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  1. Yup! It's going to be some bed & breakfast with only one room available, and it's the drafty, leaky, moldy one.
  2. I expected her to take his drink and walk away with it. Agreed.
  3. I agree that was the point. Yes!. And even said something about the food smelling! Agreed. They were definitely showing the passage of several seasons. An equally embarrassing text-to-voice-while-driving secret reveal was just shown in this week's promo for This Is Us. Don't assume your text is only going to be read/heard by the person you are sending it to. Exactly. In that scene, I was waiting for Carrie to have a "Hey, it's for the children! If no one wants to date me, at least let's give the kids some love!" pep talk, and I was expecting that
  4. At least Lil achieved the desired affect with Kim, who apparently had never realized that at college she could meet like-minded individuals (without her parents looking over her shoulder) and have new opportunities. However, Lil and Kim do not have the same body type, and it's ridiculous to pretend that Kim could so easily wear her mom's clothes without significant alterations.
  5. Well, Neville is apparently paying her enough to get an apartment and pay all expenses for herself and Logan, so he is effectively financing her family. Where is Harris living? I hope Becky ran down and got something more comfortable to wear than jeans for her night of relaxation.
  6. The actors who play the twins are 13 and 14 in real life. How old do you want them to be? Also, Wallace Shawn has played trolls and such. He's 5' 2".
  7. Yes, I remember him returning to help Dr. Linkletter and Sheldon work something out, and we saw him lose his grocery store job, but I don't remember him being rehired.
  8. For turning the power back on. It doesn't mean that the back hall lights aren't still blinking.
  9. There's no way the bed was made/left each time to his specifications.
  10. Totally for show purposes to have them sitting in pedicure chairs when only having manicures. Makes it much more difficult for the manicurists. Also, manicurists charge as much for clear polish (or no polish at all) as they do for color polish, so that was just for the sake of the joke.
  11. But you hadn't been anticipating all week watching Kennedy with your class, and then watched him get shot on live tv. It's very different. Plus, their teacher obviously built up the astronaut/teacher/mother who was going into outer space. I bet more of the class knew her name than they did the President's.
  12. Kevin never really loved her. He loved the entire happy family fantasy, trying to recreate what he thought his parents had. Now he's having feelings because there's another guy around, but he still doesn't really love her. Taking the local job ensures that he'll be around for his kids and his mother. It's a smart choice.
  13. I assumed this was to show she had gotten past the worst of her mourning, and was now noticing good-looking men again. The next logical step will be for her to be ready to date, and we will see all the angst that comes from dating in your 50's after many years of being happily partnered. Seema will undoubtedly be her guide.
  14. Agreed. I would be hitting my head constantly. Intercepting the package wouldn't mean Charlotte not being able to see it was ordered on her account, or a child's account set up for Brady. I guess she rarely checks her Amazon orders, or she would have also noticed that the book was ordered on her account. (Could have been by Steve, if they share an account.) I'm surprised Charlotte didn't try to find some time alone with Lily to ask what was going on with Rose/Rock. They had likely discussed it as some point. They could have avoided the issue by just making the new ph
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