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  1. Please, not another season in New Orleans! Love the show but am tired of the corrupt judge and now, the sad memories (Tony, Javier, Javier’s girlfriend).
  2. Does anyone else have a crush on King George or just me? He’s hot ☺️ Not the most exciting finale but I’m glad there will be another season. I missed James. Eddie was a boring love interest.
  3. Yes. I fast forward through them. I don’t care about young Smurf and her little gang of merry men. Too much Smurf=not a good thing. i love social Pope...”It’s such a nice day!” I enjoyed this episode. I find the show works best when the Cody gang are together even if they’re fighting.
  4. It’s not?!? I thought it was the same actor too! Do people in Germany always knock on doors so loudly and urgently? The banging on doors was stressing me out! Also, is it normal to just walk into someone’s home if they don’t answer the door? LOL! I notice the silliest things This is the best series I’ve seen in a while. Certainly the best Nexflix series. From the actors, the storyline to the music (including the opening song. So haunting) I’m so sad I have to wait a year To be swept away in it again
  5. Yes, it could be Connor’s father on his own or perhaps in cahoots with Ava? Maybe they’ve been together all this time? I don’t know, that sounds absurd but if it’s not Ava my guess is his father, or sister?
  6. Me too! I watched the last two episodes from PVR. It took me 2 days to watch them as I wasn’t paying attention so I would rewind to make sure I didn’t miss anything important. I realized they were just really dumb and boring episodes and I was wasting my time. This show went from surprisingly good to I can’t watch one minute more in one season.
  7. LOL @ “Big Red”. That always makes me snicker! 🙂 He is such an odd man. Being passive aggressive when the agent did not want to talk about the accident...though why she made up the car accident reason for her sick partner was really dumb. I forgave her when she told him what really happened. I teared up and I would have been a big mess in that situation.
  8. Yes I kept checking myself. Of all the medical shows to model they copy Chicago Med??? 😫
  9. Yeah Nic’s always bugged me in that I’m the only competent nurse here attitude, that “do you need me to help or can I go save the next patient?”. I kept rolling my eyes at her. Why is she always so stressed. Cut your sister out of your life already. I thought hotshot doctor was doing something bad to her sisters meds.
  10. I’ve only started watching P.D.mid season. When Hank and Antonio found the other dead body on the basement I thought he said “It’s Lexie”. The body was a man so I thought, wow! Lexie was a guy! (Perhaps transgender or cross dresser). I’ll have to re watch how did I miss that!?! Then of course I clued in a few scenes later! i liked this episode though it was sad. I cannot stand the Suoerintendant. He’s so shifty with his red watery eyes. I expect the worse from him so I thought he was the killer!!
  11. I was over Glassman by the end of Season 1. They keep ending the show the same way. With Glassman finally being appreciative of Shaun. Then next episode “Go away,Leave me to die!” Ugh The “Roommate” couple story was different and had some amusing surprises.
  12. Yes to the creepy dad who lost his wife. Why was he smiling about it for Pete’s sake! I thought he was a loony who would hit on Natalie, get rejected and kill her. After all that trauma she doesn’t want a gun in the house? Also long marriage. April is weird. Getting mad at choi for treating his patient? He’s obviously being extra careful here and nitwit is being unprofessional
  13. Yes, his parents most likely miss him and worry about him as much as he does them. :( Kalani is very...childlike and seems shocked at everything going on around her. I think her parents (mom)? will be caring for the lot of them.
  14. Her Instagram post. Oh dear...I was going to say it sounds like something a young teenager might post but even then that seems very personal. Posting that seems to me that she does not talk to her family or friends about what she’s going through. It’s like she lost the one and only person she knows on this earth. No one else matters to her. Could she have a personality disorder? It’s a bit narcissistic to act like you’re the only one whose ever had a death in the family. Most people in their thirties have experienced illness and/or death of a loved one or friend in their life. He was her whole identity...she identifies as J.M.’s daughter and that’s all she is or ever will be. She may not have the opportunity to rub shoulders with the political “elite” now that he’s gone. It’s sad. She needs help but her personality is such that she will never seek or admit it.
  15. Great post!! I was thinking the exact same thing. I’m not enjoying the Rollins character lately, Benson is...ugh Benson. I wish they would introduce another female detective (someone we could root for). Love Carisi (?) and Fin. Show needs new blood though
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