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  1. I watched it over the weekend. The Republican judge is Alison's hubby on Mom. I'm mid season 6 now....and getting sad that its coming to an end for me this week.
  2. I work from home and have the view on in the background - each time I walked in to watch, I screamed "Meghan, its monday morning, NOT Saturday night" I liked it too, but time and a place
  3. I'm seeing here that a podcast studio costs about $100k Me thinks Monique paid the contractor $100k, had him produce receipts for $200k and she put the extra $100k in her exit strategy fund. at least I hope she did.
  4. Good point - maybe they should get another host to cut down even more on MM's time
  5. yeah - back to her severely pulled back hair and bitchy attitude. She looked so cute yesterday.
  6. any word if he's going to be in the studio and not in fake office?
  7. tracy's outfit at the Barrymore meeting with the stager was ridiculous!! Does she NOT know how to put a jacket on. NOT EVERY SINGLE JACKET IS MEANT TO BE WORN ON YOUR SHOULDERS. ahhhh.. I didn't know that East Coast tradition was a design style - I can picture what it should be, I wonder if Heather means it the same way. I need more Flagg - and I also need for Flagg to get some shirts that fit. There's no shame in weight gain, just get clothes that fit - what he's doing only draws attention to what he's trying to camouflage.
  8. when is MM's maternity leave? It feels like she's been preggers for ever
  9. in regard to "call me dr" I was "just the assistant" for the CEO (he's and MD) of a huge medical center 15,000+ employees when ever people would come into the c suite for appointments - the MD's would always say "call me Joe" and rarely would the Ph.D's say that.
  10. when Monique was getting ready for dinner and had the bird with her in the bathroom - I thought that bird said "Monique" and didn't realize that Chris was on speaker phone. I was like "dang, that bird has a low ass voice" When Chris told Monique that he'd rather cater - I get it, he wants to spend time with the guests - I felt Monique's pain because she probably had all the shopping done for the cook out (last week she said she was going back an forth both houses to get ready). She probably suggested a caterer to Chris and he said "no I want to cook" and then he changed his mind and all her hard work was thrown down the drain. Im sure this isn't the first time this has happened to her.
  11. I think the guest house is Monique and now we've seen 3 out of 4 of their homes. I have friend's who have lake houses - One is a10,000 square foot log mansion and the other is a traditional lovely cabin, both are on lakes in rural Wisconsin (different lakes) and never, not once did we get dressed for dinner. Its the one place I can go and use my weekender bag and still have room in it for more. I realize I'm not on a reality show, but please.....sequins and earrings it not lake house attire
  12. Since I"m running out of TV to watch, I started Season 1 last week....now on S2Ep3. I diligently watched the original run....WHY HAVE I NOT WATCHED THIS OVER AND OVER?? Glad I'm back though.
  13. I don't even need a torn anus - I too don't have to sleep with Michael and its a glorious thing!!
  14. I feel I"m gonna get some slack for this, but here goes.....Ashley walking around the party breastfeeding the baby. I'"m all for the breastfeeding, but there are cameras there, can't she put a privacy blanket on? We saw Michael at the party feeding the baby with a bottle....why the need to whip it out like that? Jamal and putting the restaurant in the kid's names just has shade written all over it. I don't know him enough to figure out his game, but there's definitely game there. Also, that was probably the saddest HW birthday party we've seen yet. Everyone seems to be trying so hard to have a story and I'm not seeing any stories yet.
  15. totally intentional. I giggled when I saw the shade. Andy is the best!!!!
  16. small voice/ I love those pants. I pretty much like most of the things Dorinda wears. I'm a Greek & Italian American and I love me some sequins. I have a 80"s sequin jacket in a box under my bed and I got on sale from Marshall Fields it was $800, I got it for $150 - every now and again, I try it on and wish I could wear it. A couple years ago, I posed the question to facebook and my responses were "only if you're going to a Halloween party dressed at Michael Jackson"
  17. the word he used was contemporary. Not sure if those are interchangeable in the real estate world, but just helping you out. 🙂
  18. Gweneth Paltrow has a business of those vaginal eggs - its a thing and its very weird. I never found Constantine attractive, he looks like he smells. I seem to think that Ramona also answers her phone at the table alot and maybe that why Dorinda didn't give a shit. I think everyone overreated from the gals WORKING and Dorinda taking a call from her daughter. My girl is same age as Hannah and we always text, when my girl CALLS or Facetimes me - something is up and I take that call wherever I am. I do say hello quickly and excuse myself, I think they jumped on Dorinda a little quickly though and maybe didn't give her the opporutnity to excuse herself, then again, D was with her friends, who know her daughter and maybe wanted them to hear the happy new too. Either way, too much drama over nothing
  19. I felt like I was watching Young and Restless when Rinna and Denise were alone talking and was waiting to hear Nadia's Theme to start playing and for Eileen to pop in. It was so fake! Also, Erika's story about having sex in a hospital was weird. The way she said "I had a private room honey" implied it was because she was rich, but when in fact, it was probably because no one was in the bed next to her. why she frontin' like that when we know she comes from humble beginnings?
  20. Random thoughts: I've never seen a baby resemble a parent as much as baby Dean does Michael. Its like freaky scary, that kid is EXACTLY Michael. Also - the power spot at a rectangle table is the middle, not the head, Giselle knew this and put herself there. I love Monique's look in a TH with those cute little pig tails (forgive me if that's not what they're called), adorable. Is it mandatory that every time Karen walks in to a event, the ladies have to say "you smell good"?
  21. I think she was referring to the heat and being sarcastic all at the same time.
  22. I bet ya last night Google was like "why the hell is everyone asking about Drunken Sailor Syndrome"
  23. Ha! this very moment Ramona is on Twitter saying the girls are an hour late for the reunion taping. Comments are "she probably has to leave to go on date" "ramona is an hour early, so she can leave an hour early"
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