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  1. I hope he dumps her ass too. Watching this episode I am shocked that while talking to the girls she keeps saying we’re not clicking. I don’t see it happening. How embarrassing to leave to table twice storming out. . I saw psycho behavior going from zero to a thousand and what she was raging about to him didn’t make sense. I’m done! He comes crawling with his tail between his legs for what? Then she’s a curled up with him the morning? Don’t make me jealous. Don’t write something when your 15 years old either ,because you don’t write poetry for me. If he did she’d call him a nerd. it was very hard to watch Katie and the loose cannon that is Brandon. I’ve never been involved with anyone who was violent so have no opinion if that’s his thing I’ve never been involved with anyone who would bob their head like a rooster and try and taunt someone they work for either . Real mature move to storm out only to be there the next day locked in the car. What’s his job again loading kegs at festivals? I agree this is the worst season of all.
  2. Thank you ! I’m just now watching after reading and those two have nerve talking about Amy and her incisiveness. As soon as they sit down in a restaurant Start bitching about Amy. She can’t get out of the house fast enough for you FU. The rides and TH with Caryn again Amy and how she’s cramping your style. caryn in the office ( the one Amy didn’t have a key to ) laughing like Amy will change her mind ? Bitch! The farm has been her home for 30 years but hey the big cheese and his side piece want to be king of the mountain.. Even Tory said that Amy should have her own contractors not his doing inspections Every talking TH he does nothing but talk smack about her. Amy’s talking heads are smiling cheerful and the fact she’s had the same place for 30 it’s understandable and never shopping for a house is stressful . Zach is right she was the den mother with parties, soccer, homework, vacations and doctors. Matt’s life isn’t any different so on to the next fantasy project to tell us how he didn’t have a childhood and now he’s such a good grandfather. Crap Matts nose has Grown so large , he’s all nose. Topic of conversation with kids at dinner is Amy. Give it a rest. Matt thinks the decision for her to give up the house—- yeah don’t want to inconvenience you and Caryn ,can’t have that. Ever so kind of him to say she can come by and use it property for an event . i remember the vacations Matt would go bitching and moaning and he’d be taking a call from the farm and then leaving. now Matt doesn’t want for people he won and got the whole ball,of wax with “ sneakery “ got a case of the guilts?
  3. II didn’t know if you were being funny or I didn’t know if you were being funny or not but YES hospitals will change bed linen as many times as a patient needs it and once patient is gone housekeeping wipes bed down as well as bedside stands. That’s the way it’s been forever or at least since Ignacio Semmelweis discovered that surgeons should wash hands before surgery. I wish Kody would STF up about how hard and expensive everything is like it’s everyone’s fault about the situation they are in. Did he think we’re not smart enough to remember it was his idea so suck it up. I just recouped this because I fast forward and often not finish watching and saw the flashback of bathtub birth. Her husband was in the tub with feet in water. Mercy these people. I have worked at a hospital in late 70s to early 80s and my mother was a nurse for 40 years , a good portion in a catholic hospital postpartum floor. As soon as patients are discharged housekeeping is called. im not seeing the scene where she’s in birthing place. But I’ve noticed people wanting to do birthing like that often aren’t concerned about sterilization.
  4. Thanks! Step exercise is good I suppose but trying to make food would be frustrating
  5. I had best friend that lived / lives there and I got married there. I remember the fires and also been snowed in for a week.
  6. What drives me nuts is her “like” every other word. Is she really supposed to be some kind of therapist? I’d last 2 minutes in the same room with her, talk about unprofessional and uneducated. She really shouldn’t push her chin into her neck to make several double chins which really ages her.
  7. That was a nice video and was cute he told her she said lemon. It’s a shame she has to get up and down off step stools in order to cook. I find the house is fine nothing in bad taste. Gray is everywhere in design as was broker beige for years and years. It’s too bad she couldn’t have a place with sinks and counters like she had at the farm but I bet the side piece has them ripped out by now. Moving being a little person probably takes twice as long as it does for a not height challenged individual. Chris seems like a nice normal guy who adores her and pitches in and helps unlike Matt who big deals everyone with his genius. What ever happened to thinking he could/ should run for office? That’s just terrifying.
  8. I get her on FB and she’s been cooking up a storm and like you mentioned hubby is ordering Truckloads of shit ( her word)
  9. So good to see Lisa. A tad confused ( a continuous state) about her saying that they are shuffling their kids back and fourth between both grandparents, I remember seeing a documentary she did with her sister centered around her father who was living alone and very very forgetful. Hepefuly it’s a look through the window situation.
  10. Never mind her drama is pissing me off.
  11. Is God in the rental business? I’ll show myself out.
  12. Doesn’t make sense since they aren’t married. Plenty of funny married couples could comment. They don’t even have clever banter. His real wife might work. I’m going to track down their staying in podcast.
  13. It’s ok folks the Deals are not glamorous. A suction to suck mosquito and spider bites. Grow your own mint for cocktails. Some type of signage I did not actually open links This is the first time I’ve seen the beginning of the show. Joy usually wears her hair natural when not at work ( curly) so she did the best she could. It must really be hard on her not having her grandson to love on... my heart is aching for my two little guys.
  14. I’m at a disadvantage because I didn't watch last weeks whole show and don’t know what happened to baby daddy who seemed dangerous previously. Ligit question is it ok now to give a daughter a shower now? In her apartment? Everyone seems to be overacting. I don’t know anyone who is so animated like they’re acting on stage. I’m crabby . . Wonder what adjustment Kathryn had to make to the dress... take it in?
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