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  1. Plus, Troyzan seemed too woke to say that. Plus, I didn’t enjoy watching Moana, so it’s possible that those not in her alliance didn’t enjoy playing with her.
  2. What person of color did he vote for besides Barry on either of his seasons? This seems out of left field to me.
  3. Realistically, Bananas has carte Blanche to do and say whatever he pleases while on MTV. He’s practically a producer at this point, and he’s allegedly too entertaining to ever get in trouble with them.
  4. I like Nany and all, but she's never been great at eliminations. She did make the final in Free Agents and was I think only 10 minutes from beating Laurel.
  5. Rumor has it that Jenna and Tony hooked up on Dirty 30, and Amanda threatened to expose it at either that reunion or the Final Reckoning reunion. But Zach is the worst. I’m also glad that SOMEONE (Jemmye) brought up Zach’s treatment of Jonna.
  6. Something I found odd about Rob’s comment on Natalie being cliquey on EoE. Isn’t that how he won Redemption Island, by not having anything to do with the Zapateras (half of the people left at the merge)?
  7. Zach STILL won’t give concrete proof of his evidence of Jenna cheating? Fuck him. I hope he ends up alone, and I don’t say this very often.
  8. I think what’s also frustrating about Jenna’s relationship with Zach is that she saw how he treated Jonna, yet she wants to be with him.
  9. What’s most amazing to me so far is that Melissa was pregnant during this season (but she hadn’t realized it at the time)!
  10. I think Denise has won every possible “one male and one female get immunity” challenge in her two seasons: once in her original season, and twice in this season!
  11. After the whole house wanted Ashley to go into elimination, why were most of them rooting for her over Dee?
  12. I think Sophie also won 6-3 against Coach and Albert. I think the only votes she didn’t get were from Rick, Edna and Cochran.
  13. Oh how I would love to see Jenny, Laurel, Evelyn and Emily Schrom face off against each other in an elimination!
  14. Australian Survivor has had immunity idols hidden at tribal council (season 3 and 5 come to mind), so I can understand Adam's thought process in that regard. I am genuinely amazed that Kim and Tony don't seem to be targets, as I had considered them amongst the biggest threats coming into the season.
  15. Kailah made it to the finals in Vendettas and to the elimination before the finals in Dirty 30! Her only early exits were Final Reckoning and Invasion of the Champions.
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