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  1. They probably have to order double - how many times have they had to start over when something goes awry? I always wonder who gets to eat the goodies. They cut one little slice to taste and then, what, bin it? Hopefully it goes to the food bank or something unless it's raw. I personally could overlook a soggy bottom for some fresh baked goods.
  2. Sadly, no, at least at my local Walmart. I shopped for that to add to my order this morning and we apparently do not carry it. It does look delicous but a bit "fiddly" as Mary used to say.
  3. Well, you can always not eat frosting but you can't hide ugly!
  4. I hate Matt. White chocolate is NOT chocolate Naked cakes look like the baker ran out of frosting. That is all.
  5. Just now viewing because these have hit Netflix. I just hate this guy. Hate him. And are he and Noel doing way more interfering schtick with the contestants. If I were stressed and short on time I'd be beaning someone with a spatula. Thanks heavens it was not on the version I watch. We have our own clown show over here.
  6. When I was growing up, sunscreen didn't exist. We were basted with Coppertone and sent out to play. With my fair, dry skin I burned to a crisp after 15 minutes in the suen and I am dealing with the consequences of that now. I have to see my derm every 6 months for a full body check and she removes the pre-cancerous ones.. Luckily (so far) only one has been cancerous but I know there will be more in the future. My poor dad had umpteen of them removed in his day although he lived to 94 and that was not his cause of death. Ah, those days of sun worshiping....
  7. The message was not bad but then you get to the picture and I actually gasped out loud. Absolutely hideous.
  8. I was always distracted by how she talked without moving her lips. Took me right out of the story!
  9. It always feels wrong to me. I am a "one holiday at at time" person. Christmas is not allowed to jump the line ahead of Thanksgiving in my life.
  10. I think that's what they did last year with A Christmas Love Story. It was standard stuff but had a big name star.
  11. True but although branded as such they are the same generic stories (big city girl returns to home town, girl meets boy, kiss in last 2 minutes, etc.) albeit one of the 2019 stories had Kristin Chenoweth.
  12. OK is a hotbed of Covid, every ICU bed in OK City is full. What the heck is she doing offering tours at this time? Moron.
  13. Well, we sure never see any postings about him from Christine or Janelle or their spawn. It's like he's vanished. Most likely he's chained to the bed in the McMansion.
  14. It boggles the mind. I want to smack everyone who says it just needs to "run its course" and we shouldn't be "living in fear" and "don't let it rule you". I think two million deaths is a really good reason to be living in fear! And I volunteer every one of those a-holes to be one of the two million.
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