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  1. Did I miss why CT seems to dislike Bettina? In a confessional this week, he said that if she were to choose him as her partner, he would make sure it’s short-lived.
  2. Genie is the other woman’s name. This is such a good position for Shan. She has Genie and Ricard distrustful of each other and JD in her back pocket .
  3. My god, Shan must have a phenomenal social game! Brad and Genie trust her as their number 1, as does Ricard and JD!
  4. Did the producers actually like seeing Cirie getting advantaged out in Game Changers? What is with the overabundance of advantages?
  5. I’m still mystified as to how Bananas built that reputation in the first place, as I found him more attention-seeking than I did entertaining.
  6. But had Tiffany really performed poorly in the premiere episode challenges? Also, Voce in his interviews has said that the Abraham boot was a sound decision for the rest of the tribe.
  7. I think Xander’s voice sounds almost exactly like Devon Pinto’s voice from the HHH season of Survivor
  8. Does anyone else suspect that Tiffany and Claire had jury questions/statements that production wouldn't approve of, and thus we didn't hear from them?
  9. I don't think Tiffany got a question either.
  10. Sorry, I don't know where else to put this. For anyone who lives in Chicago, am I the only one not seeing Big Brother airing at the moment on CBS? A wildfire-related news story is being aired right now.
  11. Err, I think Xavier would have been in trouble without the Cookout. Sarah Beth was tighter with Kyland and Tiffany, and Christian and Alyssa were working with Claire and Tiffany before Christian was evicted. Where else was Xavier going to go without the Cookout? Azah at least was close to Britini, Claire and DX.
  12. Are you allowed to transfer or play your SITD for another player??
  13. I'm not so sure she's keeping X if she wins part 3. She knows she can't beat him in the end.
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