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  1. I don't know why anyone would want to be shackled to Johnny in a finale after what he did to Sarah.
  2. One thing Anissa Jones had in common with Alana is she had absolutely crap parents also and an absolutely horrible family life.
  3. MTV's reaction to the Dee debacle reminds me for all the world of "Megan Wants a Millionaire" and "I Love Money 3"
  4. Cheyenne was brought on board to replace original cast member Farrah Abraham apparently because Farrah was unmanageable and treated the crew like crap. Cheyenne was not a teen mom and her daughter with Cory is her only child. Cheyenne and Cory met when they both competed on the Challenge together.
  5. Really? When my husband was at John Marshall High School in Indy in the '70s they had to have the National Guard at their school because of violence and riots because of bussing. Gee, I am sooooo glad we have Alexander Tsiaras to mansplain these things to us.
  6. When you watch a Mae West movie her gowns are so gorgeous (not to mention her diamonds!) that Sherry Pie came off as extremely costumey to me. I also didn't care for GiGis runway look and didn't think it was Eleganza Extravaganza at all. I know she's trying to show more of her personality but it seemed really misplaced in this challange but she was the winner so what do I know? Plus I think Gigi and her mom will have a blast at Ru Pauls Vegas show so good on that.
  7. Was Bob trying to get one over on Mr. Fischoelder? It seems like it would be a landloard's responsibilty to make repairs and especially electrical repairs. I thoght Bob might have been afraid of a rent increase.
  8. And did he spoil this season of The Challenge
  9. I thought Heidi's deag daughter look would have been good if they went for a 1960s theme. The drag daughter's look had a real hippy dippy feel and if Heidi had gone with big Afros and if she had put herself in bell bottoms and added shades and love beads it could have worked. I thought the shape of her drag daughters dress was really flattering and if she could have made that same shape, which seems like a pretty simple sew, in a sparkly material if would have worked but I still think Heidi made a mistake basing her concept on two different, unrelated, Disco Divas. Even if she could have made the short dres in a sparkly material she needed more similar hair styles and makeup looks. I am glad it was a non-elimination round because I do love Heidi.
  10. It reminded me of the George magazine debut cover with Cindy Crawford. I really wished Gigi had added a mile to her face.
  11. As much as I love CT he really coasted to a win last time. He's been riding on his reputation. I love the Challenge and maybe they can do a "Senior Circuit" someday. I remember Jay on Survivor but I really remember him from Ex On The Beach when he was with Morgan who is currently pregnant by Cory. Rogan looked green after Jay sent CT home after all of Rogan's big talk about wanting to go in. I would love to see Jay send him home. I think the red skull speculation here must be on the right track because otherwise they would keep sending Jay in and he could end up being the only male qualified to run the finale.
  12. Jill and Shrek's ministry makes me think of a couple who used to come in the library. They didn't have pamphlets but they had these yellow quarter-sheet thinks headlined You Will Burn in Hell" with an illustration of fure and screaming people who looked like they had been sent there in the 1950s and then steps for avoiding hell which they used to glue inside the covers of library books. At least the Rods don't do that? (Maybe libraries are too sinful for them to enter?).
  13. Aiden should have done Snatch Game as Betty Page. He has mentioned her before and it could be a hilarious character in the right hands (despite Betty Page's overall sad life story) or Maybe Louise Brooks if Aiden knows who she was. Her look would fit and could also be a funny character in the right hands but I found Aiden to be extremely obnoxious and I am not sad that he's gone.
  14. I thought both the Pom Plaintiff and the Pom Defendant were total garbage people but at least the Pom Plaintiff (whose dogs had produced "six or seven" litters in less than three years) took the dog back rather than take the money. The Plaintiff was also alleging that the male Pom belonging to the Garbage Defendant had birth defects and Garbage Defendant was very cagey ("Mary") when asked who she got her other Poms from. I'm guessing Craigslist.
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