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  1. essexjan

    Gretchen & Slade & their BS

    I always liked Gretchen and thought she was very pretty and vivacious, with a great figure. But wow, she's had a lot of work done on her face. She barely looks like the same young woman from ten years ago.
  2. essexjan

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

  3. essexjan

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup

    So Tracie goes on a drugs binge and is sent back to jail where (as anyone who watches 60 Days In knows) all you get to eat is carbs, carbs and carbs with a side of carbs. So although I can understand that she probably lost 40lbs during her crack/meth sojourn on the run from Clint, I can't believe that the only thing she gained in jail was a tattoo of what looked like the word "C*nt" on her ring finger. Coincidentally (as anyone who watches 60 Days In also knows), it seems all too easy for drugs to be smuggled into prison.
  4. It looked even worse than the outfits concocted by Sheree Whitfield for her SheBySheree collection on RHOA a few years ago.
  5. essexjan

    S01.E05: No Looking Back

    In Indian culture 'auntie' is a term of respect/endearment given to someone older than you. At my book group one of the Indian ladies (in her 50s) is called Auntie by the other Indian members of the group who are all younger than her. So I think Jenny meant that she didn't want to be seen as an 'elder deserving of respect' by Sumit's peers.
  6. essexjan

    S07.E24: Sean

    This was so sad. Sean is one of the very few poundicipants I've felt genuine compassion for. His upbringing set him on a course to an early grave, thanks to his mother. And without her he couldn't cope. I can't imagine how miserable his life was. Poor young man, he didn't stand a chance. He lacked the basic life skills that most of us take for granted, and his chronic depression crippled him emotionally. I noticed in the scene when he was drinking the cola and eating sausage, and behind him, to his right (screen left) was a gallon jug almost filled with a yellow liquid. I don't think it was pineapple juice ...
  7. Oh I am loving this shit-show. I've stopped watching the other 90DFs because I don't care about Chantel, Coltee, etc. So I was hoping for some new blood. Here's my take on Jenny and Sumit. I think Sumit is gay. Bear with me, I'll expand on this. Homosexuality is illegal in India, and he's 30 and still unmarried. He's been able to stay under the radar (gaydar!) but now his parents are putting pressure on him to marry, and he's really not interested in girls. So he met an older woman online who might not be expecting the same level of attention as a young Indian wife who wants a baby. (And Jenny hasn't said anything about how good in bed he is or how she can't wait to rip his clothes off. So it doesn't seem to be an Ashley/Jay, Angela/Michael, Dani/Mo situation.) He can't tell his family he's moving in with her, but hopes to present them later with a fait accompli once they're married. I was surprised when he was talking about Jenny in Episode 2 how sincere he seemed to be about his feelings for her. I think he sees her as his way out of a miserable, lonely life, or having to live a lie in a marriage to an Indian woman where he can never fulfill her expectations or desires. Maybe he's hoping there'll be a move to the USA at some point, when he can really be himself, particularly in Miami.
  8. essexjan

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story

    I remember a couple of years ago I had a friend from New York visiting and we went to the legendary 24-hour Beigel Shop in Brick Lane (in east London, bagels are called beigels and you say it "bye-gal"). The beigels are, by US standards, tiny, about the same size as if you cut an apple in half across the middle. My friend commented that the London beigels were exactly like the NY bagels she used to have growing up in terms of size, but that somehow over the years the American portion size increased to the point where a NY bagel is now the equivalent of three or four London beigels. I'm heading off to the USA today for three weeks, to NYC (unlikley to see any pounders there) and then to southern Ohio for a week, where I, at 40lbs over my ideal weight, am considered to be a 'skinny little thing' (actual quote from an Ohioan) compared with many of the locals. I remember how shocked I was the first time I visited Ohio and saw people in their 20s who were too fat to walk, yet were still able to steer their mobility scooters round the junk food aisles of Krogers.
  9. essexjan

