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  1. I think she does a write-in and puts her dad's name on the ballot. I don't know why I think this, but I feel she's mentioned it before.
  2. YES!! I didn't even watch yesterday, its been deleted from the DVR.
  3. I forgot he was on today. Can't be too exciting, not many comments. Anyone calling him out oh his crap?
  4. small voice/ I actually liked what she had one - she's not a "stuffy" gal. I didn't see if walked out when introduced or was already at the table, so I may be wrong, but it looked like she had a solid black skirt or slacks on. Then again, I haven't met a sparkle I haven't liked
  5. is this Dwight the same actor that played Dwight in the original recipe? ha! I just posted about Dwight. There was a Dwight in the early early seasons, usually hanging in the back yard, fixing cars, drinking beer.
  6. signing on to this. Good for Bill having fun. He's the breakout cast member of this series in my mind. 🙂
  7. He never said it was the actual note. He had it forged to look like her handwriting to jar the witness - he specifically asked here where the real note was and when questioning her he only said are "do you recognize these words". It was a total power play.
  8. I obviously forgot about it. But I see what you're doing here, its not unnoticed.
  9. Do we think that maybe Kate terminated a pregnancy and that was why she got so said when the mash thing said two kids?
  10. I'm going to fess up here. What's with everyone and the word PUNDIT? asking for a friend.
  11. no matter what the topic - when Whoppi goes into valley girl mode, its an immediate fast forward.
  12. It's funny you say that - I live a mile from FLW's studio and a bunch of his homes. When they showed the house, I said out loud, to myself "oh Jack is Frank Llyod Wright now".
  13. OMG - I totally did not know that was him. I was like "he's good looking but I can't place him". I'm 55 and watched LA Law in its first runs and his mother on YR since I was a child helping my mother fold sheets. LOL I hate myself right now.
  14. Random thoughts: Mike's black glasses with the decals were ridiculous (not in a good way) Those shoes, what were they that came in the big ass box? Every year when he hosts Passover, he says its the first time, am I right? What is "naked jenga" is it just playing Jenga whilst naked or is there more to it? Gigi's interpretation of the big bang theory....WTF? Destiney, stop trying to make capes and side tilted hats a thing... Mike's talking head on how proud his parents are and then we see them at the dinner table pretty much saying the opposite. LOL
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