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  1. Perhaps because the later timeline is much further away from the Tuskegee Study, and it's harder to believe that shots are currently given to black people for the purpose of experimenting on them? (I think that you might mean, however, that in Mixed-ish, Rainbow should have been saying that her mother and aunt's fears about doctors were misguided but understandable for that time.)
  2. Has Harris has completely given up her dream of attending college in favor of tattoo training? Is part-time community college completely out of the question? Are no scholarships available? Were her HS grades so terrible? I'm probably overthinking this, but from Bev's point of view, Harris knew she was coming home and didn't borrow a family car to pick her up at the airport, either. She wouldn't have that expectation of Mark. Great-grandma!
  3. If they had given her a blood test, chloroform might have turned up. I also had a huge problem with the "Grey is family" line with her lawyer. Family or not, if you talk to your lawyer in front of a 3rd party (except possibly a spouse, or you are a minor accompanied by a parent, and that's not a guarantee) there is no privilege. Grey could be compelled to testify about anything Dex said, and her lawyer could possibly be, too. Sure, they could lie, but it's a terrible idea to lose attorney-client privilege. Me too.
  4. I figured Mike was afraid that the bad guy might have shot Saul once he got in shooting range.
  5. Especially if they are sharing that son (you didn't write "sons".)
  6. Cash bail doesn't mean one necessarily pays in cash. For a large amount, a cashier's check is more customary. It does mean that the defendant puts up the entire amount up front, as opposed to bond, which requires a percentage paid to a bondsman along with a fee and possibly collateral (thus you hear of parents putting up their house as security for a child's bond, and losing it if the child absconds.) Cash bail is a more serious proposition than the same amount of bond. It's obviously harder to come up with for most people. https://www.betterbail.org/help/difference-between-bail-and-bond
  7. I suppose, but they should have gotten it months ago as soon as Mitch couldn't do stairs by himself. Furthermore, it may sound somewhat morbid, but I assume that after he dies the lift could be installed in another home, so perhaps it could be resold at a discount. That makes sense!
  8. Who needs the phone? Every picture I ever take is automatically backed up to Google Photos. A reporter doesn't know how to do that?
  9. Maggie had apparently been helping/dragging Mitch up and down the stairs for months, until the one night their friend was watching Mitch and there was an accident and Mitch fell, after which Max singlehandedly brought down the queen-sized mattress and bed frame and assembled them in the big empty spot in the front room, while wearing a suit and tie. Then, the newly-hired nurse did something with the queen-sized mattress and bed frame when she got the hospital bed for Mitch before being fired. I also thought that that point, Maggie swapped the hospital bed back for the queen-sized bed so she could sleep with Mitch again. As long as Mitch can safely sit in the stair lift it's probably much better for him to sleep upstairs anyway, because with no guest room downstairs, it's unlikely they have a full bathroom for Mitch to shower in downstairs, either. None of this really made sense for a family of very smart people.
  10. She's still in college. Not going to happen for a while, except possibly as a summer intern.
  11. So price was the only reason this upper middle class family didn't pursue the obvious option of a stair lift? They cost about $5000 (don't know about the "Mercedes" version.) Zoey alone likely makes upward of $100,000 per year. And Maggie's been sleeping in a chair for a week and a half because she can't order an air mattress from Amazon and no one else thought of bringing her one until now? This family needs a social worker or something. I'm not clear either on why the unassembled bassinet is at the parents' house (I'm assuming it's not an old family heirloom). Seems easier to bring the box home and assemble it there, then to put the finished product in a car, but they needed everyone to be at the same house.
  12. One parent shouldn't be allowed to move that far away with the kids, and she certainly can't argue that she doesn't have a good job now.
  13. The plane fire was near the end of season 3 episode 1 if you want to see where Sam met the others.
  14. I only noticed it in the episode about Allie's previous marriage, where it was part of the plot that they weren't actually married. Paul said "wife" in the episode where Allie tossed Michael's urn out the train window. He probably does think of her that way; and I get he would like to be married to her; but she was probably marriage-averse after her divorce.
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