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    S03.E09: Fire Pink

    Really? Do you understand mental illness?
  2. Of course they are to blame , That doesn't mean other adults are blameless in the exploitation by picking on a young child.
  3. I hate to see a 10 yer old's physical appearance criticized. It's sad that she is.
  4. It's not as if Meri had much choice about the size of that house. The neighborhood was made of homes that size.
  5. Sudden means quickly or unexpectedly. Right?
  6. Dorinda's hair is a major fail. It looks awful.
  7. You thought Florence Henderson was?
  8. That was a staged photo. I am an RN and those ladies had all the necessary PPE under the trash bags. It was intended to be misleading. We have PPE.
  9. What do you think addiction is? It's self medicating anxiety.
  10. Some people are obese unrelated to some significant psychological damage. They just are
  11. I think that scene was from his fear scenario.
  12. He was at Howard University an historically black college
  13. I think she was talking about the failures of Democratic Socialism and the ruins it has left her Venezuela in.
  14. Except he would be going against traffic.
  15. I don't see how he is qualified to be a Principal of any school.
  16. I don't think a Kevin and a Zoe would ever last. Kevin wouldn't keep her interest.
  17. That would be unlikely IRL. He wouldn't need hospitalization for panic attacks. I am an inpatient Psychiatric RN. Hospitalization is for people who are a danger to themselves and or others.
  18. Unless he was a danger to himself or others, no reason for hospitalization. However if he was, he would most definitely have seen a therapist and had discharge appointments for both therapy and a psychiatrist for medical management.
  19. Or, maybe they are just introverts by genetics.
  20. They are both fake as shit. I don't believe the "coming out" story .
  21. I did. 31 years of growing love.
  22. It seems practical to me. It was clean who cares if it's there?
  23. Higgins


    Her face is too round for a pixie cut or any short cut. She should just bleach it.
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