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  1. I can not tell you guys how much I’ve enjoyed reading everyone histories of religion in your life. It made me remember that my parents weren’t religious at all except for a few months when my mother studied Catholicism because her best friend and our next door neighbor was a devout Catholic. I would go with her on Sundays. One Sunday I looked up a few pews and saw a 12 year old boy that a few months before stopped me on my walk to our local grocery store and told me to go with him on the empty lot behind a trailer and told me to pull down my pants. I went screaming away but still went t
  2. So Caryn and Tori don’t have a business together as earlier indicated? The new house popped up on my news feed couple days ago. It looks nice and certainly more practical. I guess Jeremy still hasn’t completed his house which is very weird. They had to eat out the whole first pregnancy because of no kitchen as we were led to believe. I guess their books aren’t making enough money to hire some help in completing his 3 + year projects?
  3. I think it’s to hang your glasses. Just kidding. I really don’t need to listen to 3 hours of the civil discussion after hearing him suggest getting the virus then the vaccine. I also don’t understand giving the number of listeners as some kind of proof of his intelligence. So what? Years and years ago someone used to say to me FoxNews was the number one news show with highest rating or viewers. So all listeners are Einsteins ?
  4. I guess I just woke up cranky because I felt Sherri’s segment went on too long. I don’t need a refresher on her slobbering and pawing on male guests. Think I’ll have to FF through any discussion of KK since I didn’t watch SNL because she hosted. I saw Clinton on CBS Sunday and she was great. It seems odd that Scenes From A Marriage actors are on Friday now that it ended?
  5. The Joseph Behar that I saw a news articles/ pictures was 94 years old and was producer / Emmy winner for game shows and soap opera.these article said The View cohost Joy Behar was his spouse. ( where the actual 94 producer was married to one woman 54 years). I thought 94 was little old for Joy. I had to leave during Barbara segment but did see that panel had switched out after commercial and immediately went to positive covid test. Geez Barbara admit someone who became successful and so knowledgeable made you dislike her. What a charmer.
  6. Well there’s something wrong with me because the story of Megan . getting thrown through a screen door was satisfying. I agree she didn’t add much but a drastic contrast to her daughter which is ok because no one has stood out as possible fill in. I’m all in for skipping a 5th panel member and occasionally have a guest sit at the table.
  7. Mine too ! He was 4lb 6 ounces went down to 3lbs 10 and I stopped asking. He had to have 2 complete exchange blood transfusion and one partial. His heart stopped during first transfusion. So yeah I think we get give her a collective smack about the head and shoulders. Did he just say he was worried because no one would care of his son? Wow . Mom and dad are going to have this albatross around their necks forever.
  8. Very strange / confusing because her page gives link as first spouse Joseph Behar 1963-81 and when you hit the blue link takes it to him. First hit just googling his name shows his picture announcing his death and shows spouse as Joy Behar and daughter Eve. It comes up on several unknown sites that way. I did think his age was out of range. I guess I can’t believe everything on internet.
  9. Mines tomorrow so I always remember hers, plus I love her. OT but didn’t realize her first husband produced so many shows and died in June.
  10. No mention of Joys birthday, maybe the day Cindy McCain is on. That would be good .
  11. The segment talking about Katie’s book and she wrote she’d ice out competitors early in her career was the perfect set up for Whoopi to ask, do we still do that? Ana responded “ it’s so warm in here I can’t even explain it to you” Who is rushing to their Twitter account now? Any guesses?
  12. That’s exactly what I was thinking! Sunny looked really beautiful. ,less is more. I even thought she didn’t have earrings on but there were microscopic diamonds. Then I looked at Sara and said same but why is it not working? Is it because we are used to Sunny’s long hair and Sara keeps dramatically changing hers? Ana is beautiful.
  13. I married a Catholic in 64 also and since I wasn’t Catholic we couldn’t go to the alter but it was recognized as I recall . Did the ex remarry? SS is so confusing to me.
  14. It’s one of top 20 names for grandma. Cha Cha was Barbara Walters dog. Just saying.
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