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  1. Maci and Taylor sure are impressed with themselves, eh? I am mom to three and my kids have been pretty busy in their lives but Bentley sounds way too busy. I think Maci uses it as a way to control his time and to keep him from people. Down time and time with Bentley's other family is important, too. I don't think parents are obliged to indulge EVERY.SINGLE.THING a kid expresses a desire to do. I couldn't believe t when I was agreeing with Ryan about waiting until high school to get that serious about a sport. I also think Taylor and Maci can do this because they don't have jobs like the rest of us. So running kids here and there isn't as taxing on them. @@ Maci giving the wrestling advice like she's China. lol
  2. "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" came out like 25 years ago. He's not very original. And he was so bad in front of that crowd that it makes me think any "business" he has involves a lot of flirtation with the women to keep them on the hook. On the other hand, I find Avery super annoying. You left your two kids, spent all of that money, for this?
  3. He should go by Ben, anyway. lol Bentley is a cringey name. I really hate the self-promotion on these shows. TTM and now R3. Is anyone buying this shit except for these people? In a way, I got what Ryan was saying. It was like he could not be a father because Jen and Macy always butt in. BUT the reason they butt in is because he has NEVER been a father to Bentley. He needs to own it and change it if he wants to act like he is the father with house rules. And that ain’t happening. I feel like there is so much under the surface with that family - Jen, Larry, Ryan. I think Larry might abuse alcohol because of that one episode where he was furious with Ryan over tools. (Probably stole from him to buy drugs.) Jen and Larry obviously love hard but not sure they love well.
  4. I didn't say he was trashy at all. I said his name was and it is reflective of his haughty mother. He seems like a great kid.
  5. OMG yes! I really cannot stand her. Now they want Bentley, with his white trash name, in private school. They really confuse money with class. She is desperate for a storyline. Newsflash — PCOS is not the least bit interesting and she is hardly the poster child because her cycles hurt? Tell that to women with endo. (I have PCOS, too, and have zero interest in that storyline, along with everyone else. So she has moved on to birth control. I guess Taylor has to go hold her purse everywhere, like to bc, because neither has a real job. Losers.)
  6. The Belgian dude is coming for a 3 month vacation, eh? She is pathetic. The LAST thing she should be doing is getting with a man. My kid is 15 and a couple of weeks ago he was telling me a friend was telling him something about his mom's latest boyfriend and he said his friend prefaced it with "I know my mom's trashy." That will be Leah in a few years. She already knows it at 10. I am not a fan of Gary and Christina solely because they continue to do this show to Leah's detriment. But at least they give her a stable, loving home.
  7. Cate does not have what it takes intellectually or in terms of character strength to be a vet tech. That is a stressful job. The woman has never had a real job, right? Is she going to call in sick every time her “anxiety” is getting to her? I was confused by their talk in that scene when they were trying to figure out her passion. Wasn’t it designing children’s clothes just a couple of years ago? @@
  8. This is why I don't feel bad for ANY of them that are getting played. Based on looks and lifestyle, I think David could certainly get a perfectly respectable and average looking (which doesn't mean ugly - it means average) 56 year old Carol in Las Vegas. But he doesn't want that. He wants a young woman half his age who he thinks is "hot." Same with Ed. And Cesar. And Yolanda, frankly, and others on this franchise. They don't want companionship or interesting conversation. They want someone who is out of their league age and attractiveness wise.
  9. Seems like Chelsea and Cole are trying to set themselves up as a sort of low-rent Great Plains Chip & Joanna. @@
  10. I think these people who get relatively good press (like Chelsea and Cole) really get used to the praise and attention and they don't want to let that go as much as the money. These people all have a healthy dose of narcissism, I think.
  11. I agree. I do not respect ANY of them for selling out their kid’s privacy because they don’t want to work. Gary does not seem that busy to me with his real estate empire. @@
  12. Getting off the show would be the best thing for Leah but he is not willing to get off that gravy train.
  13. She has that fivehead to contend with.
  14. And not destroying their privacy and the privacy of any kids/grandkids. No WAY would I let my minor kid do a TV show like TM.
  15. I do think people kiss her ass because she's got a borderline personality disorder and she will MAKE YOU PAY if you cross her. Just easier to go along to get along. But I think they went there because MTV made them.
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