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  1. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Such a determined little guy! πŸ•πŸ€ (Natalie's 'new lil pal' looks like it could CARRY THAT SLICE ON ITS BACK!!!)
  2. Hi Adeejay. I TOO AM a born-and-bred native New Yorker (UWS) and ADORE my hometown. (And, yes, I've seen some 'scary looking' rodents ---covens lurking especially at 34th St & Penn Station. 🐈) That said....for sure, I've no doubt that even the buildings occupied by the RHONYC have weekly Mgmt. contracts with professional exterminators!! 😁 (MY building has , but so far I've encountered only mousies. Eeeek! (Cute in a pet shop - but NOT scurrying down the hall! 😨 ) "NY NY, IT'S A HELLUVA TOWN!" 😘
  3. Lest we forget Michael Jackson's "BEN." πŸ€ (Rats are actually pretty darn smart! Check it out with NYC's Pest Control.) πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ (Enjoy your little guy, Natalie. At least you'll have the possibility of a rewarding relationship!)
  4. I suspect that when Padma said "game," she might have been thinking "competition." I somehow doubt that she meant to 'trivialize' the cheftestants - and she seems to show genuine respect for the grueling efforts they all put in .
  5. That cutie is Ramona's Shih Tzu, Coco (a 'Grande Dame' now at 17 yrs old or so). Am not sure how much the editing had to do with Coco's bewildered 'take' on the craziness, but Shih Tzu are very attuned to distress amongst their 'human clan,' (PS. Humorous note: I just took my own Shih Tzu to our NYC groomer, and when I picked her up, she, too, had her topknot divided by two red ribbons.) πŸ˜„ Come to think of it, my UWS grooming spot has a branch right across town on the UES. Maybe it's the 'new look' for Shih Tzu! 😁
  6. If Sonja's 'friends' had a little more emotional intelligence, they might have intuited that her lack of any communication (ghosted!??) could be a sign of a friend dealing with depression. The need to isolate is often a clear sign of melancholia...and a silent cry for help. "Real" friends would be concerned if they hadn't heard from a true buddy for months!! πŸ˜”
  7. I think I've finally figured out the psychology behind Production pairing up Steven and Jeff. While Steven was a bit of a 'wild child' in his earlier 'adventures,' he seems to have matured and developed an admirable amount of emotional intelligence. His ability to keep the "stunted" Jeff from going off the rails, has allowed them to enjoy a partnership built on humor and mutual respect. Good job, Steven! (And wise decision, Production.) 😜
  8. My apologies if this has been mentioned before in earlier episodes, but the most touching moment for me was noting that there was a framed photo of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, featured on the desk behind Olivia Benson! Thanks Mariska! 😊
  9. I don't mean to try and psychoanalyze Haley (who I never met, or know anything about, or who may be a very sweet your woman), but I'm in agreement with a quote I recently read: "You can tell how smart people are by what they laugh at." I was continually surprised at how many times Haley said re Jake, "I don't get his humor." Even the clip they played where Jake expounded upon Haley's "attractive kneecaps," -- I immediately chuckled at the 'fun' sense of play he was attempting to have with Haley. I've always loved dark, dry, droll humor, and I tend to find it such a PLUS in relationships.
  10. While I did previously mention the dreaded 'experts' situation last week, particularly an interesting article on Dr. Trisha Stratford, a REAL clinical neuro-psychotherapist, I've since found a much more insightful article that I think explains Dr, Trisha's honest assessment of what MSFSA can do to a genuinely compassionate & professional Dr.'s psyche. 😧 (Not to mention the effect on the pitiful "experimentees.") πŸ₯Ί https://www.nowtolove.co.nz/celebrity/mafs/mafs-dr-trisha-stratford-quits-show-44932
  11. I agree, fer shure. Food in Italy is A-ONE! City! Countryside! Coastal regions! You can't go wrong. (The only really baaad eateries are reserved for those foreign visitors who go on one of those 'managed TOURS!" Baaaad! )
  12. As a huge fan of French food, I'll admit that even in NYC, it's a challenge to find a genuine French eatery that doesn't make your budget weep! Only a few 'moderate, home-style' places still exist and you have to do some sleuthing to find them. The couple times I was in France, I COULD NOT GET OVER THE EXCELLENCE in almost EVERY place I ate in. You could pull off the highway and find a rural cafe that would have you drooling. As for your thoughts on BUTTER....I don't recall ever having 'bad' butter over there. That said, I am one of those in the minority who almost always eat NO
  13. YES, YES, a thousand times YES! This is the ONLY rationalization I can come up with to justify these two women (with 'reasonably acceptable' IQs) remaining in such "mad as a hatter" marriages. 🐰🐰
  14. Okay. I admit it. Best part of this 1st episode of RHONYC was the opening shot of Coco striding along in front of Ramona. This lil fur gal deserves her own APPLE! She's no doubt a product of love and good genes! (One of my Tzu was over 18, & he had all his marbles! He even had a doggy Agent in NYC and did SNL & other shows. What a character! :-D So very missed... 😒 (I join MRSWITTER in a "Go Coco!!!") 🎬 One final thought for Ramona -- & all lovers of Shih Tzu...Have fun reading the below article about pronunciation of the breed: http://www.allshihtzu.com/how-to-
  15. No no no no no no! Padma cracked me up -- she was totally aware of her "Don't call us....we'll call you" performing skills. She was so totally laughing along WITH US! πŸ˜† P.S. Gotta say tho....what a conglomerated chaotic fiasco "Movie Night" turned out to be. 'Tween the 'drive-in puddles'; the judges crammed into no-elbow room front seats; the complicated mish-mash of categories, etc, etc, etc., the fun of it was lost a bit in translation. (But, fer shure, I can visualize Top Chef's creative crew huddled around a table and howling hysterically at the potential hilarity of this conce
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