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  1. Or Alexis asked if India had voted for Shea like she and Mayhem had, but since her spoken English is imperfect, she confused her verb tenses and it sounded to India like a future request. (Instead of "did you vote for Shea like me and Mayhem?" she might have said "had you vote for Shea...? and India misinterpreted that as "would you?") It may actually be a miscommunication, not a lie on either of their parts.
  2. I'm quoting myself, but is it possible that Mayhem felt that this deal not to vote out India continued for the rest of the competition, even if it meant she had to vote to eliminate herself?
  3. I was ok with that because Alexis and India had been team members in the challenge. Unless you think your partner screwed up, it seems reasonable not to vote her out after working together toward a common goal. Then, she had some personal friendship excuse for not eliminating Mariah. And it was true that Shea got harsh criticisms for both performance and costume. As far as Mayhem's vote, she did owe India for not having eliminated her in the earlier competition, but choosing to eliminate Shea over Mariah was simply an effort to eliminate the stronger competitor. She's allowed to do that, of course, but I can't believe she thought half of the others would, too.
  4. I think we saw Pamela's dead body. I do have questions about the dead "regular" vampires. Don't their bodies turn to dust? Can a vampire die from swallowing holy water and leave a body?
  5. Nah. he hired guys to rough Trey up. He can't get his hands dirty. I wonder if TBS will be eager to pursue this abusive cop story.
  6. Yeah, when did Yvie find out what the song would be, so that she could tailor her makeup, hair and clothes to it, as well as her performance? How long did India have? It seems like the "assassin" would have an advantage, even if the winning queen was allowed to change her outfit.
  7. The 1st episode aired 2 nights ago in the US. Very good.
  8. Plus, once he turns Guillermo, he needs another familiar.
  9. And then she grew up and married a man who talks a lot like her grandfather.
  10. Now he's a sculpture. Lazslo seems to think it's worth it -- it's that awesome a hat! Edited Thursday at 11:39 PM by sistermagpie Yes, but a member of Simon's former crew might decide to eat the last doughnut.
  11. Cooper told Red that he knows Maddie Toliver is Liz' mom. But Liz talks about her to Red as if she doesn't know she's actually Katarina (she refers to her as Maddie instead of Katarina, and the Maddie alias has only been available for maybe 6 months, as a result of Katarina paying to have the real Maddie killed). So, thanks to Cooper, Red knows that Liz knows/thinks that Maddie is her mother, even though Liz has never discussed/admitted it to him? Or was it just assumed that he knew that she knew since she also knew that Maddie/Katarina had not actually been killed? Furthermore, didn't Red who is "never dishonest, only withholding" respond to Liz' one time question about whether Maddie was her mother by denying it? Wait-we haven't seen the results of a DNA test. Maybe Red didn't lie, and "Maddie" isn't Katarina. That would explain the complete lack of accent, no similarity to young Katarina, and real lack of maternal behavior. Did Dom actually recognize her as being Katarina? Wouldn't she have spoken to Ilya in Russian, not English, when she was interrogating him? Have we ever heard her speak in Russian? Finally, isn't the Townsend Directive going to want its money back now that so many people know that she's not really dead? Yes, that was confusing. Exactly. Plus, the accountant is clearly going to be relevant going forward. It was pretty funny when he said that clearly Liz and Ressler had nothing to hide. I almost thought he was being sarcastic.
  12. The co-lead in Cagney & Lacey, Meg Foster, was replaced by Sharon Gless after the first season, and that's who people remember as Cagney.
  13. So, do vampires use toilets? I would assume not, since they can't eat or drink. Perhaps Laszlo was using the bathtub or sink (but not the bathroom mirror) and happened to look at or smell the toilet.
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