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  1. Im trying so hard to love this series and they just won’t let me. I’m at the point of where it’s not worth fighting with HBO max streaming app anymore. Just not worth it
  2. Wait what???? That’s Nicole Eggart. I don’t even see a glimmer of her behind the (insert procedures) she’s done to herself. Whoa
  3. I had the stuffed animal Fival. I was 25. Lol. Never saw the movie just saw the thing in the store and it was so cozy. I bought it and slept with it. Lol. I am NOT and stuffed animal person.
  4. Oh yeah….that makes sense too.
  5. Just got an e-mail formThe View (1iota) for a special invite to join their virtual audience Jan 24. Yikes. So that’s another two weeks of remote View.
  6. No, I don't. If I had, I wouldn't ask the question. Didn't even know about a HATE CRIMES show coming out. Sorry to bother anyone.
  7. First OC I didn't care for. Is there anything that Wheatly isn't involved in, its getting ridiculous at the point. Too much going on in this episode to keep my attention. Wonder if Stabler had a feeling Wheatley ex was faking it and that's why he hit the water glass like that. Random thoughts for a random episode.
  8. Didn't Benson spend Christmas eve at Stabler's house last month? Is Declan and crew the new "Law" side of the mother ship reboot?
  9. Watched last night with my 21yo daughter (I'm Shannon's age). When that Dean Martin part came on my daughter got really mad that they didn't know who Dean was. Like really mad.
  10. Me too. I was about 21ish - and went on first date that night. Watching last night made me think that I didn't react enough. But at 21....who really cares about anything else other than themselves (speaking for me and me alone)
  11. @Morrigan2575 YES - this is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you. I adore Broadway and I really want this made into a musical. I want it to be real. [punches fist to sky...I can do this all day]
  12. I loved the "perfect phone call" bit It felt familiar...then I rewound it and DIED laughing.
  13. Can anyone supply a link of the closing credits. My firestick/internet was HORRIBLE during the final episode and I didn't have the patience to wait for the credits (the episdoe took me 2 hours to watch because of poor wifi or something) I googled it, and can't find the link, lots of people talking about it, but no link. I'm sure someone will immediately and it and then I shall look the fool.
  14. Ha -me either, but I do remember how beautiful Natasha was. Bridget is just a stunningly gorgeous person.
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