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  1. I've been waiting for this. LOL I'm going Thursday. Boooooo :)
  2. where do you get this info, from the ABC View page? I ask because I just was notified I got studio audience tickets for Thursday Sept 23 and on the 1iota site they don't have a guest for my day....no big deal, just curious.
  3. isn't it crazy how two people can watch the same show and get an entirely different read on it? I felt that there was absolutely no repoire between the boys v the girl. (ps, I'm not arguing or looking to sway you) LOL
  4. Sonja's blonde intern who at one point was wearing a black sweater is HILARIOUS! Maybe she can be a housewife.
  5. @falltime - thank you so much
  6. nothing about Ashley in the car asking Michael if he looked at her vagina whilst birthing and if he did does he still find her appealing? then Michael shocks me and says (paraphrased,"yes, I was looking but wasn't looking the v per se, I was watching my kid being born". Which was pretty insightful of him.
  7. thank you! I shall plan the day without the View. LOL
  8. I'll find out soon enough when I get home to my DVR, but can someone tell me if the studio audience was full or was it spaced out. I have ticket requests in for Sept 24 and am trying to gauge my chances. The studio at capacity is small as is, but if they let in less people, I'm just going to assume that me and mom aren't getting tickets and I'll plan my day as if we don't have tickets.
  9. I've said it in just about every RHW page - I'm giving each show a covid hall pass. I mean - how much can these women do just sitting around a vacation house or an empty restaurant. I love seeing them out in the wild.
  10. Tyler and his playing with his feet had me so grossed out.
  11. Gee, Leah went to Limelight...."who does that" she said? I mean she's only 40, even if she went the in high school, wasn't that WAY past the coolness quotient of Limelight? I used to hang at the one in Chicago in 1984, I was 20. Leah was born in 82 believe I heard last light, I feel that Limelight wasn't a thing then or at least not the thing it was in the early 80's. I could be very wrong though...
  12. shallow observance - when Frederick and Ryan were fake arguing...Ryan looked fine AF. Damn he gorgeous.
  13. Random thoughts: The zoom in on the house brand bags of frozen peas was awesome It wouldn't surprise me if Kyle has a in home deli meat slicer, that ham was beautiful EJ drove herself and was drinking pop so she can leave when she wanted to I feel Sutton's forensic account found a boatload of money in her divorce Where there two buffets set up? Erica looked awful and not in a "i'm getting sued" kind of way, in a "I lost my glam squad and I don't know how to dress myself or apply make up" kind of way. Kathy and the "it gives you practice" line was GREAT
  14. I love that so far, its just a normal show - if it were Joy or Whoopie leaving for sure an entire show or maybe even week would be dedicated to their departure.
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