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  1. Right????? I'm glad that me and DH aren't the only ones who have no clue why he's dead. What was with the blood on Decoursey's shirt at the end? Was that from Antoin? The miscarriage? He murdered someone? This show is all over the place.
  2. thank you!!! about two years ago -I did a walking/eating tour of Williamsburg and this was NOT on the tour LOL
  3. exactly....to each their own
  4. They like each other. They will take a bullet for one another and not because they're "sworn" to. I love their interactions.
  5. Chicago is raising their hand..... OMG - my husband and his friends...this is their LOVE LANGUAGE. LOL
  6. WTH was Kenya are Marlo talking about with the "we're in a dungeon set because of Porsha's lies" BS? That made absolutely no sense at all .
  7. anyone know the name of the bar that Anthony was going under cover in because last night on Godfather of Harlem (set in the 60's) they mentioned the same bar. I'd like to do a little googling and I can't remember it. it begins with a B. Which google is no help for....lol
  8. Kenya is disgusting. that it, that's all I got.
  9. years ago, Marshall Fields would put a bright yellow tag in a prominent place on the dress that said "special occasion wear" and unless you have one of the price tag gun things, you couldn't hide the tag, wear the dress and return it. It makes me so pissed when Sonja does this and BRAGS about it.
  10. so no one is going to mention Kelly Bessimon is selling real estate? I guess Bethany is the one "up there" now. LOLOLOLOL ETA: I know that real estate is a noble profession - just dogging Kelly and her high horse.
  11. I'm thinking more like January.....the outside scenes had nothing that looked like Christmas decorations
  12. I want to see this movie! I was hesitant to post for those very reasons. I do hope that my comment wasn't offensive. I just feel that the way Charlette did it was beautiful.
  13. I liked the conversion to Judaism so much better when Charlotte did it. ;) As least she had a valid reason and took it seriously. Luann hates the mask because she's not as recognizable. And I really really need to learn how to apply make up better.....Leah in the facetime in the tub without her make up was a true BEFORE pic. I don't think I've ever seen a transformation like hers.
  14. because the conservative suit wearer is a businessman trying to keep his best employee of the franchise happy.
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