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  1. Kohola3

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    A new "take" is always interesting.
  2. Nope, not buying it. He might do some skating but the kid on the rink was very clearly not him. Every time he did a "hockey stop" they only showed his feet and then there was a pause before they showed his face. I've been a hockey fan for all of my life and that was not the same kid. Besides, someone who does ballet/dance spends hours and hours a day practicing. So do hockey players as good as the kid on the rink. I sincerely doubt he could do both.
  3. But they managed to save the white twinkle lights and leave them up all over town the house in Taking a Shot at Love. Right on, sister. That was two hours of my life I will never get back. But, a small plus, She could dance and he could skate which puts them a step above in the usual "lack of any skills" category. Of course the kid hockey player was so obviously a double they might as well have put a sign on him saying "don't look too closely" whilst only showing his feet.
  4. According to this article, SW is not included. Frankly, there is no way in hell I'd pay even a penny to watch the fools. This streaming crap is getting out of hand. I already pay an exorbitant amount for cable. There is Netflix and Amazon Prime and now they want me to pay for Discovery, Disney, Hallmark and 20 more things? Fuggedaboutit!
  5. Wonder who she stole that drivel from.
  6. Hopefully they don't kill her off with some tropical disease.
  7. Well, my sister is the Christmas Queen and decorates every room but does not come even close to the Balsam Hill Vomited in Each Room look. Good grief, it would take an hour to unplug all of the strings of lights in those movie bedrooms just to be able to sleep! And who has room in every room for a full sized tree?
  8. I heard, but cannot affirm it as there is so much crap info out there, that how you receive your IRS money that is the key. I have my refund direct deposited (all $35 of it last year) and that's what shows as the source on my credit union statement for the stimulus check.
  9. It's actually kind of ironic that we've formed a virtual family on a board dedicated to the most dysfunctional bunch of "married" people on TV! And on a different topic, my stimulus money was deposited already. Not available until the 4th but it's in the credit union as a pending transaction.
  10. Congratulations and thanks for sharing! Heaven knows we all need good news! As with everyone else, I hope for some major positive changes very quickly. The vaccine has certainly perked me up, just no idea when it will be available but I've survived this long by isolating so will keep on keeping on until it's my turn. Whenever I feel inclined to whine I try to harken back to Anne Frank living in an attic for two years. We can do this. We don't have to like it but we can do this.
  11. Ditto. We have enough to be unhappy about without adding more pressure to do something that will just make us depressed if we drop it.
  12. I heard that on a commercial today. There are so many truly crappy programs on Discovery, especially TLC, I would not spend a single dime on a pay streaming Channel. This stuff is getting out of hand.
  13. Don't want to wear a mask, miss a party, cancel a wedding, stop traveling, give a flying fig for your fellow man? Do it anyway.
  14. I also liked that they addressed things like physical assaults on women with the defense class (I loved Julie's "Nooooooooooo" when approached by the instuctor") and the episode where Mary Jo had to testify in court. But the strength throughout was the wonderful timing between the characters. Looking back, they really did deserve an Emmy. To this day I still use the "the man should have to kill the bug" line complete with hand gestures. I cannot watch the last two seasons, it makes me sad.
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