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  1. They've changed formats/progression a lot over the years, but yeah, several times they would choose a top 3 for each course, then shuffle it around on the last day to get the most cohesive menu. I'm going to feel so sorry if Jude doesn't get on the menu. I can't judge the taste of tings, but oh, he's tried SO hard. And he's consistently been gracious. Agree on Roberta! And I agree on the gg, too. I adore a runny yolk, but my gallbladder would be screaming after a dinner like this! 😄
  2. Nice catch. That location makes sense to me, considering that they kept featuring the Commodore Barry Bridge in this episode, which is about 5 miles from that school. I'm from Delco (though I haven't lived there in 30 yrs) so I keep getting distracted by landmarks!
  3. So what do folks think of Rachel Kloo? I'm underwhelmed. I love Andi being on the pass.
  4. I'm cool with updating our language in that way. We have a lot of remnants of past bad behaviors still in our language. Anyway, half the time it's the "mistress bedroom" now! "Owner's suite" is good, too - I'm looking at house listings these days to move, and I'm seeing a lot of that. (I know, I haven't been around much. It's still been a tough year. I'm getting through it ok-ish).
  5. I was tweeting with a friend about this the other night and we decided that Becky is the original Becky: the Ur Becky, if you will. When she said: I just about vomited. That was disgusting. That's the ultimate in privilege. Like "ooh I had the right to earn it and I was able to so no one should say I was privileged! " She got a home run by starting from third base. And ffs, talking about all her traveling and France. SHEESH. She's that person at your high school reunion who's trying to big herself up so much that she never gets to reconnect with anyone. In the 29 years
  6. Seriously - especially with outbreaks in Oklahoma, and the Dallas/Fort Worth area having such spikes. We have all these stories like this one - 14 members of a family get COVID after a family gathering. Use your brains, people! You can't have a happy long marriage if it starts off infecting family members. https://www.star-telegram.com/news/coronavirus/article244505282.html
  7. You know what, HGTV had a great show very like this - Jeff Devlin's Stone House Revival. Yeah, they're treading carefully to not alienate their religious right wing audience. Not a mask seen on their instagrams, etc. A few things about BLM but no pushback to the racist commenters.
  8. Thank you all for your kind words. I'm kind of just still in a cocooned state. Grief + lockdown = immobility or something. I lose track of time really easily. Lately though I've decided to move back east. I'm in Fort Worth - we were here for my husband's work. I need to downsize anyway, and I'm from the east coast, so may as well go back where I have family and life-long friends. And 4 seasons, and ocean. So the downsizing has begun. I'll be trying to get down from 3000 sq ft of stuff to about 800! I read about Ree's vacation recommendations. My god, Pawhuska sounds like such a bore.
  9. Hi y'all. I haven't been here for a while. My husband died of COVID on April 10. Hug your family, tell them you love them, and WEAR A MASK, ok? (and don't buy PW crap)
  10. If we got it already, we wouldn't be in the state we're in. Just sayin'. I'm old enough to remember when we had ecology messages in all kinds of programming in the 70s, and that was effective for a while. I too, am glad they didn't bury the gays. This is the first time in a VERY long time that they haven't.
  11. Noura was the goat that walks behind everyone else going "baaaa look at me baaaa" and no one notices, or if they do, they say "no skin off my back." She was never a threat. She made it to the end because whoever got to the final 3 knew she made it a final 2, between the other 2 contestants. She had NO. GAME. eta: totally forgot Jack existed. Seriously I had to go to the cast page to remind myself who he was.
  12. I'm still figuring out how Probst thinks he's gonna get through next week without mentioning The Dan Situation. It's gonna be sitting there like the biggest elephant in the room, ever. He should've been gone a long time ago. Elaine deserves a second chance, as does Kellee, if they want it. Kellee might not and I wouldn't blame her. It's just an awful situation.
  13. I just realized it's been weeks since I watched HGTV. Am I alone? There's nothing compelling, it's all repeats from before.
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