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  1. Ha! this very moment Ramona is on Twitter saying the girls are an hour late for the reunion taping. Comments are "she probably has to leave to go on date" "ramona is an hour early, so she can leave an hour early"
  2. I did not like the downstairs dressing room in the AZ house. I don't care if it is part of the master suite, its still down stairs and the novelty would wear off real quick. Since the owner really didn't care about making the master male friendly, she should have put his bathroom and dressing room down there and the lady of the house can get dressed all on one level. I don't see Tracy moving to AZ not for one second. She's all about the LA life and plus, I doubt her girls would want to move either.
  3. I don't think Monique is jealous of anyone. Maybe I'm bias because she's my favorite.
  4. My Uverse TV guide has this listed at Reunion Part 3 and it didn't record. Who is T'Challa? Did someone name their child T'Challa?
  5. that's not entirely true - a lot of people enjoy cooking. Chrissy Teigan comes to mind.
  6. I hate to defend Leah - but let's remember, she doesn't know these people at all - Tins was her friend and in to the group and now Tins is gone, so Leah is basically hanging out with strangers. Its kind of odd.
  7. I think the girls came to the spa day at Lu’s request to give it a batter chance to be filmed. Lu’s really has nothing else going in and she needs her camera time. and WTF Sonja? What is on? That’s not being drunk. It’s disgusting.
  8. Help—-ers is how I heard it. Not sure she said it that way but I felt it that way.
  9. what do you mean "van halen's kids"? Van Halen used to have that in the contract riders. sinde note: they did that because they had elaborate sets that with scaffolding and walkways and they thought that if the venues paid attention to the M&M's,they would build the structures right.
  10. Erika in that ridiculous (not in the good way) white get up reminded me of a Jim Carey character - his costume is green though. I don't know his stuff too well, but I think that who I'm talking about.
  11. At the hotel dinner who said something into their hands and then it was captioned like “just say it now, get in front of it”. Or something like that. That person was trying to help Denise, but the cameras picked up on it.
  12. I think that Aaron knows IRL about Denise and Brandi and that is what Denise is “going through” behind closed doors. They’re trying to keep a lid on it. That’s why Denise and Aaron were so upset about the threesome talk at their party. It’s true and they don’t want it out there. So they’re both picking fights elsewhere to change the topic when they feel like it’s going to go toward the threesome/Brandi talk.
  13. they're scared shitless of her.
  14. I think they're going to start doing some more guests co-hosts to see who's going to play well with MM is on her maternity leave. Someone commented about MM looking pretty. I said the same thing to my hubby - happened to me when I was pregnant, I was a tad overweight and the pregnancy made me eat right, I lost weight while pregnant. My first day home, I was wearing jeans I couldn't fit into for years. I still have those jeans, for the next time I come home after delivery. LOL I'm 56, 😀
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