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  1. Connor seems creepy to me. I don’t like the way he keeps macking on her. Practically lunging at her when he kisses her. When Katie was bring nice saying she thought he was a good catch he went at her again. Like he uses any small gesture as a reason to grab snd kiss her. I dunno, maybe the whole cat getup just weirded me out! Hearing about his confession makes me question him even more.
  2. Greg’s expressions. LOL, he’s super sweet.
  3. Oh I didn’t recognize Taylor Cole in One Perfect Wedding. I watched part of My Summer Prince and she is so pretty and Jack Taylor so cute but they were not convincing as a love match and she seemed way older and mature then his character.
  4. Yes! I saw the very beginning again and realized the remote fiancé really bugged me too. Out on a mountain and he keeps popping up on someone’s IPad. It was so irritating.
  5. The acting was way over the top and the main couple have no chemistry. The “witty” and weird quick banter and gushy smiles was odd and embarrassing. I only watched to the end for Jack Turner. What a cutie.
  6. Yes, pretty sure he’s just keeping her around for Covid sex. He’s gross
  7. I just finished binge watching season 3. It’s just as brilliant as the first two seasons. I was so sad when it ended because I get so involved with the characters and their stories.
  8. I finally broke down and shed a tear at the end over Devon’s loss. I felt his grief. Very well done.
  9. Oh no, you really did not miss much, the whole movie was atrocious. The best parts were the male lead and the beautiful Scottish scenery. (and the cute little gray haired housekeeper) I kept meaning to change the channel but it was like a bad accident, I couldn’t look away! The lie she came up with and played through most of the movie was so off putting. The acting, writing, hair, makeup, that god awful powder blue “Cinderella” dress, made every Hallmark Christmas movie seem Oscar worthy! I”m glad you posted! I came here hoping to read some snarky comments. 😉
  10. I’m not attached at the moment but I would be happy with my fiancé/love of my life anywhere. These two don’t even like each other. (Crazy eyes and Mike)
  11. Marble Mouth (crazy eyes) always seems to me like she’s acting out a part (bad acting)
  12. Yes the chemistry, or lack of was hard to overlook. The actress was miscast. She looked more like the prince’s mother to me.
  13. No, but Summeat has a Covid fighting card he can sell you.
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