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  1. This is exactly what I've been thinking. THeir disagreements haven't been "deeper" like they keep saying, in my opinion. They both are just over analyzing every little thing possible and it is getting in their way of enjoying each other and this process.
  2. I've noticed Davia losing weight over the past several episodes, which I thought was actually the actress losing weight. Then again, I've seen some other pictures of her and I'm wondering if she was wearing padding when she was being her plus sized, body positive self. Her face has looked a lot thinner this whole season. It's not a criticism, she can weigh what she wants and look how she wants. As someone who struggled on and off with eating disorders for a long time, I do love that they had her talk about this before it became a too thin/passing out/needing hospitalization storyline. You can
  3. Gil, in the first part of this show, says that he didn't think compromise would be this hard. It's only hard for you because you are the only one doing it. That isn't compromise. It's acquiensence.
  4. Yes, exactly this. Her stank face when he told her about the plane ride was just unnecessary. How about "that was really sweet of you to set up a surprise for us! I don't think I ever told you that I get motion sickness, but I will give it a try and see how it goes." That does't seem like too difficult of a response to come up with. Even if you hate it and are miserable when it is over, you can express that it a way that isn't so bitchy. I really don't want to think like this, because I hate when women are reduced to this role. But digging in, if a man where this whiny about everything, I woul
  5. I have a 4 pillow system if you count my body pillow. And when my husband is working out of town, it becomes a 5 pillow system as well. A little pyramid type under my head, one body pillow on my right side and when my husband is gone, his body pillow on my left so that I feel like I am in a little coccoon. Sleeping patterns and confort levels are weird.
  6. She mentioned that she grew up very poor. I think, as an adult, she is doing the things she thinks that make her classy, not the things that actually make her classy.
  7. This drives me nuts. I'm the daughter of a dental hygeinist and she would have a fit if she watched them do this. I've observed this in several seasons.
  8. Every season Dr. Viviana talks about how sex is expected on the wedding night, but since this is marriage to a stranger, it is completely their call if they have sex on the wedding night. This bothers me SO MUCH. Sex should always be completely their call. Consent is important and in actuality, many couples don't have sex on their wedding night because they are tired, or too drunk, or whatever. I know it is nit picking, but this phrasing irks me.
  9. Anyone else getting a Veronica Mars vibe from Mariana's storyline? Are they going to have her go in that direction of being on the tech side of investigating? Honestly, she has the bubbly personality to do that kind of undercover work where she can charm people, as well as the tech knowledge of being able to break through things. It would likely lead to some far fetched storylines, but I don't hate it.
  10. I was too, and I didn't believe a word she said about being passionate about making sure all kids get a quality education or whatever BS she said. Her job is about power and it's very clear. Now, I was wrong about New Orleans Woody, so I am willing to maybe give her a shot, because editing can do a lot of damage, but her tone was not edited and it did not come across as sincere in the least. She's a pain in the ass and even her girlfriends seemed to know that. Also, I was so distracted by her boobs I didn't even see her makeup. Props to Gil for being able to make eye contact with her at all.
  11. That was the first podcast I ever listened to! On another note, I am finally watching Six Feet Under for the first time and Julian appears in two episodes as this young stoner guy. He is super young and has floppy blond hair!
  12. I am liking the podcast as well, but I wish they took more of a recapping stance. I need a reminder of what each of these episodes were.
  13. I'm sorry to go the shallow route here, but why did Lisa only own one shirt?
  14. Well damn. At the end I just had a feeling watching her talk that she wasn't going to stay sober, because something just looked off. She didn't seem like she really believed all the things she was saying about her sobriety and her relationship with her mom...but I didn't expect that gut punch ending. She seemed like she could be a really fun person when she wasn't in her addiction and mental illness. Her poor mother.
  15. Has there actually been anything put out there officially that they broke up? A quick goole search gives me nothing recent.
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