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  1. You know it’s a crazy episode when Luann lighting a corn husk on fire in a Newport RI restaurant isn’t mentioned for 4 pages. 😂😂😂
  2. Me and the DH said that we are out with this show. The apartment neighbors and now the new girl, her kid and the ex husband. This isn’t what I came here for. Godspeed Tracy.
  3. I came here to post about MM’s tweet and her neighbors rebuttal. I can see I’m late to the game. 😂 I died when I read the neighbor’s comment.
  4. That’s why I watched too. Everytime something bad happened I shouted “go get the Shield”. He is too yummy for words...
  5. Anyone else think those kids who dove over the railings were stealing their purses. At least if that happened, there would have been something interesting in this episode. I’m pretty much ready to stick the proverbial fork in BH. I think Andy knew this too at the beginning of the season and that’s why he teased us with the Denise breaking the fourth wall. I’m really only here for that.
  6. Anyone see Julian Fellows adaptation of Dr Thorne? Watched it last night on Prime. 4 parts 45 minutes episodes and Julian opens and closes each episode with a fireside chat. Loved it.
  7. Just finished this last night. Reading the comments and I figured it was partly/mail my fiction. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the shit out of this series. The scene in ep10 with guy from Italy in Bumpy’s apartment was so well done. And then the dinner scene where they vote to kill Bumpy...Chaz’s apprehension was real. So glad they renewed this, but I’m sure w the covid they haven’t started filming. 😕
  8. My college girl was watching with me. She said “looks like my Spring break neighbors at our hotel in lauderdale”. Perfect!
  9. Nene not knowing the difference between “unforgettable” and “forgettable”. And Kandi calling her on it!! 😂😂 Marlo’s dress was ridiculous. Porsha and her one line zingers are great!
  10. Right?? It’s not like he’s the dry cleaner guy in your corner. Fancy clothing is his forté
  11. That’s what it is. Maggiano’s is tolerable. Buca is not. It’s so cheesy. The name translates to Joe’s basement. I thankfully don’t know anyone’s basement that is mike that. Lol.
  12. Same. My DVR doesn’t have a new episode scheduled for tonight. I think CBS could have given it another season. It’s a good premise. Maybe Commissioner Reagan could have made a guest appearance to boost ratings, he was her boss...
  13. Does anyone really believe that Erika has been to Buca di Pep? Was it for Tom’s annual meeting of partners or just a client dinner and they all sat at the Pope table and spun the lazy Susan around. (I’m Italian american, live in the old neighborhood, mom and pop restaurants on every corner, been to one Buco in Indiana for a cheer competition, it was not good).
  14. Is Lady Maria poor? I thought that at the beginning now I don’t know why I thought that.
  15. I liked this format. I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to hear all the side shade and we did get to hear it. it looked like production was prepared for all the ladies screaming at once...looks like they had a separate speaker in their homes and Andy had that hand held mic to tell them to hush up. It reminded me of the intercom system in a school. It was great.
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