    S07.E19: Angie J's Story

    OMFG. She is the worst yet. The most selfish, vile hag I've ever seen on this show - and that includes Penny and Schenee. I'm in the UK and I work from home on Thursdays. My mid-afternoon treat is to watch the previous night's episodes of RHONYC followed by My 600-lb Life (via a streaming service, as they're not shown here until months or even years later). Tell me if I'm a bad person but about 20 minutes into this shit-show I actually paused it so I could go make some popcorn. And I cheered twice - once when she'd gained weight and once when Dr Now said he was going to do the toxicology test. I may go straight to Hell, but at least there'll be a coffin big enough to fit me when I do ...
  10. Yes, absolutely. The judge might be sympathetic if she's had a slip but blatant disregard of a court order, failing to go to AA and a refusal to consider going back to rehab or wear an ankle monitor when she's caught drinking again is likely to piss the judge off bigly. I fear Lu has a long way yet to fall before she's ready to acknowledge she has a problem. She's too used to having her own way to think she has to abide by the same rules as everyone else. As a recovering alcoholic myself, I really, really hope she 'gets it' and manages to stay sober. But that involves Lu having to acknowledge she has a problem, and being humble enough to do the fairly painful introspection that's necessary to work out how she ended up in an AA meeting. And as we know, humility and Luann are never found in the same room together. But she's not even in AA meetings for the right reasons - she was trolling for men in the meetings (which, I can promise you, is a waste of time - the odds are good, but, Lord, the goods are odd ...) So one the one hand, as someone with the same problem, I truly want her to find sobriety. But, on the other hand, pass the popcorn ...
  11. I'm 20 years sober, thanks to AA, and I'm also a lawyer. I've seen people time and again think they're special and different and that such trivialities as court orders don't apply to them, only to the "little people". There's usually a rude awakening at some point. It might take some serious jail time for the Countess to hit rock bottom and to finally understand that actions have consequences.
  12. essexjan

    S07.E18: Mercedes' Story

    I'm just watching this episode now and I noticed something that totally grossed me out. In the scene where she's waiting for Dr Lola to arrive, there's a shot of the bed and the base on which the mattress is sitting is completely covered with brown/yellowish-red stains. The only thing I could think of is that Mercedes had shit/pissed/bled through a previous mattress to the point of destruction all the way through to the base and a new mattress was just replaced on the foul base. It made me heave.
  13. Absolutely. I visit the USA a lot and, even though I have the ESTA visa waiver, I've sometimes still had the third degree from the CBP agent. Once I'd only brought $40 in cash with me because my UK bank didn't charge for foreign ATM withdrawals and so I thought it'd be easier to withdraw cash once I arrived. But I had three credit cards with me which had a credit line of about $30,000 and plenty of money in my current (checking) account, but the lack of cash on me was a red flag and I had to answer more questions about job, home, etc.. Fortunately I have a job which has a public profile, and the agent looked me up on our website. He then seemed satisfied that I, a middle-aged woman carrying a return ticket to the UK, with a good job, plenty of money, a paid-for home in a nice area and pets who live there, wasn't trying to sneak into the States to work illegally. Now I always make sure I have a few hundred $$ in cash with me, to avoid setting off any alarms. Most of the time, though, the CBP agents are perfectly pleasant. One even winked at me and told me I looked hot, which I thought was kind of inappropriate (and utterly inaccurate, given I'd just got off a 7-hour flight and had been up for 4 hours before the flight and looked like crap). But I didn't say anything, for fear of him refusing me entry.
  14. And Tinsley's manners are impeccable. Terrified after climbing the rope ladder up to the trapeze, she realised after a few seconds that she hadn't found out people's names and immediately corrected that, saying "I'm so impolite". I LOL'd at that.
  15. essexjan

    S07.E17: Cillas' Story

    I swear I am going to be found dead in front of my laptop one day where I've choked to death laughing. You nearly got me this time Barbara Please!