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  1. sara416

    Good Trouble

    Yes, please! I actually love the way that was handled, with him knowing he needed help and getting it. The scene with the two of them was wonderful. Please keep them friends, pretty please? Not everything on every show has to be a love story.
  2. sara416

    S03.E18: Her

    I think Tess saying "I'm not ready" is just as simple as "I'm not ready to say goodbye". I don't know that it is much deeper than that. I know if I was going to say goodbye to a dying relative I would likely not be ready either. Is anyone ever ready to say goodbye to someone? Call me simple or easily entertained, but I laughed a few times during Deja's speech to Randall. I liked it. I thought it was well done and she showed some real savviness with people by getting him to drive her there. It also speaks to what we have been told is her great writing skill. She has a way with words and used them well. I am so, so glad that they had Zoe leave Kevin and not give in to wanting kids. As someone who is also child free by choice, I hate the "you would be such a good mom" speech. I interact with kids every day (I'm a therapist for children and adolescents) and I treat them with kindness, respect, and try and instill a little bit of fun and happiness in their life. I have nieces and nephews that I adore and love spending time with. That does not mean I want to or need to be a mom. Not wanting to have children of your own so often on TV means you have to hate kids or be completely incompetent on how to interact with them. In real life, this is not the case. I wanted to throw my phone at the TV when Kevin was saying how great Zoe was with the girls and how he thinks she would be a great mom. And I'm glad she didn't change her mind. Did anyone else find the elderly, dying Rebecca super creepy, or was it just me? Something about her eyes was just really scary.
  3. sara416

    S33.E06: In Love and War

    Turbo has the best soundbites, for real. I don't remember the quote tonight, but it was something about "one man fighting, another man fighting, maybe someone will die?" Just so non-chalant about it.
  4. sara416

    S03.E15: The Waiting Room

    For the past 20 years or so, two of my best friends and I have had this thing where we try to find a food that doesn't go with cheese or peanut butter, so when Miguel pulled that question out last night I yelled at my television and immediately sent a text to my friends. They (kind of) stole my idea! But the "end" of his game was stupid. In our version, condiments don't count as food, so you can't use ranch as a food.
  5. sara416

    The Cast in Other Roles

    I saw her in a very old episode of ER where she plays one of the workers at the hospital day care taking care of "Little Suzie" (Sherry Stringfield's niece, daughter of Kathleen Wilhoite's character). It was very odd to see her as a nurturing and loving character in the traditional way and not the Mrs. Kim way.
  6. sara416

    S.08 E.08 The Past and the Furious

    Did I hear that AJ went to college in New Haven? So...did he go to Yale? Did this get totally bypassed somehow?
  7. I've watched this show a billion times, in particular season 4, which is my favorite. I am JUST NOW realizing why Lorelai was nicknamed umlaut at camp. Wow. Take my Master's Degree back please.
  8. sara416

    The Many Sides of Jane

    It's a protective thing. When our brains cannot handle the stress we are under, we dissociate. And the high end of the dissociative scale is DID. It's not common, but it is real. The best thing I can compare it to is if you have ever had a medical or dental procedure and had to "go to your happy place" where you just imagine yourself somewhere else. That is obviously the very low end of the scale. But brains, especially those of young children, cannot handle the stress of horrific abuse. We just can't cognitively process it. So the brain develops a protection for itself because it tells us we are going to die. For the record, I don't have DID, but I am a therapist and work with trauma a lot. The thing that strikes me about the doctor is that he seems so stiff and cold! I have a lot of personality in sessions with clients and it is impossible for me to shut it off, so maybe I'm being overly judgmental. But he doesn't seem warm and I would hate to go to a therapist like that. W@e are only seeing small snippets of a few sessions, so perhaps he is generally more caring and likable on a regular basis or when we get to see more of his work.
  9. sara416

    S02.E11: Double Eviction

    Would anyone else actual;y watch Cousins? No? Just me. Ok. I'm only sort of kidding. It was entertaining, and would be entertaining in a short term, but for very long. Metta was actually funny intentionally, as opposed to last year when he was unintentionally funny voting for people to stay instead of leave.
  10. sara416

    Lifetime Original Movies

    When did they redo No One Would Tell? I loved the original! I'm sure it's totally cheesy, but at the time I thought it was great!
  11. sara416

    S33.E00: War of the Worlds: Basic Training

    Nooooo!!!!! Why is Josh here to ruin my show? The crying, the false ego, all of it, can get off my screen immediately. Is Turbo a cyborg? Because I kind of think he might be.
  12. sara416

    S02.E04: Live Eviction #1

    I've heard both flipping and flicking. More common for sure is flipping.
  13. sara416

    Mythbusters Jr.

    I'm really liking this show! My husband and I have such very different tastes in television, and Mythbusters was always one we could agree on. I love the way Adam interacts with these kids. You can tell he is really enjoying mentoring them. And they seem like great kids! I'm more excited about this than the one with the "new" Mythbusters. I never even watched that one.
  14. sara416

    The Many Sides of Jane

    Guaranteed? No, of course not. But mental illness does not mean you cannot be a parent. If we took children away from every parent who had a mental illness, our foster care system would be even more over run and broken than it already is. Clearly she has proven in court and otherwise that she is capable of taking care of her children, otherwise there would be involvement from the state. It seems like her nanny is a huge part of her life as well, and knows about her diagnosis. Until her children are in danger or neglected, she can have her children.
  15. sara416

    S07.E04: Of Corsets Fashion

    Did I really hear "a corset is a symbol of freedom"? Because it's actually kid of the opposite. It's binding and restrictive. Freedom is a t-shirt and yoga pants with no bra, lol.