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  1. House Baby: https://ew.com/tv/2019/12/04/grown-ish-season-3-trailer-pregnant/
  2. I thought Malcolm figured that John was Paul, he just no longer expected to find him in the house once the grandmother served them dinner. That was some last meal the ex-cop had.
  3. Yeah, Wesley should have spoken to Malcolm, discovered what had happened, and then insisted that the kid wasn't going to answer any questions. Then since the kid's fingerprints were probably on the knife, mount a diminished capacity or similar defense later. There was no benefit to the kid answering questions then unless he appeared insane.
  4. Princess Anne was done with Parker Bowles before Charles met Camilla, so no overlap. I think that was perhaps because Margaret showed "bad taste" by talking about her troubles in her birthday party. It's regarded vulgar to ask for pity. When Elizabeth earlier visited Margaret, she was sympathic - the difference was that they were alone. I also don't know if Tony was "openly" cheating on her. Was he bringing his mistress to parties, or even appearing in public with her? If men were discrete, their behavior could be overlooked. Margaret and Elizabeth's father didn't have mistresses, and Margaret appears to have really loved Tony, so she couldn't overlook it. Plus, Tony seemed to want to enjoy their volatile relationship whenever he felt like it, with no thought to what she would be doing or feeling in the interim. I hope their children were at boarding school, because they didn't seem to get any parental attention. In real life, hadn't Margaret given birth to her younger child very shortly before the time she is shown as having visited President Johnson? She could have felt more useful just by being with her children, but I suppose she hadn't really experienced that growing up.
  5. Yeah, the real Carnegie Mellon and its students should be deeply insulted if Taylor gets in on the show. Carnegie Mellon is Randall (and Beth) Pearson's alma mater on This is Us! The academic requirements for the music program cannot be so low as to allow Taylor to gain admission!
  6. Or check an uncordoned-off part of the office you are guarding. Someone must have a compatible charger on their desk, and as long as you return it before you leave, it should be fine to borrow it. It might be handy to have a working phone in case bad guys shoot up your radio communication device.
  7. Well, ABC did have the son mention watching Lady and the Tramp with his fiancee, which I assume is sly product placement for the new live-action version newly available on Disney+, since Disney owns ABC. Good idea! Directly after Grace says that HIPAA regulations will prevent her from disclosing that she tested West, Bradford asks her about the civilian he rear-ended and she tells him the results of her scans!
  8. I'm pretty sure it was Princess Anne. He was standing by Anne, not the Queen, just as Andrew and Edward sat with Anne in church.
  9. Queen Consort is just a title, though. It doesn't come with any more power than Prince Consort does.
  10. He played Mose, Dwight's cousin, on multiple episodes of The Office so you've probably seen him but didn't realize it.
  11. George should put off the switch as long as possible. He's going to have some very long commutes with Sheldon, and will probably become a Star Trek expert!
  12. I'm waiting for the show to delve into Reverend Jax' personal life or lack thereof.
  13. I assume so, until she is needed again for a plot point.
  14. Yeah, I suppose he realized he let in someone he shouldn't have? Which does bring up the question if he can safely judge who to let in. I presumed the campaign manager said she was Dex's boss, but anyone could say that and Dex has some unsavory acquaintances, as we have seen. The candidate, while a college professor, overcompensating for being a closeted gay man, slept with a popular student who was infatuated with him, and impregnated her. The college professor who Dex visited (who sent him the letter) knew of the student. I think he said that she dropped out her junior year of college. From that information, Dex figured out that she must have been pregnant. The student never told the candidate.
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