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  1. Tania is the worst, and Syngin must be wondering what happened to the woman he met in South Africa now he's confronted with this entitled, demanding harridan. It would have taken a day, or a weekend at best, to clean and tidy that shed - take everything out, thoroughly clean the room, clean the furniture, put it back, vacuum the mattress thoroughly, some nice new bedding, a blind, a few lamps and a rug, and it would have been just fine. It's inexcusable she left it dirty and full of junk until he arrived and then expected him to jump right to it. Anny and Robert are both as awful as one another. I loved the grandma, and I don't criticise her at all for doing sex work. It's just work, it doesn't define her as a person or mean that she has no morals. She appears to have a very strong moral compass and clearly loves Bryson. I totally understand why she's so concerned about the appearance of this surly green-card tourist into his life. I feel sorry for Blake. It's obvious Jasmin is only with him because her sister is already in LA and there's no other way for her to get to the USA. He is a patsy and too stupid to realise it. He has nothing to offer her, and she will be looking for a Rodeo Drive lifestyle that he can't possibly provide. But once she has the green card and her divorce, she'll find a rich man. I skipped through the Michael and Juliana segments. They already bore me. And he skeeves me out. I agree with Anna's friend that there is no way of having a relationship with someone whose language you can't speak. I can only guess that she and Mursel conducted their courtship solely via Google translate, but that's no basis for a marriage, or for him making any kind of a life in the USA. I can't imagine there are many Turkish speakers in the small Midwestern town they're living in. He'll be sunk if he doesn't learn to speak English quickly. He also dissed her beekeeping skills (in Turkish, so she doesn't know). Mike and Natalie are adorable and genuinely appear to love one another. Her mum is so sweet and it's clear she loves Mike too. But I think Natalie will be in for such a shock when she gets to the USA. A farm in the middle of nowhere, with only Bojangles for company, is probably not what she will be expecting. It looked like a pretty rundown farm too. I also noticed that in the photos we saw of the couple on his previous visits to see her, Mike was quite a bit slimmer than he is now. I know he's lost a ton of weight, but it looks as if it's starting to creep up a little and he'll need to watch that. I hope these two work out, and I think she will be a good influence on him living a healthy, outdoors life, maybe with a couple of children. I love Bojangles. He's like a little gnome who lives in the barn. He's probably related to Mose Shrute.
  2. Rumour has it that Tania and Syngin have split up, and that she's pregnant! https://soapdirt.com/90-day-fiance-tania-maduro-pregnant-dumped-syngin-colchester-leaving-america/
  3. OMG, Pole was right! https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7692411/British-man-32-nearly-dies-parasite-crawls-penis-lays-eggs.html
  4. What I also like about Dorinda is that she's comfortable appearing on camera with no makeup and her hair a bit messy, when she's just got up. She doesn't seem to have that same level of vanity as most of the other housewives.
  5. I would like for Michael to find a happy life in America. But I can see a scenario where the police turn up to a domestic incident 100% instigated by Angela, and it all ending very badly for Michael. Best case scenario, he gets arrested and it jeopardises his green card. Worst case scenario, he ends up getting shot.
  6. Yay, a whole new bunch of mugs for us to mock - plus Angela (ye gods!). I don't know anybody's names at the moment but this is my take: Bee Lady and her Turkish Delight seem sweet and not completely unsuited. I wonder how much of the 'family don't know about the children' storyline is manufactured, along with the drinking story. Obvs, she's going to get drunk at some point (bachelorette night maybe) and he'll have second thoughts about the wedding. Bossy political woman and South African stoner - run, dude, run! She will make your life a misery. 8-hour guy - scumbag who wants a babysitter for his sugar-amped-up kid matched with a woman who only wants a green card. A match made in heaven. Preggo woman and gym bunny - yeah, he'll cheat on her, and can't wait to get to America and get a job in a gym where he'll hit on all the young women. Wine Douche and Brazilian "model" - his kids were perfect and his son made me cackle when he said that his new stepmom will be "more like us", gesturing to himself and his sister. I thought Wine Douche looked a bit odd in his THs. His body is doughy and he has moobs, but in his TH he had on a too-tight blue shirt and it looked as if he was wearing one of these underneath. It's a compression vest to hide moobs and paunch.
  7. Every time I saw Angela I knew she reminded me of someone but I couldn't remember who. Then I remembered - Bridget Everett doing her cabaret act.
  8. There's a big difference between spoken and written English. His spoken English is obviously quite good, but I can see why he'd ask someone who's probably a native English speaker to help him. I doubt he spends much time writing in English, if he's living in an Arab country and his first language is Arabic. The nuances and subtleties of the message can be lost if you're writing in a second (or third) language. So I don't criticise him at all for getting someone else to make sure his message said exactly what he wanted it to say. In fact he said in the IG posts that he wished he'd had a translator (as Jihoon did) at the Tell-All because he didn't feel he was able to express properly what he wanted to say, given the limitations of his English.
  9. I totally agree, Ham Sammich. Darcey is off her face and it is so not a good look. I hope, after this season when she sees the footage of herself drunk in Albania and the video above, that Darcey realises she has a problem. I am sorry to say that Jesse was right. We only saw a glimpse of it when she was in Amsterdam and he asked her never to drink again. I am beginning to suspect that there was a whole load of unaired footage of Darcey drunk off her ass that led Jesse to make that request of her.
  10. OMG, yes, he's gorgeous in that movie. He's also a much better actor than he's given credit for. I love him as the hapless dimwit in Burn After Reading.
  11. No, that's definitely not the type of key we use in the UK. Tom gave Darcey a purely decorative key which he knew she would think looked like the key to some romantic castle or stately home. Insurance companies require doors to have specific types of locks or they won't pay out if the property's burgled. Here's a little video which shows the types of door locks we have in the UK.
  12. Thanks PoeticLicensed. It's the one I saw on TV a few years ago. Sad for all concerned.
  13. Looking at the info online, I think I've seen it before on TV. I recognise one of the women. Desperate women unhappy with hard-drinking Ukrainian men and few prospects for themselves, willing to settle for creepy men so they can escape. A few years ago, Dawn Porter (now married to Chris O'Dowd) made a similar documentary about American men going to Russia to find a wife. It was horrifying. One guy was so weird that Dawn was totally freaked out by him and genuinely worried for any woman who got mixed up with him. I don't know if it's available online in the USA. It's called "Extreme Wife: From Russia With Love".
  14. I can't see it on Prime UK. We get different shows/movies. 😞
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