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  1. I could imagine that Miss Patty gave them a break on the price as well, especially if Lorelai was willing to help out with costumes or whatever.
  2. The best I can fanwank it is that Lorelai wouldn't have had the budget to eat out for the first decade or so after she ran away from her parents' house (and Fran was generous about providing her and Rory food at the Inn for free), and was focused on getting as many hours as she could working at the Inn and saving money. As a result, she didn't go into Stars Hollow much, and she didn't have time to get involved with the town and the people who lived there (aside from the ones who worked at the Inn) until they moved. It doesn't completely make sense, since Miss Patty seems to remember Rory
  3. A friend of mine pointed out not long ago that Lorelai wasn't actually qualified to teach Rory anything about romantic relationships because she herself had never been in a functional one. The biggest, most important relationship of Lorelai's life in the early seasons was Christopher, and that was when she herself was a teen. It would also explain her getting so invested in Rory's own teenage relationships, since she has no perspective telling her that these relationships feel more high-stakes than they usually end up being in the great scheme of things. The whole time I rewatched the original
  4. Hera

    S02: Talk

    Yes! I've just been rewatching this season and this is what struck me as well. She was clearly better at reading comprehension, navigation, and thinking laterally so that when a task didn't go as expected, she could come up with a new approach to try. She even figured out where to go when they lost their clue for Alaska. Wil consistently overestimated his own competence, and treated her like she was the one dragging the team down. She was pretty mean to him at the end, but it really seemed to me like the origins of the team's dysfunction was him not being able to keep up with her and resenting
  5. Hera

    S01: Talk

    I've been watching the first season for the first time and agree with pretty much every @raven said. And to be fair to Emily, the nagging her mother to go faster stopped after the first couple of episodes (or at least stopped being shown). I really wanted to highlight this in particular: I was also struck by the leg construction: teams would have to do a task (they seemed keener on route markers in this season as well, instead of all tasks being either a Detour or Roadblock) in the vicinity of the pit stop they were leaving, and then would have to travel to the next country (or ac
  6. Hera

    Season 2

    There weren't any shady characters in Stars Hollow. No, but that's part of the problem. Everyone seemed to agree that Jess was a Troubled Youth™, but we as the audience never saw anything that would lead a reasonable person to believe that he really was all that troubled. Even if they didn't want to take it to a place where Jess himself was doing anything wrong, why not have shady people from his old life in New York come for a visit? At least then it would be clearer what people found so threatening about Jess.
  7. Hera

    Season 2

    I never really understood how Jess was "troubled" anyway. I mean, we know his parents were a mess (or were—what we were actually shown was that they were flighty but not actually malicious or in any way bad people themselves), but as far as Stars Hollow went, his "crimes" were trying to drink beer, mouthing off to Lorelai and Luke, drawing a chalk outline on the ground as if there had been a corpse there, stealing a lawn gnome, getting into fights at school (for no stated reason), and cutting school to work at Walmart. None of this sounds troubled to me; at worst it sounds like teenage dumbass
  8. This would be paranoia fuel for me. The obvious thing to do to stop someone hunting for an idol (or at least to know when and if they've found it) is to follow them around as a group while the do their search. If no one is rushing out to do that, then I'd wonder why—has someone already found it? Does everyone else know it's been found (and by whom) except me? If I suggest following the idol hunter and we do, are the other people in the group just humoring me? I would definitely lose my mind by Day 3 if I ever played Survivor. Fortunately, my hatred of camping already rules me out as a con
  9. I was/am squarely in the show's target audience when it aired (female and three years younger than Rory), but I've discovered over the years that there were plenty of guys my age watching the show as it aired as well. They just didn't admit it as often. Whether it was intentional or not, I think the target audience for Gilmore Girls was larger than anyone suspected.
  10. I had never really clocked this before, but it's a good point. My best guess is that the discovery of his long-long daughter was enough of an upheaval that he didn't want the upheaval of wedding planning and being a newlywed on top of it. It doesn't make much sense or really stand up to scrutiny: Lorelai was already on top of the planning, and if your life/relationship with your partner changes drastically just because you got married then that doesn't say great things about the solidity of your relationship in the first place. It's not like they were getting married and moving to another coun
  11. House 2 because all the others have at least one person I truly loathe. For all my complaining about Rory, it's really more to do with the bad writing around the character than with the character itself. My hand-picked House 7 would be Babette, Sookie, Lane, Dave, and Luke. My House of Hell would be Christopher, Logan, Colin, Finn, and Tristan—basically, the house of entitled rich boys. Although that being said, I would also not want to share a house with Paris. I love her, but in a quarantine house, everyone's going to fall out with everyone else at some point, and I would not want to
  12. Hera

    Season 5

    My impression was that the Huntzbergers are wealthier, but not necessarily of higher social class than the Gilmores. Hence they know each other socially but the Huntzbergers would view Rory as a potential gold-digger. Their deep pockets would mean that they'd get special treatment at events in order to try to coax them into donating more. My guess is that Shira has her own pet causes and organizations, which are different from those of Emily and Rory and she was never well developed enough as a character for us to see Emily or Rory at an event she had helped organize. But as has been poin
  13. Something occurred to me while looking at the thread for season 6: I hate Lane's storyline in season 6 and 7. In fact, I'm not sure I can confidently say that the April storyline is worse than Lane's. I liked Lane and Dave Rygalski just fine, and wouldn't have minded if they had stuck together, but Adam Brody got a better offer on a different show, so it was out of the writers' and producers' hands. But why did they feel a need to force a romance between Lane and Zack? It made no sense for either one of the characters. Zack is way more like Todd, the doofus Lane has a crush on until she g
  14. For my money, Paris is one of the few consistently great parts of the show, especially in the post-Chilton years. I hated what they did with Rory and Lane, but I never got tired of watching Paris be an intense overachiever. Even when she made dumb choices (like the whole Asher Fleming affair), it never seemed totally out of character to me, and she was certainly never dull.
  15. April and Anna are basically an alternative universe Rory and Lorelai (but with a larger age gap and less focus on their relationship with each other), and I think @Oldernowiser is right that there are elements of Paris in April's characterization as well. I don't have strong feelings about the actress since I don't think anyone could have salvaged that story line. They could have had the most talented, charismatic 12 year old ever in that role, and I still think we would have resented the character and the arc. The goal was to write the show into a corner as revenge against the network (altho
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