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  1. But remember, you have to put down the Duckie if you want to play the saxophone! Super slippery sex marathons with Best Hubby Evah?
  2. Because you know if it had been his cousin Izzy there would be hell to pay for his sinful and willful nature from Derick.
  3. That's exactly what the plumber we hired charged us yesterday! We now have water in the kitchen and a working sink. He and his helper worked about 8 hours and when my husband expressed reservations on how much it might cost the plumber said not to worry about it he would just charge us the original $500 he had estimated it would cost. Maybe we should sue him for intentional infliction of emotional distress for treating us like a charity case! (Actually he was wonderful and we would use him again in a heartbeat).
  4. Poor Maryssa trapped on the Land with a raging psychopathic lunatic. Poor Maryssa who was so brave in court only to have a bunch of garbage adults call her a pathological liar and for an idiot judge to believe them over her. Poor Maryssa.
  5. This is exciting. A woman just came in to where I work and said she's off to Los Angeles on Wednesday to tape an episode of Judge Judy! Interesting tidbits are they found her through researchers looking through small claims cases. They get $100 spending money while there. They are flying out on Tuesday and are put up in a hotel but must leave immediately after taping to fly home. They will get an air date after the episode airs. Apparently is suing an ex for an assault.
  6. My granddaughter decided to come two months early so she is in NICU right now and inside her incubator was a crocheted octopus with curly tentacles. The nurse said it reminds the babies of their umbilical cords and gives them something to hold on to. This is in Indiana. I am a little surprised that none of the Duggars seem particularly crafty. It seems with their built in fan base they could do very well selling things. I know we just spent $100 on a baby quilt that was handmade by nuns, "Guaranteed to be a prayer in every stitch!" I could see the leg humpers go crazy for something like that or little crocheted baby hats, booties, and outfits, afghans, embroidered sheets and pillowcases (for the honeymoon) all sorts of things but none of them, not even Jana, does anything like that (well I guess Jana is busy running the tattoo parlor and overseeing the Dauggar home garden).
  7. Is that Madisonville, Kentucky or a different Madisonville?
  8. I swear, as God as my witness, before last night's episode it was called a "do-rag_ because it was something you wore to protect your (hair) 'do. Silly me. I almost turned the channel for good when I saw the chickens. It's not like the old Survivor when they got so hungry they would eat roasted rat. Now they are practically an Appleby's commercial. I like Elaine. She reminds me of a player from Big Brother, Sam, except Sam could be creepily crazy at times while Elaine's personality reminds me more of Food Network "personality" Jason Smith.
  9. What kind of attitude did she cop with the judge? (Thanks in advance from us who can't watch/listen to the video)
  10. When TJ was making his zero tolerance speech I wanted so much for Nany to step out and punch Ashley in the face but, then again, when I was watching CNN later in the night I also wanted Nany to step out and punch John Yoo in the face. I thought that if Turbo was ejected then Pussy Chicken Jordan should have been ejected as well because he was just as much a part of the "fight" as was Turbo. Then later when Pussy Chicken Jordan was all "Copy my walk? What was that" Pussy Chicken Jordan knew good and well Turbo was upset at being mocked by Pussy Chicken Jordan. I was so glad the US team lost and Tori got voted in though I am sad that the UK team are idiots and sent Georgia in. I like Georgia, despite her tragic taste in men.
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