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  1. Kohola3


    Well, I certainly hope the Tesla dealer covers all its "basis" before agreeing to sell this loon a car. Or is it for one of the others? Who are they anyway? The one in the front seat is another hirsute girly man with fish whiskers. A brother perhaps?
  2. Kohola3


    It's cold so she puts a sweater on over her shirt. Groundbreaking. Stop the presses, we have a genius to interview. Sheesh. Fingers crossed that remains the trend.
  3. Hallmark claiming diversity is would be amusing if it weren't so blatantly offensive. I find nothing "feel good" about the movies because they are so insipid, bland, and stupid, recycling the same tired plots over and over. Their "evidence" for not catering to a lily white population by having a couple of people of color in minor roles is insulting and indefensible. This is a country with the most diverse population in the world. Time to act like it.
  4. What the heck kind of "proper attire" is that? I'd hate to see improper attire. Must be shorts and flip flops. Of course they are going to start appearing together, gotta whet our appetite for the grand opening of the next season. "Embrace our plural family in public" my ass. I don't know what their definition of family is but mine doesn't include 2 baby mamas living miles from each other and half siblings that rarely interact. Fail.
  5. Except that Lorelai didn't have any depressive episodes. She was certainly manic at times but, except for the time she wallowed in bed after the vow renewal breakup, she never really seemed to have any down periods.
  6. Geez if she's so obsessed with her bowels at this age I can't even imagine what she'll be like when she's senior citizen.
  7. Amen to that. It's like the company is owned by white evangelical Christians - no one of any other race, creed, or color need apply. And yet they preach about the "miracle of Christmas" (which ostensibly preaches love for all) in every single movie. Hypocrites. From the 1st of November to the 15th of January there are approximately 29 holidays observed by the 7 of the world's major religions. Apparently Hallmark has decided that theirs is the only one that counts.
  8. The standard cult answer to any critics. It's never the fault of the brainwashers, it's always the fault of the brainwashee.
  9. Looks like they are in an airport. Surely they are not traveling together!
  10. I don't quite understand your point. Are you saying that unless there is some sort of reason to do so (filmed in Harlem or some inner city locale) Hallmark should just stick to Caucasians for all of the Countdown to Christmas movies?
  11. And all I could think of (former CPR instructor) was shaking Resusi Anne and shouting "Annie, Annie, are you all right?"
  12. Doubly so for Axel because it will give him comfort and guidance when his sister will be the center of attention out of necessity. When there is no anchor, the boat will just go aground.
  13. Not to mention that none of this ever goes away. All of this bitching will be on the internet for the rest of her life. And her kids will read every word. Do people think through that kind of thing before they post? How is Axel going to feel when he reads all of that?
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