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  1. To me, she is way less palatable than Darcy. I see Darcy as kind of a sympathetic, desperate figure. Stephanie is pathetic, too, but there is nothing sympathetic or likable about her.
  2. Suburbs of big city in red state and there is definitely sex ed in public schools here - human reproduction AND specifically birth control.
  3. Leah has been working overtime trying to prove to everyone how together her life is now. What with all of the family meetings where she wants to be on record explaining everything or her constantly patting herself on the back ... she sure seems insecure. Either that or a storyline or some of both. Ain’t fooling me.
  4. Well, to be fair, that was precisely the issue his parents had with his choice of Brittany. She was an American and not Muslim - did not share the same values, etc. Lots of the problems we see in this franchise deal with people who are having trouble navigating the cultural/religious/socioeconomic divides. Marrying "local" mitigates a lot of that.
  5. I don’t know. The rest of us managed to pay our bills without sucking up to one of the most vile people on reality TV. lol. No way would I do that and try legitimize Kail. Plus, as mentioned already, why tue your brand to her brand?
  6. To me, it is an unprincipled move on Vee's part. Kail has been a total and complete bitch to Jo over the years. She's the reason they moved from Pennsylvania. I would have too much pride to suck from her teat professionally.
  7. She still exploits her kids on social media. If she stops that, too, I'll be impressed.
  8. As much as I can't stand Kail, I would be livid if I provided 98% of the care of and support to my child and the "father" took it upon himself to cut his hair because of his "rights." I just hope I would not physically assault him for it. lol
  9. So tell me if I am being too generous, please. (Background: I really loathe Kail. It didn't start out that way. I felt bad for her in the earliest seasons. Essentially being without family and raising a baby ... I know Jo's parents offered support but really it was for Jo, not Kail. It was conditional on her relationship with Jo.) But when the boys were talking about who was their stepfather, etc. I thought I saw a glimpse of self-awareness in Kail's eyes and a little humility. It was like she realized at that moment how she fucked up with her boys. Or was it a fleeting moment for her and then her sycophants convinced her she is an amazing mother? And poor Isaac. I could tell he was looking to Kail to tell him that Javi was still (at least sort of) his stepfather. 😞
  10. For me Saturday is the day I catch up on chores around the house because I have a damn job M-F, something Chelsea knows NOTHING about and increasingly her purse-holder husband doesn't, either. Amazing how I went from halfway liking her in the early years to basically loathing all of them now.
  11. As soon as Cole came into her life, Chelsea was ready for Adam to be out of Aubree’s life.
  12. Who on earth would care about buying anything from a Chelsea home goods line? And "aubree says?" WTF?
  13. Maybe but I see Addy being a bigger issue than the twins. I see them letting her put make-up on and doing dance moves that seem inappropriate for a young girl. She has seemed DESPERATE at times, too, for Jeremy’s attention and seems too wrapped up in trying to make them a couple again.
  14. OK...I don't really like Grandma Donna and Chelsea really gets on my nerves but my first thought was that Aubree does not want GD to manipulate her via the phone. I've got my own daughter who has a manipulative grandmother and that was the first thought that came to me. Texting Aubree herself asking her to visit - basically trying to have an end around Chelsea and then maybe guilting Aubree if she doesn't want to visit - that kind of thing. I can just easily imagine that with their contentious relationship with visits, etc. Kail - why would ANY man want to sleep with her? She's gross physically but worse personality-wise. She's angry and mean. There is almost nothing redeeming about her. Jade - If Sean knew he was clean, why did he wonder if the test showed it. If I was clean, I wouldn't have to ask if it showed it. Brianna - Why does the relationship have to go from 0 to 60 in a weekend? Way too soon for a sleepover, imo. At least if Devoin wasn't there.
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