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  1. athousandclowns

    S01.E09: Ripped Apart

    Thank you! I was trying to think of something equally gross to clipping. The thing is she asked if he wanted to paint her nails like something she saw in a bad movie. She’s fancying herself a sex kitten. why else would she allow filming it? Sumee when your done pouring water over my head and clipping nails could you tend to the boil on my ass?
  2. athousandclowns

    S01.E09: Ripped Apart

    I’ve always hated seeing anyone cut their own toenails. My late husband would come around the corner( from second bathroom) with a fist then open it to show me and would say , here these are for your scrapbook. God I miss him I started laughing so hard sunscreen got into my eyes when I wiped them. I can’t think of anything more than a turn off than to have that done. I see elderly men and women having pedis where I get my hair cut all the time. She isn’t that old. Theres no excuse for any of these empty headed fools not to have done a general google to learn about laws/ customs. Oh and to know the details of your finance’s criminal past. Earlier episode he said he sold everything in his mothers place when she was away. Every damn thing.
  3. athousandclowns

    "The View": Week of 7/22/2019

    Yep in one month it will be a year so maybe she’s cranking it up a tad. She thanked Gabbard for her service then added only combat vet running for president. big ole smile. WTF? She is just too much.
  4. athousandclowns

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    That’s exactly what I was thinking after reading her revelation. How dare women commit murder when I had a much loved wanted child ripped from me that I will never forget ,but thank goodness she is in my fathers arms in heaven. I know every one reacts differently but after my first miscarriage (although I had to wait 3 months) became obsessed with getting pregnant again. When my next baby died at 5 days old I was left devastated and 3 months later had non stop sobbing at a grave my in laws arranged. Not once did I feel anger or resentment nor did I rage at anyone. I didn’t laugh at television and had trouble concentrating so asked family to bring their ironing to me. Yeah it was that long ago! I went on to have 2 difficult pregnancies and births and a third miscarriage . We are women, we are goddesses we go on. I’ll say it again this should make her a softer kinder compassionate human being. This may be a lead up/ excuse for her to take time for herself and not return. ~~ Another question I never hear her discuss the future of the Republican Party just just what dee p trouble Democrat’s are in.
  5. athousandclowns

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    I couldn’t make out all of what Tinsly was saying but because I went through euthanasia process last December I do know that they keep the pet in refrigerated unit and in my case until the empathetic cremation place could drive over the hill into busy city to pick him up and take him back to their location in the woods for creation and burial. Since they were not charging for pickup I made it clear they could come when it was good for them. It was maybe 3-4 days. Who was she keeping the dog in the frozen state for? Who wanted to see it? That’s odd. Since I only have 2 brain cells rattling around in my brain I thought of one of the women from Shahs of Sunset who had her little pooch die on her and she put him in her freezer because she didn’t want to let him go. It was so very creepy, right next to the popsicles.
  6. athousandclowns

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    What pray tell is the stigma of miscarriage? If it means you are going to use it in the public on your job for a year, yeah you might suffer some more “Arrows.” She has always given lip service like she didn’t want children so is she going to claim it was planned? Miscarriage happens because the pregnancy Is not viable as I was told so many years ago. Good point that she has some hateful rages after that which I will say is not an excuse for a loss like that. It should put things in perspective, make you a kinder human being. She should be heartbroken for children ripped from their parents and held in cages. Not buying it. Save me a seat on that bullet train to Hell. Which reminds me I’ve never heard her make bible references ever.
  7. athousandclowns

    S04.E12: Change of Heart

    Took a drive there Monday . Capitol Aptos and Seacliff Soquel are favorite beaches from my youth. Sea Cliff is where we would have our after prom outings on topic : these people are ridiculous .
  8. athousandclowns


    I respect the kids for not wanting to film. I’ve watched 2 of the new David Tutera shows and can’t get over the fact David’s there rushing every move, giving instruction ,setting scenes all through the wedding. It’s not natural. Filming a show is not just a camera going its stop start repeat wait for light etc. not appealing no matter how cheap.
  9. athousandclowns


    The article was based on one of Amy’s live video posts from June 14. For Matt’s sake I hope he changes his mind because that would be resentment that will last a lifetime. I don’t follow any of these folks unless it pops up then I will read it. So I’ve not heard of any mental illness of Jacobs but did just read his post from 2016 regarding his decision to not film any longer . He's smart articulate and straightforward. Although he said there have been good people on the crew but they have their own agenda and standing behind the filming scenes he said the family is not one he knows but playing characters for the show. He said it’s actually funny watching them from the sidelines trying to get the family to follow their set storylines. i remember how close he was to the employee who acted as a father image to him then died. Sad
  10. athousandclowns

    S11.E19: Reunion Part 2

    I was thinking the same thing. What a bitch. She has a very short memory about her hysteria when Cookie was dying. At least TinsLy didn’t film and post it.
  11. athousandclowns


    Well looks like there trouble down on the farm because Matt is banning Jacob from getting married on the property. Eventually that’s why there is two move out dates from Amy so that he could get married before November. This article said Jacob was most affected by his father blowing up the marriage. Wish I could link.
  12. athousandclowns

    "The View": Week of 7/15/2019

    I noticed her nod in agreement something mm was saying yesterday but looking into space. Keep it up Sunny you are all we have.
  13. athousandclowns

    Meghan McCain: "Both Sides" Wannabe Tough Chick

    Yesterday a picture of Megan and her mother from the view popped up on my FB i could not get over that almost @100% favorable comments. How beautiful they both are and everyone loved MM’s hair and that her clothes look beautiful every day. How wonderful to have her mothers support, WTH ? If she hasn’t gone back to her beloved home state in a year she’s sure the heck isn’t supporting/ comforting her mother. Makes me wonder if we are hallucinating.
  14. athousandclowns

    S09.E06: Real Life and Real Wife

    Wait till she covers every surface with open jewelry boxes bottles brushes etc. At least you can dust the floor I doubt you can dust around every jam packed shelf and counter and dresser top. She makes me look like a minimalist. Her take on the beautiful four bedroom house was how you going to clean it? Easy . Damn the dresser is new just wipe it out. Those crunching noises were sound effects no? I’d get up and move into the bathroom. Old lady Iris is going to kill any hope of success , she didn’t have any of those bed requirements on the honeymoon? Don’t know if it was camera placement but everyone but Matt and Ambers bed looked like king size looks like maybe she put a bedspread from home
  15. athousandclowns

    House Hunters

    Yes I’ve seen it in other states but not California. Those were slim pickings to choose from but seems he has the ability to make improvements.