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  1. Most women I know who have done that didn't immediately graduate, get married and get knocked up. I know my doctor friend was in her late 30s so had some time in the career before she quit. Jackie's oldest kids are 12 so we can assume she had some time in the profession since she had them at 32, not 22. She could have loved her job but that doesn't mean it is easy to pick up 4 kids from daycare, get them fed, bathed and put to bed only to get up in 7 hours and start it all over again. Often it is about the kind of pace you want for your life, not really how much you enjoy your job.
  2. I tend to agree. I think a huge part of Teresa and Brandon's reticence is that Tyler and Catelynn insist on, at the very least, talking about Carly in front of millions of people. There is nothing private. If they could have a truly private relationship with Carly, I think they would be more open to it. But Catelyn has 3.7 million followers on Instagram. If those two TRULY cared about a relationship with Carly, they would get off social media and this show and the only people who would hear anything about Carly would be their family and friends. They will never willingly do that. Being on
  3. Yep - I know a woman who is a physician who was thrilled to finally become a mom and could not wait to stay home with her baby. Her husband is a doctor, too. They can afford that. She told me she did not like being a doctor but spent so much time and money on the degree she felt like she had to do it. Motherhood gave her an out (plus genuinely wanted to stay home with her baby). A lawyer friend said stay-at-home mom is her dream job but she has to pay the bills. lol
  4. Amber will never learn. Her relationship with Leah is due to her bad decisions regarding Leah. Leah would have gotten over Amber's treatment of Gary if Amber had a halfway decent relationship with Leah. Knowing Leah is upset with her and her lack of mothering, what does Amber do? Doubles down on the people who have actually been parenting Leah and to whom she gives her loyalty. Refresh my memory - didn't Amber buy that house because it was in a fancy community even though it was far from Leah? I can tell you if I was divorced, I'd like to think I would choose to live close to my young ch
  5. Leah is the only one of interest, though. Particularly her “relationship” with Amber. Other than that, they are just a run-of-the-mill family and have no story for the show.
  6. And that is during filming! They can't even fake it for that?
  7. Particularly a woman pushing 50. Come on. Grow up!
  8. Which is further complicated by them living this on national TV and facing scrutiny on what they say and do. They ALL need to move on with their lives privately.
  9. Ryan has always been a terrible father but it can also be true that Maci makes things worse. I think she has always used Bentley to manipulate things and people - including for a storyline.
  10. I did not like Jackie from the jump, too. I was Team Jen on that. I think she was throwing shade at Jen’s parenting style. Which I do, too, but I am not trying to be her friend or denying that is what it is.
  11. I like her, too, for the same reasons plus as part of being smart, I think she can be funny and quick on her toes.
  12. 100% and I don't like Maci. But these people are ridiculous. Neither Mac nor Ryan works, right? But they can't manage to catch a game or a wrestling match once a week? This is what these shitty parents don't seem to understand. When you're a good parent, it is self-indulgent to spend time with your kids because you WANT to. I don't really like Taylor, either. I think he needs to get a job. My husband would be bored stiff spending his life gossiping about my ex's family. But Ryan and his parents ought to be thanking their lucky stars that Maci married someone who does seem to genuinely lov
  13. Plus, no storyline. How boring was it watching Kathy go to different commercial kitchens to figure out her mail-order cannoli business? I think these shows just get stale. I don't know that there's a way out of that. I don't know if it is a result of the women changing because of the fame/notoriety or what. Just most of these shows to me are not watchable, anymore. I don't watch them all but I've watched RHOC (not last 2 seasons - got no interest in Gina, Emily, et al), RHONY (still has my interest), RHOA (nope, not anymore - watch these as an escape from politics/the news), RHOP (still e
  14. I had a plastic surgeon come into the ER when I got bit on the lip by my little dog. They had to call him in. (Like others have said, too, plastic surgeons do lots of non-elective surgeries. My dermatologist always sends out any basal cell cancers on the face to plastic surgeons and a lot of them do hand surgeries.) I think there is also always the possibility of complications with elective surgeries. I can definitely believe he gets called in. I wonder how them being on the show affects his practice. On RHOC, I could not STAND Terry Dubrow. I just was not a fan of him or his wife and w
  15. I'm in my 50s and I definitely remember guys preferring a bigger booty to no booty. But nothing that looks like these butt implants.
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