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  1. Or maybe Brenda gives George good advice. She knows how hard it is on a child when his father isn't around.
  2. Maybe Ava needs to have a breakdown based on Paul's abusive treatment of Luke. Then he'd change his behavior for her sake, since he seems to really care about her.
  3. Sure, but this is different because Kevin and Madison have kids together, not Kevin and Sophie. I'm never going to hope for parents of young children to split up just because there might be something better out there.
  4. I'm pretty sure that was part of the set-up for Heidi to pull her mother over and ask if she could have the joke. That is, Cecily didn't have a punchline to deliver: the whole thing was the joke.
  5. Yes. Her job is part-time. The baby must have taken a very long nap during all the plumbing repairs. The feathers would be flying off during the wedding. They didn't seem very well attached. If I recall correctly from an earlier season (possibly the first), she had an affair with a married man at some point while she held this job.
  6. I still think the best way to deal with this is for George to unfortunately start to show the undiagnosed effects of CTE (chronic traumatic encephalopathy) as the result of old football injuries, possibly exacerbated by getting concussed while on the sidelines coaching a game or practice. This could cause him to act completely out of character, and result in an early death. Only now would Sheldon suspect that CTE could have been the cause of his father's decline.
  7. Luke used Paul's laptop until the battery was nearly discharged. The battery couldn't be recharged because of the blackout. Since the video was saved locally on the desktop, it couldn't be shown until the power returned. This "ruined" the party. Paul's abuse could definitely cause a child to self-harm. I don't know why he seems so unaware of this since he certainly.knows Luke has mental health issues. I feel that he did get agitated again when Luke said that Paul was his problem.
  8. And this is how Paul treats Luke while being in therapy.
  9. And even if other people had known that his Dad had died, it was the fact that he committed suicide that was especially difficult for Simon.
  10. I assume the point of the Drone Phone is to take aerial pictures? Because I originally was wondering why you would need your phone to fly to you instead of just keeping it in your pocket/purse/hand. I do feel like you would be taking a risk on losing your phone, though perhaps it can't go too far or too high in relation to the owner, who must have a remote control on them. That's what I thought! It certainly seemed that way for awhile.
  11. Don't know about drinking, but I would bet that it's going to turn into a gambling problem. I was also thinking that she sounded hoarse. Public restrooms generally don't have covers you can put down to sit on while pumping/singing. Cousin, and yup. Once Zoey was spending more time on Emily than on him, he changed his tune about coaching.
  12. But he's doing baby laundry and dishes at his mom's house before Zoey even stops by on her way to work? What's up with that? Is he spending every day with his mom? Did he bring Milo's dirty laundry over there because he and Emily don't have their own laundry machines? Exactly. They're not going to do takeout! I also didn't understand why Zoey didn't ask Leif how he knew that his date had lied about her grandmother having a stroke. Why would he assume that? His extremely low self-esteem with regard to dating (and his over-compensation in his professional life) is what he needs to
  13. They could lampshade it by having Sheldon point out to someone that it is normal for girls to get their growth spurts earlier than boys due to hormonal differences. I think that's the issue. In BBT, Sheldon is generally the tallest in the room. Young Sheldon won't be as reminiscent of BBT Sheldon if he's the shortest by a lot.
  14. Or Sarah Silverman. Agreed. Genevieve is helping to raise Matilda and Nicholas. With some aid from Alex.
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