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  1. Nicole and Jenny look like drag queens. Jenny bugs so much.
  2. She (Emily)really reminds of the ‘slow one’ with the Italian underwear model who left her alone for days at a time
  3. God she is so dumb. Just a dumb dumb. WTF is she marrying a religious man if she’s going to bitch about not being able to drink alcohol or to dress modestly? This is why things don’t work out for you, you waste of air! What do you expect? Your kids should spend more time with the man who DOESN'T speak the same language? Yup that’ll work.
  4. Oh yes. I don’t mind him or Annie. I felt a bit bad bringing him up...but the snark in me reared it’s snarky head! 🙂
  5. Yeah he’s just a big gross slime ball. Why is he always...sweaty? He looks unhealthy he’s going to look like Annie’s husband in a few years.
  6. Couldn’t get into “Christmas at the Plaza” and switched to the Alibi channel 🙂 The dialogue was poorly written and conversation seemed stilted between the two leads. I thought they were dubbed. The actress in particular I didn’t find likeable and the whole plot was a snooze. Wondering what others thought?
  7. Yes, I get the same feeling! Definitely something “off” with her character (and not just the wig) 🙂 sorry. Poor woman I’m sure she’s lovely and talented but stick to singing! I think she could be in cahoots with the bad guys too.
  8. Cannot stand her! Doesn’t she know Kelly has a girlfriend? Stupid guy if he falls for her so quickly (And her stupid hair), and if he does he’s a huge jerk.
  9. Egads who are these trolls with their tacky nails? What a gross show.
  10. Anna doesn’t deserve to have her sons:( she’s an idiot. Hate her ugly ass Turkish man too.
  11. Lol. Why else would she (or anyone) be with Robert? They both made a mistake picking each other. He was hoping for a desperate hot docile Latina. She wanted a sugar daddy.
  12. The hatred in his eyes whenever she speaks scares me
  13. Synergy is a total slacker. He wants a fun job without the hours of hard work and education people put into it. That’s why he has no idea what he wants to do.
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