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  1. Skipped ahead in the comments to reply to this. WORD. I'm 28 years in and love evolves. I'd go off that proverbial cliff with him, but its different (not in a bad way) that it was when we met.
  2. Stevie told her mom she maxed out her credit cards when stevie came to mom's office after she dressed too casually and needed $50 to buy a new shirt for work. Bess said "why didn't you use your credit card" stevie says "I maxed them out" I hope I was able to put your mind at rest and you have your answer after 5 long years. 😉 (I just started watching this show, not sure why I never started it.....its right up my alley)
  3. Really? I've never been a fan of hers, I'm old enough to remember her when she was a little kid and I didn't like her then either. LOL Your theory makes sense though.
  4. My DVR cut off maybe 3-5 minutes early because of the basketball game. Who won the election?
  5. Sadly there is. I don't watch the show - but the skit and impersonation was spot on. I know this because in Chicago we are LUCKY to have it on 2 channels and they are hyping the crap out of it...its just awful
  6. are you being pre-empted for baseball playoffs? They're on ABC here in Chicago, if you're west of us, that would probably be the case.
  7. I read this yesterday and I read it quickly. I got so mad, I was thinking about it alot - like "why on god's green earth would people voluntarily watch that episode again?" and then I just read it now....Sorry for being mad at you 🙂
  8. Their show is called Hot Bench - Judge Judy is the "owner" of the show. I love this show, they took it off in Chicago for the Drew Barrymore show. We are LUCKY we get Drew twice a day 2p on CBS and 5p on local Fox. Judge Tanya is amazing, she's so smart and so beautiful - I feel that this is Judy's on air try out of who will replace her when she retires. Tanya would kill it.
  9. season 7 wasn't horrible - its sad that many of the topics of their week - are still relevant now. I recommend watching at least the last episode, the peaceful transition of power is amazing.
  10. No it won't but since they can't seem to learn zoom etiquette, at least half the show won't be "no you go ahead" silence "no you go ahead" both talk ......and so on and so on
  11. I don't remember reading any of that - I seem to think I may have checked out of the series when Sorkin did. I feel that he was covering for CJ and I too hate what they did with him.
  12. Just finished the series and I ended on a bad note. when they showed us Toby's official pardon doc....its said TOBY Ziegler. His name is Tobias. As someone who works with official government documents this sent me through the roof.
  13. won't MM's daughter's nick name be Lib? or Libby? Liberal? They never thought of that?
  14. Jamal's body language in the booth when they were having dessert was all I needed to see. He was sitting kinda with his back to Giselle, just a little bit, but enough to see that he's ready to walk away at any given moment
  15. it is my opinion and mine alone that he was doing drugs up on that countertop and the person who took the pic, "chicken out" on calling him out on it.
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