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  1. Does anyone know where the rest of the episodes for Alone: The Beast are? I have two episodes on my DVR and I can’t find any other episodes. Did this show get dropped?
  2. Totally agree! It was bad! Isn’t that why she got fired by Eric Ripert? I will say though, I thought that show she did with Spike and some other chef I can’t remember about life after Top Chef helped redeem her a bit for me. I loved her on her first season, really didn’t care for her after All Stars and was just ok, whatever after that show. I’m a bit indifferent with her and am willing to give her a fair shot this season.
  3. This whole episode(s) really saddened and angered me for all the reasons already outlined by everyone else on here. I was also so mad/angry/sad watching Kellee sit over in the jury box not able to speak her truth while everyone else talked about whether what happened did or did not happen and whether it rose to an offensive level or not. She was the victim and here she is silenced. I just felt so sick about it. I know it was just the way it played out as far as her getting voted out and the game always having that rule that jury doesn't speak until the end but it seemed like the shit cherry on top of the shit pie.
  4. There will be a special episode airing on 11/17 according to Alton’s twitter. The turkey strikes back again.
  5. I’ll be watching. Thank you for the reminder!
  6. I actually thought his apartment looked like an air bnb or some other rental. It had the generic artwork on the walls and he barely had any clothes in the closet. I tried to see if I could see any photos in the apartment but I didn’t see any.
  7. That was Jonathan of Jonathan and Fernanda.
  8. Looks like the new season is set to air on September 3.
  9. It airs on Lifetime on July 10 according to my DVR. I’ve seen previews for it while watching Married at First Sight.
  10. Alton announced on Twitter that the premier date for Good Eats: The Return will be August 25 at 10:00 eastern.
  11. I was reading the comments from the link you posted and someone mentioned that Zack had been exposed for taking a bribe. Does anyone know more information about this? I must have completely missed it.
  12. I don't think so. I noticed they were on bikes in some of the shots. You can cover a lot of miles on a bike and, depending on the terrain, it can be relatively easy.
  13. That is the same knife I own thanks to Anthony Bourdain. My husband had read that very same article and then got me the knife for our anniversary. I absolutely love it and use it as my primary knife.
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