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  1. Why didn’t Vince tell Briana karate chopping pillows is so 1990s ?
  2. It is interesting . I previously I mentioned that I went back to the start of this forum and opinions of Matt were quite different seeing him for what he is. No painting him as a hero or brilliant businessman and doting father. I don’t know anyone who knows Matt so I’m at a disadvantage there. How he’s portrayed over these years is enough for me to dislike him. I’m quite shocked that Zach is going into business with his father because he always sided with his mom because his fathers goings on. Perhaps his career options are limited Jeremy was always Matt’s sidekick in his big ideas a
  3. No wonder Caryn’s daughter is front and center in family and vacation pictures. Her son has a trial June 23 originating from his arrest for physically harassing her and his failure to go appear in court. I guess they both broke the law because there’s a restraining order. Pretty heart breaking as a mother I would imagine. Matt won’t take that on in my opinion. .
  4. It is ok if Joy goes before Megan as long as Sunny follows Megan. Go sunny ! I’m sitting here clapping at your clap back. I love what is probably a Lapis necklace also.
  5. You all covered the ridiculous aspects of the show and these so called couples so very well. . I fast forward the best I could through Chris so I didn’t notice the change of clothes. I watch the therapist Stephanie that someone posted a link to years ago and I guess she saw all 6 hours and said lots left on the cutting room floor. I’m sorry I will not bank on that Chris will be a successful business man of any kind. I find him mentally slow. I don’t think he can even follow what he’s saying or said 2 minutes ago. Ryan is full of crap and I very sorry for Clara for hanging around this lon
  6. That’s rich Matt saying they always discussed big decisions together. Rewriting history. Then when going to visit their home and saying he’s locked and loaded shooting his fingers pistols. What a jerk. Oh Caryn please note how he said how wonderful having the whole 100 acres to himself.was. . . I think Chris is teasing her about the wedding being at the farm. He’s laughing and teasing I hope it’s a joke. He’s still buying stuff to fill up his barn , didn’t he have to have a giant sale of all the things he had to have and not even remember why or when he bought them?
  7. Exactly I couldn’t count the days I watched my grandchildren when they were continuously sick while attending school. Moms a teacher of 1st grade runny nose little darlings. I love Sarah slipping in “conservative “ a couple of times referring to CDC . She is the sound of reason as of late. Always likable and sweet and funny about Ben And Jennifer. . Of course MeeAgain had a picture of her honeymoon when asked about Lopez. I left the room to get coffe when she started on her mask-off lecture and was still droning on when I got back.
  8. I must be a some kind of roob of some kind because that looked like chicken soup to me, in fact exactly like what I ate for dinner from Panera. A liquid pre surgery diet doesn’t include chunks of chicken, noodles and carrots. If it was clear liquids that eliminates the can of cola too. Watching her handling and tossing her breasts was too much to take in. In the talking head with the royal blue lace dress what I can see of her arms look like they’d been done.
  9. You just won the internet for me today. When I was a believer he was a favorite and this week going through my father in laws jewelry found myself bewildered to find a St Chris medal in the collection. You all cover the important points from the show so since I’m west coast I sit here continuously distracted by MEeAgain’s upper lip, leading me to believe she’s been out and about for injections or has new veneers. I don’t know how I feel about returning to the studio, her disrespect in person is harder for me to take.
  10. I love Lewis back and have seen him in concert 3 times and left with my face hurting from laughter. I always think he’s going to stroke out though. I know he’s been good to his parents but never heard about the anger from his mother, sad. It was moving for me to see him get emotional.
  11. I copied my vaccine card and carry the copy with me and an extra in the car.
  12. I was wondering if Megan was either not on the panel at the time or has amnesia when she was going on about Prince Charles as Whoopi has said he’s a friend. Sorry I don’t get how having friends with open marriages AND practicing polyamorous goes with her uptight image she’s trying to push as being the party of family values. I’ve seen documentaries on such relationships and always wonder how children fare. She has so many friends it boggles my mind, Joy looks fabulous.
  13. I applaud Ana for using the ride or die expression for Rudy and Trump. Megan wants to invite the socialite on the show because she could talk to her for hours. Ok then. I loved the story Ana told about Al ordering cakes, even sour face had to laugh. I agree about Sara being on point today and looked beautiful.
  14. Yesterday she said “you and your husband and I need to.... “ I could kiss Whoopi face on the screen today. She’s not having it. Sarah does look beautiful today and Whoopi got her hair done over break looks nice and making me regret my effort to embrace my grandmother’s hair that was hiding. John Grisham was a delight yesterday and Michael B was great too. I loved him in Just Mercy.
  15. Being arrested twice, driving your car into a ditch and failing a breathalyzer thus having to attend alcohol diversion program is more than being accused. I agree about a puffy dress but the top was attractive on that dress she was shown in. Hopefully someone will be influencing her decision in the most flattering silhouette , those wedding photos last a lifetime. It as pretty funny clip of Chris teasing Amy about being between her old husband and new husband. That would be a nightmare for me but I’m not being paid to live my life on tv.
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