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  1. My boyfriend and I went to Vasi’s in Waterbury today. That was the one where the mom invested a quarter of a million dollars into it. The dining room is really beautiful with the Mediterranean and Greek decor and it has a nice atmosphere with light music playing. My boyfriend and I both loved the food! We got a free appetizer of chick peas and pita bread, which was really good, then we decided to try the meatball appetizer. It was 2 giant meatballs served in marinara sauce and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. We both loved it and thought they were some of the best meatballs we’d ever tast
  2. I found it irritating how when the chefs were making the new food just before they opened, Peter clearly said they were going to get it ready in 5 minutes, Gordon said get it to me in 4, then he complained nothing was cooked right.... No kidding, dumbass! I also hate how Gordon has to always go for the gross-out in each kitchen... I get it's part of the entertainment value but the cooks were clearly telling him it was making them sick to smell/hear/look at that rotten food and he's there making them smell it and squeezing out the slime... like stop dude. You've made your point! And no one
  3. Carrie is considered to be the most successful winner.
  4. So happy Maddie won! She was the most deserving this season, she’s been the most consistent. She never had a misstep or bad performance or bad song choice. The results were exactly on point with Gabby getting third. Surprised but not shocked about Caleb and Maddie dating (heard rumors of it on here before). They both seem really sweet and it was nice they made the top 2 together. So happy a girl finally won (without producers stacking the deck like season 12) and somehow beating the male country WGWG vote. Hopefully Hollywood Records does right by Maddie and makes some effort to make her a suc
  5. I thought it was interesting that they made it a point to mention Maddie had a crowd of 10,000 at her concert but didn't give numbers for the other 2. Typically big cities don't care much about Idol contestants and the small towns get a bigger turn out. So I could see Gabby's easily having been smaller. I have thought similarly about Gabby as well, that I think she has potential and could be ready in a few years. She needs to figure out who she is as an artist and find her own voice and identity. Some time to mature may help her also grow out of that swelled head she currently has.
  6. My overall thoughts are that it was a really underwhelming night across the board, though I think Maddie easily performed the best. I will be shocked if she doesn't win. Caleb - His first song was a clunker, I wasn't a big fan of the studio version but I think it translates a little bit better live. But he definitely wasn't comfortable. Second song was a little better but another slow, boring country ballad that was similar. He redeemed himself with Johnny Cash. But honestly it doesn't matter how well he performed or not because male country vote. Gabby - Thought she performed the
  7. Overall I think the contestants did better with the mom songs than Carrie's. Cade - Undo It was pretty terrible. He can never stay with a melody at all. Simple Man was easily his best performance of the season. But he didn't deserve to make the finale, he has not been consistent, his performances were all pretty much the same, and he was easily the worst singer of the bunch. Not to mention he would have zero chance of commercial success if he won. Good riddance, overstayed his welcome and survived over much better singers for weeks. Michael - Flat on the Floor was not as disasterous
  8. My thoughts on everyone last night: Jurnee - I didn't think much of her Prince performance and her year of birth song was just alright. One thing I have always liked about her though is how effortless her vocals are (*ahem* looking at the try-hard Gabby, which I'll discuss more on her review). Unfortunately I guess her vocals were TOO effortless, as she never really seemed to connect with the audience. I knew since last week she would probably be gone this week. If she can just dig more emotionally into the performances, she could be a star someday. She has the voice and the look, plus a su
  9. I am a huge Disney nerd so tonight made me very happy! Such a magical evening! And all my favorites got through. I loved just about everything, Katy as Snow White, the intro singing with the contestants, all the Disney magical goodness! Onto the performances... Maddie - I really liked this and think she had one of the best performances of the night. It was a good song choice for her style. The stage designers did a really good job using imagery for everyone's performances tonight, the old timey feel for Maddie's suited the song well. Jurnee - I gotta be honest, I really thought she w
  10. Finally got to catch up on this, wanted to watch live but had to deal with a big fiasco on the night of! Maddie - Deservedly through to the top 10. Her performance of Homeward Bound the night before was fantastic. She is one of the few contestants in this competition who I think has a very clear vision of who she is as an artist and she demonstrates that in each song she sings. You know exactly what kind of album she would make. Michelle - This is the only choice I don't agree with at all being in the top 10. I would have swapped her for Mara instead. But I can see the appeal from the j
  11. Caleb - I wasn't a fan of the song choice and he, along with pretty much everyone except Maddie and maybe Michael tonight, were fighting against Bandzilla. I tossed 5 votes his way (I deducted half because it wasn't his best) but I fear he will have to sing for the wildcard tomorrow given that he was given the death slot. Hope he sticks around one way or another because I like his tone. Michelle - She's toast. The song choice sucked and her vocals were not that good. The only thing she had going for her was that she looked like a pop star and she performed pretty well. But the rest isn't
  12. Finally got all caught up just before tonight's episode! Caleb & Bebe - You could tell Caleb was kind of awkward and uncomfortable with this song. Too pop for him. Bebe did well trying to hype him though. Ada & Lea - Lea really outshone Ada here. Ada had a couple of moments but this was Lea's. I love Wicked and the music from it, so I loved hearing them sing this. Maddie & Colbie - This was a great matchup, they have very similar voices. Their harmonies at the end were so nice. They should have let Maddie also play her guitar though. Ron & Banners - This was
  13. I'm super behind! Only just got to watch this episode now, will watch the duets later today, and hopefully be able to watch the top 14 tonight or tomorrow. Amelia - Death slot. That performance could have been a lot more powerful. Forgettable. Gone. Bye. Garrett - That falsetto was not good, even Luke thought so. His comment about Garrett not having the best voice but being the heartthrob says it all. I don't see any artistry with this kid. Just a nice-looking guy all the teen girls will go crazy for. Maddie - Easily blew the first 2 out of the water. Her artistry is very clear every
  14. Finally caught up on the episode earlier today. Catie & Andy Grammer - I think she did a relatively good job of keeping up with him. This was a good upbeat way to start the show. Didn't necessarily do anything for her vocally but entertaining. Cade & Bishop Briggs - I think she was a pretty generous duet partner in this. It was a lot of screaming and try-hard from both of them. Not a fan. Layla & Sugarland - Poor Layla, she got swallowed in that, but she's a tiny 16-year-old up against Jennifer Nettles. I've never liked that song. But it was cute I guess. Dominique &am
  15. My boyfriend and I finally got to watch this episode last night and overall we thought this group was pretty meh, a few standouts, but we think Group 2 has the stronger contestants. The judges also were ridiculous with the tongue baths and Katy's dramatics over Cade. More on that later. Dominique - It was a competent performance but nothing about it stood out from everyone else. By going first, he became forgettable quickly. Fodder. Layla - Yuck, I don't know what the judges were yammering on about here. Her high notes were squeaky and strained. The song was too big for her. And I di
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