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  1. Kyle’s cleavage 😲😲😲seems to have slipped down too far. That dress is making her boobs look all long and droopy 😆😆😆
  2. After reading that the police describe Tom as being confused and saying unbelievable things (like he had been travelling all over the place) I’m wondering if the ‘Tom got Robbed’ story is really an event cooked up to reinforce the notion that Tom has Alzheimer’s. Plus to shift some expensive items out of the house.
  3. I’ve been asking similar questions too ^^^ up thread, about the car flipping that many times/damage/police. There are just too many holes in her stories for me.
  4. I don’t believe anything Erika says anymore so I’m down a rabbit hole on the Internet right now… I started by trying to find a funny gif of a car flipping or rolling down a cliff but ended up elsewhere, damn Internet! Can someone who knows her son’s name etc look up his accident report, pretty please? There would have to be some record. A car can’t flip over 5-6 times without being written off/police called. Although he’s a police officer… could it have been ‘covered up’? I’m even googling to see how fast a car has to travel to flip over that many times! I’m finding things like this
  5. Kyle shocked?! She’s dumber than a box of hair so I’m not surprised she’s shocked! Disappointed, yes but not shocked.
  6. I’m feeling really yucky because I’m about to defend ol’ Rinna here: It’s the tight dress that is tight around her knees. You can’t get one leg bent and up away from the other enough to get up stairs easily! I foolishly went to a wedding with killer heels once (Louboutins)… so embarrassing because I couldn’t walk anywhere without clutching my husband for support! I must have looked a sight! Plus it was a ceremony with everyone standing. Ouch. My vanity taught me a lesson that night!
  7. The kind of writing I describe as “…and this happened… and then this happened… and then this happened…” zzzzzzzzzzzzz
  8. Erika is full of post-hoc rationalisations about leaving her son…. She “put his needs first”. That’s absolute rubbish, and if Erika really truly believes herself then she is delusional. Kids don’t understand parents being away for work as ‘putting them first’, they feel abandoned and want their parents home with them. Kids always blame themselves as not being good enough for their parent to want to be with them, or “mummy had more important things to do than being with me.” As for the photo posted by pasdetrois …. Who here has ever posed for a photo when you are close to a child (an
  9. New season airing (in Australia) October 10th! “Stepping back in front of the cameras are original cast members Jackie Gillies, Janet Roach, Gamble Breaux. They’re joined by newcomers Kyla Kirkpatrick, Cherry Dipietrantonio, Anjali Rao and Simone Elliott.” https://www.news.com.au/entertainment/tv/reality-tv/first-look-at-real-housewives-of-melbourne-season-5/news-story/da12edccea1aedb993b93f2c31f1038b
  10. Thankyou for bringing these timelines here (Thankyou to whoever it was that carefully researched, documented and shared). Veeeeeeery interesting seeing all of this documented in this way. Erika is not as squeaky clean as she wants us to believe. There are a number of discrepancies between what she says and the evidence listed in this timeline re lawsuits/loans/business dealings.
  11. I think the title of this thread has become even more relevant! Erika certainly reeks (even more) of the Marie Antoinette vibe given her blasé attitude toward the victims of Tom’s fraud.
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