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  1. They both have let their fame totally go to their heads.
  2. Glad to see so many coming around wrt the DeBoers. Because she's not doing porn like Farrah or in and out of jail like Jenelle and Co., people tend to think she is the "good" one. Well, it is all relative. To me, they are 150% phony. What a sad state to profit off selling the privacy of your young children. Pathetic. She could not even hold down a very part-time job but we're supposed to believe she is a clothing and diaper bag designer.
  3. The thought of her getting a philosophy degree is downright laughable. WTF is with these vapid TM half-wits that they all think they are poets, writers and deep thinkers? She could not even get her GED, am I correct? But thinks she is gonna study Aristotle, Kant, and Nietzsche?
  4. Those tweets are 8-9 years old, from when he was a young man of 21-22 - an adult, yes. But brains don’t fully mature until about 25. Glad I did not come of age in a time when every stupid, transgressive thing you said or did was immortalized. Sad my own kids are coming of age now when it is like that and people are so unforgiving. (And I don’t even like Maci and Taylor. But damn if these aren’t tough times to mature in.)
  5. I have no problem with someone issuing an "ultimatum" when my significant other is on a reality show. If she's on it, he will always be tied to it. I also don't have a problem with her issuing an ultimatum, either - either shit or get off the pot. I want to get married and have kids now and if you don't, I need to find someone else who does.
  6. If Luann is looking old, I would love to look that “old!” I think she is the most attractive “older” HW. (Would probably pick Porsha, Monique or Ashley (Potomac) for younger women.)
  7. I thought Aaron was mansplaining and condescending with the women, even if I agree with Denise. She mentioned on the way there that she was in a no win situation. If she brought her kids, it WOULD be constant passive-aggressive remarks that they have to watch what they say around Denise’s kids. She was 100% right about that.
  8. Maybe at home but not in a crowded ballroom at a charity event. I was surprised to see her being that immature and inconsiderate. I have to say, though, that so far her boys come off well for these housewives show. Usually I cannot stand these spoiled kids who think they are all that (Rinna’s!) but her twins seem like good, normal kids.
  9. At home, maybe. But not at a charity dinner. I was surprised to see her do that. Pretty immature and inconsiderate. If my sons did that, I would be all over them for it.
  10. I think she has been the cutest baby out of all of the TM shows.
  11. I cannot imagine choosing to procreate with a guy's whose plan for supporting himself and his family is Challenge shows.
  12. Did she even apologize for being late and she was like an hour late, right? I think she's clinically depressed but that doesn't mean you have to be inconsiderate. That household does seem unhappy and that was even before her mom died, though I know a terminal illness weighs on people, too.
  13. Ryan has complained for YEARS that she puts his family second to Bentley's activities. I know it is Ryan and all but I think, in general, that argument has some validity. Co-parents can be hard on kids. My kids have played sports with kids and mom signs kid up for baseball and then dad resents that mom has effectively scheduled the kid's time during HIS weekends because of games. I don't think the kid should suffer by not being able to do things because his parents are divorced but I also think that if your activities are getting in the way of having a relationship with your PARENT, that's a major issue. (I have also known custodial parents who would make it very difficult for kids to visit out of town parents during the summer because they were scheduled up with sports. "Oh, he can't come that week because he's got All-Stars." And now suddenly that month visitation is down to 2 weeks.) I don't know what the answer to the problem is. I just think Maci doesn't care because it doesn't affect her. I'm sure Bentley feels pressure from everyone - Ryan and Jen and Larry to spend time with them. He likely feels pressured by Maci to put them off for sports.
  14. Here's the thing (as mom to two teenaged boys) ... MOST boys, athletes and not, play videogames some and that's how they socialize a lot. I'm not saying play ALL of the time. But it is a pretty normal thing for boys to do. To me it is more normal than demanding an 11 year old not gain any weight! I wonder if other parents don't want their kids around the shit show - mom desperate for TV fame, druggie dad. And Bentley seems like a great kid. He seems like he's a kind, considerate boy. I think Ryder is just the cutest little girl. Goodness she's a doll.
  15. I think he was with Jen and Larry when he ate the forbidden muffin and had the chocolate milk? Just another reason for her to deny access to him. @@ Taylor is just as bad as Maci, I think. Plus he is financially dependent on her. He won’t buck her.
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