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  1. That makes sense, since the vampires were still bring filmed at the casino. But now I just realized, why was Guillermo carrying his passport with him? Did he stop off at home first to get it?
  2. She is Romani. Considering that all Guillermo was likely traveling home with was 3 bags of dirt, there's no way it wouldn't have been noticed at the border, but it's not the least realistic thing about this show, so I will allow it. Did Lazlo also buy plane tickets for the film crew? Can anyone offer an educated guess as to whether the amount he charged to Sean's cc (about 7-8k?) would have been for a single last-minute whirlwind trip to England/Greece/the Iranian border and back, or for multiple travelers?
  3. I was sure that the dirt would be confiscated when he re-entered the US: https://www.aphis.usda.gov/aphis/resources/traveler/intl-travel/soil/soil "Travelers can import up to 3 pounds (1.5 kilograms) of soil from Canada if it does not come from an area that is quarantined or infected with roundworms (also called nematodes). Soil from all other countries (and from Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and all U.S. territories) is prohibited from entering the United States without a permit and/or USDA-approved soil treatment." I hope that Guillermo remembered to scoop it all back up into the se
  4. I don't think that Gail will be able to fly anywhere in the morning. Downside of being a vampire.
  5. Colin Robinson must know how old he was when he first realized he could drain people. Were his parents perpetually exhausted around him?
  6. So, if Viago spoke accurately, Lazlo's real name is Leslie, and Colin "Rubenstein" Robinson is Jewish? And Lazlo thinks Guillermo's last name is Greenberg.
  7. Technically, what was missing was a complete cleaning of all fabric surfaces, sheets, hair implements and clothing they had recently worn, plus the bagging of all stuffed toys, in order to really eradicate the lice. I'm not saying I wanted to watch all that, but Amy's research would have shown that eliminating lice from your scalp is just part of the ordeal. (Plus, if Jake and Amy have lice, they must have gotten it from Mac, so he would need to be treated for it too.)
  8. That's true, but even if you already have an app on your phone, can you use it with no reception? I'm also surprised that Charles didn't try to break a bedroom window and wriggle through. Were they particularly small? I wonder if the baby isn't sleeping much better during the days when Amy is at work.
  9. It was great having the show back. That being said: Maybe I misunderstood whether they said there was no wifi at the Lake house, or no cell reception at all, because I didn't understand how Jake looked up the Corn Crake on his phone and played its call (was it previously downloaded?) or how Holt called Kevin (they have a landline at the house?) I also don't quite get if Kevin's bee allergy is severe enough to warrant EpiPen use. It it is, then Terry should not have been the one to go for it-Kevin could have died. It's "Kevin Cozner". The similarity has been mentioned.
  10. https://deadline.com/2021/07/kenan-thompson-jean-smart-aidy-bryant-maya-rudolph-double-emmy-acting-nominations-2021-1234790962/
  11. And I see Loki has been added under Live-Action TV.
  12. Sif's not really there. Mobius has seen most of Loki's past, and the TVA has the technology to create what seems to Loki like a bad memory loop. Maybe she's also an android. Thank you! I knew I had seen this trope in a book but couldn't remember where, and it's a really strange internet search to formulate. I assume she was pruned.
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