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  1. Sorry, the nuns beat correct grammar into me as a kid. I just can't with the "them" and "they". I remain an unrepentant, unwoke COL.
  2. ASP must have thought we were morons to buy this BS.
  3. She would have been in India. Not only was she "handicapped" she was a girl. No way she'd have made it out of there if the Klein's hadn't gotten her. Will would have been in the same boat. Their own challenges made it extremely difficult to adopt a child from the US as well. Those kids are very, very lucky.
  4. When was LIzzie around? I found this about an old church being saved. I don't recall what years saintly Lizzie lived there.
  5. I suppose it's possible that there is a another Kodette in the oven but with a group this big and a group so found of posting every little, stupid, boring, sometimes vomit-inducing detail of their lives I can't imagine that the whole herd would manage to keep that kind of thing a secret. They were counting on the "Rolling Over to Flagstaff" arc being the reason for a season but blew it all by posting everything months ahead of airing the episodes. By then it was way old news. I can't imagine this being any different. They can't keep their mouths shut about anything.
  6. Neither do I. Questioning about one's heritage doesn't necessarily mean that you don't love the parents you have!. Have you experienced anything like this @RebeccatheWriter?
  7. Yes! Love Niall! His comments are wonderful. And his relationship with Boris is so interesting. They are growing old together. I do think that the keepers in all of the programs are truly devoted to the animals, though. And I have learned a lot from all of the programs. But I definitely prefer the Chester series.
  8. Me, me, me, me, me, me, me. She's going to make a wonderful counselor. Every client that brings up a problem will hear a story about how the same thing happened to her. Narcissistic twit.
  9. Caffeine is passed to the kid in the breast milk albeit not in large quantities. But if you are bitching about a fussy kid you might want to eliminate it.
  10. Nothing a fussy nursing infant needs more than three jolts of caffeine. And, seriously Maddie, who gives a flying fuck about your problems. You are a new mother, we get it. Everyone goes through it so stop with the hideous photos.
  11. Um, was the first picture before or after the "makeover"? Because, well.....
  12. If that diet is truly what caused Christine to drop all of that weight, then it's pretty impressive! Not something I could follow, though. More power to her.
  13. Kohola3


    Cute dog. Can't say the same for the "parents".
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