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  1. That whole “giving Aneesa her props” felt forced to me, because you just know that the cast is going to not want her as a partner yet again when she appears on her next season.
  2. Syrus has won before and made the finals in the Inferno
  3. Knew Aneesa and Alton were staying. She had way too quiet an episode for her to have gone home this week.
  4. I think you can get called for initial availability but no be ultimately cast.
  5. I thought that was Cameron who didn’t watch the challenge way back in the day?
  6. I thought that Michele dated Pete from the Survivor: Philippines, and not Jay?
  7. Also, I think production has gotten stricter and stricter over the years with what the contestants can do in their spare time. I think Katie partly stopped after Cutthroat because it just became too restrictive, if I recall correctly.
  8. Did the title of this thread change?
  9. Nany has one a couple (one in Battle of the Seasons and one in Rivals III), but her overall record is pretty atrocious.
  10. I feel like Theresa should in theory be a great contestant for The Challenge, but she has always rubbed me the wrong way and annoyed the everliving shit out of me. Her only elimination wins that I can recall were against a checked out Camilla in Free Agents and against Nany (who isn't good at eliminations herself) in Battle of the Exes II. I feel like she buys into her own hype a lot.
  11. I was generally a Veronica fan, but Inferno II is the one season where I couldn't stand her. Even when she was being a mean girl, I understood where she was coming from on her other seasons, but it just seemed to make no sense to torment Tonya.
  12. I know Fessy is polarizing, but his "you're scared every season, Josh" in the previews for next episode is a mood.
  13. At least Nicole is one of the few people on reality TV to say “I want this so badly” instead of “I want this so bad!”
  14. Plus, Troyzan seemed too woke to say that. Plus, I didn’t enjoy watching Moana, so it’s possible that those not in her alliance didn’t enjoy playing with her.
  15. What person of color did he vote for besides Barry on either of his seasons? This seems out of left field to me.
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