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  1. I'm excited because we'll get a comparison of how the game plays out for one person (Shan) who got rid of an ally with a potential advantage vs someone (Evvie/Liana) who didn't. Brad had nothing to lose when it comes to that tarp/steal a vote advantage since his vote was already gone thanks to having found the idol (although I suppose there was a chance someone on the blue tribe might have found theirs in time). I'm a little sad he's gone, but on the other hand, now someone else is going to have to say the weird broccoli/tree line. And since Brad didn't say it right, whoever finds it does
  2. I like that moment too (really, the first three seasons of Gilmore Girls are cozy, comfort watching for me), but I always wondered why the top 3% got singled out at Chilton, as opposed to top 5% or top 10%. This is a good point. You'd think his complaints would be in the other direction: that everyone looks, dresses, and acts the same, he misses hearing people yell at each other in Ukrainian (or some other language), and that what the locals call Chinese food is a joke. We've been over this in the nit-picking thread, but the show could never really settle on what kind of town Stars Hol
  3. Like the rest of you, I am baffled at the decision to keep Xander. The second you sense that someone could be powerful in the game, you need to get rid of them. And this season, they've actually made it easier for people to do since the advantages aren't all active right away. I also agree that Tiffany's paranoia doesn't bode well for her alliance with Evvie and Liana. My guess is that Tiffany is a shield right now. In a tribe setting, neither Liana nor Evvie can be accused of being the weakest as long as Tiffany's around, and then once the tribe is merged, she's a goat. However, it seems
  4. I wonder what the rule is about using a shot in the dark if you've already sacrificed your vote. The die tokens make it seem like you can use it as long as you have your die. But if you're effectively sacrificing your vote in order to use the SitD, then logically someone whose vote has already been sacrificed shouldn't be permitted to use it. So if JD, Xander, and Danny had all chosen to risk their votes and therefore lost their ability to vote at their first tribal council, then would they have been allowed to use their SitD because they still had their tokens, or would they have been stopped
  5. Hera

    S41.E01: A New Era

    I really enjoyed that first episode and didn't hate anyone, including Ricard. I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to keep track of all the new elements based on what I read on here before watching, but it wasn't too bad and I didn't really object to any of them. One change that wasn't so highlighted, but which I really liked, was that immunity challenges are over when the first team wins and there's no reward for second place. Hopefully this means that we'll avoid having a tribe that completely implodes, which is what usually happens on a three tribe season. I don't completely know how I f
  6. Emily (or maybe the Palladinos via Emily?) made up a lot of rules that aren't actually rules. Somewhere else on this board, someone noted that some of the things Emily does in the name of etiquette are actually the opposite of good manners. It's not an example of her being rude, but one that always gets me is when she says it would have been rude of her and Richard not to attend Sookie and Jackson's wedding because they were free that day (after bitching about how their invitation was clearly the result of someone else canceling). That's not a rule. Invitations are not summons, you're all
  7. Hera

    Season 1

    Yeah, he and Lorelai met, dated, broke up, got engaged, and then broke up again all in under a year (which we discussed in the nitpicking thread, so I won't repeat it here). It's also nuts that they wanted to go straight from dating while separate places to married and living together without any intermediate steps. I get that some people do that but I don't think it made any sense for the characters of Lorelai and Max. It was pretty clear that they didn't discuss the logistics of blending their households (where in Lorelai's house was Max supposed to fit his stuff?), and Lorelai kept
  8. Neither do I. To be honest, I'm surprised there wasn't more hesitation from the cast given how much they got yanked around by the Palladinos in the original run. I remember seeing an interview Alexis Bledel did with Jimmy Fallon, who said he was catching up on the show and had just watched the Season 4 finale and was "a little mad at her". It was pretty clear that she thought the Rory/Dean affair storyline was dumb too, but she was diplomatic about it. I haven't seen interviews with Scott Patterson where he's asked about the April storyline, but I'm guessing he also thought it made no sense an
  9. I don't think you can ever overblow a reaction to adultery. It's not as if she murdered her. She didn't even throw her out of the house or disown her. Not only that, but the deed took place under Lorelai's roof. Lorelai was well within her rights to disapprove of Rory and Dean already, but I would add she had a further right to be mad that they made her part of it (albeit in a minor way) by doing it in her home and then being indiscreet enough to let her catch them. Lorelai had a right to decide what behavior is permitted in her home, even from her adult daughter.
  10. Well, today I learned… But seriously, why bring it up if they weren't going to resolve it? Especially since that would have been way more interesting (and likely cheaper to produce) than slogging through Stars Hollow: The Musical.
  11. Bringing this over from the Season 6 thread (@andromeda331's post—this site won't let me share the attributed quote): And then in the reboot, they did it with Lorelai and Emily, except it ended up being yet another loose thread. Seriously, what was with the red herring about the letter Emily got that Lorelai claims she never sent?
  12. I love that scene—everyone looking expectantly at Rory and her realizing that she's meant to produce some witticism out of nowhere. Looking back, they could have mined way more drama from Straub and Francine. For instance, it might have been fun to have an episode where Rory (with or without Lorelai) attends a society event with Emily and Richard, and they have the unpleasant surprise of running into Straub and Francine, culminating in an awkward exchange where some well-meaning third party susses out that Straub and Francine are Rory's other grandparents but they have avoided having any kind
  13. I don't really know how I'm supposed to read Olivia and Paula. It's super weird the way Paula joins in these conversations about Mark's father or his non-cancer, even though it doesn't seem like she knows the rest of the family that well. But then again, it's also weird that they're so open about these topics in front of her. As for Olivia, there's a detached, ironic tone to everything she says, especially to her parents, so it comes across to me like she's being deliberately awful (especially to her dad), but her parents never react as though she is. There's also a weird disconnect that
  14. I think Lorelai's anger was compounded by the the fact that she had already gone to Emily and Richard to try to preempt Rory moving in with them and they not only went back on their agreement with her, but let her know in a way that totally blindsided her. And while I agreed with Lorelai in principle that Rory shouldn't have let Mitchum's performance review affect her educational plans, @Taryn74 is totally correct that Rory was an adult and therefore the decision about her life ultimately rested with her, and that cutting her off completely was an over-reaction on Lorelai's part. Now that
  15. So she's basically Christopher? Actually, based on her characterization in the revival, that kind of tracks. She's 32, struggling to hold a job, but always hopes that the next one will be her big break, and her love life is a mess.
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