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  1. What is so stupid is saying that on TV where all the world can hear. Who would trust them after hearing that? If I were a potential seller I'd sure ignore any offer from them.
  2. I wonder how many of us will just let our hair go to the natural color after all of this. I am due for a haircut and color in 10 days and that's not happening until heaven only knows. I have dyed it for many years (started getting gray hair at 16) mainly because, as sole support of myself I couldn't give potential employers an idea of my real age. I'm retired now so I really could get away with it. My mom had beautiful white hair. I don't know if I'm quite brave enough to abandon hair dye yet! I have, and have always had, short hair. Not getting a regular cut is going to just about do me in.
  3. Oh, good grief. I can do without eggs quite nicely. Now chocolate, that's another matter. You'd need to pry that out of my cold, dead hand.
  4. Oh, dear, my dog is looking at me in horror. I tried to order her dog food on chewy and they are out of most flavors of her brand, had to settle for a grain free one. And then got the bad news it could take 7-10 days. I have a week's worth left - after that I guess we're going to TV dinners.
  5. Watched CBS Sunday morning and binged on explore.org (especially the puppies and the elephant herd at the watering hole in Africa). Now heading out to walk before the winds pick up and the rain moves in. Will paint some Easter cards and try and finish the articles for our newspaper insert. I am the secretary of the Friends group at Tawas Point Lighthouse and State Park. The local newspaper does a "Get to the Point" insert, 8 pages long, in early May. I need to get the articles all finished and submitted by the end of this week and submit our pictures as well. Of course, listing upcoming events is going to be a bit tricky! Finally, after 3 days of trying which wasn't too bad, snagged a time slot for groceries from Walmart at 6pm tomorrow. Not my normal store, I try to support the local independent one, but Wallie World is the only place that will bring the bags to the car. Couldn't get everything on the list but nothing essential or I cannot work around. That should carry me for the next couple of weeks. I will leave everything except the ice cream in the bags in the trunk for 24 hours so I don't have to disinfect everything.
  6. It was just disgusting. I know the kid is out doing physical labor but the fat content of that thing would kill a race horse.
  7. Loved the gas tank story though! What a hoot!
  8. I remember a linen tablecloth that my mom had. It was such a huge chore to iron it. I wonder if flax linen is any different.
  9. No. Too political I suppose. But it's my state and my neighbors being targeted.
  10. Birds of a feather - why does it now surprise me that the Brown Clowns love their crap.
  11. Ree is an absolute joke. She reaches into the cupboard, picks out random items, and dumps them together. No thought towards taste profiles, just mix crap together and either extra sugar or something spicy. High fat, high sugar. Why they are all not dead of heart disease is a mystery to me. Amen to that.
  12. In Michigan you can purchase anything in the store. Walmart has the early hour for seniors on Tuesday and you can get whatever is in the store.
  13. The sad part is that I bet anything that is saved due to her frugality ends up back in the family account and thus passes on to The Queen of the Underworld.
  14. It's a whole new world when looking forward to getting out for a single shopping trip is a highlight of a week. I, too, have been sheltering for two weeks except for a trip to the dump. Throwing a bag of trash in the dumpster wasn't as thrilling as I thought it might be. I did do a very long video call with my cousin and goddaughter on Sunday and that was uplifting. Good to see some other face but mine when I brush my teeth. Half the time I forget to comb my hair!
  15. In Michigan many essential businesses are limiting the number of people in the stores to 5 at a time. That way they are away from each other, they aren't prompted to hang around and visit and, after standing in line outside, are more likely to get in and out. I feel for you, what a horrible situation.
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