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  1. They really are not mutually exclusive. I found the practice of voting for/against someone solely based on race REALLY distasteful but I still like Tiffany.
  2. I get a kick out of them talking like they sacrificed for it. You are in the top 6. Not sure any of their games were hurt. As far as the jury, they know they can’t complain.
  3. Totally disagree on Hannah. I think she does that look on purpose and I think she has been pretty arrogant in some of her DR appearances. Will be glad to see her go.
  4. I think the baby voice must throw people because to me, she totally came across like a bitch.
  5. https://www.footasylum.com/mobile/the-lowdown/lowdown-wearing-the-trend-socks-and-slides/ My husband is the least fashionable person I know and he asked what was up, in a bad way, with the dark socks because he still wears tube socks. lol
  6. Based on what? Sincerely asking. Because often the smartest and most athletic don’t always win comps. He talks about throwing comps but so do DerekF and Azah, I believe. Now he HAS been working hard at controlling the CO but I just don’t believe he would be dominant in comps but never has been. (hasn’t he just won a veto?)
  7. That is a legit look - I have teenaged sons and work in a high school. It is not considered dweeby now.
  8. And he needs to work on his skills if he wants to host!
  9. I would think the most logical thing to do would be to have the BB house mirror the U.S. population - which is not 1/4 Asian or Black.
  10. What a bad precedent to set, imo, particularly because some see targeting HG based on race is even laudable.
  11. Don’t know those people - just started watching a few seasons ago. I am not a fan of rigid percentages by race, though. I find it distasteful. YMMV
  12. I'd much rather they cast for personalities more than race. Tiffani would make that cut. Azah wouldn't and neither would Alyssa.
  13. I cannot imagine she would ask him that to further embarrass him but maybe I am giving her too much credit. lol
  14. There is little difference, you are right, in those kinds of alliances. Whether it makes others mad is a different animal.
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