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  1. Poor Flick. Not a single confessional after 9 episodes. Really odd, too, as she was promoted pre-season and got a lot of airtime in her original season.
  2. I liked Abbey but am happy to see the Shonee and Harry side of that old tribe prevail in this episode.
  3. I’m sad to see Michelle voted out. As much as Henry tends to overplay, I do think his reasoning for wanting Sharn out made sense. Still waiting for Flick to get airtime.
  4. Shonee's title changed halfway through season 3 to HR assistant. I think she's still married? This past episode was insane, but I'm annoyed that we still haven't seen a confessional from Abbey or Flick.
  5. I love the alliance of Shonee, Nick and Harry! What happened to Moana? Wasn't she actually decent in challenges during season 3?
  6. I can’t say that the outcome of the premiere was surprising, but I was entertained all the same.
  7. jsm1125

    S40: Adam Klein

    I wonder if Tina passed medical. I think she has arthritis.
  8. I don't know if we saw him, but we definitely heard him in a voiceover. Also, and I have read the cast list elsewhere, if it's any consolation, Mike (the winner of Worlds Apart who sounded like Patty/Selma from the Simpsons) isn't on this season.
  9. Elizabeth (and Jack, who she is dating) won't be at the reunion. I think she's trying to pretend that she was never on Survivor.
  10. jsm1125

    S39 Kellee Kim

    Kellee posted this on her Twitter. Very well-said, yet awful that it needed to be said at all. I hope she's doing alright.
  11. It really is ridiculous that 2/3 of the remaining players (Kam, Cara Maria, Dee, Paulie, Zach, Leroy, CT, Rogan) made it to a final without seeing an elimination round. And that Kayleigh, after 3 seasons of never having made it to a final, has yet to lose an elimination round (she has been purged or quit).
  12. Did Karishma have a point during the Vince vote that old Lairo was a sorority?
  13. I find it telling that Kellee and Jamal aren't even allowed to do exit interviews until next week.
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