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  1. Aneesa mentioned her when she was asked about Lolo's whining about how Aneesa supposedly manhandled her in the mud and Aneesa's response to Lolo's statement that Aneesa was playing dirty and Aneesa's response, "We were in the mud." Anyone know why Wes wasn't part of the reunion beyond the "I'm going to be a meme" thing?
  2. Or Anna could Bundy a baby out. One month after my mother died my 3rd stepfather came home with his new (or not so new) girlfriend and was busted by the Feds for possession of child pornography. He was also allegedly sending dick pics to what he thought was a 15-year-old girl but who was, actually, law enforcement, but that charge was eventually dropped. He chose to go to trial and was found guilty and was sentenced to the minimum mandatory of 9 years in federal prison of which he served pretty much every second (there was a halfway house involved about two months before his sentence expi
  3. Lord help my taste levels but I liked Josh's shirt and Fessy's trousers. Not together, but still. It looks like Ashley is wearing Michael Jackson's last nose. From certain angles she looked like Madam from Waylon and Madan fame. CT looked great. The Challenge seems to have made Jay very, very bitter.
  4. And I bet Bubby does better in his classes.
  5. I used to have a necklace with my then boyfriend's name engraved on it. I was 16.
  6. And the use of The Cure's "Boys Don't Cry" during Fessy's eating challenge return was brilliant!
  7. She's only following her Daddy's example.
  8. Clean her house for free? Gary's spite chickens are really working out for him. Amber is so jealous of his life she can barely see straight. (Well, that and the drugs). And how many people did Dr. Drew kill on Celebrity Rehab? He has always put Gary down when Gary actually deserves a medal for putting up with Amber.
  9. They have left the impression that Bub is still alive somewhere. They could add her to the cast though I don't know who they would cast to voice the character.
  10. Right? There was one episode where Michelle was praising Kandi's makeup and I was like, What? Is she looking at what I'm looking at? Her makeup, hair, and costumes have all been awful.
  11. What I remember most from my Grandmother Zelma's funeral in Kentucky was driving pass the bridge over the Ohio. Traffic was stopped for the funeral procession and there was some yahoo in a big rig 1st in line on the bridge hanging out of his cab yelling and flipping us the bird. My grandmother would have loved the tribute.
  12. II have not liked Lolo in anything I've ever seen her in which is all MTV related though I think I'd been aware of her virginity stance. I guess she'll blame editing for her bad treatment of Nam. I hope she's never invited back for a Challenge and I am deeply disappointed that we didn't get to see TJ rip her a new one for being such a loser quitter.
  13. I used to live down the street from a family where the dad was named Dwayne, the son was named Dwayne, and the dog was named Dwayne. It turns out the name we gave our son when he was born was the 2nd most popular dog name from that year. He is so lucky we didn't name him Lady.
  14. When I was much younger the supermarket fruit baskets always contained kumquats. I generally don't like tart things so I have eaten them but didn't really like them.
  15. Kandy reminds me so much of Josh from Big Brother - The Challenge. I swear they could be siblings.
  16. Isn't "Smoosh - Smoosh" what the alien Amazonian women wanted to do with the guys from the Planet Express crew. I think Snooki wanted to "Smush - Smush" on South Park though the "ignorant" comment reminds me of South Park's Michael Jackson.
  17. I record the People's Court while I am at work and watch an episode with breakfast so I am a little behind but I wanted to comment on the case of the business owner who does shipping, renting mailboxes, selling boxes, all kind of stuff for 30 years. He was suing someone who was shipping kiddie pools at no charge. Convoluted explanation about how he makes money but Judge M's eyes just lit up and you could tell she was salivating over all the ways she could make Lincoln scream and squeeze every last penny of profit if she was in charge of it. Then, after the verdict, Judge John commented that th
  18. I saw on Ashley's Reality Amber's bit about how she supposedly gave the Shirleys $500 to clean her house and another $700 and "it wasn't even child support." Is she caught up with child support? Do they take it straight out of her Teen Mom check now? If she owes child support then any money she gives Gary is for child support. And cleaning her sty? Er, house? I would believe they came and hosed out Amber's pen because they didn't want Leah staying in actual filth and dog shit when she is with her birth giver. Then the Instagram rant? Totally inappropriate. Gary has been the only stable force i
  19. What happened to those puppies? Well, Maryissa and the other kids have to be kept in line somehow.
  20. Of course Jill makes Olivia's birthday all about Jill! After 3 miscarriages in a row and after almost severely bleeding out with one.....
  21. If a parent kicked out a minor child today and social services got wind of it through a mandated reporter or otherwise the minor pregnant child would be placed in foster care and the parent ordered to pay child support for the minor pregnant child. It might be worth it for that parent to get that pregnant minor out of the home but a parent can't just kick a minor, pregnant or otherwise, out of the home without some sort of consequence if authorities get involved. A parent who kicks a pregnant minor out of the home may even face legal charges for child neglect and endangerment.
  22. Maybe the classmate showed him a Douay - Rheims version of the Bible or maybe Jill edits out the Song of Solomon from the Bible at home. And then Jill took them all to the Laundromat to meet Him. So...are the female doctors that Jill takes her female children to see working from their homes?
  23. I am really enjoying the After the Verdict segments and hope they keep them even after we get back to "normal," whatever that is. I record the People's Court and watch it at breakfast so I am a day behind but Judge John's story about getting scabies from a litter of kittens he had rescued from an abandoned building (and then took to the vet to be checked!) was beyond adorable, especially Judge MM's reaction that it had happened when they 1st met (sounds like she might have gone to the vet with him) and that she remembered he rescued the kittens but not that he contracted scabies from them and
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