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  1. Exactly, Chidi didn't have all the philosophical answers as soon as he entered The Good Place. He could still enjoy debating other philosophers, reading, a new hobby, etc., as could everyone else. Since they keep track of trends on Earth, perhaps they could try to figure out how to solve some of the big problems on Earth, and how to intervene! Here's a good discussion of why Lisa Kudrow was the perfect choice: https://www.eonline.com/news/1115369/after-so-many-jokes-the-good-place-delivered-one-final-and-excellent-friends-surprise Yup. Here's a sober discussion of the real Hypatia of Alexandria: ttps://www.esquire.com/entertainment/tv/a30653064/hypatia-of-alexandria-lisa-kudrow-the-good-place-season-4-explained/ (It would have been a real downer if anyone had asked her how she died. Like Kirstin Dunst in Interview with a Vampire. There should be at least a dozen children for every adult in The Good Place. How many children, especially in the distant past, could have earned negative points? Especially infants and toddlers.
  2. Yes, but it bothered me tremendously that neither Sandra nor Dina said to Glenn that the problem with the display was that the merchandise would all be stolen (and we later are told that Mateo swiped the digital picture frame for Amy's office.) Glenn probably never thought of that, although I don't believe that Best Buy's merchandise is similarly unprotected. IF Mateo's pay is higher than Eugene's, is Eugene going to be responsible for paying taxes on Mateo's income, although they will be trading the proceeds of their paychecks? Will there be an adjustment? It seems way too complicated to ever work.
  3. Abd her fake eyelashes are so thick she can barely open her eyes Exactly. So Malcolm took the time to drag the box up the stairs instead of seeing if the killer was attacking his family? And once one hand was free of the cuffs, how did he free himself from whatever he was chained to?
  4. I guess Diane settled on a hair style before vacation. As to Bow having to call the kids' schools before leaving, did they really take the twins out of school for a vacation? (I wonder if we'll ever get an episode about the daycare that Devante obviously attends.)
  5. If Wyatt was really that religious, there's a decent chance he wouldn't sleep with Becky unless they were married. I wonder if she realized that.
  6. Yes. That's what they do. So, a mild Kevin cliffhanger, and a bigger one involving teen Kate. Randall was already anxious, but I think the insomnia was caused by fear that another burglar might break in at night. (Randall mentioned getting the window fixed while Beth and the girls were at the hotel, so I assume that's how the burglar gained entrance.) How could Randall just drift off to sleep when his family had proven to be so vulnerable? Would the security system be enough? And wouldn't his phone ping any time someone got up to use the bathroom? I get his sleep difficulties.
  7. Since when was Emery as ignorant as Eddie? He didn't seem like he was faking it.
  8. Thanks. The truth is, I don't actually want to see it, but I suppose it makes sense that the currently pescatarian Bow would not react well to chili-cheese dogs, and for continuity's sake the show should at least make a reference to the incident next year if it is renewed (and if each year of the show corresponds to a new school year.)
  9. I imagine someone would be actively looking for the missing heroin. Good luck to Grey in convincing Max to turn against Leo in order to avoid a lengthy incarceration.
  10. If Vicki has re-formed (as opposed to "reformed"), where is Glenn?
  11. She has had the Pearson name for a long time, and she shares it with her children. I don't think that not changing it is, by itself, is indicative of living in the past. I think many widows and even divorced women, especially if they have children, do not change their last name upon remarriage. (It's also a pain in the neck to change all your legal documents, etc.)
  12. Will we see this on Mixed-ish? What grade is Bow in on that show?
  13. True. But they'l just say that Randall shouldn't have honored that promise. They'll be mad that Randall robbed them of Rebecca's final months of coherence (although I thought she was supposed to be helping Kate with the baby, and who was babysitting when everybody was luau shopping?)
  14. Rebecca had asked him to keep it secret. He's honoring her wishes, but I'm guessing by the time the others find out, she won't be able to confirm that.
  15. What happened to the loft Liz was sleeping in? Isn't that above the bar?
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