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  1. We never saw much interaction and what we did see was not too promising. Remember the Mother's Day breakfast episode?
  2. Hard to tell from her pictures but it would seem so.
  3. Kohola3


    At one of the Longmire Days events (normally held every July) the sheriff of the town was welcoming the cast and mentioned something about making her wear the right sized uniform if she was working for him.
  4. Kohola3


    Heh, interesting to see different takes on the theme. I'm in your corner, not a whiff of chemistry there. Vic is like a teenager lusting after one of her teachers.
  5. I'm betting it's because of the same comments that I listed. Although nobody really follows but her sycophants so who knows.
  6. Kohola3


    I have no idea what the pandemic is doing to the housing market. Maybe it's a buyers market and they got a good deal. Since I am in my "home til I die" place I haven't really kept up.
  7. First of all, I thought it was open for "essential" travelers which, knowing the Brown's rather lackadaisical approach to mandates and laws, was probably loosely applied. Second, if and when I ever feel comfortable traveling again, Lizzie's of Parowan would certainly not be on the list of places I have to visit before I die. Third, Nevada sixth is on the hot list for the fastest rising numbers of cases of Covid. Not having a death wish, I'll pass.
  8. I think he was at least a couple of months old so, I agree, it does seem like the mourning period was pretty short. But I really don't see any chemistry between Beecham and the governess anyway. He's exchanged, what, a half dozen words with her? I was actually surprised that they are supposed to be romantically involved. The brother is a smart kid and sees through the partner as well as his mom's excuses. I loved it when he had that confrontation with her. She's no Mrs. Patmore, that's for sure!
  9. Kohola3


    They filmed some scenes for The Electric Horseman in St. George. Love that movie...
  10. So is Kootie setting us up for another wife? Maybe the "physical training" reference is to a nonstop round of boinking a new wifie. And, seriously, that has to be one of the stupidest memes I have ever seen. "...a right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training"? What does that even mean? Especially in these days of nonstop BS about the "right" not to wear a mask and protect our fellow man. I can just see Kootie playing on his laptop and coming across the picture. "Oh, oh! That looks just like me! I must post it even though I haven't a clue what it means!"
  11. Poor Mrs. C. Gotta give her props for standing up for doing the right thing. Chapman is a monster.
  12. Aaaaaaaand for the 500th time this year, A Country Wedding. For the love of all this is holy, open the Hallmark vault and FIND SOMETHING ELSE!
  13. I wish I had done more looking around when my folks were still alive although I don't know that it would have done much for my mom's side. She didn't know a lot about her family and it's a very common name (Brown) so searching isn't going to do much good. My dad's name is highly unusual and my cousin has done extensive research so I know a lot about that side of the family, back to the 1700's. My grandfather and his family were immigrants from Bohemia.
  14. For me it's more the lack of consideration for others that has me do depressed. When did we become a country so mean and selfish and insistent that "having fun" is more important than a human life? I just don't get it.
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