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  1. And she was supposedly going to pay Shep 10,000 pounds.
  2. Theo was at least 7 months pregnant at Danny's birthday dinner, so the baby she was holding at the next birthday party should have been more than a year and a half, but it looked much younger. It also bothered me that she was doing all the plate collecting and serving at the birthday dinner when she seemed so uncomfortable. Even if it was Danny's birthday and Karl was the guest., they should have both insisted on helping her.
  3. Why does immortality have to be the goal? I get why Amenadiel doesn't want to lose him, but it might not be in Charlie's best interests to live forever. Lilith was immortal and wanted it to end because death gives meaning to life. If Charlie becomes immortal, and then grows up and falls in love with a human/has mortal children, then he'll experience what Amenadiel fears. (I feel like I'm recapping The Old Guard and almost any vampire story.) Also, every time Michael showed up with one of the other characters, like when he stopped by the hospital, he seems to have inside knowledge, like the fact that Charlie had been ill. How did he know that? Did he infect Charlie? How would he have done that? Not when Linda or Amenadiel were with him (but Charlie must have a babysitter when Linda is working, because Amenadiel is not always at her place during the day.)
  4. Maze tracked down Linda's daughter pretty easily.
  5. It bothered me that Lucifer just let her leave not knowing if Dan was there to pick her up. I'm going to assume that Trixie told Dan that she had arranged with Maze to take her there and back. Nothing else really makes sense (including Maze coming up in the elevator when Trixie pressed the down button-she took a chance that Lucifer might have accompanied Trixie downstairs, even if only to check out what was going on at Lux.)
  6. And I thought it was ridiculous that he told her he loved her as much as ever, even though she had murdered an innocent woman because she feared she was having an affair with her. That should change his view of her, I would hope.
  7. Not only did he get dropped almost three years earlier, he also spent extended time in Vietnam in Season 1, so he's got what, 4-5 years on the rest of them now? Definitely not in maturity, mind you... We know Ben died in 2006, so by 2019 he would have been dead 13 years old. He told Vanya that he had spent 17 years since his death with Klaus ("gravy"). So, Klaus has lived an extra 4 years outside of the normal timeline. I wonder what Ben was doing while presumably with Klaus in Vietnam.
  8. If they got the math right this time and older Five stayed "old" when he returned to 2019, shouldn't "young" Five immediately turn old? Or will that not happen until he returns to 2019 from the 60's? Did the other six kids choose their own names, and Five never saw any reason to do so?
  9. I assume that when Allison gets back to 2019 she'll look up 90+ year-old Ray. I hope he's eventually able to get a divorce on the grounds of abandonment and find someone else, maybe have a family, if that's what he wants.
  10. Why can't Ben just pick Klaus up (or toss him around) like he did in front of his followers whenever Klaus denies that Ben is there? That would reveal the presence of some ghost! What am I missing?
  11. Why did Sweeney feel that his debt to Wednesday was paid? Based on not consuming the funeral food offered to him? The potato salad wasn't prepared by Wednesday. Was adding mustard to it enough to change its provenance and create a new debt on the part of anyone who consumed it (i.e. Salim)?
  12. Or Alexis asked if India had voted for Shea like she and Mayhem had, but since her spoken English is imperfect, she confused her verb tenses and it sounded to India like a future request. (Instead of "did you vote for Shea like me and Mayhem?" she might have said "had you vote for Shea...? and India misinterpreted that as "would you?") It may actually be a miscommunication, not a lie on either of their parts.
  13. I'm quoting myself, but is it possible that Mayhem felt that this deal not to vote out India continued for the rest of the competition, even if it meant she had to vote to eliminate herself?
  14. I was ok with that because Alexis and India had been team members in the challenge. Unless you think your partner screwed up, it seems reasonable not to vote her out after working together toward a common goal. Then, she had some personal friendship excuse for not eliminating Mariah. And it was true that Shea got harsh criticisms for both performance and costume. As far as Mayhem's vote, she did owe India for not having eliminated her in the earlier competition, but choosing to eliminate Shea over Mariah was simply an effort to eliminate the stronger competitor. She's allowed to do that, of course, but I can't believe she thought half of the others would, too.
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