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  1. I just got a really cute shirt with an illustration by a NewYorker cartoonist that I follow and friends with on FB the sale Is a fundraiser for non profit sanctuary. On the front has a bear and a man facing each other and an arrow that says 6 feet Between them. On the back of shirt on the bear and man with backs facing and it says StAND BACK Really nice soft material and for good cause. im very very concerned because the biggest unified school district announced teachers will not return yet a couple blocks from those schools my grandkids and my teacher daughter in law district will be offering the 2 day and home combination or all home. My daughter in law will have to be there at least 4 days . My son whose working from is so immune compromised will be still be working from home and managing their online work. I’m scared shitless my daughter-in-law has been teaching for 20 years has a masters but I know she doesn’t “ get it” about his danger. She teachers first grades that can’t tie the shoes.
  2. I managed to catch her just now on Brooke Baldwin talking about Goya Foods, hope it’s not off topic Or should I go to a MeeAgain forum regarding her smack down of anyone boycotting Goya. I have cabin fever and truly not thinking clearly.
  3. Which show? I tried DVR ing her name and among the 3 million Anas listed she’s not. That’s an outrage.
  4. I have known my doctor for over 40 years and wouldn’t think of hugging her. When she was doing a biopsy on me she asked if I was in pain and I said no why? Because you’re not breathing. I also had to have aminos every 3 days for a couple of weeks by my obgyn back in the olden days. I hope Asuela gets to the bus station and because he doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground stays lost. He’s moving to the top of my hate list. im not understanding Mollys choice to top tonight.
  5. Access Hollywood is on the station I was watching and I heard Mario say break out star of 90 day fiancé Big Ed will he find love? I’ll never know because our Governor is going to be on.
  6. What a revelation MeeAgain Discovering republicans are having issues with Republican leaders and the party. Every member of the panel has been saying they should be having problems with her party forever, but because Tucker is pushing it she gets to ramble on and on about a given. She truly is someone who loves to hear her voice and to eat up as much of a discussion as she can without saying a damn thing. Frankly I’d be embarrassed after claiming she wants open civil discussions only to be bragging she is only watching conservative news all day and night. Thanks for the heads up on video, I’ve seen it and read it and can’t bear it. Training for the police really? Wrong place at the wrong time ? Is that what this is Missy? How about deep psychological screening and then some more.
  7. Lord I thought it as just me because I’ve been alone so long. My mother used to be sensitive to loud talking in restaurants which I attributed to living alone but geez dial it down. I like the friend and her hair looks cute but I couldn’t be in the same room with Molly. She’s upset about everything a snack her friend is eating or whatever. Plus she’s really no expert on couple behavior.
  8. I’ve heard her refer to Tom as her partner several times.
  9. There was a square between her eyes on forehead then same color Triangle from inner eye across cheeks ending where blush would start. Ok I just reviewed and her neck is blotchy in same 2 colors which are matt . If she’s watching YouTube makeup Tricks there’s good ones out there. MM also used the spot of white in corners of mouth. Guess we are doing the best we can I managed to remedy orange hair dye ( third try) that Joy did at first.
  10. I loved Sunny’s face after MeeAgain’s incoherent non response when called on out of order. Her “it’s an ongoing conversation “ is like Whoopi’s “this is not going away “ On a superficial note I’m very distracted at Sunny’s make up application today. At first I thought it was my tv but it is terrible. l love Loni Love and wasn’t worried about any questions regarding her show.
  11. This is a serious question because I’m not sure she’s made it clear who she’s mad at about the situation. I could have missed it as I often am doing something else. She was all in the beginning but has she mentioned who is not making things better.? I’ve only heard her say that some women on tv are obviously having hair done then complaining about different protests . And of course she can’t buy a crib in person, does she want things open ? Or did she mention what would make it better? I’m clear on everyone’s else’s feelings but not hers. I love Ms Bowser too.
  12. Just typed long explanations only to now see a couple posters solved the local florist issue. I think you’d get much better chance of everyone being happy picking the florist yourself not relying on a service who really has no idea what the shop can do or what flowers they have on hand at what ever point during the holiday. It’s much cheaper too you only get charged for their local delivery not a costly service charge. Most shops love what they are doing ( it’s physically exhausting and not going to get rich doing it ) and want happy return customers. The expression that irks me is “ it is what it is”
  13. I am also a retired florist I recommend During normal holidays to deal with a florist in the city where you need them delivered. When you use a service like 1-800 flowers ( do they still exist? ) or like Teleflora they take the order but really know nothing about the individual flower shops all over the US. it’s also cheaper as they will only charge local delivery not a service fee. That being said I had really good luck with a online service that dealt with delivery of exotic flowers to a friend non holiday. Shipped from a grower. UPS was mentioned so I’m assuming it was shipped loose flowers and UPS is overwhelmed with everything. I also suggest during holidays have it delivered the day before or several days so you won’t be hit with out of flowers. I also recommend not to be too specific ( sounds like you weren’t) say maybe a favorite color or flower but say your freshest / nicest on hand. My best friend is still is a designer and the shop he works for only takes direct orders online and phone. ( so you are dealing with shop doing delivery) He’s not working now and like many businesses the store is closed to in store customers and is talking about having to enlarge the store of 25 years in order to protect employees and probably eliminate arrangements all together once fully open. When my in-laws were alive I developed a relationship via phone with a in town florist who always went out of their way to please. also don’t pick out a picture that the florist will have to stop and look it up see how close they have the flowers to copy it. We floral designers have a million stories of on the morning of a big holiday ( Mother’s Day valentines day) of people who wake up in the morning of of the day and call and want a specific arrangement sent across time zones and want to know time The delivery driver will be there. . If we were to say it’s too late they say but you did it for me last year! Whoops I see TattleTeeny came to the conclusion of my suggestion I hate Comcast and have to call every 3=months because they jack my bill and talking to India for hours does nothing but amazingly during this time my bill remains the same. Fingers crossed because I’m not up to it,
  14. I’m confused ( a constant state of mind) Terry is glad his daughter is stuck at boarding school? I can’t remember why he has rubbed me the wrong way in the past but it remains. Can you imagine high school kids stuck at home.? . Learning on a computer. please. My daughter in law is a grammar school teacher and says she’s never worked harder or longer. She said it’s not just lessons but also has to teach them and parents how to do her plan. Oh and she has a 5 and 8 year old at home. Very telling about Megan only wanting a crib and a grave visit. No visit to mom ? My friend just bought a bedroom set from a large Department store, which shocked me since he’s a champion hands on shopper. Mercy Terry is still on my screen on California Live, bragging about everything he did (like the laundry ) while his wife was sick.
  15. So do I understand this correctly ? MeeAgain doesn’t want to talk about sex on the show because her ( religious) mother-in-law watches ,but calling watchers motherfuckers is ok? What a sweet Warm maternal pregnant lady she is.
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