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  1. "I'm not going through a mid-life crisis" he says, polishing the motorcycle he bought a month ago. I usually have a tiny amount of sympathy for the sad, lonely people on this show who get scammed, but this guy? Nope. I'm looking forward to his downfall and humiliation. He's vain and stupid and deserves everything he gets.
  2. I didn't love Luann's look, although to be sure Shantall had the easiest HW to dress, as Luann knows how to walk and has an amazing figure. TBH, the blazer/lingerie vibe reminded me of this video from vintage UK comic Tommy Cooper. I thought Shannon's outfit should have won. Shannon lacks confidence in her body, she's not very tall, and she's short-waisted and curvy. Bones's design highlighted all her best features, she looked gorgeous and it was obvious she loved it and felt beautiful. I don't watch Potomac and, OMG, those women are scary.
  3. Mark reeks of desperation. He tried out for the show four years ago and in the intervening time he's not managed to find someone compatible to build a sustainable relationship with? Maybe he's Lindsey's worst nightmare - a tiny "pee-pee" and a ten-second finish. Although I think he's sincere in his wish to have a lasting marriage, there's also a lot of 'Bro' energy going on there. He reminds me of the guy from the previous Boston season who was a firefighter who also had a property business on the side. Chris? I don't remember his name but he was a similar type. Lindsey has booze bloat, w
  4. CPS needs to step in and remove those children. Not only are they growing up in a violent environment, from the video, the house looks filthy too.
  5. So Tom got engaged, and, what a nasty kick in the teeth - he did it on the date of his and Luann's wedding anniversary. I have no doubt he would be aware of how hurtful this would be to Luann. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/luann-de-lesseps-ex-tom-proposes-on-former-wedding-anniversary/
  6. I don't know if any of you guys watch Project Runway, but the next episode airing on 6 January features Real Housewives from various franchises (OC, NYC and Potomac) with the designers having to make them outfits for a reunion show. Luann is one of the RHs, and I think I also saw Shannon Beador in the preview too, but it was very quick so I'm not 100% sure. I haven't watched RHOC for a couple of seasons, and only watch RHONYC now, so I don't recognise HWs from other franchises anymore. The guest judge is Andy Cohen. Whichever designer gets Luann I think will be fortunate, as hers is an easy bo
  7. @Xebug67 I am so very sorry for your loss. I hope your sadness fades away and that the happy memories stay with you forever. I don't have a lot more to say than other posters have said upthread, except that Gino gives me a very strong Billy Bob Thornton vibe. And not in a good way.
  8. Yes, I totally agree. Generally I feel little sympathy for the schmucks on this show, as they must know what they're getting into and are willing participants in it. But Mike is vulnerable, no experience of relationships, and TLC is complicit in setting him up for heartbreak. I hope for him the end result will be that someone local to him will see him on this show and think that he seems like a sweet, kind guy and want to date him.
  9. Oh for sure. That's quite a look she had gone on there, two pairs of glasses at the same time.
  10. I just found this show on my streaming app, and now have something to fill my Monday afternoons now that The Other Way has finished. Pretty much everything I thought has been said above. Apologies if someone else has mentioned it (I skimmed the posts) but am I the only person who thought Kim's elderly mother was a dead ringer for Baby Girl Lisa?
  11. I was gearing myself up to dislike Bianca, based on the first half of the show. She ticked all the boxes for failure - and when she said she'd had failed surgery just a few years ago, I was certain she'd never get to the point where Dr Now would approve her for another procedure. And the food!, OMG, I know the poundticipants eat huge amounts of food but she took it to a whole new height (or depth). I remember a couple of seasons ago there was a married couple who both got surgery and they ate enormous quantities that shocked me, but I think Bianca eclipsed even them. The spaghetti!! That would
  12. I think it was the captions that were mis-spelled because he was also captioned with his correct spelling of Kristian several times too. I can imagine the producers going on and on at Dr Zas that she needed to find out what the secret was that Peggy refused to let her daughter tell, but try as she might, Peggy wasn't telling, good for her. This was a really boring episode. I've been re-watching Hoarding: Buried Alive recently, and they crammed so much more into an hour than Hoarders can put into twice the time. (That show lost its way too, when it had a few people on there who were s
  13. I absolutely LOVED Kenny and Armando's wedding. I thought the way they entered the venue, each walking down the side to illustrate their separate journeys, until they met at the arch, was beautiful. I, too, teared up when Kenny talked about the friends he'd lost and how the world has changed. I'm a little older than Kenny, and lost many friends in the 80s. I also have a few friends who have lived with HIV for 25 years, thanks to medical advances, and other than needing to take extra care to avoid infection, you'd never know they had the virus. I fast-forwarded through Cory and Evelyn's se
  14. Did anyone else notice, as Jose was being called out for his anger and temper issues, rictus grin on his face, that his foot crossed over his knee was bob-bob-bobbing, unable to keep still, the physical manifestation of his inner fury and probably his desire to get up and punch Dr Pepper in the face.
  15. In the UK we call them "Rylan teeth" after a celebrity, Rylan Clark-Neal (who is actually one of the loveliest, nicest people on earth). He had his teeth done a few years ago and, although he has a big personality, his teeth were even bigger. But in the last couple of weeks he's had them re-done and now has teeth which, although still quite bright white, are somewhat smaller. This is his 'before' picture. They look like tombstones.
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