's health, she has mentioned on their facebook that she had several miscarriages over a period of time. 😞
  7. I wish I found Tom Schwartz one-hundredth as adorable as he finds himself. The Oracle was a big no for me, but I understand Stassi and Beau are in real therapy, so good for them. In other relationship news, I am very confused about Kristen and Ariana, not gonna lie. But whatever, I guess? Jax and Brit are doomed, DOOMED I TELLS YA. Raquel is too dumb to live, and I was not amused by her mother's horny-old-lady act. Cute dog, though.
  8. LOL, silly me. Thank you for that much simpler explanation :) Sorry, drivethroo! But just so you don't think I made that up from whole cloth, the term is "high yellow" (my mistake) and dictionary.com has this to say about the term: high yel·low /hī ˈyelō/ DATED•OFFENSIVE adjective adjective: high yellow 1. denoting a black person with a very light complexion. noun noun: high yellow; plural noun: high yellows 1. a black person with a very light complexion. . Edited to add: Have we even seen Jazmin's husband?
  9. Is "Dr. Yellow" a reference to her skin color? Like how that's used as a slur for lighter-skinned black people? Please let me know if I'm off base here, but that seems...not cool.
  10. Kinda bummed they immediately went to "let's have the women fight" as the dramatic narrative. Come on, Bravo, do better. I think Dr. Imani is gorgeous!
  11. I think I like these women. Some strong personalities with the goods to back it up. So far Dr. Imani and Dr. Britten stand out to me. Let's hope it doesnt fall into the usual tropes of "bickering bitches" that Bravo loves so dearly.
  12. bref

    Tour-Related Questions

    Just curious what the "Featured" button means on a topic (e.g., the two threads at the top of this forum). It apparently is distinct from a pinned thread. Adding my thanks, especially for the super easy way to add shows to my CHP.
  13. bref

    Below Deck in the Media

    I would dearly love to know the story behind this: https://starcasm.net/below-deck-ross-inia-charges-dropped-drunken-arrest/ He allegedly punched a cop and threatened his family and the charges were dropped? Somewhere Luann is steaming...
  14. bref

    S06.E15: Shame Cocoon

    Rhylee's a little salty.
  15. bref

    Return To Amish

    Why are non-Amish people referred to as English, anyone know? Also, could someone brief me on the "real stories that came out" that indicated fakery on this show on earlier seasons?