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  1. Walking me down the “isle” 😂 Never change Amy.
  2. I grew up in the Willamette Valley south of Portland and now live in the Seattle area - I can attest that at the end of a very hot Pacific Northwest summer day it usually cools off quite a bit in the evening. I was so shocked the first time I went to the east coast in the summer to visit a friend and grabbed a sweater for an evening out - he asked, “what is that for?!” LOL. Before Covid there were very few restaurants here with outdoor seating even in the summer as it cools off too much after dark to be comfortable. That’s why Seattle has the lowest number of air conditioned houses in the US*
  3. It looks to be a tank top under the dress (you can see it in the front too with some enlarging).
  4. Very on brand of you to be living up to your user name, Irate Panda 🐼 😂
  5. I was also impressed by the features of the camper, but the first thing I thought of was that she has moved from a run down all brown interior rental to a new tiny all brown interior camper - I too am claustrophobic and the dark interior just adds to the feeling of the walls closing in!
  6. I don’t always take the time to like your step reports but I so admire your persistance!! I saw you were disappointed not to do more lately but you are amazing!! Keep going and know you inspire us ❤️
  7. “The wonderful day for the rest of my life will be here before I know it.” The wonderful day for the rest of my life? Can anyone translate from Amy to English?? I sincerely don’t know what she’s trying to say here!
  8. Green garlic? They look like leeks to me...but I’m also too lazy to google it like Janelle 🙂
  9. I wonder if it might have to do with her recent post saying she wouldn’t get the Covid vaccine and that people shouldn’t “@ her”...
  10. Yes it is...looks like a timer system set up to turn on the different areas of the yard.
  11. My husband is from Norway and they wear the rings on the right hand there...Used to be only a band for each person, worn by both from the time of engagement. During our first xmas together there, he gifted me a diamond ring and the gathered family had no idea what the significance was (34 years ago). Now diamond engagement rings are more popular, but still on the right hand 😉.
  12. What I remember from barely paying attention was that they saw a video of a goose and thought it was soooo amazing/funny - I’m guessing they came up with the phrases “It lives?loves? (Not going back to look!). And man I can’t believe I’ve invested brain cells to remember somehow Heather also saw the video with them? Here’s an article about the video I’m guessing they saw. It is cute but tattoo worthy??https://wjla.com/news/offbeat/the-story-behind-that-viral-hugging-goose-video
  13. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but there’s a fascinating and very well made podcast called “unfinished: Short Creek” about the polygamists there and Warren Jeffs. The 3rd episode features an amazing interview with a former plural wife who left. And by the way many of the interviewees pronounce “deal” like “dill”... must be a regional thing 😉.
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