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  1. Any estimate as to when this might be fixed?
  2. This story about Walmart's grocery delivery is 2 years old and I don't know how well it worked for them, but it might be the answer to many a working person's prayers.
  3. The same was true of a judge I knew, though he was not typical of the breed. One of him was bad enough -- vastly overpaid, yet stealing food from interns whose sole compensation was law school credits, then leaving a mess in his wake.
  4. All of those missing Ts have been transferred into the word "often", whose T is supposed to be silent, but apparently not no more....
  5. Those who enjoyed watching Dodsworth might want to read the autobiographies of Mary Astor (My Story, 1959, and A Life on Film, 1971) and David Niven (The Moon's A Balloon, 1971, and Bring On The Empty Horses, 1975). Niven says that Ruth Chatterton recruited him for the role of her shipboard romance in Dodsworth, which launched his career. They are both wonderful writers and I loved their books almost as much as I loved this movie (except that Walter Huston doesn't appear in the books and he really does make the movie as outstanding as it is, every time I see it).
  6. Worked for Androcles with the lion.
  7. All cats are psychic. Also telepathic. And most have a cloak of invisibility, which they're not loath to use whenever a human wants to do something to the cat for the cat's own good.
  8. I hate emojis too, but other people insist on using them, so it's nice to know (I guess) that there's an Emoji Dictionary Site.
  9. Lucky you, to encounter wild turkeys crossing the road! Wildlife has been pretty much crowded out of Silicon Valley where I live, but a few wild turkeys settled in a suburban trailerpark awhile back and we've been blessed with their offspring wandering around from time to time. A big tom spent the night in a tree behind my backyard a couple of years ago, then explored the cul de sac in front of my house for several hours on a quiet Sunday morning, ignoring the people walking dogs and retrieving their cars parked on the street -- we all stared at him, but he wasn't interested in us. They are
  10. I'd rather sit next to a horse on a plane (or anywhere else) than a child -- even an apparently well-behaved child, because you never know when they might go off. In fact, I'd rather sit next to any kind of critter than a child, except for spiders (unless they're securely caged) and preachers.
  11. The latest Chevrolet ad with "real people, not actors" includes a female voice gushing "I can't stop staring at it!". We don't see the ecstatic woman, and the particular Chevrolet she's fixated upon isn't specified, but none of them seem worth a second glance, let alone a stare. I recently saw a meticulously restored 1955 Studebaker at a local charity event, so I realize that it is possible to be awestruck by a car, but Chevrolet must be aiming at a different audience.
  12. There's a plush hand puppet for that!
  13. When I was 4, my father refused to pull over and stop the car despite my leaning over from the backseat and telling him, several times right in his ear, that I was carsick and felt like throwing up. Turned out I knew what I was talking about, right in his ear.
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