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  1. Kohola3

    The Pioneer Woman

    Thus far there have been absolutely no objections to using the term "reeple" when referring to her follows. As Lura said, if a poster is not to anyone's taste, there is the block function which I have used on other forums.
  2. Kohola3

    Meri Brown and her Wet Bar of Tears

    Board a sinkingk ship? I think not.
  3. Kohola3

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    10, 21, 25
  4. Kohola3

    Gilmore Girls Elimination Game

    Awwww, I thought they were cute.
  5. Kohola3


    The minute things are labeled as "collectibles" - they instantly become worthless. People run around like idiots buying up the same thing as thousands of others and then, well, forget it. Go on eBay and see what those "collectible" Beanie Babies are selling for. The shipping costs more than the things are worth. It's the same thing with Precious Moments figurines for which people paid big bucks. FT's toy action figure collection is a big dust collector and nothing more.
  6. Kohola3


    A huge thumbs up on this. Which was a big part of why I found the last episode so cringe-worthy.
  7. Kohola3

    Lorelai Gilmore: The 10(+) Things I Hate About You

    Oh, please no. That revival was pure garbage. We certainly don't need to repeat it!
  8. Kohola3

    The Pioneer Woman

    My take is that she's a pretentious hack appealing to uneducated women. She's perfected her "aw' shucks" BS and paired it with some of the worst recipes ever designed. Not only are her flavor profiles ridiculous they are patently unhealthy 99.9% of the time. Yet her sheeple dote on her and buy her hype without ever seeing how much of a sham it is. I get disgusted with women who who blindly follow well-marketed celebrities as if they are gods and I hate rich, entitled people who prey on their naivete using their influence and money. To actually film at her MIL's funeral was the final straw. Unconscionable for someone who proclaims to adore her FIL. She loves herself and only herself - she allowed cameras at what should have been a private family moment entirely for the media coverage. Disgusted me.
  9. Kohola3


    That's what all LLNo dresses look like. That's why I can't fathom why they cost so much. The cheapest and easiest dresses to sew.
  10. Kohola3

    The Pioneer Woman

    I'm not. As you say, it's all about Ree. Truly good people don't need to run around proclaiming how good they are. They do their good deeds quietly and ask for no publicity. With Ree, it's all about her face in the limelight. What a bitch.
  11. I agree. I deal with lots of different levels of people and I talk to them each in a different manner. Some would be turned off by "business talk" and like the informality. Others are very staid so I have to match that. Richard criticizing her was uncalled for since he had apparently never seen her in action. There is not only one type of "management" and he didn't know hers.
  12. Because it fits the current SM theme. Selective amnesia.
  13. Kohola3


    I could have lived a long, happy, fulfilled life without seeing that collection of crap.