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  1. She has an amazing smile, both in and out of drag. Maybe he got points for wearing a wig! Yes-that drove me crazy! Sometimes a plural is just a plural! (And I noticed the closed-captioning read "Misery Love's Company.") You are being very charitable in your interpretation! (But you might be correct.) More of a quibble-but Ru kept saying Groundhogs Day (or perhaps Groundhog's Day or Groundhogs' Day) when talking to Ross. It's just plain "Groundhog Day", like the movie. I was waiting for someone to riff on the other meaning of "train". I should have known it would be Tina. When Elliott asked Utica why she voted to eliminate her, the obvious answer was that it came down to the two of them, and she wasn't going to vote herself off. The question really made no sense, unless she was asking about voting in an earlier round.
  2. Yeah, but he would be escaping by cutting through Wanda's yard! It would make more sense to go in the other direction (if there is one.) I think it's a scythe. The smaller figures are the twins.
  3. Maybe he's too nice for her-she is attracted to a different kind of guy. Yeah, she dated that religious guy for a bit, but she was looking for stability for Beverly Rose. Emilio is a nice guy and the baby's father, but she has nothing to gain by dating him.
  4. I thought so too. It also doesn't make sense to be trawling for cushion change when the fridge is full of soda, small bottles of juice, and beer. Even the cheapest can of no-name soda probably costs more than any change they would have found.
  5. I agree that he was actually trying to electrocute him. I'm not sure how he would have avoided being held responsible for his death, though. Speaking of electrocution, I don't think that executions take place in what must have been a relatively short time, even in Texas, unless the innocent brother just completely declined to fight his conviction and death sentence. JT's encounter with the racist police seems off, too. The powers-that-be are going to think he attacked a group of white cops for what reason? And if they are so dumb that they do, then how are they going to be swayed by the input of his Latino boss? In the aftermath of the attack on him, JT seemed really worried about his career, instead of furious as hell. Doesn't he have a union rep or police affinity group that would help him? This show is crazy stylish and also crazy silly. Malcolm's mother knows that he rarely sleeps, so she decides to wake him out of a sound slumber? I find Edrisa's dialogue to be mortifying. And Martin Sheen probably purrs "My boy!" in his sleep.
  6. I thought this was a really good episode. Garrett's exasperation seemed completely true to his character, as did Glenn's failed efforts to do the right thing (and obviously Jonah's reactions were completely predictable.) I agree that Dina seemed a little too empathetic, but her reactions weren't the focus. It wasn't too surprising that the rest of the Black workers were fairly pleased with the pizza party as reparations, probably because their expectations of Cloud 9 are so low. And Justine was a treat! It's not easy to create a funny, non-insulting episode about racism, but I think they succeeded.
  7. And Laurel probably assumed that her father would be no more open-minded if he knew that she had had a child out of wedlock; so why tell him and face rejection?
  8. Aunt Mae had an affair with a married man and got pregnant. She was an embarrassment to her family and a bad example for Laurel. Perhaps the affair and baby had taken place shortly before the first time we met Laurel and her family, because Laurel had clearly known her well enough to form an attachment. By the way, at the Sunday supper it looked to me as though Laurel was supposed to be eating some sort of shredded cereal with a fork. Did anyone else notice that?
  9. I think she assumed that William was raising him. The odds are, though, that if William had stayed in the apartment with the baby and seen Laurel's resurrection, Randall would have almost certainly been taken from them and placed in foster care. Laurel would probably still have gone to jail, and I doubt William would have gotten custody-he might have sunken further into drug addiction (was he clean at the time of Randall's birth?) There's no guarantee that Laurel would have regained custody after 5 years in jail-Randall might have had a very difficult life. And he almost definitely would not have met Beth at Carnegie Mellon.
  10. I guffawed when Max said, “C’mon, Max, you TRAINED for this!” So Max told his therapist that Zoey hears his thoughts expressed in song?
  11. I wouldn't assume that Hai's parents would have wanted a non-Vietnamese daughter-in-law, and Hai would not have wanted to be "disrespectful." Also, Laurel's father probably could have made Hai's family's life difficult if he had wanted to.
  12. He was definitely naked, but the older version of his mom was not. Still, your points stand. I wondered about that, too. Maybe Dad instilled in him that it was his duty to go straight into the army, but I sure hope not. I agree. The house where he cooked the fish for his granddaughter wasn't Laurel's house, correct? I haven't gone back to confirm.
  13. I hope Deja hasn't been in charge of the other kids for 2 weeks by herself. But who else is there? And Randall took a full 2 weeks off from work during a pandemic? (I suppose he could have been working remotely, but the whole way of avoiding masks was just awkward.)
  14. Yup. And the post-pregnant Mae was sent away to within walking distance of her older brother? I didn't quite get that.
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