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  1. Most European cats are indoor/outdoor cats, particularly in towns. My guess is that it lives in the neighbourhood and wandered in when the crew was setting up the filming in the apartment to check out what was going on.
  2. I am already over Bob. Yes, he might be a 'nice guy', but being around someone who has no off switch is exhausting. I once dated someone like that and it gets very old, very quickly. I feel sorry for Megan, she's been matched with an overgrown child who has to be the centre of attention the whole time. Franky (the Poundland Daniel Craig) is a creep. Morag is growing on me, after last night's episode when she and Luke walked in looking very happy. I think she'd built up a hard shell due to previous bad relationships, and is finding out that she really does like someone who's gentle and lai
  3. Ari is in Ethiopia. I don't have an issue with the bras. If her mother had sent some in the mail, they may have gone astray. If there's someone coming over from the USA, I can't see the problem in that person bringing items over that can't be sourced in Ethiopia, and after recently giving birth, her reason for needing new bras is entirely plausible. Leandro made it clear these were things Ari had ordered, it wasn't as if he randomly decided to buy her sexy lingerie. I am certain Bini was aware of this, so more producer-driven fake drama, I think. But I do think Bini has genuine cause
  4. I agree we all have gross bodily functions, but to me this issue is more about the extent to which one partner is prepared to make a relatively small compromise to accommodate the other. If someone only brushed their teeth in the morning but not at night after they'd been eating and drinking all day, it's not unreasonable for someone sleeping in the same bed to ask if they'd mind brushing their teeth before bedtime. Likewise, someone who's been at work all day and been to the gym might want to think about whether or not to take a shower. I know Bao did allude (when she brought this up initiall
  5. Well, it's all starting to fall apart, isn't it. José, if you don't want Rachel to use the dishwasher, then you'll be washing the dishes yourself. I didn't think I could love a domestic appliance until I got a dishwasher (just a small, 18" compact one). I couldn't be without it now. He is far too rigid and has some control issues. I can imagine that once something doesn't go his way, or Rachel really pushes back about something, it'll get ugly. I am astonished that they have, allegedly, consummated their marriage. Myrla is a total killjoy and it was clear from her apartment - devoid
  6. So you won't be buying a ticket for her Caburlesque show, then? Leah has what Dr Terry Dubrow would describe as a monoboob - where there's no separation of the breasts so you get one continuous boob that's only divided at the bottom.
  7. The new series of MAFS UK started last night and I caught up with it today. This is season 6, and the previous 5 seasons had been very much like the early MAFS US seasons, with just three couples, with no set-up-for-drama scenarios, but seeing how things played out as they tried to work out a life together. But this new season is following the Australian model, with weekly dinner parties where all the couples get together, and the potential for lots of draahh-maaaah. (Of course I am going to watch it all...) Already I hate one of the women - Nikita - who had a long list of all the th
  8. So Leah paid for her tits herself? She should ask for her money back. She's ended up with a Uniboob (i.e. no proper separation of each breast). That's about as bad as the boob jobs where the woman has a bony chest and has two implants separated by six inches of breastbone.
  9. Darcey: The only way this relationship is going to work is for me to let this go. Darcey: *spends the next 40 minutes not letting it go" Darcey may lack other skills and talents (cooking for one, as we saw with the breakfast pancakes), but if there was an Olympic event called Never Letting It Go, Darcey would take the gold medal. Am I being mean in thinking that Dad and Darcey's daughters might have concocted the Covid story to get out of having to film the Sweet 16? I am liking Florian more and more. His reaction to Santa Claus was hilarious, and his surprise at the
  10. Wow, Myrla is a piece of work. Gil is at the point where, if she likes something (such as the macarons), he praises her like a toddler who's just learned to use the potty. When he asked her what she likes. "Gifts". But only if they're expensive, designer gifts. As for wanting the ring upgraded, only a 2ct Tiffany cathedral setting (costing more than Gil earns in a year) will do for her, I'm sure. I'm seeing cracks appearing in Rachel and Jose's relationship. Pairing someone who's either frugal or good with money with someone who's in debt isn't going to work - but of course makes for goo
  11. I don't think Darcey would be on that type of site - she's looking for Real Lurrrve. If she was on a Sugar Mama website, then she wouldn't have been surprised or shocked to hear about it from Octavia. I also loved Florian's response to the badgering from D&S "Do you think we should have gone to see the ex-wife?" "Who f'ing cares?". He certainly doesn't care, but has to pretend he does to keep the peace.
  12. Something went on with Jose and Rachel that we didn't see but which changed her from "He's perfect! The experts couldn't have done any better!" to "I need to find out sooner rather than later if this is going to work." Myrla is a complete diva. I got the impression that the hotel in Florida was probably way nicer than the places Gil normally stays at (and it looked very nice indeed) but for her nothing came up to her standards. Everything out of her mouth was a complaint about something - even the contents of the 'honeymoon kit'. I could see Gil thinking "Uh oh" when she mentioned that s
  13. I just ended up watching about twenty different Sonic ads on YouTube until I found the one - the guy in the baby blue sweater?
  14. I love true crime too. Generally the TV shows I watch start with one of the following things: - "Previously on ..." - "This program contains scenes of actual surgery. Viewer discretion is advised." - A montage of a filthy house - "This program contains scenes which some viewers may find disturbing."
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