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  1. Becuz one of the camera people (or an Editor) has an ongoing grudge against him? I still can't decide whether it's his man-boobs; his cellulite legs; his smirk; or maybe just his whole persona that makes my eyes roll. I can't get it out of my head that Coltee is the guy we were all warned about in elementary school who would woo you with a a bunch of puppies in the back seat of his car...or maybe an extra-large Hershey's bar. 😜 🤡
  2. I think I've been watching too many '90-Day Fiancé' channels of rubbish and detritus. Becuz..... There I was, a coupla days ago, crossing Broadway on NYC's Upper West Side to hit Zabars for a pastrami sandwich , and I coulda sworn I saw SteVen, the young Mormon troll...I mean lad, crossing right past me. I will never swear to it, but the guy had an identical build/body type; the exact same hairdo 'n color; same style colorful, loose polo shirt AND those kinda strange-looking long skinny shorts (to cover thigh underwear?) Anyways....living in a city where I see EVERY SORT of fashion look, I
  3. Of the increasingly annoying things happening on this year's 'MBFFL,' for me it is the escalating "juvenilizing" of Babs and Glenn by their dear daughter Whitney. Whit has managed to reduce her mom & dad from professional, educated adults to 'All in the Family's" 'Edith & Archie Bunker."' Glenn & Babs, and even the until-now absent Hunter, have been turned into background 'comic relief.' Alas, I don't think that the show's fans BUY this nonsense at all! 😠 I wish that Whitney could see how this whole thing is playing off re her relationships with her parental units and her br
  4. I have no words. I DO! But isn't this a "family forum?" 😁 P.S. Hope their surgeon cut them on the bias. 💋💋
  5. Oddly enough, following these tribes through three days without any nourishment, brings me back to the Jewish Holy Days of Yom Kippur, --a day of fasting. My family was not really religious, but I recall deciding, one year, to try a 24-hr. fast. Well...by late afternoon, it wasn't the hunger that got to me. It was the awful headache that pounded thru my brain AND the total lack of energy that left me capable of little more than turning from one side to another in my bed. (My mom quickly restored me with tea and bread with honey!) 😌 So....I DO keep that experience in mind as I watch
  6. Judging by your humor Mrs. Hanson, I'd fer sure give you and your hubby a fair crack at being on this P.T. show! I think I've watched no more than ONE (maybe 2?) of PT episodes because, DANG, these couples are NOT funny. Why waste my limited viewing time on these 'silly, humdrum' duos, when I can watch 'for real' laughs some great old and new YouTube offerings?? (Not to be "tooting my own horn," but my friends and I can make each other laugh a heck more than listening to the majority of the 'Pillow Talk" gang.) SO - I'll vote for you and your hubby to be a "guest couple." 😁 (And I
  7. There are, fer shure, so many unkind things I can say about Whit's shenanigans this season (whether Production induced, or Whitney's insecurity), BUT I WILL admit to having a soft spot regarding W.'s panic/anxiety at test taking. (And that massive tome for pro fitness certification does indeed seem a genuine challenge. One can memorize everything to qualify, but if you have "test panic," I do believe it's easy to really mess up. (Of course, Whit's "concentration" during filming is probably close to nil...so...no doubt "test anxiety" is NOT the main part of the whole picture! Whitney could p
  8. Yes. I quite honestly think that a BIGLY part of Ari's determination to bring the baby home for surgery is so that she can spend some 'home time' with family and friends. Covid no doubt made it impossible to travel. So...as much as Ari makes me batsheet crazy, I DO suspect her conniving in THIS particular situation has a lot to do with homesickness. 😭
  9. Yes, Seacliffsal. Agreed! 👍 How come I can comprehend Rachel Maddow; NBC Nightly News; CNN, etc, -yet each year I struggle a little bit more & more to follow SURVIVOR!? I want "twists" that entertain me ala Alfred Hitchcock...or The Twilight Zone. NOT silly convoluted twists that have me going: "HUH?! What the hey! What does that actually MEAN?" And, then, at Tribal Council, as I'm still trying to sort it all out, Mr. J. P. sits back and smirks as he allows the endless, furtive whispering amongst tribe members. PLEASE JP, bring back the FUN that was once an essential part of
  10. Eighteen months of hanging out in sweats 'n tees while reevaluating and polishing up a 'new and livelier Survivor'-- and the BEST you can come up with for an Idol Twist is Butterflies; Broccoli; & Astro Turf? Seems dismally discouraging from a fan's perspective. Even if this whole 'concept' dies its deserved death after MERGE, it will STILL remain a sad (tho funny) attempt at Production innovation. 😖 🥴
  11. I give Brett a lot of credit for 'following through' on the one-mo. anniversary 'festivities' planned by Ryan (or Production!) so soon after suddenly losing her beloved Baxter. BRETT - Baxter was such a dear, appealing little guy, and anyone here who has a special animal in his/her life can well understand the loss you've suffered. (I'm glad that Ryan is at least a true dog person, and I do believe that he genuinely felt your pain.) That said, you are a lovely, bright woman who deserves someone who has the emotional intelligence to feel so very lucky to spend the rest of his life w
  12. Statisticaloutlier, I am SOOO relieved that a fellow Primetimer sees what I see! 😁 You have saved me the pain of scheduling my first dementia/cognitive test!! ("‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV, naked body, backward feet.") P.S. Thanks magemaud for posting that most hilarious optical illusion. Oh the humanity! (As an a identical twin who shares such closeness with my own sister, I find it too sad to actually watch this show. Though I can't help but occasionally read these forums. As the male disasters pile up in their lives, I can only hope that as they mature, their twinship grows
  13. Ok! I give up! What the 'ell am I looking at here?? Is this an AARP optical illusion game? (Now that I "get" the nude body suit look, WHY do I keep thinking that her feet look like they're on backwards?? Maybe that was part of the exciting new Turkish surgical surprise!)
  14. I actually DO believe that Whit COULD be a draw for clients in Will's gym. She has demonstrated real strength and determination when she's set her mind to it. (Her body-building skills have genuinely impressed me.) If I were fighting both lethargy & resulting obesity, I think that Whitney's strength-building examples might well be a genuine incentive for me to train with her and achieve the goals she sets for herself -- and for her clients!
  15. Yes, Ryan! Your dead-pan humor always nails it! 😆 I'd be howling 24/7. Alas, I never aimed for that "Dallas Cowgirl's look," (is that your 'type??'), so I'd probably have been discarded on a first blind date. Brett is such a lovely, classy, intelligent lady. Your loss, Ryan, if your "type" rules out unique women like Brett. 🤔 You two remind me of the '80s song: Friends and Lovers. Thoughtful lyrics...
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