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  1. And since none of them are actors, the whole thing looks incredibly staged and fake. But then the whole family is a troop of fakety-fakers. Just go the hell away.
  2. Brilliant! Laughing is a great way to start the day....
  3. Pffffftttt.....TV speak. "Lashing out, boiling point". Yeah, right. I give that as much weight as I do the description of the "tell all" episode. Bait and switch.
  4. I would imagine that there is some Straight To Hell clause in their cockamamie religion that forbids that. These polygirls seem to run on spawning as their only purpose in life.....well, that and servicing the stud in the process.
  5. That's quite the crystal ball you have there, Kyanight. And I'd wager it's spot on barring an unexpected mass murder.
  6. I think Chloe does most of Jen's fancy clothes because 1) she likes the styles and 2) Chloe knows how to fit Jen perfectly. I seriously doubt she'd use Kleinfelds - it's more likely she'd have Zoey's dress made by Chloe as well. Nothing off of any rack would ever fit properly.
  7. And join the support group that consists of parents of kids with Evie's condition. She could probably benefit from experienced parents of these children.
  8. And as much as Kirk drove me nuts, he did have some of his expressions were comic gold.
  9. Nothing like power lines and a street light to refresh your soul.
  10. Watch a few episodes of Escaping Polygamy and you'll see that is does still go on. One thing that always made me gag was hearing that the homes all smell like rotten food because the kids have to dumpster dive to feed the families.
  11. I'm thinking his obsession with Robochin is more that she's making herself unavailable as much as possible. She sleeps until noon and when he's in bed with her there are one or two co-sleeping kids. Absence makes the heart dick grow fonder and all.
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