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  1. It would also be interesting to know if she still works there.....the way she was doggin' the staff/execs for not thinking Alaskan King Crab was good enough.
  2. He's always had a team (or at least for a long while), so I don't get what she's all ticked off about. Also, I LOVED LOVED LOVED when Heather said "my husband isn't scared, he's the top Douglass Elliman agent" And good ole Freddy says "no he's not, I'm the top agent, he's the top California agent" Gold!!!
  3. I liked Ryan's cell phone booth. Very hip, very now. Heather needs to go away. I truly DGAF if Josh A is mad and I kind of don't think that Fredrick does either.
  4. true - I bow to thee..... you are right.
  5. having been to the View, I feel qualified to answer this. there are 5 cameras on the floor one for each of the ladies, and a couple in the walls at the back of the small studio. There is always a camera on a host, the back cameras are taping the wide shots. The director is in the booth, looking at all 5-10 cameras and chooses what goes on TV. The director does NOT like MM. And I just love everything about your post.
  6. I think it was a dig at MM - Chelsea is stealth like that. All three of the daddy's ran for president - only one won. That's gotta sting. The more I see Chelsea, the more I love her.
  7. So I'm thinking that Carisi is the "pretty/eye candy" ADA, who only does arraignment and doesn't get much court time a role reversal from the female ADA on the Original Recipe.
  8. I'm not entirely convinced. I'll have to watch that part again w CC on. Something shady was going down there.....
  9. apparently I napped longer than I thought I did during the show. going to have to find it OnDemand or something.
  10. I'm just starting this series and am unsure if I'm enjoying it or not, but will stick with it. When Ken went out to LI and his helicopter was unable to fly because the air space was on lock down....did Logan set that up with the President? I kind of think he did. anyone else?
  11. Did Heather say she was 4 weeks past her due date? Is that even a thing?
  12. Did you notice when the girls walked into his store he said everything is "exciting and new". Loved the hat tip to Love Boat.
  13. your first sentence of your original post does not specify a state. It looked to me like a blanket statement and it is what I based my comment on. I saw only this: "Organized sports in high school is also a class, traditionally either the first or last class of the day so that practice can go over that allotted time".
  14. Hated every thing about Christy interning at the law office. OMG, why is she such a spazz. I hope shes going into transnational law and NOT litigation. But we all know she will be a litigator for the court room hijinks. I'm pretty much FF through all her scenes.
  15. Not true in Illinois, not at all. My kids were each 3 sport athletes for all 4 years, practice is after school, and they still have to take 4 years of PE (or the equivalent thereof)
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