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  1. Wow. Natalie bringing her usual drama, Hazel looking for a girlfriend, Syngin Jr., conflicted farm boy, blondie with a boozer.. What a collection.
  2. I left the Darcey duo on because I was too lazy to change it and one of them said something like she “stuck her head in the lion’s den“. Wow. Think that show is going to go the way of sMothered - ignored completely at all costs for sanity purposes. Are you insinuating that Tania and Syngin are self-absorbed and self-centered? 😉 He certainly is happy back home... Asuelo’s family is the antithesis of every Samoan I’ve known and loved. They’re brutal. I gave him points for taking a hike mid-visit. It’s painful to watch this What Have You Done for Me Lately crew.
  3. Shut up, Ed. As if good or bad sex is Larissa‘s biggest problem.
  4. Hello to all! Hoping against hope that disgusting Ed doesn’t spend the whole time talking about himself...
  5. I thought Bennett looked better without the mustache, too. I liked Henry’s clothes; thought he looked nice.
  6. Nice how Coltee was in agreement with mommy’s endless monologue about how awful Jess is and waited til the TH to say he created the problem when he lied to her about Vanessa still being around. Those two are so beyond sickening. Chuck and Charlie are just asking simple questions. What’s the problem? They’re American! Painful to watch these ignorant ish stirring fools. Mildly interesting to watch Tania lose control over Synergy. Dude is happy. Ang and Mahkul, still trying to figure out if this will work, while Pole tries to understand why his record is a problem, and hop
  7. This. And he got nice, friendly in laws. Liking those dads.
  8. I hope there’s a juicy story there and that it’s not just another silly cliffhanger moment that amounts to nothing. 😆
  9. I think Libby’s family is strange and awful with the rare exception of her father being kind to his father while he was there. It seems odd that they are looking at this trip as a fact finding mission, as if Andrrrrei hasn’t been married to the little princess for two years and had a baby with him. Father Libby called himself protective. I thought he and the bro were rude and obnoxious from the moment they blew in. More of Libster’s family tree on the way should be interesting.
  10. Interesting that her thoughts and opinions were all The Law According to Lisa and his opinions were all “opening a can of worms”. The delusion is great with that one.
  11. That’s Molly’s best friend and business partner, Cynthia. She’s married and not part of the 90 Day nonsense. Tim and Jennifer didn’t work out but he and Veronica have remained friends and co-parent her daughter.
  12. Too true. And Amelia doesn’t look any better with makeup. The birds nest kind of blends in with the chaotic crap normally going on on her head that she never combs, brushes or rakes but those paper airplane earrings were really brutal. As a doctor, I hope her specialty is research.
  13. Woody surprised me by attempting to make Amani feel comfortable; seemingly less the self absorbed twit I expected. I want to hug Miles. Points to Karen for going through with it. Poor Olivia. She babbled a lot. Brett and his family... Ugh. Sarcastic comedians who aren’t funny.
  14. Wow. Whole lot ringing true in that article. Thanks so much for sharing it. In high school, nearly every girl was either Karen, Sue, Debbie or Nancy. There were no black students. When the obnoxious woman called the police on the people BBQing in Oakland, some of the subsequent memes called her Karen and calling people Karen after that seemed to take on a life of its own. Interesting read.
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