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  1. I watched it but it was so bad. My husband had never seen the show and I kept talking about it so he watched it with me and I was so embarrassed. It was not like I had remembered it at all. I feel so sad that they remade it and did such an awful job. The cartoons were so weird and out of place. The host was boring and not very in to the performance or fun of the show. The contestants were flat while trying to pretend they were into the whole thing. I did laugh when the first team to get eliminated were told "don't worry, you won't leave empty handed, you've won...your shirt." I died.
  2. This is one of the things that frustrates me about Angelina. She always has to have a problem with one of the girls. The guys can rib her endlessly and ask a bunch of questions and its totally ok but, if the girls do it, she flips out.
  3. I can't remember if I saw any of the Ed Lee episodes or not. I started watching it when I first found it on PBS but then life got the better of me and I never finished. I saved it on Netflix when I saw it on there but it's gone now. I'll have to keep my eye out if it ever pops up included on any of the streaming apps I already pay for. Thank you for reminding me that he was on it.
  4. Thank you for sharing the article. It was a good read. Reading everything about Gabe and the situation just makes me ill. This guy is going to be able to open his own restaurant and according to him he is going to create a positive, non-toxic environment. How, exactly, is he going to do that when, also according to him, he didn't know the decision to lessen this woman's hours wasn't a toxic thing to do when there was no performance based reason to do so? This man didn't even think he did anything wrong until he got fired and actually got held accountable in some small way.
  5. My husband and I visited Louisville a couple of weekends ago and got to eat at Edward Lee's restaurant 610 Magnolia and it was amazing. When our Uber stopped at the location, we all looked at each other (even the Uber driver) like are we sure we are in the right place but sure enough we were. There's a reason they say to look for their distinctive door because otherwise you'd never know the place was a restaurant. In fact, it's actually an old converted barn that Lee bought from the previous owner after working for him for several years. The inside is very small, maybe only 15 tables or so
  6. I guess this show isn't getting much interest anymore. I just finished the episode on Puerto Rico which is stunningly beautiful but it still couldn't really hold my interest. I am still 1 episode behind as the Smokey Mountains episode has already aired and I haven't watched it yet. I just find myself getting bored. The setups all seem so phony and it doesn't have as many light moments that truly seem genuine like before.
  7. I have a hard time not feeling a certain type of way about him for the very reasons you pointed out. Dani repeatedly kept talking about wanting a kid and even said lets go have sex and if it happens, it happens. If he wasn't on board the baby making train, he could've exited stage left but he didn't and according to her at the reunion, and JL admitting most, if not all, of what she said was correct, JL kept trying to convince her he was ready and did want to build a life with her. I'm sorry but that's not someone who was taken advantage of or was trapped into having a baby like his mother t
  8. Maybe I misunderstood the scene but I didn't think MJ was denying that she said that Reza couldn't meet Shams but was telling him that the edict didn't come from her but from Tommy, which is what she told GG as well when this whole thing started. She's always said that Tommy drew his line in the sand when it comes to Reza meeting Shams. I think she also admitted that she should have told Reza that he wouldn't get to meet Shams because of Tommy's wishes and not let him hear it from GG.
  9. I have to say the first episode of Season 3 in Texas wasn't my favorite. I just couldn't stay interested. I think his upcoming destinations sound far more interesting to me.
  10. Apparently a movie has been made about Anthony Bourdain. Roadrunner Movie
  11. It was during the ladies segment. Jake hasn’t been brought out to speak on anything yet.
  12. New episodes start June 3. Jenny and Snooki will also be hosting the Floribama Shore Reunion which airs Part 1 tomorrow.
  13. Which I have now been unable to take my eyes off the gap in her fake teeth on the upper left side. Every time she smiles, I see it. I don't remember seeing a hole in her dentures when they showed her cleaning them but I think it was either her bottom or top set and I can't remember which now. Why oh why do I care? I don't know but I.can.not.help.it!
  14. Can someone explain to me how it is that Jeremiah was abled to be matched with his bio-dad from a DNA/paternity test? I know you can be matched with the ancestry dna kits but I don't think that acts as a paternity test where you are comparing 2 samples. Also, I thought with those ancestry kits, they can only match people with others in their pool of samples of people who've done the same kit over the years. If Jeremiah's dad died in the 80s, it's not possible for him to be in said pool. I feel like this whole story with Dennis was just a set up to introduce the drama of Jeremiah's bio-dad.
  15. This is actually why I believe Tarik when he said there was no sex. I think Tarik lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw Minty in person and that is when Hazel shut everything down and became angry with Minty. I don't think Hazel liked how much Tarik was into Minty and vice versa. I think she realizes those two could really fall for each other and she was going to have none of it.
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